Hi thanks for reading. This is my fist make it or break it fic so please go easy on me also I think this is a good story line so please don't just read the first chapter and stop I'm going to try update the first few chapters as soon as possible and then go from there depending on whether or not you like it. This is a Payson/Sasha story eventually but not at first. Kaylie/Austin is also a relationship in this story but not a main feature of it. So here goes. The story is set about 3 months or so after the 2012 olympics. There is no emily in this story, at least not yet.

"Urghhhh" Payson sighed as she sat back and rested he head on the cool tiles of her bathroom wall. She had spent the last hour and a half leant over the toilet puking her guts up.

"You okay honey?" Kim asked, poking her head around the door concern clouding her features.

"Yeah I feel better now it was probably just something I ate" Payson replied getting up off the floor, "However I think I'll go back to bed for now".

"I think that's a good idea, if you feel any worse ring the doctor" Kim said "Are you sure you're okay for us to go I hate leaving you alone like this?"

"I'm fine mum, go have fun tell Uncle Jimmy I said hi" Payson replied, she knew how much her mom was looking forward to this trip. "Besides Lauren, Kaylie and Austin are coming round later now go, get lost" she smiled

"Okay okay I'm going I'm going, enjoy the peace" Kim smiled " at least until your friends get here".

"I will, bye mom"

"Bye sweetie" Kim said as left.

Payson heard the car start up and drive off down the street. She felt bad for lying to her mom but she knew that if she told her the truth she would have never left. In truth this was the third morning in a row that she had woke up and been sick and she couldn't understand it. She was never one of those children that got sick easily, in fact just the opposite she had barely ever being sick in her life aside from the occasional cold but even then they were rare. Oh well, she thought as got in to bed, hopefully it's over with now.

She woke an hour or so later to a frantic pounding on the door. She dragged her self up and out of bed and to the door. She opened it find Kaylie on the doorstep, bouncing up and down like she'd drunk to much caffeine.

"Kaylie what are you doing here? I thought you and Lauren weren't coming over until later" Payson said confused by her friends sudden appearance.

"I know but it couldn't wait so I phoned Lauren and told her to come over early" Kaylie said speaking at a hundred miles an hour.

"What can't wait?" Payson said, confused.

"I'll tell you when Lauren gets here" Kaylie replied "Can I come in"

"Of course" Payson said opening the door wider and letting Kaylie in.

20 minutes later and all three girls were gathered in Payson's bedroom.

"Okay Kaylie, enough waiting" Lauren said, "what was so urgent that it couldn't wait another couple of hours"

"Ummmm" Kaylie replied, not sure how to start

"What Kaylie, whatever it is it can't be that bad" Payson said trying to reassure her friend while also trying not to sound impatient like Lauren even though she was dying to know what it was that had Kaylie so on edge.

"This" Kaylie said getting up and dumping the contents of a carrier bag on to Payson's bed.

It took Payson a few moments to realise what it was she was looking at. She looked up and locked eyes with Lauren, seeing the same confusion she felt echoed in Laurens gaze.

"Kay… What?" Lauren said still failing to grasp what she was looking at.

"I think I might be pregnant" Kaylie said finally

"So you bought the entire stock of home pregnancy tests? " Payson said, now understanding why there were pregnancy tests on her bed but still marvelling at the sheer number of them "Kaylie, there must be about at 20 there at least.

"I know I know" Kaylie replied hysteria seeping into her voice "but I didn't know which one to get so I just grabbed a few and paid and left"

"A few" Payson remarked.

"Payson this isn't funny, it's serious. What if I am pregnant? What will I do? What will I tell Austin? What will I tell my parents? Oh my god my dad is going to kill me. Payson I am going to DIE!" Kaylie's voice got more and more panicked with each question.

"Kay, calm down" Payson said being the voice of reason "Why don't you take a test first, before you start freaking out. It might be negative then you will have been stressing for nothing. Right Lauren?" Turning to Lauren for back up. "Lauren?"

"Sorry what?" Lauren said, coming back to reality.

"What's up Lo?" Kaylie asked "You totally just spaced there"

"I'm late" was the reply Lauren gave

"Well" Payson said breaking the silence, "it's a good thing Kaylie got all those extra texts now isn't it? Are you two just going to just stand there or are you take the damn tests?"

Kaylie and Lauren moved to the bed to each pick up a test. Kaylie picked up two and handed one to Payson. Payson stood there and just looked at the test in her hand.

"Why are you giving me this? I'm not pregnant." Payson said confused by Kaylies' behaviour

"I know that but if take the test too it means we all do it together and at least we know for certain that one test is coming back negative"

"Okay" Payson said, knowing that agreeing would be the quickest way to get Kaylie to take the test.

They each took it in turns in Payson's on-suite. Once Payson had come out of the room they sat in a circle on her bed and set the timer for two minuets.


The timer went off and each girl looked at the test in her hand. After a moment of silence Kaylie and Lauren broke into big smiles and laughed.

"Payson you were right, I was stressing about nothing the test is negative." Kaylie said relieved by the test result.

"Same here" Lauren said "no nappies and crying babies in out futures then. Right Pay?


Lauren and Kaylie both turned to look at Payson who hadn't said anything. She was sat on her bed staring at the test with a blank look on her face.

"Payson" Kaylie said, worry evident in her tone. "What's wrong? She looked at Lauren.

More silence

Payson blinked twice and then looked at the two girls sat on the end of her bed. All she said was;

"I'm Pregnant."

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