Alene Winter, D7

Sitting in this room waiting for my family to come is hard. I can't believe I tried to run. I feel humiliated after I tried to run for it at the reaping. Everyone knows that's the worst thing you could do. What on earth was I thinking. I practically certified my death. I will be the first that the careers will try and kill in the arena.

The door opened and my adoptive parents entered. I know its awful to say, but I felt a little crestfallen. I was really hoping that my brothers and sisters would see me go up, and make there way to say their sister go.

My adoptive mum held on me. "I don't really know what to say alene", she said sympathy stretched across her eyes.

Sadness filled me for I knew there wasn't much she could say.

"I guess goodbye would be a good one".

"Yes, good bye for now", she whispered.

"No, goodbye".

A tear slid down her face. I wiped it with my thumb.

"Don't worry", I whispered so only she could here. "We will meet in our next lives".

A smile etched cross her face. But it was full of sadness, and she kissed me on the forehead.

"I have something for you", more loudly so my adoptive dad could hear. She dug into her bag and pulled out a necklace. It was a beautiful chain. And on the end of it had a symbol.

"What do this mean?", I asked surprised.

"It means survival. It's a survival rune. It good luck to have.

It may earn you some capitol sponsors, well from the ones who know what it is anyways, very rare".

I gasped. "Are you sure you want me to die with this", I asked.

"we wouldn't have it any other way", my dad said, smiling.

They were soon asked to leave by the peacekeeper. And I sat there waiting for 10 minutes before the door opened once more. I got excited, I knew they would come to see me. But when I saw who it actually was, my heart fell. My escort had come to collect me. It was time to go. My siblings never did come to say goodbye to their sister. I'm heartbroken.

Gabriel Blackthorn, D7

I am pacing up and down this room they have put me in. It seems it isn't a room used often, as it is pretty empty. I am guessing it's a special hunger games room. Which seems stupid as it is only used once a year for about an hour.

The door soon opens and my family piles in. All of them. My parents and brothers and sisters, Holly, Rose, Azealea, Rex and Hazel.

Seeing them all crowd round him, with the intention of having to say goodbye to their big brother, the one of who worked to make sure they have food, is quite hard. All are looking up at him with big wide emotional eyes.

I start crying. I may be a tough guy. But no one should have to say goodbye to their family. Not like this.

"Don't cry Gabe, their might be cameras", said Rose looking round the room thoughtfully.

"Their shouldn't be", said my mother alarmingly. "This is a private moment. They have no right to that".

"It's the capitol mother", said Holly. "They have the right too anything, after all they take 2 children every….", and then she cut off looking horrified at herself. "I'm so… sorry".

"It's okay sis, I said tapping her on the shoulder with my fist in a playful manner.

It seemed to soon that the peacekeepers came in to usher them out of the room.

"Please, a few more minutes", I asked the peacekeeper hopefully.

"Sorry, Mr. Blackthorn, time is up… now come on… OUT".

My mother and sisters all kissed me on the cheek goodbye, while my brother and father gave me a handshake and then left. The door shut with a loud clang behind them, and it made me jump.

Not long after though, the door re-opened and my friend Ash entered the room.

"Gabe. I'm sorry this has happened to you", was the first thing he said. What else could he say really.

I just shrugged.

"Sorry I wasn't there next to you at the reaping, I tried to find you, but the crowds were at large this year".

"Don't sweat it mate. You came to say goodbye at least. And that's great man", I repied nicely

"Dude, I just want to say, that I think you can win. You know how to use an axe, and you're a great guy. And not ugly either. People will sponsor you. Your strong. You could come home".

I thought about what he said. "You're right. I could do it. I will have to have a plan of course. But I could do it. I need to come back for my family".

"Yeah, they need you dude", ash added uncertainly.

"Anyways, see you soon yeah.. in a month or so", giving me an uncertain smile before leaving the room.

He wasn't cued to leave. But I knew he wouldn't want to linger around, specially when I had made him feel a little uncomfortable.

I don't know why I had. There was no harm in seeing him. My mood was just off for some reason.

I went back to pacing the room. I wasn't expecting anymore visitors.

I was looking at the floor, trying to figure out a plan for when I got to the capitol, when I saw it. A button. It was rex's. must have come of his clothes.

I picked it up and studied it. I am going to keep this I think. "My district token", I said to myself.

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