Ryoga's Little Brother byLoveToRead15

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Summary:What if it was Ryoga was the one who entered Seigaku instead of Ryoma? And where is Ryoma?

Chapter One: Origins

199x, California, United States.

Ryoga Echizen, self-proclaimed primary school extraordinaire had been given the most honorable task of retrieving his delightful, endearing, and adorable younger brother, Ryoma Echizen, of whom had been gone for a conspicuous period of time.

To be truthful, Ryoga himself did not necessary approve of the amount of time that was set aside for tennis, specifically since it cut down on the amount of time he had to spend with Ryoma. The only thing that stayed his hand was that Ryoma himself enjoyed playing the sport and if there was anything he could do to make the younger happy, it would be done. Which was the reason as to why he found himself in the backyard, looking for his wayward brother, who was about to miss a very important tennis tournament.

His small stature ensured that he could not see anything above 4'3 feet, and considering that the backyard consisted of 4 different types of trees that stretch several acres back, he was incapable of sighting his adorable brother. Fortunately, he had in his possession a healthy set of lungs that where capable of achieving shrill like levels if he did say so himself.

He then called out loud and surely, as any child would do: "Ryoma! Where are you…Ryoma?!"

On the other side of the backyard by the ending of the vineyards the person in question, was quietly clutching at his chest, as if it impeding the heart itself from bursting from his chest. The normally apathetic child made a face of agonized pain, it took all his self-control to not descend into a screaming fit that would allow someone to know of the unbearable and unrelenting pain he felt.

A few moments passed before he felt the pain alleviate to reasonable levels. Much to his relief. Then the five year old boy proceeded to take a deep breath, before calling out to his elder brother: "I'm here!" trying with all his strength to sound composed. After all he had a tennis game to prepare for and it wouldn't do for him to miss it for a passing concern and assuredly Ryoga would prevent his participation if Ryoma so much as implied he felt unwell.

Just as Ryoma composing himself, a boy with jet black hair tinted with green highlights suddenly appeared by the tree a flicker of concern passed over his face when he saw the pained look his brother wore, but before he could questioned the boy another shout was heard from the distance.

"Ryoga! Ryoma! Come on we are going to be late!"

Knowing the importance of this tournament, Ryoga grabbed the hand of the smaller boy, and dragged him to the house with him. But not before storing away the events that took place a few moments prior to this.

"Come on Ryoma, we don't want to be late!" the nine year old exclaimed.

"Ryoga-nii, I won't be late for the tournament. It's just that everyone else will be early." Reasoned the five year old. As he spoke he felt the remaining pain fade away.

199x, California, United States. California Academy for Future Athlete (CAFA).

"Wow, he is so good!"

"Isn't he amazing?!"

"Is that-?"

"No way!"


"The twist serve?"

"Isn't that a pro serve?"

"The boy is a prodigy!"

"Who would have thought that we would get to witness this Steve?!"

The boy completing these amazing feats was named Ryoma Echizen, whom at the tender age of five was already a promising tennis player, already he had competed in over twenty seven tournaments. He had won all of them. This game would be added as another victory for the young boy.

Just as Ryoma scored, he felt a sudden yet familiar pain, one he had experienced earlier this morning. Yet, Ryoma didn't dare express any sign of pain for fear of allotting his opponent to feel superior to him. He came to the conclusion that perhaps the pain would relieve itself with time, like it had earlier this day, with this in mind he ignored it at best he could and concentrated on the game.

"Winner Echizen 6-0!"

He gave a smirk at his opponent before saying "Mada mada dane." He turned around toward the exit where his father Nanjiro Echizen was with a pleased expression.

Ryoga Echizen was quick to notice the boys strained smirk and couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong but just then his brother let a strangled pained gasp escape his lips before collapsing harshly to the floor to the horror of his family.

"Ryoma!" two voices called out laced with fear.

The Echizen family learned that life is cruel.

Everything you thought you had within your grasp, gone. And everything you had in your grasp gone.

Originally Published: 3/3/13

Edited: 8/30/17