Gibbs strolled into the squad room and cast a quick glance at his watch before gruffly addressing his team who sat at their computers, furiously working or at least pretending to be working in DiNozzo's case, "What are you people still doing here? It's late. There are no new cases. Go. Go home. Shoo. Get some sleep. I'll see you first thing Monday morning."

With that he turned his gaze to the balcony where Director Vance was waiting to give him the monthly terrorist briefing. Tossing his empty cup of coffee, he began to make his way up the stairs.

"I suppose that means we should do as he says, but not as he does," remarked Tony, shaking his head as he watched the silver-haired man scale the stairs to do the opposite of what he had ordered his team to do. He swiveled in his chair to watch McGee scrambling to get his things together and turn off his computer.

"Slow down, McSpeedster, there's no extra credit points for obeying the boss' orders faster than the rest of us."

"I'm not trying to earn extra credit, Tony. I happen to have a date tonight, and I'd rather not be late. It's kind of a big deal." McGee shot him a pointed look before practically sprinting out of the squad room.

Tony cocked his head slightly before turning to face Ziva who was calming preparing to leave, "McGee has a date? With who? His Xbox?"

"I'm not at liberty to say," she returned, brown eyes twinkling with amusement as she saw the wheels in his mind begin churning at the hint that she knew something he didn't about McGee's evening plans.

The comment had the desired effect on Tony who narrowed his eyes at her and advanced towards her desk, "Alright, Agent David, spill. What's the probie really doing tonight?"

He leaned backward on her desk, arms crossed, eyes probing hers, waiting for an answer.

"It is as he said. He has a date," she answered with a coy smile. McGee and Abby had sworn her to secrecy. Eventually Tony would find out, but right now, she was enjoying having the upper hand on him.

"With who? Someone we know?" He stared thoughtfully into the distance, running through the list of women the McGee could possibly be on a date with.

"Perhaps," she replied as cryptically as she could.

Realizing Ziva was never going to reveal the identity of McGee's mystery date, he switched gears, "And what about you, Ms. David? Any plans for the weekend?"

"No, my schedule is completely free." she said carefully, slowing down the last word as she met his gaze, daring him to break through the paper thin wall behind which they hid their feelings for each other.

"Well that is just sad. But luckily for you I can rescue your dismal weekend. It just so happens I got the complete, digitally re-mastered collection of the Best of Alfred Hitchcock from Amazon this week. These are classic films in American culture, and if you ever want to truly assimilate, it is vital that you see them," he said, hoping his voice sounded normal and casual as his heart began to beat wildly, hoping she'd say yes.

"Vital, you say? Well in that case, I don't think I have a choice." The sexual tension in the room was palpable. Neither Tony nor Ziva would admit this was well beyond the scope of a platonic working relationship.

"I'm glad you're taking this matter as seriously as you should," he said with mock sincerity, his eyes sparkling with excitement, "now pack your bags, Daaveed, we start tonight!"

He did his best to remain calm as he returned to his desk to get his things, but he couldn't keep a smile from spreading across his face. She has agreed to spend the entire weekend with him, watching movies in his apartment. In that moment he was convinced they would finally find a way to drop their guards and simply be together. Together. That word took him far into the future. All of the things that once terrified him about relationships before—commitment, marriage, babies— suddenly seemed surprisingly amazing.

Her voice brought him back to the present.

"Ready to go, Tony?" she asked trying to appear nonchalant about their weekend together too.

He turned to face her again, "Of course! Prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime."

They walked out together, in their usual way, while Tony launched into a clearly rehearsed biography of "The Man Behind the Scream," insisting that it was essential to the cinematic experience to know that Hitchcock's father had had the police lock him up in prison when he was a child and that his daughter Patricia was an actress in some of his movies. Ziva listened in silence, loving how happy movies made him.

By the time they reached the parking lot, Tony had begun an overly dramatic rendition of the famous shower scene, playing both Janet Leigh and Norman Bates. When he let out the highest pitched scream Ziva had ever heard from a grown man, she couldn't stop herself from shaking with laughter.

"Oh you think that's funny? Laugh all you want, but that was a spot-on performance. After we watch it, I'd just like to see you try to do better," he challenged, pretending to be injured by her laughter but really he was glad to see her smile. There had been a time when he feared she'd never be able to smile let alone laugh again.

She was about to respond when a slight movement in the darkness ahead of them caught her eye. Something wasn't right. The parking lot was dark. Too dark. Her eyes narrowed, straining to see. By now Tony had noticed her stiffening and stopped joking. She unclipped her holster and put a hand on her gun.

"What is it?" he asked in a short whisper. He was beginning to realize to that something was off in the parking lot.

Ziva's trained eyes scanned the empty rows of cars, "I'm not su… GET DOWN!" she called as she saw five hooded figures materialize out of the darkness.

Tony tried to comply, but the men were on top of them before they really had time to react. Ziva managed to shoot the leader of the gang, but the remaining men tackled her and Tony to the ground.

Grunting with frustration, she twisted out of the head lock one of the men had put her in and elbowed him in the face multiple times while kicking another man who was attempting to disarm her. The first man let go while the second clung desperately to her arm as she struggled to stand. A few feet away, she could see Tony surrounded by the other two men. A shot rang out in the air, and Ziva screamed as she saw Tony crumple to the ground. Applying all her force, she kicked the man holding her arm squarely in the chest, forcing him to release her.

Just as she had freed herself, a sharp blow from behind dazed her senses. She tasted blood in her mouth. Fighting to remain conscious, she took a few faltering steps to where Tony lay. Another blow from her assailant's pistol threw her back to the ground. Her vision blurred. She could just barely see the four men dragging Tony with them to their car. In a last ditch, desperate measure, she unloaded her clip in the direction of the car, but the bullets glanced off uselessly. She saw the car speeding away into the night then everything went black.

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