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Gale wandered back into the hall. He checked his watch and pushed up his glasses, in case someone was watching him. He turned right and looked into the blackened windows of each room. He reached out to the doorknob and turned it easily. He opened the door and looked around the room.

He backed out and wandered back to the bathroom. "Look, the doors are unlocked." He murmured.

"That's odd." Finnick rubbed his brow.

"Do you think it's a trap?" Gale asked and looked back into the hall.

"No, I think we're missing something obvious." Finnick stood and looked out into the hall. Gale stepped out into the hall and looked along the wall.

"This paint..." Gale said and pointed to the obvious off white color. "is different." He gestured to pure white walls.

"Not that obvious." Finnick sighed, "how about that door that doesn't have a window?" Gale shook his head.

"It's a closet." Gale said, not taking his eye off the wall.

"Psh. No." Finnick walked down to it and opened it. Brooms, buckets, and sponges lined the wall. Gale rolled his eyes and pushed on the wall. He put his ear up to it and knocked.

"It's hollow on the other side." He alerted Finnick. Gale was moved out of the way as Finnick's foot sunk into the wall. "Whoa! What are you doing?" Gale looked around.

"You were right," Finnick said and stepped into the hole he made, "stairs."

"Where do you think they led?" Gale stepped in after him.

"Hopefully to Peeta and Annie."

"Right." They hugged the wall as they plunged into the dark abyss. "They probably had cameras all over that floor."

"Stop worrying about it." Finnick murmured. They reached the bottom and tried to find the walls.

"Where's the light switch?"

"Maybe this is it." The lights flickered on and it took a moment for the men to adjust. In front of them was a line of three steel doors. The men glanced at each other before making an attempt to open the closest one.

"They're touch activated." A voice murmured. Gale and Finnick looked at the bottom of the door. Peeta was looking through a food slot.

"What are we supposed to do then?" Gale growled.

"Kill one of the guards or at least knock him out. Then use his hand on the knob." Peeta sighed.

"Where do we find a guard?" Finnick asked.

"The last door is a mirage- walk through it. That's where they all go." Peeta said and gestured to his left.

"Why do they have a random staircase and a wall boarded up on the third floor?" Gale wondered.

"It's an escape route for us. If the downstairs is infiltrated they take us up and onto a helicopter pad on the roof."

"How do you know all of this?" Finnick wondered.

"These walls aren't sound proof." Peeta mumbled, "I heard everything if I concentrate."

"Have they done anything to you? What about Annie?" Gale asked and looked at the last door.

"Finnick?" The tribute left Peeta and wandered over to another door, pressing his hand against the door.

"I'm here Annie.." he whispered.

"Other than the food sucks, it's hot, and their interrogations are less then tolerable?"

"What do they ask you about?" Finnick wondered and squatted down.

"Anything and everything." Peeta shrugged. "I've seen people close to me die in there and have things inserted into me. It's a vacation." He said sarcastically.

"We'll get you out." Finnick nodded. He turned to Gale, "you stay here. I'll act like there is something with the lights in here and I'll lead a guard back." Finnick didn't wait for Gale to argue. He fixed the plumber's hat on his head and looked over his uniform as he ran down the hall.

Finnick reached the end and reached out for the door, he opened it a crack and looked around. He was in another hallway. He exited the hall and looked at the doorways in front of him, he walked a ways away from the prisoner's chambers.

"You there!" Someone called. Finnick turned towards a conference room. There was a young man dressed in a suit similar to Gale's and smoking a cigar. "How did you get in here?" He wondered.

"I was sent to fix the lights in the cells or something." Finnick said, holding up his tool box.

"Yeah?" The man asked and eyed his cap.

"I just finished a job on the second floor bathrooms and someone sent me down here." Finnick explained, continuing his accent. "Truth is- I'm completely lost."

"I'll get one of the guards to help you, they know everything that is wrong with the cells." The man directed him into the office and reached for the phone. "They should be here shortly."

"Thank you, Sir. I'll wait in the hall."

"Sure, it's the third door down from here."

"Thank you, sorry to bother you." Finnick smirked as he took off towards the door he came out of. A man wearing a white peacekeeper uniform and a black vest came out of another door and nodded to the door next to Finnick.

"I noticed the other day that the lights were flickering, good of someone to let a technician know."

"A flickering is easy to fix, won't take me long." Finnick said and coughed as they approached the end of the tunnel.

"Of course not, here let me find the switch." The peacekeeper said and turned on the light. Gale punched the guy, having the man sag to the ground. Finnick knocked him out while he was on the ground.

"Here, drag him over." Gale said and Finnick lifted his hand to the doorknob. A buzz went off and the door popped open. Peeta was already on his feet and out of the cell in a moment. They shut the door and the buzz went silent. Finnick dragged the guard over to Annie's door and opened it, taking his girlfriend into his arms.

"Now what?" Gale asked.

Peeta gestured up the stairs, "what if we go up and get me a janitor uniform?"

"We could do that." Finnick said, "or you could put on the Peacekeeper uniform." Peeta and Gale looked down at the guard. Peeta changed quickly and dressed the guard in his clothes. Gale opened the cell once more and Finnick dragged in the guard.

"What about Annie?" Gale said, "janitor? It will look better if you two leave like that."

"Yeah," Finnick said, "there was one on the third floor in the closet. There needs to be a hat or else we're never going to make it out of the building." Finnick pulled on her red hair.

"So we go back to the third floor and down to the first." Gale said, "Finnick and Annie leave first." He said. "Then Peeta and I will come out in a loud conversation about the meeting we got out of."

"Where do we meet?" Finnick asked.

"Water Treatment Plant." Gale said, "we'll act like we're getting back from lunch."

"Right." Finnick nodded. They ran up the stairs and Finnick got out the uniform, Annie changed in a room and came out, her hair covered by the large cap.

"Do you have a chip in you?" Gale suddenly asked Peeta and Annie.

"No." Peeta said, "I already looked for it." Finnick and Annie got into the elevator.

"Alright." Gale said and looked straight ahead at the closing elevator.

"Why are you doing this?" Peeta asked. Gale shrugged.

"I don't know." Gale said and went into the elevator. They watched the numbers count door. They exited the building and nodded to the guards on the steps. "Sorry about earlier." Gale said to the smallest peacekeeper.

"No problem, sir. Have a good day." Gale nodded again and Peeta and Gale walked down the street. Gale made sure to gesture to restaurants as they passed, keeping in character for as long as they could.

They approached the Water Treatment Plant and Finnick handed them uniforms, they ditched their clothes in the disposal inside the plant. They entered talking about lunch and parted towards the exit. "You should have seen the act Gale put on outside." Peeta said and shook his head. "Brave of you to talk to that peacekeeper."

"He recognized me." Gale said, "from when I made that scene." Finnick nodded, still holding onto Annie.

"They are the worst guards." Finnick said after a while. They found the main tunnel and headed back to the entrance.

"Now what?" Peeta wondered.

"Now we start the trek back to District 13." They finally found the hanger in the middle of the night. Peeta was exhausted and hanging off of Gale and Finnick was carrying Annie, her head resting on his shoulder. A worker ran out to meet them, Haymitch was close behind him.

"We went with a different plan." Gale said as Peeta and Annie were put onto a stretcher. "Not the safest way but..."

"I don't care what you did." Haymitch grumbled, "now get inside."