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Gale sunk down in the black plush chair next to Finnick. His head was balanced in the palm of his hands. Gale didn't bother opening his mouth to talk to him.

"Close your eyes." Haymitch said to the both of them, "you need the energy." Gale grunted but set his head back and closed his eyes. Her face was burned into the back of his lids. The knobby pink scar bubbling on her skin enticed him. Her sad blue eyes, the pout of her small lips, the smooth skin on the back of her neck called out to him.

Gale's eyes drifted open and he looked out at the clouds under the hovercraft. There was an electrical hum in the cabin like the sound of buzzing bees on a warm summer's day. The plane lurched in the air as if it were a tree limb. Gale's stomach moved to the seat behind him.

Finnick popped his feet up on the plastic wall in front of him. He drummed his fingers on his knee to invisible music. Gale guessed he was anxious. If it were him in Finnick's place he would be in the cockpit, flying the plane himself.

Haymitch's voice mumbled something over the loud speaker but Gale didn't hear it. "What did he say?" he asked, turning his head to look at Finnick.

"Landing soon…" Finnick said and kept his head down.

"So soon… I feel like I just got on this rust bucket." Gale said dragging a hand through his hair, "how are we even landing this monster- without anyone seeing us?" he demanded.

"It's brilliant, really." Finnick said. "We're going through the electricity tunnels. Though the back way. No one knows about it because no one's ever needed down there."

"Electricity tunnels?" Gale whispered, trying to imagine it.

"Yeah… that's how the Capitol buildings get all their energy, underground. You never see any light poles or anything because the cables are in this tunnel."

"These must be pretty large tunnels if they're able to fit this thing into them."

"Well back before they housed electricity it held all the coal rails. Since power used to be coal the Capitol set up all theses tunnels from your district to the Capitol. They aren't used anymore because they're not as stable as they used to be. That's how this is all going to go down."

"So you're saying were going to take Mellark through the tunnels all the way back to twelve and then make a run for thirteen?" Finnick nodded.

"Where were you when we figured this entire thing out?"

"Uh…." Gale's brain froze as he remembered all the meetings he sat through. "I was…" he let out a chuckle, "thinking about Madge." The plane lurched and Finnick and Gale went surging forward in their seats. "Think we should put these on?" Gale held up the seatbelts.

"We're going to die with or without them" Was Finnick's positive response. Gale let the buckle fall to his side. They were dropping and swirving quickly and the tall trees were coming out of the blurry haze around them.

When Haymitch came out of the cockpit, the hovercraft was touching down on the ground. He hardly moved as the ground and seats shook with the impact. "Get up." He said gruffly, "you should already be on your feet and at the door."

Gale was pulled up by his arm and shoved into the armrest of the seat behind him. His leg ached as the plastic of it sent tremors down his knee, but he didn't complain and he didn't wait for Finnick. Gale stood up straight and ripped a large rifle off the wall.

He turned as Finnick and Haymitch were coming into the hanger. Haymitch went to the far wall and shoved helmets at the two of them. "Here. You're used to these" he said staring at Gale. The brooding man snarled and let his helmet go limp in his hand.

Finnick tugged on his right away and banged the button for the door open. He walked out and left the mentor and Gale alone in the pleading darkness. Gale's glare wasn't tiring and Haymitch was forced to look away and clear his throat.

"You signed up for this." Gale didn't wait to argue with the man and followed Finnick out the sliding doors and out into the long grass. Finnick was walking up to a large green door. The plants had grown over it and the area was isolated from the forest.

Gale still looked over his shoulder and hoisted his gun up off his knee. He spit into the weeds and watched as Finnick tore at the vines with a large knife. "We're screwed aren't we?" he laughed and pulled at the thick handle.

The door made a revolting noise and creaked open, slamming into the side of the doorway. Gale shrugged and pushed his colleague out of the way, stepping into the murky darkness. Sparks lit up the tunnel ahead and the walls were hard to pinpoint.

"We should go back for a flashlight" Finnick left the hall and into the sun. Gale didn't wait, he watched his feet slam into the concrete and felt his breaths leave his mouth. Finnick's running footsteps wouldn't stop him either. "They left" he said breathlessly.

Gale held back a laugh, of course they did. "They don't care about us." Gale said rolling his eyes. "They only care about the target." Finnick huffed and the door condemned behind them, locking them in. A spark flashed in front of him and he could clearly see the endless tunnel system around them.

"Do you know where you're going?" Finnick asked from directly behind him.

"No." Gale said and another flash lit up their faces. They glanced at each other. They came to the first junction and they paused listening. All they could hear was the steady thump of power surging around them. "Do you?" Gale let the question sink into the ground.

Finnick shuffled and looked down the other side of the tunnel. "No idea." He admitted.

"Were you hoping for a helpful map?" Gale snapped. "Didn't the fatty teach you the ropes of the place?" a spark enlightened again and Gale could make out the amused features of his partner.

"No." he said, "We'll walk until we find a map though- they must have lights in here or something" they dragged their feet down the hall. Gale tried to focus on the walls, searching for anything that could help them.

Finnick whistled and pointed. "There! What is that?" Gale squinted as he followed Finnick's shadowy finger in the direction he was looking at. Something was flopped down like paper on the nonexistent wall.

They reached it and rolled it up the wall, holding it up with one hand each. They leaned in as if to smell the material. "Can you read it?" Gale asked Finnick.

"Barely." Gale ran his other hand over it, smoothing it down. A spark flashed, lighting the area around them. It was a map. "Pull it down, we'll take it with us until we find some decent light." Gale tugged up the corners and peeled it off the wall, rolling it up.

They took off down the hall, looking for some hall with light. Finally after the fifth tunnel there was a blinking red light over a door. "Exit?" Gale laughed and they hustled their way over to it. They used the pulsating light to read the map, trying to figure out where they were.

They followed the red arrow of the original place of the map to where they were standing now. Gale glanced up at the door: Waste Water Treatment Plant. "Now… why… would they put water next to electricity?" Finnick looked up as well and shrugged.

"I don't know but it all has to go somewhere." Gale reached out to the handle. "Whoa what are you doing?" his partner demanded, shoving his hand away.

"Aren't you curious?" Gale asked. Finnick looked down at the map once more and threw it to the ground. Gale smiled and pushed open the heavy metal door. Air blew back their hair as the two men entered.


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