District 8

Avalon Parker, D8

I really don't know why my dad insisted in opening the shop today. Nobody comes out shopping on reaping day. It's stupid, but he ranted for a good 15 minutes about opening up, just in case, because even little money is money at the end of the day.

my dad owns the footwear shop in the market place. We run it as a family business, so I spent all my spare time there now. My brother is only 9, so he doesn't do much, but my dad makes him sweep and clean and make sure the shop is replenished. I however am given more jobs, like working the cash register and helping maintain custom.

I was watching my brother clean the shoe section when a familiar ring occurred from the door, indicating a customers arrival.
Shocked I look up, only too see my best friend Katy at the door.

"I thought you would be here", she grinned. "Your dad would never close a shop for something as minor as the hunger games after all".

I smirked, "Oh haha… You look stunning though", looking at her very nice wealthy made pink ruffled dress, and the bow tie in my head".

"Oh shut up Ava, you know I hate this. Being the Mayors daughter I have to maintain sophistication, oh blah blah blah… I really just want my jeans back".

"Yes, I actually better change out of mine now actually… dads making me wear this hideous dark purple dress. I am going to look like a bridesmaid at a wedding".

Katy laughed so hard when she saw it.

"Lets hope you don't get picked. The capitol will have a feel day if they see you dressed like that… and talking about the capitol, we best get going, we don't want to be late for the all important reaping", she said, still stifling her laughs.

when we arrived at the reaping, we were indeed one of the last people to arrive.

"About time too", said the peacekeeper snidely as I checked in.

I gave him a bewildered glance, but decided against a rude remark, attitude doesn't get you anywhere in district 8.

With Katy we got in our age 14 section and chatted for a couple of minutes before the mayor, Katy's dad comes onto the stage to greet us to another year of commitment to the games.

Katy is not allowed to say anything negative about the capitol (well none of us are really, but her even more so), but as her dad says all this, her facial expressions speak a thousand words.

I finally find my own dad and my little brother up in the stands. My dad smiles down at me and waves. His way of reassurance I am sure.

Finally the escort Mildred is introduced.
She has never seemed to like her job, or maybe it's district 8 she doesn't like, which I don't understand, because apart from the town centre, which is actually quite nice, we are just factories, could be worse, she could have District 12.

she didn't even say hello, she just walked over to the bowl picked up a slip and read it out.

"AVALON PARKER", she said clearly into her microphone.

"oh my god", I say turning to Katy. She pulls me into a hug.

"I'm going to die", I whisper in her ear.

The peacekeepers start to walk towards me, but before they can handle me, I start to walk to the stage. I look at my dad who is wiping his eyes with a handkerchief and my brother who doesn't seem to know how to react, but just watches me with a stony expression.

I must not die. I must not die. Oh ava. I MUST NOT DIE!.

Gary Gregory, D8

I wake up shivering like every morning. We live in practically a shack. We have no central heating. And the windows are held up with black sticky tape. We are considered to be the poorest family in the district.
I am surprised I haven't been reaped in previous years. It's a miracle actually. I have taken out tessarae more then 45 times this year. Surly that's an actual record.
Being an only child, we couldn't even split out my tessarae.

my father worked in the factories, but he wasn't gifted enough to get a textile job. No all he was qualified for was the packing the boxes of the 'goods'. He barely made pennys. As for my mother, she is on her deathbed. Can't even hold her self up.

I put on my best clothes, which isn't saying much, as it's only a ripped pair of trousers and home-made knitted jumper that I actually made myself.

I didn't even tell my dad I was going to the reaping, I just left him a sleep. Depressed already with the lack of funds, the thought of me going to a crowed where the odds are not in my favour to be carted off to death, he would probably have a mental breakdown. No best to leave him with his dreams, he will probably be happier there.

I live about an hour away walk from District square. I wander how my dad does it most days, the walk is very tiring. I see some of my classmates along

Their parents look at my sympathetically, but smile all the same. They probably understand a lot better then my classmates do about my situation. They don't offer to walk with me however, after all, I probably smell rather bad, only being able to afford a hot shower once a week.

When I arrive at reaping, people tended to try and stay away from me as long as possible, but soon the peacekeepers pushed us all together. I am sure there were a lot of nasty mean comments, but I have learned to block out the other children. Only my classmates are ever nice to me, but even they I cannot call my friends. I have no friends really.

It was long till I saw the wealthy girl go up in her nice dress. It's funny how I live in a district that produces textiles, yet I am not provided anything. They should just give us all some.

our escort, who in my opinion was fairly rude, didn't even welcome Avalon, but actually turned her back on her.

She picked out the slips. "Oh, look I have picked up two", she said annoyed at her own stupidity. "In this case we have too read both off them, and then it is up to your district mentor to decide who becomes our next tribute, indicating out two mentors on stage, Eva and Grace, who exchanged glances.

"The possibility of representing district 8 is out of…. Gary Gregory and oh… they're both Gary Gregory, well I guess it's you then boy".

Gasps filled the crowed.

Both of the slips were mine. Could I have got more bad luck? Not only have I now been outted as poor but humiliated me as the person who has now been reaped twice. Fantastic.

I make my way up to the stage.

I look at Avalon, the girl in the same predicament as mine, and could see her piercing eyes on me. I have no idea what she is thinking, but I can't imagine them to be nice. And the escort looked just downright offended by me.

she turned to the audience. "So there we have it. Our tributes", before turning her back on the lot of us and walking into the justice building.

so there we have it. The tributes of District 8. How do you feel about them. I struggled with Gary's character a bit, but think i pulled off him as good as i could. what do you think about Ava? Do you think either of them stand any chance in the games? Will they surprise us?
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