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Warnings for the setting of bones (ouchieeeees)(and without painkillers because that's how I roll), and I think that's it.

"I- I have to answer that," Peter said, frantically searching for his phone.

"Hey, easy," Bruce warned as he jostled his wrist. Hawkeye stood to look for it with his eagle eyes. Spotting Peter's bag across the room where it had been thrown when they had had to take off the top half of his costume, he nimbly made his way through (and over) the beds and trays and equipment.

"What should I say?" Peter asked the Avengers unsurely.

"The truth?" Steve suggested, making Tony snort.

"Genius, really," Tony remarked fondly of Steve. "No, just say you had a job interview at Stark Tower when it all went down and so now you're stuck here."

"And that you broke your arm," Bruce added.

"And that you have a job at Stark Tower," Tony grinned. "Gotta make it believable." Peter's jaw dropped in disbelief and he nearly forgot to answer the phone when Clint pushed it into his hand.

"Hello?" He choked out sheepishly, still reeling from Tony's sudden news and fearing that it was some kind of joke.

"Peter!" Aunt May screeched down the phone, making Peter flinch due to his heightened senses.

"Hey, Aunt May." He gulped. "Are you okay? You're still at home, right?"

"Yes, of course I'm at home Peter! Like you should be! Where are you?!"

"I'm, er, I'm at Stark Tower. I'm fine! See, I had a job interview that I didn't tell you about and-"

"Oh Peter that's wonderful! Are you safe?" The relief in her voice made Peter so guilty that he nearly wanted to confess the truth.

"Well, I am now..."

"...But?" May asked suspiciously. Upon receiving no reply she added. "Peter?"

"Well, the lobby where I was standing kind of got, um, wrecked while I was in it. I broke my arm and got scratched up a bit. But other than that I'm pretty much fine." The Avengers, who had been silent up until that point, had to hide their snorts of disbelief at the lie.

"Oh, Peter," May said, and she sounded so worried that it broke Peter's heart.

"I'm sorry, Aunt May," He was going to hang up when Tony mouthed Tell her about the job! Confirming that he was not joking around. "Oh, but Aunt May, guess what?" He asked excitedly, trying to lift her spirits.

"What?" She asked plainly.

"I got the job! I got the job at Stark Tower!" He grinned at Tony when he heard her shouts of joy.

"Oh Peter that's wonderful! Well done! Your uncle would be so proud of you!" She sighed happily.

Peter nodded, forgetting that she couldn't see him. "Well, I have to go or my phone will die. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine and I'll be back as soon as I can." They said their goodbyes and he hung up as quickly as he could without being rude.

Of course, Bruce noticed he was relaxed and gave no warning before using both hands to yank Peter's mangled wrist slightly more into shape. He couldn't stifle the scream that escaped his lips, couldn't stop his good hand from fisting on the bedsheets. Hawkeye pried open the fingers of Peter's other hand so he wouldn't hurt himself and could squeeze Clint's- the archer underestimating Peter's strength quite a bit, though he ignored the pain.

Slowly, Peter released the breath he had been holding. "Little warning next time?"

"Sorry," Bruce shrugged apologetically, examining the wrist again. "I'm going to need to do it again; just once more should work."

He never gave Peter a chance to reply before he pulled and tugged at his wrist, the bones snapping into the correct places with loud crunching sounds. There was a particularly stiff one that would not move so Bruce was forced to yank it roughly into place, making Peter's hold on Hawkeye's hand tighten, the archer wincing in pain but again ignoring it for the most part.

The teenager gritted his teeth and tried to keep quiet, only allowing himself to let out small whimpers of pain. When finally Bruce let go both Peter and Clint released the breaths they didn't realise they had been holding; Peter being allowed to roll back onto his back, and Clint able to massage his sore hand.

Upon further investigation Clint found that his thumb was dislocated. Not wanting to make the teen feel guilty or responsible he hid his hands under the bed casually and pushed it back into place himself, hiding all evidence of pain. And yet somehow, Tony noticed and winked at Hawkeye, who just rolled his eyes.

Peter breathed out deeply and the heart monitor showed his heart rate getting back to normal just as Bruce inspected the wrist, which was now significantly less painful.

"These won't need stitches," Bruce pointed at the two shallow wounds where bones had protruded from the skin, "So I'll clean them, put a cast on and that's it."

Peter nodded and, while Bruce cleaned, he expressed his concerns to Tony. "Were you serious about the job?"

Tony looked shocked. "Well, yeah, of course. If you want it," He added hastily. "I looked up your grades and sheesh kid, maybe you should have actually come for an interview here."

Peter hid a wince of pain as the antiseptic sunk into the wound and stung. "But what would I do here?" He asked to distract himself.

"Anything you want. I mean, you're Spider-Man and you created these web shooters, I think that just grants you a free pass to anything here. You could even come chill with me and Brucey in the lab." Bruce looked up and nodded eagerly in agreement.

"I'd love to learn more about this web fluid," Bruce commented. "It's fascinating." The scientist finished disinfecting the cuts and began to gather the equipment for a cast.

"So," Steve cut in, getting more and more out of his depth with where the conversation was going. "What school do you go to?"

"Midtown High," Peter asked. "I'm graduating next year."

"You got a girlfriend? Or, er, boyfriend?" Steve asked awkwardly, blushing.

Peter snickered. "Yeah, I got a girlfriend. She's great." Pete smiled fondly at the thought of Gwen, while Bruce began building up the cast.

A few minutes later, Bruce finished applying the cast and, after checking over all the wounds quickly, he allowed Peter to sit up. "If you can, of course. I don't know if the anaesthesia has worn off yet."

"Nah, I'm good," Peter dismissed, sitting up confidently. He winced in pain slightly as the wound on his abdomen was agitated, but other than that he was fine.

"You think you can stand?" Bruce asked, holding out a hand for support.

Peter nodded unsurely and swung his legs off the bed, all too aware of being clad in only his boxer shorts. Nevertheless, he gingerly began to put weight on each of his feet, letting himself get used to the mild pain of the wound on his knee. He stood at once, putting most of his weight on his good leg.

"You okay?" Bruce asked, checking Peter over for signs of pain or bleeding. He received a nod in return as Peter began testing the amount of weight he could put on the other leg. A surprising amount, he thought, and so he started practicing walking.

Apart from a slight limp, he was fine. "Wow, can I borrow your healing abilities sometime?" Hawkeye asked in appreciation, gaining a smirk from Peter.

"You also want the freaking painful heightened senses? Nothin' better than being in school and deafened by the school bell every hour." He shook his head in mock annoyance because really, he didn't mind at all.

"Am I good to go home?" He hoped the answer would be a yes because he was worried sick about his Aunt and he assumed she was worried sick about him. Not to mention the fact that he hadn't heard from Gwen yet.

"If you feel up to it," Bruce nodded. "But of course if you don't you're welcome to stay here for as long as you need." Tony nodded in agreement.

Clint hopped around the beds, collecting Peter's belongings and putting them all into his bag, grabbing the medicines Bruce told Peter he would need. "Come back next week and I'll do a check up; hopefully all of the crazy will have died down by then."

Tony told Peter to wait and he went to find some clothes for him in his size- so, naturally, he went to Bruce's wardrobe- and returned with a Stark t-shirt and black jogging bottoms. They fit Peter's lanky form perfectly.

Peter and the Avengers, minus Black Widow and Thor, made their way to the stairs (the elevator was completely out of the question) and reached the lobby with no difficulties on Peter's part, muc to Bruce's pleasure.

"All right," Bruce reminded. "Remember to check back next week, or if you think something's wrong-"

"Or if you ever need any help." Steve cut in.

"Or if you want some practice aiming your webs." Hawkeye grinned.

"And remember to come round soon and I'll give you the tour of the labs." Tony added, smirking as Bruce's words got drowned out by the others.

"Anyway," Bruce continued firmly. "If something's wrong with the wounds or anything, and if for some reason you can't get to us, don't put your life at risk by not telling your Aunt- trust me, that is the worst possible thing you could do."

Peter nodded robotically at them all, walking backwards towards the door just so he could get home quickly. "Okay, I'll see you... Er... Whenever!" He cried, waving his hand and escaping out of the door, almost tripping over some debris on the way out. "Thanks for everything!"

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