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Katniss POV:

I can't believe we're going home. I had my daughter, Primrose, the night before and now were being shipped home. I was relived to tell the truth, but the matter of my child was still on my mind.

I didn't know if I loved her, the same with Peeta. He had purposes (as all the new dads did with the new moms) but I declined (unlike almost everyone else). I told him I wanted to date though, raise our daughter together and see where it goes.

I wouldn't give up on them, but I might not stay forever. I wish I was like Cato and Clove. They were so sure, especially now. They already made a plan. They would find a house than get married (inviting all of us of coarse of the Capitol will let them). It was reassuring to know at least little Clair will be loved all her life. Clearly there's some kind of glitch in district two's system because Cato and Clove are the most loving people I have ever met.

Than there's Glimmer and Marvel. They were in love of coarse but their daughters were stressing them out. Eventually I'm sure they will get used to it and get back to their normal relationship but right now it was intertwining watching them.

I don't even want to bother explaining Noah and Foxface. They're already set with a home and being married. Their son is just another step in their marriage. They would have crossed that bridge even without the games.

Rue and Thresh were being awkward. I wouldn't be surprised if Ray was an extremely awkward child. They weren't getting married but they were so young so it was understandable. They would be in ten or so years, I can feel it.

That's about it. Everyone's happy and healthy. Out futures are undefined but I have a feeling they will all be good. I made so many friends from this and may have gained love, from my daughter and Peeta. And it's all because if the Baby Games.

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