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How drastically things can change with one little change in plans

Jordan's POV

I ran through the pouring rain as fast as I could. I tried to be strong, but I couldn't help but let out a choking sob. That one sob was like a trigger and tears started to pour down from my eyes, followed by countless sobs.

As I ran through the street, I put my hand up to the pain in my cheek. It stung and I knew that was going to be one of the worst bruises I've had in a while. I felt a warm liquid slowly trickle down my forehead, and I knew it wasn't the rain but I did nothing about it.

I ran through the deserted town (since it was almost 11pm) until I couldn't breathe anymore. I stumbled across the wet pavement and slumped down beside a giant building, the rain getting harder. I let all my emotions out then and there and I broke down on the ground in sobs.

Niall's POV

"Good night Palm Springs!" Harry yelled into his microphone as the five of us ran off the stage, leaving the screaming girls behind. We all hugged as a group as our 'good job' gesture. We gave our microphones to the stage manager and walked to our backstage lounge. We just finished our first concert in our American tour after the X-Factor. So far so great!

"I'm having a shower!" Harry announced as he left the room.

Louis and Zayn silently jumped onto the couch to text their girlfriends. I just rolled my eyes; I could tell this was going to happen after almost every show.

"I'm hungry." I mumbled as my stomach let out a dying whale sound. Liam chuckled and got himself a water bottle as I made myself a sandwich. Paul rushed through the door.

"Boys, this town is going to get hit hard by a terrible rain storm! If we don't leave in time, we might miss our Hollywood interview tomorrow. We have no time to relax, we need to get on the bus, now!" We jumped up and rushed around packing up our small luggage that we brought.

"Harry!" Louis called. Harry came out in nothing but a towel. "We're leaving right now!" Harry frantically ran around for clothes as everyone was almost ready. Paul rushed us to the tour bus as I grabbed my sandwich and finished it in the hall in 2 bites.

"We don't have time to let you boys meet the fans," Paul said apologetically. "We need to take the back door." We were all a little disappointed since we love to meet our fans, but we knew we couldn't miss the interview in Hollywood.

We rushed out the back door into a flooding alley. It was pouring rain and the 6 of us were already soaked along with our bags. We waited for the tour bus to get closer, but I saw a somewhat dry spot underneath the giant tree and stood under it, shivering.

Suddenly, I heard a soft sob. I suspiciously looked around but I could've easily mistaken it of the sound of the pounding rain on the pavement. But then it came again, but more constant and distinct. I turned around, determined to find the source of the sound.

The sobs led me to a corner of the arena where we just performed. I squinted through the heavy rain to make out a silhouette in a fetal position, curled up against the wall.

I ran over to the person and noticed that it was a girl around my age crying. As I got closer, I slowed down, not wanting to scare her away. Then I noticed her cheek was white, which stood out from her extremely flushed face. And her forehead…was it bleeding? I completely threw away any thought of scaring her and jogged hurriedly towards her. I knelt down beside her and I started to act as if I knew her my whole life.

"Shh…Shh. It's alright." I whispered soothingly.

"No," She mumbled, her voice cracking. "Don't let me go back to him, I can't do it!"

"I won't." I said playing along. "I promise." I looked at her forehead more closely. The cut was large and it looked deep. "Oh gosh, are you okay?" I asked. No answer. I tilted my head to look at her face. Her eyes were closed and her breathing got shallower. "Dammit." I whispered to myself as I quickly (but carefully) picked her up bridal style back to the guys so we could get her medical help.

"We have no time to get her to the hospital! We have a firs-aid kit on the bus, we can help her there!" I tried to reason to Paul as the tour bus came around the corner of the block.

"But, we just can't take her! She has a home here!" He argued back. "Plus, we could get arrested for basically kidnapping this girl and management would NOT be happy."

"We'll call her parents once she wakes up. We can't just leave her now!" I insisted. Paul looked worried but just nodded and rushed to the bus. Louis shrugged at me as if apologizing for Paul's behavior and helped me get the girl on the bus.

"Thank the lord she's light." Louis mumbled. We got her on the bus and laid her on one of the beds in the wall as the bus started to move. Paul came with the giant first-aid kit and started treating her wound. We stood around Paul as he worked on her.

She was beautiful. She had chocolate brown hair that just past her shoulders. She was tall and slim but not like a model…which I liked.

"Boys, go lie down, you need your rest and Harry…take a shower." All boys nodded and got changed. I hesitated to leave this mystery girl, but sleep took over my thoughts. I got changed into my pj's, brushed my teeth then went to bed. I thought of how drastically things can change with one little change in plans. The brown haired girl never left my mind as I pondered this and slowly drifted off to sleep.