Rio the Darkness 3

Blu100-Jewel100: Yeah, I suppose the significance of the content was great.

RIO2lover100: We all want Blu to take revenge. And we want Jewel to come back.

Blu Razgriz: Yeah, Blu got to say his goodbyes to Jewel, and yes, his children are now safe with him. And it will take Blu a lot of training to defeat Nexus.

Rapper the red macaw: Yeah, it is very sad to see Blu mourning Jewel, but yeah, at least his children are safe.

Jeff117: Yeah, it is a good thing his kids are still with him. (and thanks for the comment on YouTube).

rio craziness: we all want so see Nexus beaten. And what's happening in Rio? All the Birds are slaves for Nexus. Besides that, nothing.

Arlene the scarlet macaw: You are right, being a single father isn't easy. And it brought a couple of tears to your eyes? Awwwww.

Leo the Hyacinth: I'm sorry, but Jewel is gone for good. No coming back. Let's just be happy she can rest in peace.

mnero1996: Yep, Blu is becoming a Warrior and hopefully kill Nexus. And I don't think Rico's coming back.

Francisco the Golden Macaw: Who attacked the camp? Just some random Bird causing trouble. And I know it was sad. And I will finish Epilogue, I just got focused into this story.

killhell: Yep, the children are safe and Blu is ready to begin to train as a Warrior.

mw4fan: Like I said to Francisco the Golden Macaw: who attacked one of the camp sites is just some random Bird starting trouble.

MCGamemaster90: Yes, it is very sad indeed. And I too hope Blu can bring down Nexus.

In the World of Light, Blu stood by the Angelus's throne. All of the Angelus's Guards were in the room, standing in lines. The Angelus walked next to Blu and in front of her Guards. "Attention, my brothers! Today, we have a new Warrior joining are Order."

All of the Guards clapped in response.

"However, he's a Blue Macaw, and will experience training none of you here have even seen before." the Angelus continued before turning over to Blu, who was merely standing there watching. "Blu, come forth."

"Yes, your Majesty?" Blu said, walking over to her.

"Give me your left wing." the Angelus requested.

"O-K, sure..." Blu said, becoming a little nervous as he extended his left wing out to her.

The Angelus placed her wing under his and lifted up in the air. "Blu, if you join us, do you swear to uphold the principles of our Order and all that for which we stand?"

"I do." Blu replied.

"And never to share our secrets or tell the true nature of our work?" the Angelus added.

"I do." Blu answered a second time.

"And to do so from now until death-whatever the cost?" the Angelus finished.

"I...Do." Blu said.

"Excellent, welcome to our Brotherhood, Blu." the Angelus smiled, before making her wing glow a mysterious glow colour.

"What are you doing?" Blu asked, still noticing she had his left wing held up.

"Now that you our with us, we will give you the tattoo." the Angelus replied.

Blu looked at her, with a curious eyebrow raised. "A tattoo?"

"Yes, all of my Guards have one." the Angelus said, as she looked up from her wing and at her Guards. "Show him, men."

All of the Angelus's Guards raised there left wings, showing there tattoo. Blu looked at there tattoos, and then back to the Angelus. "Why do we need a tattoo?"

"The tattoo's is what give us power, strength, and tactics." the Angelus explained, as her wing was now glowing really bright. "Your tattoo, however, will be a little different."

"Different how?" Blu inquired.

"You're a Blue Macaw. You're a different Bird specious. And if you're going to defeated Nexus, you'll need a lot of training." the Angelus answered.

"Who's gonna train me?" Blu asked.

"Normally I would let my Guards train each other, but I'm gonna train you personally." the Angelus replied, before moving her right wing on the middle part of his left wing. "Now, let's give you the tattoo."

Blu looked at her glowing power pressed on his wing. "Is this gonna hurt?"

"Only a little." the Angelus admitted. She held her wing down on his wing, and began to push light essence into his body. Blu felt the little pain she mentioned and tried not to move.

"I...I can feel it...Inside of me...The light." Blu thought.

After a few seconds, the Angelus let go of Blu's wing and took a few steps back. "All done."

Blu looked at his left wing, and made a little gasp. The Angelus had created the tattoo on his wing. Blu began to examine his wing, and moved it up and down. "Wow..."

"Like it?" the Angelus asked, lifting his wing up once again. She looked over at her Guards and announced: "My Brothers, Blu is now with us!"

"HOORAY!" all of the Guards cheered, with there weapons raised.

Blu looked at his tattoo once again; it was in the shape of diamond. "Hmmm, not bad."

"Now, come with me." the Angelus said, placing her wing over him and escorting him down the hallway. "Your training will now begin."


Rio De Janeiro

Back in Rio, Kate had been gone for ten-entire minutes. Arlene now was beginning to wish she didn't listen to that Macaws idea. Arlene and the two Brotherhood members turned around, when someone had walked inside the tent.

It was indeed, Vadin. He walked in angrilly, and slammed his talon down on Kate's desk.

"Sir, what's wrong?" one of the Brotherhood members asked.

"That intruder caused me trouble." Vadin replied, before seeing Arlene tied up on s chair. Vadin formed a grin and turned around. "And who's this?"

"Trouble maker, sir!" one of the Brotherhood member's answered.

"I'm not a trouble maker." Arlene said, but Vadin looked at her, with a not-believing face. "Ok, maybe a little bit."

Vadin smirked and quickly dashed over right in front of Arlene. Vadin placed his wing on the side of his face, and used one of his wingtips to stroke it. Hmmm, very pretty, aren't you?"

"I think so..." Arlene said.

Vadin let go of her face and turned back over to the Brotherhood. "Tell you what-I'll give you a second chance. Men, take her away. I'm going back to the weapon areas."

"Weapons area. Yes!" Arlene thought, now knowing where Vadin will be.

"Yes sir" the Brotherhood member said, lifting Arlene back onto her talons. "Come on, let's go."

"Thank you for the second chance!" Arlene called to Vadin, as the Brotherhood member escorted her out.

The Brotherhood member took Arlene back over to her work area, and untied her. "Come on, back to work"

"Ok." Arlene obeyed, as she began to dig with the spade.

The Brotherhood member placed the chain back on her neck, before walking away. "Now, no more trouble."

The Hyacinth Macaw who gave Arlene the tip, whispered to her: "Hey, did you find out?"

"Yes, I did." Arlene replied, as she continued to dig. "He's at the weapon areas."

"Weapons area? Ok, now that is not gonna be good. It's heavily armed there." the Macaw said, also digging.

"Yeah, unless we could do something else." Arlene said.

"Like what?" the Macaw asked, throwing some dirt in the corner.

"Maybe we can take some weapons." Arlene suggested.

"I don't know how to use a weapon. Besides, if we went now, they would say us, but we can't go at night, because we are locked in our cages." the Macaw said.

"Then we're going to bust out of this joint." Arlene said.

"They have camps all across the Jungle. No where in the Jungle is safe." the Macaw countered.

"What about the city?" Arlene asked.

"I don't know about the city." the Macaw said, "I don't know. Let's concentrate on getting rid of Vadin first."

"So we need to know his weakness." Arlene said.

"Oh, he's not so hard to kill. Any weapon could kill him. But he's smart, and he has that dash ability." the Macaw explained.

"Hmmm, unless we can slowly him down." Arlene suggested.

"Maybe." the Macaw said.

The two Macaws turned there attention to behind them, when they saw two Brotherhood members holding a female Yellow Macaw, while a third one was holding a baby Yellow Macaw in his wings.

"Keep her back." the Brotherhood member said.

"No, please, don't take my baby!" the Yellow Macaw begged.

"Shut up!" the Brotherhood member said, kicking her stomach, causing her screams to stop and drop her to her knees. "Your child will come to no harm."

"Awww, man. I really want to help them." Arlene said, looking at them while digging.

"Don't do something stupid, Arlene. We can't draw attention to us." the Macaw said.

"I know." Arlene sighed, looking down.

"Listen, I have a plan. Take this." the Macaw said, handing her what looked like a key like the Brotherhood members carry on there belts.

"A fake key? What do I do with it?" Arlene asked.

"As you may know, the Guards wear belts with Key's on them. If you can swap that key with a real one, you can use it to open your cage and get to Vadin." the Macaw explained.

"Yes, sounds like a good plan." Arlene said.

The Macaw quickly noticed a Brotherhood member coming, and quickly said: "Oh, there's a Guard coming. Try now when he's distracted."

"Ok." Arlene nodded.

The Brotherhood member slowly walked past Arlene, whistling a tune. When he wasn't looked, Arlene quickly grabbed the real key and replaces her belt with fake key, before quickly continuing to dig.

"So, how are we doing over here?" the Brotherhood member asked, looking around the area.

"Good, good." Arlene said, trying not to show suspicion.

"Keep working." the Brotherhood member ordered.


World of Light

Meanwhile, back in the World of Light, Blu stood in the center of the training room, with his eyes closed, as he tried to embrace the light. He tried to concentrate, as the light essence slowly swirled around him.

The Angelus stood in the corner of the room, with her wings folded. "You must embrace the light, Blu. Feel the powers of the light. Allow the tattoo the give you the skills and tactics you need."

"How long will I have to train?" Blu inquired, still trying to concentrate with his powers.

"Time will only tell, Blu." the Angelus replied, as she could see and feel the light growing inside of Blu. "Okay, Blu, you may stop now."

Blu let go of the light essence, and took a couple of breaths.

The Angelus smiled, and lifted his left wing up. "Look, the tattoo grows."

"It did?" Blu said, as he examined the tattoo and noticed it had grown a little on his wing, with a couple of different shapes. "I didn't even feel anything."

"That's how it works. When the tattoo is complete, you will have everything you need to defeat Nexus." the Angelus explained. The Queen of Light grabbed a map which was laying on a table and beckoned for Blu to come over.

Blu walked over and looked at the map. It was a map of the Jungle. "What's this?"

"This is the map of your Jungle." the Angelus smiled, as she moved her wingtip down the map. "I need you to do me a favor."

"Which is?" Blu asked.

"If you look here: the Brotherhood have set up a field of dark essence everywhere in the area." the Angelus described.

"Yeah." Blu said, looking to where she was pointing. "What do you want me to do?"

"Burn all the dark essence. It should weaken their Army." the Angelus said.

"And how exactly do I, "Burn them"?" Blu asked.

"With one of the abilities you have just learned." the Angelus answered, with a smile. "The power of the beam."

"Hmmmm, beam..." Blu said, looking at his left wing. "How do I work it?"

"Just imagine you have the Darkness powers still." the Angelus said.

"Okay." Blu said, as he closed his eyes and held out his wing. He concentrated for a few seconds, then bam! A light beam shot directly from Blu's wing. Blu opened his eyes and began laughing. "Wow, that's great."

"Um, Blu?" the Angelus said, pointing a wingtip, to where the beam had caused flame on the wall. The Angelus sighed and used her powers to make the light flame disappear.

Blu chuckled nervously and lifted his wing back to his side. "Sorry."

The Angelus sighed, and waved her wing around and created a portal. "Step into the portal. It will take you back to Rio, and to the dark essence field. Don't worry about your children, we'll take good care of them."

Blu nodded in response, and walked near the portal. He took one step back but said one last thing before he left. "Wish me luck!" and jumped into the portal.

The Angelus watched Blu travel down the portal, and smiled. "Good luck, Blu."

Blu's training has began and he will now learn powers of the light. In Rio, Arlene is ready to kill Vadin. Let's see how this turns out. Chapter 24.