Amelia's Mystery Part 3


Xelloss: (bored)

Zelgadis: (sigh)

Bishounen: (balancing a spoon on his nose)

Gourry: (covered in barbecue sauce) I hate napkins, don't you?

Xelloss: Oh-kay, where is she?

Zelgadis: There's NO telling.

Nova-chan: (suddenly comes in, dragging her feet)

Xelloss: And just where have you been, young senorita?

Bishounen: Practicing your German, I see.

Xelloss: Spanish. It's SPANISH.

Bishounen: Spanish, German, what's the diff?

Xelloss: Whatever. Seriously. Where were you?

Nova-chan: (angrily) I had something else to do.

Zelgadis: What did you have to do?

Nova-chan: (grinding her teeth) Something. More. IMPORTANT.

Xelloss: What's more important than us?

Nova-chan: A lot of things.

Xelloss: Well, which one of them were you participating in while making us wait?

Nova-chan: I was picking up the broken pieces of my misguided teenaged heart, oh-kay??

Xelloss: Alex dumped you, didn't he?

Nova-chan: Alex dumped me!!

Bishounen: No worries! You still have us!!

Nova-chan:'re all cartoons.

Xelloss: Correction: Bishounen is a cartoon. The rest of us are anime. Anime, cartoon. Cartoon, anime. There IS a difference.

Nova-chan: You're not helping.

Xelloss: What do you want me to do?? Take you into my arms, sing you a lullaby and read you a bedtime story??

Nova-chan: ...

Xelloss: ...

Nova-chan: ^_^

Xelloss: No.

Nova-chan: ^_^_^_^_^_^ Yes.

Xelloss: NO, DARN YOU!!

Nova-chan: ;_; Please? Pick up the itty bitty pieces that the vacuum couldn't pick up. Metaphorically speaking, the vacuum is Kimi-san.

Xelloss: I will not be reduced to being your dust-pan!

Nova-chan: But you were so good at being good when the Puzzler hurt NoV's feelings.

Xelloss: I said, and I quote myself, 'Uh-huh, all thirteen words of it were simply heart-breaking. You shouldn't take lip from people who can't spell.' It's not exactly being..eee. Good.

Nova-chan: But I love you.

Xelloss: Do you know how much that hurts me? Seriously? I'm in pain because of that.

Nova-chan: :P

Zelgadis: Would you just give in to her already??

Xelloss: Never!!

Nova-chan: ;_;

Bishounen: There, there. 'Tis oh-kay. (pats NoV on the head)

Nova-chan: Bishy arms? Bishy sing? Bishy bedtime story?

Bishounen: Oh-kay.

Nova-chan: Yay! (hops into Bishounen's arms) Sing to NoV!!

Bishounen: What song?

Nova-chan: I don't care.

Bishounen: If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my-

Minna: NO!!!

Nova-chan: Not that one, please.

Bishounen: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.

Nova-chan: You're hopeless. (hops down) Zelgadis! Hold me!!

Xelloss: Yes, Zelgadis. Hold her. You're the one who said, 'just give in to her already.'

Zelgadis: You shut up. (turns to NoV) I'm not picking you up. I don't sing. I'm not reading to you.

Nova-chan: Please?

Zelgadis: No.

Nova-chan: But Alex did!!

Xelloss: He did not!

Nova-chan: Yeah, well...he would've if I asked him to! We used to play the poke game.

Xelloss: What's the poke game?

Nova-chan: (pokes Xelloss) Poke!! (laughs)

Xelloss: THAT'S the poke game?

Nova-chan: No. (pout) You're supposed to poke me back.

Xelloss: Oh-kay. (pokes NoV)

Nova-chan: (impatiently) And say 'poke'!!

Xelloss: Poke.

Nova-chan: (giggles)

Xelloss: Oh-kay, for once I'm eager to start this fic. Now, let's do it.

Nova-chan: Hee! Kay.


Amelia, followed by her gaggle of floating babies, walked into a china store.

She turned to the children, who were now standing on the floor in front of her. "Now, I need to get a teacup to replace the one Baby Mr. Zelgadis broke this morning. I want you all to sit on the floor and be good. If you stay here and don't bother anything while I'm gone, I'll give you all a big lollipop! Oh-kay?"

The babies all nodded.

"All right. I'll be RIGHT back," the oujo promised.

She walked to the front of the store and greeted the store owner.

"Good morning, Miss Oujo-sama!" he exclaimed. "What can I get for you today?"

"Well, Mr. Owner of this store, I need a small teacup," she replied. "Mine was broken this morning.

The man looked around his shelves and found a tiny teacup, painted oriental- style. He handed it to her.

"Thanks for coming!" he cried, as she put the teacup in her bag.

"You're welcome, Mr. Owner of this store!" she answered. "May Justice be with you!"

The Seyrrune princess shuffled back to the entrance/exit of the store. She smiled.

"Well, every-one?" she squeaked. Only Gourry, who was expectantly awaiting his candy sat there. "Baby Mr. Gourry!" Amelia shrieked. "Where'd everyone go??"

"Lollipop!" he cried, reaching toward her.

"Yes, you've been a very good boy, and I'll get you a-OH MY L-SAMA!!" she wailed, once she had picked him up. She pinched her nose. "You need a diaper change, Baby Mr. Gourry.." The oujo's face turned green. "Oh dear.."


Once in the bathroom, Amelia found a diaper-dispensing machine. She stared at Chibi-Gourry, who was lying down on the changing table, laughing.

"Oh, poo.."


Amelia and a clean Gourry emerged from the bathroom. Amelia's eyes were glazed over and her mouth hung open. She shook her head to snap herself out of it.

"Baby Mr. Gourry, we have to find the others!" she announced.


"Yes, I'll get you a lollipop."


Amelia, still carrying Gourry, walked around several displays of china. She found broken pieces lying on the floor, leading to a trail of broken saucers and teapots.

"This is suspicious," she said to Chibi-Gourry, who gurgled, happily.

The princess followed the china, crunching it under her boots every now and then.

The trail abruptly stopped and in its place was Chibi-Xelloss looking at her with a panicked face.

"Wasn't me!!" he cried.

"Then who was it?" Amelia demanded, placing a hand on her hip.

Xelloss stared at her blankly and shrugged. "Wasn't me."

Amelia thought for a moment. "Oh! I get it!" she exclaimed. "You can all say just one thing! You say 'wasn't me' Baby Mr. Gourry says 'lollipop,' and Baby Mr. Zelgadis says 'Mommy'! Now I understand." She paused. "I wonder what Miss Lina says.."

"Jellyfish! Jellyfish!" a squeaky voice shrieked from a few aisles over.

"I thin I know exactly what she says," Amelia said, decidedly, scooping up Chibi-Xelloss into her other arm. She froze and sniffed. "Eww. Baby Mr. Xelloss.."


Yet again, Amelia exited the bathroom, carrying Gourry and a now-clean Xelloss, both of them babbling away.

"I wish I knew what happened, OR how to fix it," she groaned. "Now, to find Baby Miss Lina!"

The oujo took long strides to avoid getting a sore back from all the lifting she was doing.

As she got closer to where she had previously been, she began to hear shouts of "Jellyfish!"

The girl turned the corner, and saw Chibi-Lina standing and pointing to a plate that had a painted jellyfish on it. "Jellyfish! Jellyfish!" she exclaimed.

Amelia gasped. "How smart! That IS a jellyfish!"

Chibi-Lina turned around and looked at Gourry.




"Wasn't me!"


Amelia now carried all three of the babies, and was searching for Chibi- Filia and Zelgadis.

Looking at Lina, she noticed something odd. She was fully dressed in her cape, belt, dagger, and everything else, but was missing her talismans.

"Baby Miss Lina," she wondered, "where are your talismans?"




Amelia turned a corner in the direction of the crash. She saw a disgruntled shelf of various tea-drinking items, and below it, Filia sat at a miniature table, drinking tea, her mace nearby.

"Baby Miss Filia?" she inquired.

Chibi-Filia looked at her with inquisitive eyes, that soon turned red with anger.


"Wasn't me," Xelloss said, sticking out his tongue.

Amelia grabbed Chibi-Filia, who grabbed her mace and was toward away. Now, with four children, she searched for her chibified love.


"Baby Mr. Zelgadis! Baby Mr. Zelgadis!!" Amelia cried, turning in different directions around the china shop maze. "Where are you??"

"Mommy??" a voice asked. Amelia could hear a bit of terror ringing out in the tone.

She posed. "Don't worry, Baby Mr. Zelgadis!!" she exclaimed. "Mommy's coming!!"

She raced toward Zelgadis, and found him, cowering in a corner.

"Oh, whatsa matter?" she cooed. "Did you get a boo-boo? Let Mommy see.."

The baby pointed behind her.

"Hahaha!! Foolish you!!" a voice cackled behind her. "Now I have you in my clutches!"

Amelia's eyes bugged out. "Th-that sounds like Mr. Mary-ou Gaav!!"

She whipped her head around, expecting to see the red-haired giant.

"Hmm?" she wondered, not seeing anything.

"Down here, you dimwit!"

She looked down and saw a fuzzy, pink bunny wielding a sword.

She made a face, and then laughed hysterically. "Excuse me, Bunny-san, have you seen Mr. Gaav?"

The rabbit scowled. "Laugh while you can, mortal! For I, Mary-ou Gaav, shall destroy you all!!"

"Why are you a bunny?"

"Because Saygram is an idiotic servant, and he resurrected me into this body."


"Can I continue?"


"I transformed your friends into toddlers while they were sleeping. I left you, because someone had to walk into my trap! Muahaha. I stole the talismans to complete my talisman collection, which is another story. So, now! I shall destroy you all!" Bunny-Gaav finished, dramatically, laughing evilly.

Amelia sweatdropped. "You don't have any powers, do you?"




"Lollipop!!" Chibi Gourry squealed, grabbing Gaav and holding him like a stuffed toy.

"Let go of me you fool!!" the bunny cried.


Amelia levitated all the children. "Let's go home, kids."

"Help me!!!"


Xelloss:, you just left us as babies and let Amelia take us home?"

NoV: ^_^ I'm sure it wore off sooner or later.

Zelgadis: That was embarrassing beyond belief.

NoV: Speaking of embarrassing beyond belief, I was walking down the steps from the Elm building to the lunchroom today, and I was just talking to Heather, you know. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I tripped and fell on my knees!

Gourry: Did it hurt?

Xelloss: No, Gourry. It felt really good. Why don't you go try it?

Gourry: Oh-kay! (runs to the steps)

NoV: And, then this really hot upper-classman asked me if I was oh-kay! (dreamy sigh)

Xelloss: You're too mushy for your own good.

NoV: Oh, well. Anyway, are there any suggestions for the next fic? I never turn down a suggestion!