The sky was darker than ever before. Gale guessed that it was the fact a storm was coming. He threw his game bag over his shoulder and threw an arm around his younger brother, Vick. Who looked up at him with utter most confidence in his eyes, as they neared the fence, Gale hung back against a house, watching a Peacekeeper walk directly by.

Both boys froze, their breathing stunted with fear. Gale tossed his head back in the direction of their house and when the front door closed behind them; they knew it was the end. "Ma" Vick stage whispered running into the other room. Their mother was already up, folding clothing and looking calm and collected.

Rory was snarling that they left without him and Posy rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand. "We have to go… now" Gale said looking only at his mother. They saw the smoke before anything else, the squeal through the air as they dropped, and the sound of pounding feet as the community ran out of their houses.

Gale looked up at the skies as he ran towards Bristel and Thom. They had the same gruff and manner as Gale and were unsure of where they were going next. Gale's family pooled behind them and he gestured towards the meadow, "everyone is going to go there" he said, "The fence is on"

"There's most of the death, right there" Bristel whispered and looked over at the power tower, behind the Mayor's house.

"Right so we have to get to the power before anyone really dies" Rory said pushing past his brother

"Look kid, that power house is going to be crawling with Peacekeepers" Thom said, rolling his eyes, "we can't just barge in there like we're robbing a bank"

"Yeah we can" Gale said studying the Mayor's house, something looked off about it.

"How?" Bristel demanded

"We go through the Mayor's house and go through the back of the plant"

"That… might just work" Thom said

"What about the Mayor and his family?" Bristel asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it" Gale said and looked back at his family, "go to Victor's get Everdeens and go to the backyard. I doubt they'll burn Victor's but so you better hurry anyways just in case I'm wrong" Rory stayed with them, "Go" Gale grumbled

"He's fine" Thom said. Gale sent him a hard galre.

They swerved in and out of already crushed, destroyed houses, assuming that they wouldn't be bombed a second time. Gale covered his face with the bottom of his shirt and his eyes watered through the smoke and grime. The Mayor's house was still in pristine condition.

The grey was covering the white siding as the war raged on around it. Gale glanced up at the windows and through he saw a flutter in the right hand second floor window. "Let me ask again, what about the Mayor and his family"

"They're not there" Gale said, slightly uncovering his mouth, "they probably evacuated weeks ago"

"Oh good point" Rory said from behind him. They lined up on the side of the house, starring at the side door. Gale went first, kicking in the side door with a shattering crack from the wood. Thom went in and scouted through the kitchen, stuffing left over foods into his nap sack.

Rory went into the pantry grabbing whatever he thought was deemed good and threw that into his sack. Bristle took the breads and such that she could find. Gale left them and went to look for a back door. Some of the floorboards squeaked and squawked under his feet.

The parlor was a beautiful maroon with shiny gold light fixtures hanging off the ceiling. The tall was round and could seat more than ten people. He ran his hand over the mahogany and slipped into the servant quarters. There was the back door.

"Guys" he called and turned back, running into the main living area. They were crowded around the window watching the rain of fire and smoke, the houses and businesses in town plummeting into nothing. Town folk ran in all directions, looking for outlets and such around the fence.

Most were running to the bombed seam, and the hob went up in flames in the distance seen even behind the trees that sheltered it. Gale watched with a heavy heart but didn't let him stop him from gripping Rory's shirt.

"We haven't looked upstairs" he glared and tore away from his brother.

"Ro- we don't have much time" Bristel said, "If they're going to bomb the house then we can't be in it"

"Yeah that defeats the point" Thom joked. Rory took the stairs two at time, disappearing onto the floor landing. They heard him plowing through the rooms. Gale motioned to the back,

"The back door to the plant is that way, through the parlor and into the few rooms back there"

"Uh, Gale?" The older brother looked up to Rory on the stairs. His eyes wide and cautious.

"There's someone up here"

"Someone?" Gale raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"The Mayor's daughter" Rory said, looking back up the stairs, "She's on the third floor"

"Did you talk to her?"

"No- did you want me to?" Gale thought about it and looked back at his friends who appeared back in the living room. They shrugged

"Talk to her" Gale mumbled, "Get her out of the house, get answers. Go find Ma and the others. As soon as the fence is down leave, you know where to go. Do not wait for us"

"Gale" Rory groaned

"Do you understand?" Gale couldn't wait for his answer. The men left the house followed closely by Bristle, her hands fumbling with her pack, the screen door banging behind them. They ran up the path and ducked into the gardens. They came out at a pond and worked around it, stepping into an overgrown marsh.

The power plant was empty, the gentle buzz of the machines annoyed their ears and Thom stuck his fingers into either ear. "How do we blow this thing?" he asked

"Beats me" Bristel smiled and threw up her hands

"There has to a simple way" Gale said stepping around the perimeter.

"That's hope talking" Thom muttered, "There is nothing simple about this. That's why the fence was never on"

"You think so?" Bristel asked and made her way out into the open. The men both cursed,

"Get back here!" she shrugged and walked right up to the machine, her hands trailing over it. She opened a box on the side, a few buttons and instructions inside it.

"On off button?" she winked and pressed it in, pulling out the cord connecting it to the main frame. They starred in awe as the fans on the plant, slowed to a stop.

"We have to get out of here" Thom said as planes flew over. They ran back into the marsh taking the highest parts of land within the past.

"Over here" Gale called and slipped under a piece of fence tore apart. The other two slid under it as well. They turned back to see the Mayor's house go up in flames, crumbling away to heaps of lumber and furniture.

"He's out" Bristel whispered resting her hand on Gale's shoulder as he tensed.

"I know" he threw her hand off with a shudder and they escaped into the thick forest ahead. They looked up at the darkening skies after a while.

"Surprised we haven't run into anyone" Thom said as he glanced around the quiet forest. Gale snapped a twig under his foot but didn't say anything.

"It didn't look good for District 12, Thom" he said gently, "I don't know how many people got out of the district"

"You said that they were all in the meadow" Gale refused to look at him, keeping his head high as he drew himself around another tree and standing up on a rock looking in the forward direction. "Gale?" He pressed on stepping over some moss covered rock and letting his legs get caught in ferns. His two friends followed slowly behind him, unable to decode his silence as anything but not good news.

"At least we escaped" he murmured as he saw his family in the distance, curled up around the strawberry bushes and the hideaway he found with Katniss. Rory sat back on a rock with his fist full of bread and a smile smeared over his features as the family laughed at something Posy said.

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