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Part III

Caroline had never expected for this to happen. She never thought that she would be here, with him, and yet she was. Niklaus Mikaelson, former-hybrid, over a thousand years old, cold, a killer, passionate.

But now he was Nik, kind, good Nik.

When they first spoke after he had turned human, Caroline hadn't been sure what to think. He'd been so sincere, something she'd only seen on rare occasions with Klaus. The way he'd looked at her though, it was so much like his former self that for a moment Caroline felt herself freeze, felt herself forgetting that he was human now. She wasn't sure why, but she had helped him, despite her own misgivings on the whole situation.

The way he'd acted with her was enough to convince that she had made the right decision all those weeks before in letting he and his sister go. Human Klaus, no, Nik, was quite the charmer she soon found out, but not in an egotistical way. He was flattering and made her struggle to think when he kept his blue eyes on her.

For a moment the thought passed through her head that he was a real life Prince Charming.

When they finally parted ways, Caroline tried to convince herself that he was still the same person who had harmed them all so much. It was in vain, however, and she knew it. So, when she saw him walking from her car, she was quick to pull over and offer him a ride. When he accepted it, her heart had fluttered.

It was in that car ride that she decided that staying away from him like everyone was telling her to do, wasn't an option. There was a connection between them, she knew that now, when he'd been a hybrid, she ignored it with all her might, telling herself that there was no way she liked him. At all.

Only, as a human, he spoke to her unlike any other person she'd known. He seemed to understand her without trying, knowing when not to pry and when to ask how she was. She had friends who got her, sure, but not as innately as Nik did.

That night, after their little excursion together, she'd gone home with a spring in her step, only to find the Salvatore brothers, standing with scowls at her door. They'd warned her that she needed to stop interacting with Klaus, that, even though he was harmless, he was still their enemy. She needed to back away or else.

Caroline did something that surprised the both of them, though. She refused. For a moment, she'd thought that Damon would attack her (it wouldn't have been the first time) but Stefan held him back and told him to go. After the elder brother had left, Stefan only nodded at her and followed. She knew that if there was anyone who would understand her… feelings towards Klaus, Nik, whoever he was, it would be Stefan. They'd both experienced his sincere side, something not many people could say.

In the weeks after that, her friends avoided her. Elena and Bonnie yelled at her, reminding her of all the horrible things he had to them in the past, calling her an idiot for believing that he'd changed. Eventually though, they stopped getting mad, seeing the very same resolve face she'd worn when she became cheer captain. Things were still rocky between the three, but they'd been through too much together to have this be the cause of their split.

Damon, though he wasn't really her friend, hadn't been around her at all. For some reason his rejection of her still stung. The only one who treated her with relative normalcy was Stefan.

All of that though, paled in comparison to the time she'd spent with Nik. It had been an easy friendship at first, which soon became an even easier romance. It was like they fit together flawlessly. It wasn't like when she'd been with Damon, no, Nik treated her with the utmost respect. It wasn't like when she'd been with Matt, either, because there was not fear about Nik finding out what she was; he already knew and couldn't care less. It wasn't like with Tyler either, it was just… easier with Nik.

He made her happy. Happier than she'd ever been.

She couldn't bear to be apart from him any longer than necessary. A day or two without him made her feel almost jittery, at the edge of her seat. It went so far that she began taking him with her on hunts, wanting as much time as possible.

She smiled at the memory of the first time they went together, Nik having insisted on accompanying her.

"Doesn't it make you sick?" Caroline asked, rubbing away the last drop of bunny blood that speckled her cheek.

"What, love?" Nik asked, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against one of the tree, watching her with admiring eyes.

"To see me like this?" Her eyes fell to the floor. "I'm a monster." She whispered so quietly that she was sure he wouldn't be able to hear her. She was wrong. She suddenly felt his fingers go under her chin, urging her to look up at him. She complied, finding his eyes holding an anger and sadness she did not expect.

"You're not a monster, sweetheart." He said lowly, as he shook his head once. His fingers travelled from her chin to her cheek, stroking his thumb lightly against her soft skin. "You're strong. You're good."

She looked away again. "But I am, Nik! Just look at-"

"Caroline." He interrupted firmly, causing her to look back at him. "You are not a monster." He took her hands in his, eyes conveying sincerity.

"But, I'm a vampire."

"And does being vampire always equate with being a monster?" Well, Caroline thought, that was enough for my own dad to think I'm a monster. "A vampire is not just what you are, love, it is who you are." Nik merely smiled at her somewhat confused gaze. "And who you are is not evil. You are good, Caroline, better than all of us."

"But-" She was about to protest when Nik merely shook his head again.

"Do you trust me?" He asked, catching her off guard. Her answer did the same.

"Of… of course."

"Then trust me on this."

Caroline trusted Nik implicitly, more than anyone. When she thought about him, her stomach got that fluttery feeling, even now, a few months later it was still there.

It was only when he was apart from her for over a week that she figured out that she was in love with him.

"You're eyes…" She whispered, shock clear in her face. "Nik, they're yellow." They were the eyes that used to haunt her nightmares – not the eyes of a werewolf, but that of a hybrid, the hybrid. But she ignored all that now, Nik, he needed her.

"Caroline." Nik said quietly, his face hiding all emotion. That was odd, he was never so cut off from her. Her hands returned to his cheeks, and she put her forehead against his.

"I'm here." She whispered in return, smiling a bit at him. "Are you ok? What happened?" Something was off, she could just feel it. Something was really off. He slowly lifted his hand to cover hers, not saying a word. His eyes they were so… old… aged… He leaned forward and barely brushed his lips against hers. When he pulled away, his eyes met hers, burning through her.

"I love you, Caroline." Before she could even begin to process his words and that he actually said them, he continued speaking, leaning forward to whisper in her ear. "It was all for you."

And then he was gone, blurred away at inhuman speed.

"Klaus." Caroline stated, feeling the truth in her own words.

Klaus. Klaus was back.

She soon found herself on her feet, not thinking twice, running after him with all her might, zipping through the woods. She was surprised when she managed to catch up to him.

"N-" She stopped short. "Klaus! Wait!" She crashed into his back as he suddenly stopped. She pulled back immediately and he turned, looking down at her with a grim sort of smile.

"No…" She whispered, backing away. "This can't… That's impossible."

"That's what I thought too, love."

"No… no…" Caroline said again, sounding like a broken record.

A pained expression crossed Klaus' face before it was gone, replaced with emotionless mask. "Well, I know when I am not wanted."

Caroline blinked and he was gone. Again. She panicked, searching around.

"Wait, no! Klaus! That's not what…." She staggered after the direction he had gone, before knowing it was too late. "… that's not what I meant."

Caroline frowned, feeling incredibly guilty at the memory. It had been a week since then, and there was no sign of him. He was avoiding her, and it hurt more than Caroline could imagine. She missed him so much, it was like, without him, there was a hole in her heart.

It didn't matter to her whether he was Klaus or Nik or whoever, she just wanted him. She needed him.

She loved him, after all.

How the hell did this happen? I thought the cure was to be permanent. Klaus ran as fast as he could, away from Caroline, away from everything.

It hurt. It all hurt. The whole was suddenly brighter again, louder. It wasn't like the first time he had transitioned, because, back then, he'd turned into a young vampire. Now, he was transitioning into his former self – a thousand year old hybrid. His gum ached as his fangs threatened to descend, his throat burning with thirst.

Then he caught it, the scent. It was the intoxicating scent of blood and he ran to it, desperate for a way to dull the burn. He found his answer in an injured hiker. Without a thought, he yanked the man up and bit deep into his neck, rejoicing at the feeling of blood rushing down his throat, soothing his thirst.

As he drank, his mind drifted, finally able to suppress some of the heightened state he was in. His first thoughts were of Caroline, and the look of horror she had had on her face when he saw what he had become… again… It was like she had thrust a dagger in his heart.

Klaus may remember the entirety of his life now, but that did not mean he had forgotten the last few months he had spent with Caroline. He loved her. That much stayed true. He only wished, he had thought to say it before… before she had looked at him like that.

As he felt the man's pulse weakening, Klaus thought back to the conversation they'd had.

"And does being vampire always equate with being a monster?" It abruptly occurred to Klaus that, sometimes being a vampire did equate to being a monster, that he was the monster in this case. Suddenly, all he could see was Caroline's horrified face and he found his fangs receding. He dropped the man to the floor, disgusted with himself for both his actions and his guilt over them.

Klaus should not be feeling guilt of all things, not after more than a thousand years of slaughter. And yet he was… He could still see her face, could imagine her rejection all over again. Glancing at the man, he crouched down two fingers to his throat, finding a pulse. He would live.

Why do I even care? He is nothing to me, mere food to use at my disposal….

With a frustrated growl, Klaus got up again and moved away, flying through the woods until he reached his house. He entered, his mind clouded with anger and confusion and a measure of heartbreak. His body still rung with pain, a symptom of returning to his former state he supposed.

He soon heard light footsteps come down the stairs.

"Nik! You're home. I thought you and Caroline were going to-" Rebekah stopped short as she took in her brother's appearance, immediately noting the blood stains around his mouth, the look in his eyes. She looked utterly shocked.

"You… you're not…" Rebekah couldn't seem to get the words out properly.

"Human?" Klaus finished her question. "No, little sister, I most certainly am not." There seemed to chasm between them and neither of them dared cross it. For a moment, all Klaus felt was anger at her, it was because of her that all of this was happening in the first place.

But then he thought to their time when he was human again. They had been a family again, and wasn't that what he had always wanted?

"I can do it myself, 'Bekah!" Nik insisted, trying to reach around his sister to get his phone back. She, of course, was much to fast and simply blurred so she was behind him.

"Please, Nik, you're incompetent when it comes to anything modern." Rebekah scoffed, successfully programming in Caroline's number from the paper she held in her hand. "You're lucky I would even help you in your 'wooing' of the girl." She grimaced as she mentioned the blonde her brother had taken to so much (…again).

"Now, now, little sister, there is no need to be jealous, there will always be room for you in my heart." He replied mockingly, placing his hand over his heart dramatically.

"I am not jealous, brother." Rebekah sniped; crossing her arms over her chest, phone still in hand. "You are just a fool."

"Your words wound me." He sighed loudly. "However will I live without the approval of my darling little sister?"

"Don't be an ass." Said sister replied with a glare, stepping closer so she could smack him briefly on the shoulder with his phone, allowing him to grab it. He smirked when the phone was back in his possession, chuckling to himself as Rebekah stalked off, annoyed.

"Going off to lick your wounds, 'Bekah?"He called after her, laughing harder when he heard her annoyed growl.

"So." Rebekah said, interrupting his thoughts. "I suppose you are here to dagger me then." She sounded almost resigned, unlike the little sister he knew. Immediately his anger drained from him, leaving Klaus empty.

"No." He sighed, tired, barely noticing her surprised look. "Not this time."

"Nik?" The other Original asked, looking towards her brother, confused at his silence. This wasn't what Klaus was like. He should be angry, be hurting her but he was just standing there… "What happened, brother?" She found herself asking, putting aside her fear.

Klaus was silent for a moment, taking in her question. He decided to ignore it completely.

"We have to leave Mystic Falls, love, we have spent too much time here." He instead replied, exhaustion creeping into his voice.

"Leave…?" Rebekah sounded confused.

"Yes. There is nothing left for us here."

"What do you mean there is nothing left?" His sister went from confused to disbelieving in a millisecond. "We have lives here! And what about Caroline-?"

"Do not speak of her to me." Klaus growled, anger flashing through his eyes. Rebekah scoffed, stepping back, a hurt expression crossing her face.

"So, that's it." She crossed her arms. "You had a spat with lover and now I have to pay the price."

Klaus ignored her remark and the slight twinge of guilt that came with it. "We are going to leave." He said, instead.

"No." Rebekah shook her head vigorously. "I won't go. I won't. Not again. You can't do this to me."

"No? I can't?" He took a threatening step towards. Understanding lit Rebekah's eyes, the promise of a dagger clear. Yet, his warning seemed half-hearted, like he was going through the motions.

"If you care about me at all, you won't make me go. You know, these past months you spent as human… you were my big brother again. Be my brother." Rebekah followed her hunch, hoping.

"Fine." Klaus hissed after a few moments, turning away from her. "Stay. I won't stop you." He didn't see his sister's shocked expression.

"And you? What will you do?" The other Original asked quietly, hesitantly, not wanting encroach more on her luck.

"I do not know, sister." He sighed, rubbing a hand over his face tiredly. This was another surprise to said sister; Klaus always had a plan, always. Rebekah frowned, the whole situation already wearing on her; she could only wonder what it must be like for Nik. Deciding to take her chances, she hesitantly put a hand on her brother's shoulder.

"Whatever you do, make sure you know that it is really what you want." She told him.

Klaus took in his sister's words, seeing that they made sense. The only problem was, he knew what he wanted. Who he wanted.

She just didn't want him anymore.

So Klaus just turned around and sent his little sister a nod, before walking out the door.

He hadn't been back since.

It had been two weeks since Klaus had walked out of the doors of his own house. He hadn't been sure what he had wanted to do, but he knew that he was going to leave Mystic Falls. For good, this time. He was going to go far away and forget about this horrible little town. He would go back to happily terrorizing his way through life.

At least, those were his intentions. He just hadn't quite gotten around to doing so yet.

He had been spending the last days in a small house right outside of Mystic Falls, after he had compelled the owner to let him in (though he didn't kill the man, just sent him away). The first few days, he had talked to some of his witchy contacts, wanting to know where the cure had gone wrong, why it hadn't worked.

"The cure was not made for you." The witch had told him. "It was created solely for the purpose of spiting Silas, and was made for him. For a spell as powerful as immortality, the only chance of breaking it is by the witch who first created it."

"Then why did it work for a while?"

"The best I can tell is that the essence of the cure is the same for both yourself and Silas, but, your blood, as a hybrid, is extremely potent. I would be surprised that even if the cure was made for you, that it would have made you completely human.

Besides, the cure was an ancient spell and there are very few spells that can last so long. The only one I know of is the spell that made you immortal, and, even then, the only reason it survived is because you and all of your siblings were the children of a powerful witch. Your sire lines share your blood so vampirism has spread."

"I see. So I shall never be human again?"

"No. Never."

Klaus still wasn't sure why he had felt a slight twinge of disappointment at her answer. Being human was no great thing, it was dull, boring. Most people lived and died all without so much as making a dent in the world.

Being a centuries-old vampire-werewolf hybrid on the other hand…

A small measure of himself missed it though, but he suspected that was due to the person he had spent his human days with.

The last week or so, he found himself checking up Caroline. She seemed fine without him, as she spoke to her friends, the ones she never wanted him to meet. Klaus knew that that was as good a sign as any that he should just go, but he couldn't bring himself to leave. Yet.

He wasn't sure how long it would be until he broke and did end up going. He somehow knew it wouldn't be any time soon, though.

Caroline had that peculiar feeling of being watched. She had had the same feeling for a while now, and it was beginning to unnerve her. At first, she'd tried to act as if nothing was wrong. She began talking to her friends more, wanting it to seem like they were a united rank, even with their current disagreements. She went all about Mystic Falls, trying to shake her tail. Sometimes, it felt like the eyes on her were gone, but, others, it felt like they were focused on nothing but her.

One afternoon, she finally had enough of her stalker. It was honestly getting ridiculous, so she decided to lay a trap for whoever it was. She had a feeling she knew his identity, however.

She was hunting again, in the woods, speeding around, only she was going around in wide circles, until she ended up climbing to the top of a tree. It took a while, but eventually her watcher came out and immediately he sent her heart racing with hope.

Klaus. He was still here. He hadn't gone yet. That meant there was a chance. There was a chance. She sucked in her breath suddenly, her mind whirring with a thousand different thoughts that were revolving on the person in front of her. Her gasp caused Klaus to look up and spot her and, in panic, Caroline realized he was going to run again.

Without another thought, she jumped from the tree and in front of him, a hand pressed to his chest as if to prevent his escape, even though they both knew she was not strong enough for that.

"Klaus. Please wait. Please." She pleaded with him, searching his blue eyes for any sign of emotion.

"Why should I? It is very clear I am unwanted here." Anger and hurt flashed across his face as he practically growled his answer at her.

"You are not unwanted." Caroline replied firmly, heart breaking at the fact that he thought that.

"Do not lie to me, sweetheart. For both our sakes. I saw the look on your face when I came back. You were horrified." The hurt that was in his eyes was difficult for Caroline to bear.

"But not because of that! Not because of you!" The blonde exclaimed loudly, through her hands up with exasperation and panic.

"Then what, love? What could it possibly be?" Klaus asked with disbelief and distrust coloring his voice.

"I-I was worried…" She started, trailing off at a sudden sense off at a sudden sense of self-confidence.

"Come on, Caroline. Speak up." His command made anger abruptly rise. How dare he tell her what to do? She ended up snapping her answer at him, annoyed.

"I was worried because I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to love me. Not anymore. Not like I love you. I was afraid that I'd lost for good, okay? There's no need to be such a jerk about it." She crossed her arms, eyes narrowed.

"You…" Klaus paused, still processing, his heart pounding with both love and doubt. "You love me? Even after all I've done."

"Yes." Caroline replied, surprised at how easy it was with him. "Yes, I do. I love you, Klaus. All of you."

Klaus' eyes were a myriad of a emotions. But, most of all, Caroline saw a happiness that made her smile. And that way he looked at her… It made her blood thrum with joy, anticipation. For a moment, his face was completely open to her, and Caroline was almost blinded by the sudden rise of happiness in him.

Soon enough, however, the moment was gone and Klaus looked hesitant once more.

"How could you?" He asked with such desperation that it made Caroline feel like she herself was drowning. He sounded so utterly heart broken and hopeful at the same time.

Caroline could think of a thousand reasons why she loved Niklaus Mikaelson, but she knew she didn't have much longer with him to tell him all of them unless she did something.

"I told you once that anyone capable of love can be saved. I think that maybe, maybe the cure did work. I think that it maybe saved you." Caroline said, hesitant as she took hold of one of Klaus' hands and held it tight with her own, her eyes meeting his.

Suddenly, Klaus smiled widely with dimples and all and he lifted her hand gently to his mouth, pressing a soft kiss to its palm. He then dropped her hand and very, very hesitantly lifter his own hands so that he could cradle her face and hold it close to his own. He pressed his forehead to hers when he saw that happiness that his touch brought to her eyes.

"It wasn't cure, Caroline. It was you." Klaus told her, sensing the truth in his own words.

"Me?" She blurted, shocked.

Klaus chuckled. "Yes, you. Of course you. It has always been you. I love you so much that it feels like my heart will burst, can you not see that?"

This time it was Caroline who looked happy and disbelieving at the same time.

"You love me?" She found herself asking, echoing his earlier words.

"Yes. Yes, I do." Then with a smile, Klaus leaned down until his lips touched hers. The kiss started out sweet, innocent and reveling in their mutual love. But, soon enough, it became more impassioned and Caroline wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, pulling herself closer to him. Klaus, in turn, had one arm around her waist, the other delved deep into her blonde hair. The entire time, Caroline was glowing with happiness. It didn't matter to her that she was still at odds with her friends. It didn't matter that there were still so many things that they needed to talk about, that had changed.

All that mattered was that they were together.

When they finally pulled away, Caroline immediately began apologizing, still feeling guilty for the heartbreak she had caused him. "Klaus, I didn't- I am so sorry-" She was interrupted suddenly by Klaus stealing another searching kiss.

"Sh, sweetheart. I know." He reassured her against her lips. Caroline smiled, leaning more into him.

"I love you, Klaus." She whispered back.

There was silence as they reveled in each other, holding each other close.

Until… "I love you too, Caroline."

Caroline's smile grew wider. So did Klaus'.

They were together and they loved each other.

"Anybody capable of being in love is capable of being saved."


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