Rio the Darkness 3

Blu Razgriz: Yeah, gotta love Skrillex. Even with all the progress Blu just made, he still doesn't stand a chance against Nexus.

Arlene the scarlet macaw: Yep, he's having fun with his new powers. And if I had powers, I'd be taking revenge on the people on the people I hate...Just kidding.

RIO2lover100: Yeah it was awesome!

Jeff117: Yeah, he was pretty lucky. But he wasn't singing the song, the song was playing as background music. And the song is called: "make it bun dem by skrillex & damian jr. gong marley."

rio craziness: Blu did finish his mission, and let's hope Arlene completes her's too.

Francisco the Golden Macaw: Yeah, it was a great fight scene. And the Brotherhood didn't stand a chance at all.

Blu100-Jewel100: Haha, yeah, LOL. Blu makes your bomb indeed!

mw4fan: That's your kinda day? Sounds like World War 3. And you're right, if Blu trains more, he could beat Nexus.

killhell: Yep, Blu burned all the dark essence with his powers.

mnero1996: Yeah, Blu was having fun indeed. And let's hope Arlene completes her mission, too.

MCGamemaster90: Yeah, but trust me, there's more dark essence where that came from.

Rapper the red macaw: I love the song, too. And Blu is having fun indeed with his new powers.

The day in Rio had finally turned to night time, and it was now time for the slaves to sleep. Inside one of those cages amongst the campsites, Arlene laid in her cage, pretending to sleep.

"Sweet nightmares." a Brotherhood member called.

When the Brotherhood members had dispersed to check on other prisoners, Arlene peaked one eye open and could see it was clear.

She took one-quick look at Nigel, who had fallen into a deep sleep.

"Ok. Looks like its time to escape." Arlene said to herself, before standing up on her talons and walking to the cage doors.

Arlene extended her right wing where she was hiding the key she stole from the Guard earlier. Arlene slowly put her talon through the cage, with the key in it, and placed the key in the lock.

After a few seconds, Arlene heard the lock click, and slowly opened the cage door. Arlene checked for any Guards, and began walking through the Jungle/campsite area.

There are cages all around Arlene filled with prisoners, and Guards patrolling the ground and trees. "There are so many." Arlene thought.

Arlene crouched down, as she walked around the area, trying not to get seen. "Ok. No guards around. Here we go."

Just before Arlene moved any further, a squadron of Brotherhood members began to walk in her direction.

"Man." Arlene whispered, quickly luring down behind a crate and closing her eyes. "Please, don't see me."

Arlene peaked her eyes open and took a quick look from behind the crate and luckily the patrol didn't see her. "That was close."

Arlene crouched back up and began walking to wear the weapons area should be.

After a few minutes or searching, Arlene made it to the weapons area. It was the first and maybe only area that didn't have any prisoners in cages nearby.

Arlene could see a tent, bigger than the usual tents. Arlene believed it could by Vadin's tent. "This looks like the place."

A slightly yelling voice was heard nearby inside Vadin's tent. "I want this entire area guarded."

"Yes, sir."

Arlene recognised that voice anywhere. It was indeed Vadin, who was inside his tent. "Ok. I need to get inside, but how."

There were two Brotherhood members Guards guarding the tent where Vadin is inside.

"Hmmm. I need a plan to get in there." Arlene said, with a wingtip on her chin.

"I'm so bored." one of the Brotherhood members complained.

"Quit whining." the other Brotherhood said.

Arlene rolled her eyes around, and looked at them with a "such morons" face. "Sometimes they can be morons."

Arlene had 3 options she could try.

1. try and throw something to lead them away.

2. walk in front of them and try using your looks (which probably won't work on them)

3. Wait and see if they go.

"Hmmmm, let me think..." Arlene thought, trying to figure out a way to get inside. "I can't throw something, because there's nothing nearby. My looks differently won't work of those guys...Well since they're bored, I'll just have to wait."

"Wanna go and get snack?" the Brotherhood member said to the other one.

"Sure, I don't think nothing's gonna happen anyway." the Brotherhood member said, walking away.

"Yes." Arlene said, watching them leave. "Now lets have a look see."

Arlene slowly walked inside the tent, to see, a small cage in the corner, big enough for one Bird. A desk, and right at the back, was Vadin, who was sleeping in his nest. "Zzzzzzzzzzz."

Arlene smirked, and tiptoed to the center of the room. Before Arlene could consider killing him, she saw some papers on his desk. While she was here, might as well see what he has. "Ok, let's see his plans."

"Zzzzzzzzz." Vadin snored.

"Here we go." Arlene thought, as she was looking at some plans on the desk. "Hmmmm, he's planning on killing those who didn't want to work?!"

Arlene saw a dagger laying on Vadin's desk. She picked up the dagger in her wing. She took a deep breather; Arlene had never killed anyone before.

Arlene looked over at Vadin, and began slowly walking closer to him. "It's time to kill."

Arlene got very close to Vadin, and placed the dagger in her talon. Arlene took a breath and raised the dagger. "Ok, 3...2...1-"

Arlene pushed her talon down very quickly as she could. Just as the dagger was close to Vadin's chest, her talon froze in mid-air. Something had gripped her leg.

"Huh?" Arlene said, before quickly noticing Vadin was awake, with his talon on her talon.

Vadin suddenly dashed up and whacked Arlene down. He stood behind her, with a grin. "Well, well, what do we have here?"

"Oh, man." Arlene gasped, quickly kicking Vadin back and making a run for outside the tent. "Gotta go. Bye."

Vadin dashed in front of Arlene and kicked her back inside, before she could escape. Vadin lifted his talon and got a solid grip on Arlene's grip. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Now, what should I do with you?"

"ERh, ah!" Arlene wheezed trying to breather.

"Now, my dear..." Vadin said, tightening his grip on her neck, trying to Alene to sleep. "This time, you're going to pay."

Arlene merely chocked and managed to wheeze out: ""

"Haha." Vadin chuckled, placing other talon over her beak and using his wings to keep himself up. "Sh, sh, don't fight it, go to sleep."

Arlene couldn't fight it anymore, and passed out, due to lack of oxygen.

"Finally," Vadin said, letting her go when he could see she was unconscious. "Hmm-men! Get in here!"

The two Brotherhood members came rushing in together. "Yes, sir?"

"Tie this girl up. I have plans for her." Vadin ordered, before chuckling evilly.

"Yes, sir" the Brotherhood member obeyed.

Oh no! Arlene has been caught by Vadin. And things were going so well. Let's see what will happen to her in chapter 25.