Author's note:

This was an idea I've had for a long time, but I was too lazy to post it. It was inspired by Szynka2496's Guideline To Living With The Avengers.

Disclaimer: I don't own Futurama

Rule 1

Kathleen and Fry are banned from Slurm


(Why did they have to do that!)

(It because we glow too much?!)


Rule 2

Do NOT show anyone fanfiction

(I'm surprised they still have it on the internet!)

(Just don't)


Rule 3

Don't tell bender you flushed all his alcohol down the toilet

(He will get mad)

(And go look for it)

(the one time I did it, bender was lost for days)

(we didn't miss him)


Rule 4

No truth or dare, at all.


(People's lives will be in danger)

(I almost died)

(It wasn't a pretty tale)


Rule 5

No more blackmailing

(bender was disappointed)

(So was I)

(Even Fry was sad)

(But we won't listen!)


Rule 6

Don't challenge Bender to a prank war

(You will loose, miserably)

(I don't want to live on this planet anymore)


Rule 7

No more sims games

(I showed them sims 3)

(they said they had a sims 100)


(my sims, MINE)


Rule 8

(following rule 7...)

No more spore

(I showed them spore)

(They showed me spore 2, and 3)

(Only 3?!)


Rule 9

Don't go skiing, or snowboarding with Bender

(you will end up being arrested)

('Nuff said)


Rule 10

When in the ship, don't ask "what's this button do?" and then press a random button.

(It annoys everyone)

(Especially Leela)

That's it for now, Ideas are welcome!

Thanks for reading!