Ryoga's Little Brother

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SUMMARY: What if it was Ryoga was the one who entered Seigaku instead of Ryoma? And where is Ryoma?

*7 years ago*

"Ryoma! Where are you…Ryoma!"

The person who was called was quietly clutching at his heart as if it would burst any moment you could see the normally defiant child making a face of agonized pain it took all his strength not to scream from all the pain. The five year old boy took a deep breath before calling out "I'm here!" trying with all his might not to sound pitiful after all he had a tennis game to prepare for and it wouldn't do for him to miss it.

A boy with jet black hair tinted with green highlights suddenly appeared by the tree a flicker of concern passed over his face when he saw the pained look his brother wore but before he could questioned the boy another shout was heard from the distance.

"Ryoga! Ryoma! Come on we are going to be late!"

"Come on Ryoma! I don't want to be late! And you don't either!" the nine year old boy shouted.

"Of course Ryoga but I won't be late for the tennis tournament it's just that everyone else will be early that's all." the five year old answered but he felt the pain going away much to his relieve.


"Wow, he is so good!"

"Isn't he amazing?!"

"Is that-"

"No way!"


"The twist serve?"

"Isn't that a pro serve?"

"The boy is a prodigy!"

The boy in questioned was named Ryoma who at the age of five was already playing in tennis tournaments and winning at the age of five he had competed in twenty seven and of all the tournaments won all of them. This would be the twenty eight win and everyone knew it…

Suddenly he felt the same pain he felt earlier that day and he panicked immediately but didn't express it he decided to ignore it thinking that perhaps it would go away just like it had earlier that day.

"Winner Echizen 6-0!"

He gave a smirk at his opponent before saying "Great game." He turned around toward the exit where his father Echizen Nanjiro was with a pleased expression.

His brother Echizen Ryoga noticed the boys strained smirk and couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong but that's when his brother let a strangled pained gasp escape his lips and he clutched at his heart before collapsing to the horror of his family.

"Ryoma!" two voices called.

He was about to learn that life was cruel.

And so would his family

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