Rio the Darkness 3

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Another quiet peaceful day in the City of Rio De Janeiro. Someone amongst the City, was the local Bird Aviary, owned by: Dr. Tulio Monteiro.

inside the Aviary, a female Yellow and Blue Macaw stood on Tulio's desk table, as Tulio was slowly unwrapping the bandages from around her wing. It was indeed: "Kate".

"There we go." Tulio said, finishing cutting the bandages off her wing. "You're ready to go back home, now."

"About time, too." Kate said, stretching her wing to get it's feeling back.

Tulio walked out of his office and left Kate all alone. After he was gone, Kate immediately wanted to escape as soon as possible (ASAP for short).

As she was waiting impatiently for Tulio to return, Kate had no idea a mysterious darkness mist was making it's way over to her.

The mysterious mist began to swivel around her like a tornado. Kate became startled. "Hey, what's happening?"

"Shhhhhhhh." a voice out of the mist said.

Kate was suddenly becoming drowsy and was beginning to fall asleep. "Oh, what's happening..."

"You are coming with me."

Kate lost consciousness and almost fell over, but the mysterious mist caught her and began to carry her our of the Aviary.


An hours had passed since Kate had passed out (Or put to sleep) by an unknown thing/person.

"Hey...Wake up..."

"Huh, wha...?" Kate was slowly beginning to wake up. "Oh, what happened?"

"She's waking up."

"I can see that."

Kate fully got her eye-vision back, only to see darkness all around her. Kate studied her surroundings; by the looks of it: she was underground-somewhere like a worm would live, accept it was way bigger.

Kate was about to get up, but something tight held her down. She looked down, and could see glowing-dark rope, tied around her body and ankles. She immediately began to struggle. "Urg, what the-"

"I wouldn't bother trying to escape. Those ropes are pretty-much unbreakable."

Kate looked up, to see two Bird figures, blended into the darkness. One of them glowing, the other one wearing a black robe. "Who are you?"

"That doesn't matter." the dark glowing figure said, as it began to walk around where Kate was bound.

Kate constantly turned her head around, to keep eye-contact with the glowing figure. Kate gulped, thinking they had kidnapped her, or to kill her. "Are you gonna kill me? Is that what this is about?"

"No...Of course not, by deer." the figure said, placing one of his silhouette wings on the side of her face. "You're here, because...We know."

"Know what?" Kate asked.

The glowing figure moved his beak over to Kate's ear, causing her to cringe, and whispered: "I know of your power."

Kate immediately. "M-m-my power?! How do you know that?"

"I know of your ability to blend into any Bird form. And that's you we brought you here." the figure explained.

"Y-You want my power?" Kate queried.

"No...We want you, with us." the figure answered.

"W-why?" Kate asked.

The glowing figure knee-led down to her and placed a wingtip on her chin. "Remember the Blue Macaw who broke your wing? And the other-one who threatened to kill you?"

Kate nodded in response.

"Don't you want payback on them?"

Kate looked down at her tied-together feet, thinking it over. She thought about it for a second-until, she looked up at the dark figure and said: "Yes, Yes, I would like to get payback on them."

"Excellent." the figure said, kneeling back up onto his feed.

Kate smiled in response. She looked down at the ropes binding her. "Can you let me go, now?"

"Certainly." the darkness figure said; he waved his wing around her, with it glowing purple and black color. The rope around her body and ankles disappeared.

Kate got up from the chair and rubbed her wings. "Impressive powers you have."

"Thank you." the darkness figure said, accepting her complement. "Now, listen to what we have planned."

Now we got 3 villains. Ah! (runs around) Anyway, next chapter coming soon.