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Finnick looked down at his abnormally large excuse for a plumber's uniform. They tan jump-suit draped off him in the case that it wasn't his size. He gripped at his tool box, swinging it around him like a child. Gale rolled his eyes and pulled at his dark blue suit jacket.

The briefcase was heavy and filled with everything that could go wrong. He busied himself with the new watch on his wrist that itched and the glasses with fake lenses that took over his face. Finnick placed a hat on his head and turned it slightly.

"There." No one is going to expect a thing if a plumber and a businessman of the Capitol goes into the training center. Gale shook his head.

"It's too easy." He replied. Finnick shrugged,

"We'll see when we get there. I'll go first." Finnick exited onto the street into the bustling downtown of the Capitol. No one looked at him. He sunk through the crowds and vanished. Gale stepped out then and looked both ways then down at his watch.

He took long strides across the street and dodged the city-livers in their natural habitat. It was all overwhelming for him. He kept his briefcase at his side and his head high and proud like any other successful man would do.

He spotted Finnick crossing at the cross walk ahead. He didn't look around, didn't look up from the cracks in the sidewalk, and just kept walking. Gale tried to keep an even pace instead of stumbling to catch up with his accomplice.

He glanced down at his watch again and pushed up his glasses, giving him an excuse to pause his shaking hands. He turned onto the next street and his eyes wandered through the crowds for the tan jump-suit. He found Finnick a ways ahead; he had pulled out a map and began to press himself against a building to look at it.

Gale held back an eye roll. This was not the place to be looking at a map. Yet, no one turned their head to look at him or talk to him. No one had any recognition which seemed to be Finnick's purpose. The fake plumber folded up the map and picked up his tool box once he was barely in front of Gale.

"Watch it." Gale grumbled to Finnick and the dressed up man next to him smirked. Gale let out a relieved breath.

"Sorry Sir." Finnick said under his breath and kept his head down. By now Gale's hands had stopped sweating and he resisted the urge to rub his forehead. This all returned however when he looked up and saw the training center. They were checking .

Finnick didn't seem to be bothered and walked right up to one of the more uniformed Peacekeepers. He cleared his throat and the man looked down at him. Gale closed his eyes. This was it. "Excuse me, sir." Finnick said in an obnoxious Capitol accent. "I need to fix the toiletries on the third floor."

The Peacekeeper only snared and let Finnick go. He didn't look back at Gale. Gale calmly climbed the stairs, keeping his head high and proud like before on the streets. He didn't pull at his collar but he did glance down at his watch. One of the smaller keepers stopped him on the fifth step; he had already passed two up.

Before the Peacekeeper had any words out of his mouth, Gale put up his hand. "Save it. I'm late for a meeting. Ask me for it when you come out. I'm so done with this guarding bullshit." The Peacekeeper only blinked up at him. "Are you going to let me go or not?"

The young man nodded furiously, letting Gale pass him up. "The nerve," Gale muttered as he passed a few other Peacekeepers. He pushed open the glass doors and listened to his heels press into the ground below. He didn't think they would actually get inside.

Finnick said he was going to the third floor which Gale guessed was the next step. He pressed the elevator button up and waited, continuing to look at his watch and tap on his briefcase. The doors slid open with ease and he walked in.

The doors closed and Gale pressed in the button marked three. He waited and the elevator started cranking up at an extremely fast pace. The windows looking out into the streets held his attention away from the fact that the doors could open and he would be ripped away from Madge Undersee forever.

The door chimed and Gale fixed himself to look more professional. He walked out and looked at the deserted halls. He turned and looked down at his watch to distract himself. He saw a bathroom sign up ahead. He walked straight and turned into it, mechanically.

Finnick was on his knees bent over in the fourth stall, he was whistling and the clank of the wrench and other tools on the tile floor made it seem he was doing work. Gale set his briefcase out on the counter and shook his head. He wished he had a camera.

He checked under the stalls and then spoke softly. "What now?" he wondered and Finnick jumped slightly and his whistling stopped.

"I don't know." He replied and stood up, placing the tools back into the red metal box. "This is the right floor; I just don't know how to look without being suspicious."

"I wouldn't look as suspicious as you."

"No you can talk your way out of anything" Finnick rolled his eyes, "I saw your easy talk out of the Peacekeepers and I had to keep myself from busting out laughing in the lobby and elevator."

"Oh, ha ha." Gale sighed and took off the hat, running a hand through his hair, "seems like this floor is pretty empty." He said in all seriousness.

"Yeah it was weird." Finnick agreed. They let the silence take them over.

"Well I'm off to check the rooms. I'll be back if I find anything." Gale set his hat back on his head.

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