The Warriors of Hyrule

By: Joran

This is a prequel to my Ocarina of Time series "Link Meets His Darkness." Its existence is purely to add depth to the story and a few of the characters back stories I felt weren't explored thoroughly enough. It will not be written in first-person like the rest of the series and the main character and narrator from that series will only be mentioned briefly on a few occasions. It's going to be a little different (and hopefully better) than the actual series itself. I also hope it helps to make the entire series better than it is right now (I'm actually not too fond of it. Can you tell?). Anyway, that's it. Thank you for reading this and anything else of mine.

This story will also be on a website called North Castle. It isn't there yet but when it does appear there it is still my work.

Chapter 1: Guardian

"I will only ask you once more. Leave us in peace. My son and I mean you no harm. We were merely passing through. We will leave without trouble if you will not follow."

The man who spoke was brandishing an old, heavily damaged, sword. He stood in a defensive position; standing protectively over the boy he had called his son. The boy, who was only six years old, looked on with fear in his eyes. But he wore an angry look. He wanted to be brave for his guardian. The situation he looked upon was not exactly a good one.

He and his guardian had travelled outside of their village called Verul. They were on a trip to the Hyrule Castle Town Market. The trip required them to pass by the Gerudo Valley. The danger of being robbed was supposed to be reduced unless one actually crossed fully into the valley. But the Gerudos were growing more aggressive, almost as much as they had been five years earlier, having caused outright war across the kingdom.

The man and the boy had been ambushed by a group of Gerudos and were surrounded quickly by five women. They were all clearly well trained warriors and they all held deadly looking scimitars that glistened in the sunlight. The man had immediately drawn his old broadsword, though he had little idea of how to use it.

The Gerudo leading the others spoke up. She stood off to their right.

"I already told you, trespassing will cost you. Pay the toll or be punished."

"My son and I have nothing but what must be spent at the market. We will starve without it."

"That means nothing to us. You trespass, you pay."

"We aren't even within your lands! We are only passing by!" the man shot back, angrily.

"If you won't pay, you will be punished."

The man stood stock still for a moment. There was no good way out of this situation. If he gave up their money, they would starve and the boy could die. If he didn't, they would be attacked and likely both be killed. He had made a promise to himself to protect this boy and all youth from harm and he wasn't about to break it. He had to make a decision. He reached down into his pouch and pulled out a small bag of rupees.

"A wise decision, traveller" the lead Gerudo said.

The man held the wallet in his hand and hesitated.

"What is the meaning of this? Hand it over!" the lead Gerudo said, impatiently.

The man turned to the boy and looked him in the eye. The boy stared back and the two shared a fearful glance as they both knew what was coming. The man turned and threw the wallet as far as he could and then suddenly leapt at the lead Gerudo, flailing his sword at her.

"Run, Joran!" he shouted as he leapt forward.

The boy took off in the direction of the wallet and picked it up as he ran by. He then turned and headed back toward their home village. The Captain of the Hylian Knights, a man named Guran, would still be there, having visited his guardian earlier that day. He could get his help.

The Gerudos reacted to the most immediate threat as their leader was being attacked by the man. The leader jumped back as the man leapt at them.

"Fools, one of you get after the boy!"

The man heard this and saw one Gerudo split off from the group. He immediately ran after her and cut her off, lowering his shoulder into hers. As he connected, they both fell to the ground in a heap. The Gerudo was agile and got up faster than the man had. She turned to bring her sword down on him but he quickly rolled out of the way and jumped up nearly as quickly as the Gerudo had. But he was wary to do battle with this Gerudo.

He was friends with Captain Guran but he had only learned basic defensive techniques from him. Plus, he would soon have four other Gerudos to contend with. But he had long since resolved to hold them off until Joran had reached safety.

"That was not a wise thing to do, traveller" the Gerudo said.

"I will not let my son starve and I certainly won't let him be killed by filthy thieves."

She was quickly upon him as he blocked the first blow, but the Gerudo's swiftness was on full display with the next two blows and one sliced into the man's shoulder and the other caught him in the chest as he tried to leap back.

"You're overmatched. You'd best surrender now and we'll let our king decide what to do with you and your boy."

"You will not take my son!"

The man lunged at the Gerudo but she stepped aside deftly and tripped him as he moved forward. He fell to the ground on his stomach. He quickly rolled to the side again and heard the Gerudo's scimitar strike the ground as she thrust it toward him. He quickly stood up to face her and felt his heart drop when he did. The other four Gerudos had reached the other and were standing in front of him. The leader stepped forward.

"That was a brave display, traveller. But it will cost you dearly. Once we track down the boy, you will come with us to the valley. Our king shall decide your fate from there."

The man looked her in the eye but said nothing. He knew he would die if he went with them and he would die if he continued fighting. At least he stood a chance of protecting Joran if he fought.

"Drop your weapon" the lead Gerudo said.

The man continued glaring at her as she issued her ultimatum.

"I said drop it."

Still, he would not move. He continued his hard glare. He would protect his son.

"Fine. Kill him."

The four moved toward him and attacked all at once. The leader simply looked on, impatiently. The man attempted to defend himself, but as he did, two scimitars struck his sword and it shattered into several pieces. A shard flew backwards and caught him just above his left eye on his forehead, leaving a third wound on his body. His sword was now a third of the length it had previously been. Adding to that, blood streamed from the cut on his head into his left eye and he could no longer see out of it.

He could not stop to wipe the blood away as the Gerudos slashed away at him. His broken sword was able to stop them from further wounding him. He continually backed away and was far quicker than the Gerudos had anticipated. They tried surrounding him but he was still quick enough to move away. If not for his lack of sword skill, it would have been a fair fight because of his sheer speed.

At last, the lead Gerudo had had enough and drew her scimitar and got behind the man. He kept backing up and she waited, patiently. He would soon reach her and she would run her scimitar through his back. Just as her group readied their attack again, they heard a sound in the distance and they all stopped.

The man used this opportunity to wipe the blood from his eye and survey his surroundings. He noticed the lead Gerudo behind him and quickly moved aside so he had them all in front of him. As he held his broken sword in front of him, he noticed that the Gerudos did not pursue. They had stopped to listen to something. The lead Gerudo ran over to the others and said something to them in a strange language. She then turned to the man.

"You get free passage this time, traveller. But if we cross paths again, I will kill you myself."

"I look forward to that day, madam" he said, sarcastically.

The Gerudos then disappeared quickly and the man was left alone in Hyrule Field. He then heard the sound the Gerudos had heard. The hooves of a single horse. He could not distinguish the sound from any other running horse but when he saw who was coming, he understood why they had run. Captain Guran was riding toward him with Joran sitting behind him.

Captain Guran was revered by all for his fighting skill. He had been trained under the tutelage of the great Captain Harik, a man widely regarded as the greatest warrior Hyrule had ever seen. Guran was so revered because he was the only man who had ever bested Harik. Harik challenged many of his knights to fight him in non-lethal duels and Guran was the only man to ever win one of these duels. He was Harik's Lieutenant before Harik and his family were killed in a raid by Gerudos in their own home.

It was incidents like this that caused the war on the Gerudos as they attempted to kidnap many of the children of the kingdom. Their intent was to raise them as soldiers to conquer Hyrule.

Guran became greatly saddened and enraged at Harik's death and soon after he became Captain, he hunted down and killed as many Gerudos as he could. It was his ambition that helped to drive the Gerudos back and is what led to their ultimate defeat. As a result, he won praise and respect from the other races in Hyrule. The Gorons and their patriarch, Darunia, in particular were impressed so much so that Darunia declared Guran a Sworn Brother to himself and the Gorons for as long as they both would live. But the Gerudos both hated and feared Guran. Because of that fear, they avoided crossing paths with him at all costs.

Guran reached the man with Joran sitting behind him and stopped his horse upon getting there. He got off the horse and helped young Joran to the ground as well.

"Kiel, your son reached me and told me you were being attacked. Are you all right?"

"In spite of my wounds, I feel much better now" he said with a smile to Guran.

"I'm just glad you're not in any worse shape, Kiel. Come on let's get you to Castle Town. We need to get those cuts looked after."

"Of course, Guran."

Guran led Kiel to his horse and helped him climb on the back, just behind the saddle. Guran then helped Joran onto the front of the horse and climbed up himself, just behind the boy.

"Hang on to me, Kiel. And don't worry about Joran, I've got him."

"Thank you, Guran."

Captain Guran then snapped the reins of his horse and they took off for Hyrule Castle Town.