Chapter 1

Someone who does not have value.

The girl pulled the bandage wrapped around her arm slightly as she looked at the structure. The ice was cracking and if it continued then the tent would most likely be plunged into the cold water. It made sense though, since the girl was the only one who could repair such damage.

"So...can you repair it?" The older woman asked as the blue eyed girl gave a light nod.

"Yeah, it will only take a moment, why don't you go back inside," The teenager smiled back as the woman entered her home. People would often ask her to fix cracks in the ice, though the girl would never let anyone see how.

Since they were at the South Pole, it was only natural that she was a water-bender. Though no one remembered her being born a water-bender at all. "Okay..." She took a deep breath as she unwrapped the bandages on her left arm to the wrist.

Repair, auto start.

Temperature set, density set, all triggers are in place. Starting...

A small pain entered the girl's brain as the ice and snow was being shifted, as she twisted her fingers the crack was fixed that instant. It was something that even the basic water-bender could do, but it was still something amazing. Even if no one else noticed.

Kirima rubbed her head as she finished her work. She really wasn't that close to anyone in the tribe since her mother's death, but if someone asked her for help. She would help them, no matter how small or large the problem was. She would never say no to someone who needed something, even if it her in the end.

"Yeah, this is enough for now," Kirima smiled to herself as she questioned if she should talk to the woman as she decided against it. She didn't do what she did for praise or thanks, but...

"Why do I do what I do?" Because she didn't even know anymore, she was simply someone who helped other people because that is simply her existence. So she had to question something as small as helping other people.

"No, don't think about why, don't think about why, and don't think about why at all,"

She walked through the small village; Kirima recalled that both Sokka and Katara went fishing. Not that it was any of her business, despite being near her age the three never spent any time with one another. It was not the problem of not being nice or social; the three simply had different taste and different interest. Even if there was not many things to do on the giant chunk of ice.

As she opened her door, she noticed a small basket of food; she already knew who sent it as she grumbled. "They really didn't need to do that," She sighed as she looked through the food, no doubt Nukka and her mother sent dropped it off when she was not there.

They knew Kirima would not have accepted it if she was there, so they probably dropped it off when she was not there. Kirima did not know why they thought they owed her something, she was simply doing what her existence allowed her. "Well, either way I should give my thanks,"

Kirima shrugged as she walked out of her home, even if she just got there she did not have anything to do. Once again, she left her home and entered the village. Woman and children were walking around enjoying their daily life. The men left to fight in the war, leaving the woman and children...and Sokka behind. None of this mattered to Kirima since she did not have a father, though it did mean that she was able to help people even more.

As she walked through the village people gave her waves as she waved back, maybe she wasn't making a big impact on the world, but as long as she could help people than she was happy. That was all that was important to her, as long as she could make everyone happy than she was content.

As Kirima pushed away the small cloth protecting, she saw a small girl who was about nine years of age with her mother. No doubt cooking something for her daughter, before Kirima could even say something the young girl perked up as she saw her enter the house.

"Nukka!" The small girl hugged Kirima as the older girl gave a light blush; it was weird to be greeted like that. She really did not think she deserved the girl's affection or praise; it is not as she did anything impressive. She only helped Nukka once, but everyone acted like it was a big deal, she did not alter anyone's world.

"H-hey," The teenager rubbed the back of her head, it was embarrassing as Nukka mother gave a sigh.

"Please Nukka, don't do that. You might give her a heart attack," The woman joked as Kirima began to speak.

"You guys didn't need to deliver me food, it makes me feel ungrateful that I can't give anything back," It was one of the things that Kirima hated the most, not being able to repay a debit she may gain. If someone did something for her, she wanted to give back at least twice as much. Or maybe she simply thought she wasn't worth having something given to her.

"Nonsense, it's the least that we can do, if it wasn't for you than Nukka might not be standing here today...considering what you lost because of it." The small girl's mother pointed out as Kirima held her left arm.

That event was not too bad, just something, that happened and she got hurt because of it, she did not do it because it was the right thing to do. She did it because it made her feel good, even if she was hurt in the process; it was not as if her life had any greater meaning than to help others.

"Don't worry about that, if I died that day than it wouldn't have changed anything. So me losing my arm didn't change anything, and it worked out in the end since mom managed to give me a replacement." Kirima smiled as the woman looked down, she had that conversation before and no matter what she said, it would not change Kirima's view of the world and how it worked. She was an odd human being that was the truth.

"Well, I and Nukka were making something if you wanted to stay..." She knew the older girl was going to turn it down, most likely because she had some place to be.

Kirima simply looked down as she shook her head. "Thank you for the offer Tootega, but I was planning on visiting mom's grave today," Kirima pointed out as the woman looked down, not knowing what to say.

"...Listen, when I say if you want to stay, I don't mean just for the night. You can leave here with us if you want, you being cooped up in that house alone with the only interaction with the outside world are if someone asks you to help them or visiting you mother's grave isn't healthy." Tootega asked, at that point Nukka simply stared up towards the older girl.

It was an odd situation; she did not want to feel like a burden to others, if she did that it would go against her very existence. However, it would be nice, staying with someone and being alone was rather disheartening. "Well," Before Kirima could say another word someone opened the door to the house causing all three females to turn their attention away from the conversation.

It was a younger girl, no doubt one of Nukka's friends. She seemed rather ecstatic about something, though Kirima wondered what could have happened that was so exciting, considering where they lived.

"Nukka, you have to see this! Sokka and Katara brought back some weird boy, he says he's an Air bender." Kirima wondered at that thought, as she recalled all the Air Nomads were dead, at least that is what her mother always told her. Then again, her mother told her a lot of odd stories and things about creature's sometimes Kirima wondered if any of them were true.

"Really? That sounds pretty interesting," Kirima wondered if she should check it out or just head straight to her mother's grave. However, it seemed that Nukka made the decision for her.

"Can we check it out, please mom?!" The small girl was almost begging as Tootega gave a light sigh before her gaze shifted to Kirima.

"We shouldn't be nosy Nukka, but still... if you really want to see, I don't mind peeking myself." Tootega gave a light chuckle as Kirima scratched the back of her head.

The woman probably wanted her to accompany them into seeing the boy, that being said Sokka had a bad habit with doing stupid things, something that Kirima shared, but while Sokka's mistakes were mostly due to arrogance. Kirima's mistakes were mostly due to the fact that she lacked common sense. "Well, I don't mind, I doubt it will take too long."

As she said those words, Tootega nodded as the three exited the house, and was greeted with a rather alarming sight.

A giant bison, at least that is what Kirima thought it was, it seemed to be playing with the children. Actually, Kirima did not know what how to feel about that, the beast didn't seem hostile, but for all she knew it could gobble them up in a second.

Kirima stepped out in the snow as she put her hand up nervously as she spoke to the children, paying no mind to the Air nomad. "G-guys, are you sure that's safe?" That was a good question as the unknown bald boy slipped next to her.

"Oh, that's Appa. Don't worry he won't bite." Kirima nearly jumped. She did not even noticed the boy sliding next to her, no doubt this was the so called Air bender Nukka's friend was talking about.

"Well, I guess that is reassuring," It really was not, though, she had to protect everyone, so if someone got hurt in her place it was unacceptable. Kirima wondered how she could reply to the boy, she was not the rude kind of person, maybe it was best to keep quiet and watch for a little while. It did not really seem very hostile after all.

"Oh, Kirima, you already met Aang?"A familiar voice echoed in Kirima's ear as the blue-eyed teen walked towards the two.

"Katara, are you sure it's okay to bring a stranger here, unless he needed help..." That was the one thing that Kirima didn't mind, if someone needed help you needed to help him or her no matter what. Though that rule only applied to Kirima herself, no one else had to help. She was the only one that was supposed to make everyone happy.

"Of course he needed help, he was trapped in an iceberg," Katara did not realize how unbelievable that statement was as Kirima nodded. It was a lot to swallow, but there really was not any reason for Katara to lie to her. Considering Katara had just as much morals as Kirima did.

"Okay," Kirima was finished there, she turned her attention back to Tootega and Nukka as Katara simply blinked.

"You know...he's an Air bender, maybe he can teach us something about bending," Katara pointed out as Kirima simply blinked, she was surprised that Katara knew that she was a bender.

"H-how do you know that?" Kirima was generally shocked as Katara let out a sigh, Kirima really did lack common sense.

"Kirima, everyone knows that you can bend, it's weird that you would even hid it when you are here?" Katara did have a point, though how Kirima bent was rather weird and was something that she preferred to keep to herself. Even if nothing would happen if she told everyone there.

"Yeah, but he's your friend right? I don't want to impose, plus I have someplace I have to be," Kirima replied as Tootega gave a sad sigh. She knew Kirima was going off to be alone again, just as she always did, she wasn't the very social type to begin with, but once her mother died it evolved.

"I guess, I'll see you two soon," Kirima smiled at Tootega and Nukka leaving the Air bender and Katara and a rather bewildering pose.

Therefore,, once again she was alone, heading to her home. The site where she buried her mother was not that far from where she laid her head. Even so, she would spend hours there, at a grave only marked by a stone. Even if her mother's body was sent to sea, she still went there every day, just for a simple talk.

"Hey..." Kirima blue eyes fell on the stone that gave no reply as she continued to speak. "I helped someone today, but it really wasn't that important. Katara and Sokka also brought back some Air bender, even though I don't even know if he was an Air bender."

Another long pause, she promised herself she would come back to the gravesite. Not until she became a hero, not until she made everyone happy, not until she did for the world what her mother did for her.

" can I do it? No matter what I do, I don't ever feel like it's good enough, I want to be a hero. I want to make people happy, and I know as long as I keep running in that direction I can never fail...I want to make you proud and happy as well." Kirima paused for a moment.

She was selfless, that is why she always did things for others without worrying about herself. So it was only natural for Kirima to follow in those footsteps. She took on the task that her mother started to make everyone happy, as long as she was alive she would never stop running towards that goal. There was nothing wrong with valuing everyone else over yourself.

Therefore, Kirima sat there, out in the cold snow of the North-Pole, alone with only her thoughts and her dreams. Hours passed without her saying a word, everything unmoving, everything except that one thing in the distance.

It seemed a flare went up, something from the old Fire Nation ship. Which could only spell trouble for everyone.

It seems that Kirima will have someone to help after all.

Author notes

Kirima has a pretty twisted idea of herself worth and how the world works huh, actually it goes further than that. There is no gray area for Kirima, either you are a good guy or a bad guy, no middle ground. No reason for what you are doing, if you are good you are worth saving, if you are bad you deserve to die and be punished for your crimes.

That is justice after all...