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Okay, ow. I dodge a blast from one of the Chitauri's guns and snatch it off of him/it/whatever it is with my webs, before knocking the thing out.

God, those things were ugly. I'd been out here for at least three hours, and have been shot by the Chitauri about six times, gaining ugly burns and rips on my costume, punched about fourteen times, knocked out once and the police are still on my trail. Don't they have anything better to do?! Seriously, aliens were invading and they're trying to shoot me down.

It just adds to the distraction that is my ever-so-helpful spider-sense. I know I'm in danger, thank you very much.

One of the only good things that has come out of today is the very first time I've seen the Avengers personally. But, of course, none of them paid any attention to me; they were too busy beating up aliens. Aliens. I still can't believe Manhattan has been invaded by aliens.

Aliens... Okay, enough freaking out and just fight the things- Hey, there goes Iron Man! That suit... Woah. I wonder if its repulsors have anything in common with the Chitauri's guns? Okay, don't geek out, now. I suppress the urge to swing after him and knock out a couple of Chitauri, dodging some cops' bullets.

All of a sudden, there was a shout from behind me, accompanied by some major spider-sense. "Son, watch out!" I automatically duck and turn around to see that none other than Captain America(!) was the one who gave the warning! He knocks out a few Chitauri and jogs over to me.

"You been out all day?" He asks. (Oh my god, he's talking to me.)

"Err... Yeah. You?" I ask, punching the ugly face of an alien.

"About an hour and a half ago. You doing okay?"

I gave him a look and then remembered he couldn't see my face. "Oh yeah, just peachy. Aliens... You gotta love 'em."

"Sarcasm is a refuge for the weak." The Captain said disapprovingly.

"Hey, I just knocked out like, a badillion aliens; I was here before you, and you call me weak? How's this for weak?" I pick up an alien and hurl it a few metres away, hitting another alien.

"I mean weak minded, kid, but that's pretty impressive. How'd you get your powers?"

"Okay, I met you about five seconds ago. I am not telling you that easily." I say, slightly surprised he expected an honest answer.

"Where did these guys come from, anyway?" I ask him.

"Well, not from Earth, I'll tell you that."

"Okay, I totally didn't guess that before. It's an honour to meet you, by the way."

All the time during our conversation we were fighting the Chitauri, having to shout over the sounds of the things.

"The honour's all mine. I admire what you did at Oscorp that time. How old are you? 17? 18?"

I didn't answer that. Partly because it was a bit too close to home for my comfort, and partly because one of the aliens has grabbed my wrist and was crushing it, really hard.

There's a crunch, and I hope it's my web shooters, and not bone. It's probably both, because it hurt like hell. My other hand is otherwise occupied with an alien so I guess I'll have to skip a few homework assignments until I can write again.

Okay, the thing is squeezing harder. Owowowowowowowow! I withdraw my other hand from the other aliens and, with the help of a foot, push the alien off my hand.

Well, my hand now won't move and the web-shooter is busted.

I turn around and see the Captain pinned down by three Chitauri on his limbs. Hugging my injured hand to my body I jumped to his aid. Needlessly, it seemed, as he sprung up and knocked them all out.

"You okay?" Cap asked me.

"Yeah," I lied. "You?"

"Mmhmm," He nodded, preoccupied. "Hold on, Tas- Err, Black Widow's on the... Thingy in my ear." He gestures to his ear and I smirk at his old-fashioned-ness.

He listens for a few seconds, then, "Okay, I'm coming," The Captain takes his hand away from his ear and turns to me again. "I'm going back, are you coming?"

I shake my head. "No, there're people in these buildings, still. I'm going to get them out."

"Okay, come to Stark Tower when you're done. We'll be there." With that, he left, leaving me to regret the lie I told; There were no more people in the buildings, I'd cleared them out ages ago, but I just want to try and fix myself up before going to the very centre of the battle.

Well, my wrist was messed up, so I wrapped it up in a thick layer of webbing in an attempt at keeping it still.

All the burns I've received from the Chitauri's guns can't be treated right now, nor the bruises, so I work on trying to persuade the Police Officers into leaving me alone and deal with the real threat.

I hop down from my perch on the side of a wall and head towards the officers.

Seeing them point their guns at me, I raise my arms in surrender.

"Guys, seriously, can't you lay off me for just today at least? Haven't you noticed the alien invasion around us?"

"Spider-Man! Get down on the ground, now!"

That's when an alien chose to shoot me in the stomach. I sprung up from the floor and webbed the thing into a creepy looking cocoon thing. It broke free and charged at me, so I punched it a couple of times.

That's when I heard a bang! And I felt a searing pain in my knee, then another bang and another pain, but in my abdomen.

Oh, crap. The police. They shot me.

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