Edward had left me 7 months ago. Every reminder of him pained me. I thought what we had was true love. I guess a fantasy has to end sometime. One week before my birthday party Edward and I had finally made love. I thought everything was finally falling into place. But i thought too soon. 2 weeks after the party, I was holding a pregnancy test in my hand, with it stating positive. I was so shocked that I sat there in the bathroom for 1 hour just staring at the pregnancy test. I had scheduled an appointment with a doctor to make sure i was pregnant. By my luck, I was. Edward had told me that vampires couldn't reproduce, that's why we didn't use protection. I had finished school a month early. I was finally away from the glares and gossip around me. I had been going to school in the day, and working at night. I had now saved up 50000 dollars for the baby. That wasn't enough. My stomach had grown a lot, and I hadn't spoken to my parents ever since I broke the news to them. It was just me and my baby.