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"Yeah, that's what I'm sayin'. I can't get you off my mind, girl. You know what water and electricity make when they come together, don't you?" He commented, never looking higher than my neck. I was going to need Damien level adjectives to describe how his look creeped me out. I could call it lecherous, but I wasn't quite sure whether even that word sufficed. I wanted to ask him what my foot and his crotch made, but I had to force myself to stay in character.

"Lightning—that's what electricity and water make. Sounds hot to me." I responded, imagining he was anyone but Dallas. Surely we wouldn't take things any further than flirting. We were on campus, during school hours. Anyone could walk by. I wondered if Shaunee was still there. I snuck a look over there and saw her, standing in the shadows.

"That's because it is hot. You are hot. You're like a sauna, girl—or a steam bath I'd like to soak in." Dallas still didn't look at my face. My face didn't matter to him. Truth be told, I could tell from square one, with him as the informant, things would never be about speaking. I hated it, hated him. I looked up at the sky and begged Nyx to choose someone else. Anyone else. Nothing. I was going to have to play my part. I stepped into the water, hoping my element would bring me some sort of strength.

Feeling used , discarded, and all kinds of violated, I sat down on a bench to think about what had—and, fortunately, hadn't—happened. I'd stood in the water, wanting to be reassured by my element. Dallas had followed me. I'd used water for confidence, so I wouldn't hurl all over his feet. Not that I didn't totally want to. The enemy had seen me naked. Completely and utterly naked in that goddamn fountain. Honestly, at the time I was just trying to act like the kind of girl he'd like so he'd tell me what I needed to know and I could be on my merry way.

Clearly, Dallas was not going to be that easy. He just came in after me, just as I was getting really nauseous, and he was taking his belt off, Lenobia saved me. She had the full on angry teacher effect going. Of course, she chewed me out for being indecent and for having no self -respect. I could've kissed her, for saving me from losing my virginity to Dallas in a fountain where everyone could see. I hated that I had to do this, but now I was fucked if I left, because Neferet would still see my mission if I ever got near her and still kill me.

My pride had never been worth my life to me. I wondered how much I'd have to lose before it becomes an equal trade. I got up and walked to the stables, and let loose, allowing Water to just explode out of me and drench this place. I called water to dry me off and went to the funeral. The entire thing was depressing, except watching everyone be shocked when Thanatos announced Kalona as her warrior was kinda funny. I whipped out my phone and stealthily sent a message to Alitheia "today I'm going to see "Information" in Dallas. Not taking the circle." I hoped that was encoded enough.

"May Nyx protect you" she responded, implying that she'd received my message. I'm going to need it. I thought to myself, bitterly. Everyone began to dab at their eyes and sob as Shaunee lit the pyre.

Cold as ice, I willed myself, cold as ice. "You've already cried once, Erin," I whispered "do not start this again." I added, wiping the tears away with my hands. I was selfish though, I was sad about Dragon, but I was crying for myself. I was crying for the hellish task I had at hand. As the fire crackled and the acrid column of smoke rose, I had never felt more cold.

We'd all walked around to the front of the school, and Zoey was sort of lying on Stark's shoulder, murmuring stuff to him as the rest of us stood around and talked. I was watching for Dallas, hoping, again, I could get my duties over with and not have to make any more sacrifices.

"good job with the fire part of Dragon's funeral. I now it's not easy to keep lighting funeral pyres, but you help. You make it get over with faster," Zoey commented

"Thanks. Yeah, we're all sick of funerals. At least before this one we got to watch Dragon enter the Otherworld, but seeing the cats up there on the pyre with him made it especially sad." Shaunee looked teary, but I knew I'd just make it worse if I said something. "Actually, that reminds me," Shaunee continued, turning so she faced me, finally, "Erin, is it cool with you if I move Beelzebub's litter box and stuff to my room? He's been sleeping there most days." She asked, looking like she was pleading with me to not make this as difficult as the rest of our split had been.

Cold as ice, I thought. I need to be cold as ice. I shrugged, pointedly not looking at Shaunee, "Yeah, whatever. That litter box smells like shit anyway." I nailed it. My harsh, uncaring tone definitely set Damien off

"Erin, cats don't like to use a dirty litter box. You have to clean it every day," Damien informed me with a frown, glaring a little. I would be pissed too if I had to look after a dog and a cat and my friend can't even clean a litter box.

I snorted. "Not anymore I don't have to," I snapped

Zoey and Stevie Rae went on to talk about how Stevie Rae wished Rephaim was here, when the reporter guy arrived. He had dark hair and eyes that matched, and a nice smile. He was also carrying a satchel. I gave him a quick once over, trying to look bitchy and disinterested, and then decided he could be perfect for Damien.

"Hey there, uh, sorry to interrupt, but I'm looking for the school lobby." He said, and then the rest of the group turned around. Well, this was going to be fun.

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