Deli Cry, D9

I was calm. I had never been in the justice building before, so this was actually quite an experience for me. Having never really been afraid of being picked for the Hunger Games this was actually not so bad. So I will be scooted off to the capitol where I will be placed in an arena and forced to hunt and kill other innocent children of a similar age from around panem. Its in-humane, but who am I too question what the capitol say. I will most likely die out there. I don't think I have to heart to actually kill any one. But I will most certainly try and survive. It's the most that I can do really.

The door opened and my mama and little sister entered the room. You could tell they were both horribly upset, and my sister had streaks of tears on her cheek.
I wiped them with my thumb. "Oh Dolly, please don't be upset. I know it's horrible, but the district doesn't stop just because I am gone. And who knows I may even come back. I love you". I said soothingly into her ear.
She hugged me and blubbered. It was hard. But I knew I had to keep my composure. For there sake.

My Mama who is ill her self just sat smiling at me. Most people would find it strange having a mother smiling at you when you're practically being taken away to be killed, but I knew the meaning behind it, she is showing her proudest of me, for handling the best I can.

"If I do win mama, I will be able to afford medicine", I said thoughtfully.

Mama's grin widened. "I love you Poppet. So pretty".

"I love you too mama. So much", I said, walking over and giving her the tightest warmest hug I have ever given to mama before.

Soon the peacekeepers opened the door and ordered my family to leave. They did not argue, but you could tell my mama was a bit crestfallen that they didn't get a little bit more time.

I was left alone for a couple of more minutes until the door opened again and my two best friends came barging in the room. Joanne and Micelle. They both run up to me and embraced me in a three-way hug.

"We couldn't find you. We got there late and couldn't find you. We couldn't believe it when you was got called. We prayed someone was going to come up and volunteer but nobody did. We can't believe it Deli. What are we going to do".

I smiled and looked at them both. "There is not much you can do is there. I don't plan on getting myself killed in that arena, but we all know only 1 person comes back. And District Nine isn't the luckiest of all.

"We can help", pipped up Micelle. "We will try and raise some money. Send you some food. Or if we have enough a weapon".

I smiled. I knew that wouldn't be cheap, and that it probably won't happen. But it's nice to know my friends care enough to try".

They were soon told they had to leave and once again I was left on my own. I decided against ever having a district token. Why think about home when you have to concentrate on beating the arena.

David Bennett, D9

I was in the same room that I was supposed to have been in last year, but my brother took instead. It looked exactly the same. Actually I don't think it was used since.

It was dusty and it smelt slightly. Not cool.

I was only 13 years old. Not nearly old enough to be fighting for my life at the capitol. I was thinking about what my escort had said to me. Is it possible that some of the people from the capitol actually have a heart? It comforted me slightly, knowing in a way he was on my side, and that maybe he will actually try and help me if possible.

My Parents finally arrived. My mum rushed up to me and embraced me in a very tight uncomfortable hug that hurt slightly. She was crying loudly. My dad just had a sullen look on his face.

My mum was cursing the capitol about the obscenities that they can do, swearing horribly.

"Shut up dear", my dad warned her. "If the peacekeepers hear us they will have us for sure".

"I don't care. They have already taken both of our son's what more can they do".

My dad grumbled something along the lines of "you'd be surprised".

We sat there silently for a while. Not really knowing what to say. I cried silently to myself.

"I'm sorry son. I should have let you run for it".

"Nah, they would have just killed us anyway dad, if we didn't turn up. And the district themselves would have outcast us by forcing them to pick someone else".

My dad nodded because he knew I was right. "It would have been worth it to keep you here with us though".

"David", my mum gasped. "I nearly forgot. I gave it to Lance last year. My necklace. Your token for this year".

I smiled. "Of course mum. I will not take it off"

She took it off her own neck and placed it on mine.

I felt it's warmth, and I knew then that my mum will always be with me.

They were then told to leave. None of my school friends come to see me. I don't know why. But only my parents come. Maybe they thought our family had some kind of bad luck that would rub off on them. But I was very intently hurt.