Hawkeye and BJ were together, as in a couple, and while it took the camp a few years to come to terms with it and how it affected them personally (doesn't someone else's sexuality always make you question yours?), but for the most part everyone was happy for them. It all made sense, the looks, the glances, the laughter. However there was one person who was extremely confused about it all- Radar.

They'd called him about a year after the war ended to tell them their news. That was a conversation for the books. It took Radar a minute to comprehend what gay meant, but by the end of the conversation he'd been no more uncomfortable with them than when he'd left Korea.

Fortunately for Radar, he had a companion to talk to about this issue. Not a human companion- Blake, the camp dog. He'd spent more time with Blake during his few months at home than he had with his teddy bear during the war, and that was saying a lot. Blake never left his sight. They were peas in a pod, the camp dog and he. Everywhere Radar went his dog was sure to follow. Even when Radar was busy out in the fields Blake could be seen from a distance, a smart distance, supervising his new owner's every move.

Radar had had the first heart to heart conversation of his life with Blake, save for the exception of it's namesake, Colonel Blake. Radar could never forget Henry's last few days and how he'd made time to listen to Radar's ramblings. He was like a father to him. That was never said implicitly, but it was inferred, and to Radar's eternal gratitude Henry didn't get mad. He never was one to get mad, or at least stay mad. Henry was many things, but mortal was one of them. Who was he to judge one of his friend's shortcomings?

Was this what the whole question about Hawkeye and BJ about? A shortcoming? While shocking, the news certainly didn't change Radar's perception about them. They were still the fun, carefree, laughing men that Radar had always known. There was one thing that bothered Radar- Peg. BJ was always going on about how he loved his wife, he was known for his devotion to her. So did this mean that Hawkeye and BJ had been having an affair, or did this all take place once they got back home?

It was almost too much for Radar to comprehend. In a way, a very real and major way, he didn't want to know what had changed things for them. After all, after Radar's injury, hadn't he and Hawkeye come to a new appreciation of one another?

So Radar went to bed and as usual, allowed Blake to jump into bed with him. Maybe some things weren't meant to be understood. Kind of like Colonel Blake's death. As long as Radar lived he would never understand that one.

So Hawkeye and BJ were...that way. So what? Did it change their shared experiences with Radar in Korea? Did it change Hawkeye's coming to Radar's tent at one in the morning the night Colonel Blake died, understanding how the colonel's death affected Radar? Did it replace the laughter, mostly the laughter, with any other feeling?

"Not as far as I' m concerned," Radar said to Blake before settling in for the night. Yes, war had a way of making a young boy from Iowa a man.

The end