Carly's showers

Carly woke up to find Sam on the other side of the bed. Sam slept with all the covers on her smiling. She really enjoyed herself yesterday, Carly thought smiling. Carly got up and put on her pajamas on then walked over to her bathroom. opening the hot water she let it run as it warmed up. Carly just could not take a normal shower but a very warm shower helps her relax as she cleans herself.

Carly removed her pajamas and stepped into the warm shower. Quickly realizing the water was too hot she turned on a bit of the cold water before she burn herself with the hot water. now having the water at the right temperature she stood letting herself get wet. She loved the feeling of the warm water hit her skin. Her breast were the most affected as the water made her front feel heavy. She noticed the hot water from before left a small mist but she didn't mind. Now applying her shampoo to her hair she closed her eyes to make sure she didnt get in her eyes.

Carly rinsed her hair until she heard a small noise. opening one eye she checked the room but unable to see as the mist still filled the room. Carly went back to wash her hair. strange she though must be the apartment it is sorta old. Carly still with closed eyes rinsed her hair when her hands touched something besides her hair. Freaking out she turns around to find blonde hair in the shower with her.

"Hello sweety" Sam smiling at her was also nude taking a shower behind her. "I thought you were lonely so i thought i should join you." Sam laughed as she turned Carly around to wash her hair for her.

Carly didn't mind being washed by Sam's hands. Sam brushed her hair through her fingers and smelling Carly's hair scented with strawberry from the shampoo. Sam couldn't help herself but want more. She smiled as she was turned on by her hair. now moving down and rubbing her shoulders. Carly let her and she saw herself of a need of a message. Sam fug deep into Carly's shoulders and had studied online where the female pressure point were at.

Sam snickering knew if she hit the pressure point Carly would be her little puppet. "Oh that felt good" Carly exclaimed feeling a bit of her stress leave her. Its working, Sam thought moving on to her back. Carly felt herself feel lighter and yet somehow hornier. Before Carly knew it Sam had moved into front and felt her work below the boob area. Sam carefully standing behind Carly massaged her front avoiding her boobs. One more pressure point and she's mine, Sam searched for her last point.

"Oh my god" Carly said as she felt herself pop. she had this crazy rush of her body wanting to be fuck anything she could get her hand on. Sam seeing Carly fidgeting with energy gave her a hug from behind and laid her lips onto hers. Sam then cupped her boob in each hand and Carly with her hand grabbed into Sam head pulling on her to feel her whole mouth in hers.

In a few quick grasp for air Carly whispers to Sam, "I.. don't... know why...but sooooo Horny right now!" Sam kissing her replies, "I know"

Sam reaching down with one hand enters Carly's vagina and fingers her slowly. "Yes Give me some" Carly says as she feel herself already close to an orgasm. "Yes yes yes yes" Carly breaking the kiss to begin thrusting her lower area in sync with Sam's fingers. Sam still holding Carly's one breast starts to play with her nipple between her fingers and kisses her neck.

"Oh im almost done" Carly yells ,"yes yes yes oh Sam" Carly exploded as the water from the shower carried her juices down the drain.

"Thanks Sam" Carly thanked her Mistress.

"For what?" Sam smiled, "Ill be going now, you're a dirty girl you know that?" Sam left leaving the shower.

Carly smiling knowing what she meant.