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The sun was just peeking over the horizon. Lily sat up from the den and looked out into the shadowy forest. She stretched and pulled her knives out of the hoisters, checking their condition. Over at the cornucopia, Emery opened his eyes.

Cato was bustling around the food and weapons. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands, the spear next to him gleaming in the new morning light. Cato gestured to a box that Marvel dragged out, "sit here and watch the line of trees" he demanded

"Good morning to you too" Emery whispered under his breath and climbed out of his sleeping bag. He looked down Cato's arm at the direction and gulped. That's where Lily was.

"Okay" he swallowed, hoping they wouldn't go look for her this morning.

"We think the girl from District 5 is over there" Emery tried to look surprised

"Don't let anyone get close to here" Clove glowered. They ran into the woods, ready to kill. Emery snickered. When Lily got here they were blowing this joint, literally, he thought.

Lily snuck up to the camp, watching Emery. He was guarding the supplies like they wanted him to. She emerged pushing aside a berry bush with ease. He perked up, raising his spear in her direction.

"Lily!" he laughed and pretended to wipe his brow.

"You're alive" she giggled

"Of course- you didn't hear the cannons did you?" she shook her head

"Right" she nodded, "still I wasn't sure what to expect for your condition" she shifted and ran a hand over her hair

"It's hard, expecting death" he said looking up at the sky, she looked up as well.

"Yeah" she whispered and closed her eyes. He looked down, taking in her calm face. With a trembling hand he reached out, cupping her chin. He pulled her chin down, she opened her mouth to say something but was ceased by his chapped lips.

She let out an unexpected squeal of surprise but leaned into him, smiling around his lips. "Sorry" he muttered when they pulled away. Her face matched her hair and she twiddled with her thumbs.

"It's alright" she smiled and bit her lip.

"You're so beautiful, Lily" Emery whispered into her ear, she sputtered, "and we'll leave now. Just to get away from the careers" she looked relieved.

"We should take supplies back to my camp" she nodded, "there isn't that much water by me and I keep getting these nasty headaches"

"Take what you want" he smirked at the pile of supplies, "it will be blown away soon anyways"

"Are you going to stay here then?" she asked and jumped around the mines, taking a few essential things.

"Yeah to show I'm guarding if they come around to check on me"

"Good idea" she giggled, "I'll be right back" but before she got too far, she sprinted back capturing his lips again. He smiled against them and they pulled away, laughter in their eyes.

"I'll be here" he joked. She made a couple of trips, always making the same noises and patterns to let Emery know she was there.

"I'll bring the water" he told her, "so you don't have to carry the jugs" she nodded, pocketing her last things. They kissed again, getting used to the feeling then he turned away, letting her escape.

She jumped over logs and climbed through the brush, hiding her supplies in the back of her cave. She stood up, as the ground shook around her and the bombs crackled in the distance. She couldn't even tell if there was a cannon.

Her heart pounded painfully and her hands shook as she took the now familiar path back to the career's camp. Lily spotted Katniss, rolling on the ground first. Then the destruction before her. Before she could scream out Emery's name, Cato was there snapping his neck.

The cannon sounded above. She covered her ears only able to hear the pounding of her blood in her veins. His name died on the edge of her dried lips. Katniss made her escape and Lily narrowed her eyes. Katniss gripped her bow in her left hand.

The bow that destroyed her friend, or whatever he was to her, her heart shattered into a million pieces. She stumbled back as the careers start furiously searching for remaining supplies. It wouldn't be long until they started searching for the culprit. They would probably find her than Katniss.

She ran as fast as she could, picking up the stay supplies from the careers. But her heart gave out again and her vision was obstructed by the tears flowing freely. She couldn't help herself, she sat down against the packs and let them come, and take over her face. She couldn't cry hard enough to wash away the image of him.

This whole situation reminded her, what she was in the middle of, she collected the things she could and headed out, away from the careers. She took her time, hardly looking up where to where she was going. The sun was setting, as she was leaning back towards a trunk of a tree, a cannon sounds. Lily sits, up alert, wand worried about how close the careers are to her.

She doesn't let it get to her head though as she slides under a thick bush to fall asleep, no sooner are her eyes closed another cannon sounds. She doesn't get up to move still, just starts hoping that the cannons will stop firing. At some time she wakes up to a loud voice booming above her.

"Attention tributes. Attention. The regulations acquiring a single victor has been suspended. From now on, two victors may be crowned if both originate from the same district. This will be the only announcement." She rolled her eyes. This didn't pertain to her. She was too broken for anything to matter. One thing was sure; she would get revenge on the District 12 girl. If it was the last thing she did.

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