Chapter 3


The waves crashed around the trio as they continued to float on the giant swimming Bison Sokka not amused with the situation at all.

"At this rate, we'll never catch up with him," Kirima stated as she put her left hand in the cold water, nothing was felt. It seemed while the arm itself could feel pressure and pain, things like temperature was far to complicated for the limb. Though, even Kirima wondered who limb it was, but that was something that could wait or not. It didn't matter whose arm it was, but what Kirima was going to do with it.

"Come on, I know you can fly, even if Sokka doesn't believe you," It seemed that Katara was doing her best to motivate the bison as Kirima simply sighed. She found it hard to believe that a beast of such size could even jump high let alone fly.

"What did that kid say again, oh yeah yip, yip." He recounted those words as a large splash was felt from underneath of them as the large beast took off into the air. It was rather amazing, even if Kirima tried to hide her excitement.

"It's flying, it's actually flying!" The teenage boy who didn't believe in such a thing was cheering for the first successful launch as Katara's eyes narrowed before he let out a cough. Kirima continued to scan the ocean beneath them as she finally noticed a small fleet of smog blowing ships.

"I see them!" Kirima pointed out as the ships came into view, though it seems that they were a little late for the rescue party, as the avatar came running out of the ship. It was an odd feeling, like her being there wasn't a necessity.

"No, don't think like that, you have a purpose, just pursue that and you can never fall," Kirima had to reassure herself of those basic things, though the girl she probably pay more attention to her surroundings as a large splash was heard.

"Aang!" Katara screamed that, as Kirima eyes twitched, she didn't notice, but it seemed that the young Air-bender fell into the icy waters, no one could survive something like that, at least not for a long time as Kirima sat up preparing to dive into the waters.

"Kirima, what the heck are you doing?!" Sokka snapped as Kirima gritted her teeth.

She wasn't doing thing because it was the right thing to do, but rather because it is what a hero should do, a hero should put everyone above themselves and crush any villain regardless of their motivations for them doing what they are doing. So, even if Kirima barely knew the Avatar, she had to save him even if it was stupid.

"Because a hero puts everyone else wishes above their own," Though luckily for Kirima, she didn't need to jump as a whirlpool came blasting out of the sea, it was truly a sight to see as Kirima blinked, she didn't hear many stories about the Avatar, but if he was like that than he probably didn't any help in the first place.

As the bison lowered itself next to the ship, Kirima, Sokka and Kirima all jumped on the ship, no doubt the villains would show up and stop them, they weren't people. Kirima knew for a fact that anyone from the Fire Nation isn't a person, simply those who went against justice and put on a mask that resembled humans.

"No, I do not care about why people do the things that they do, if they go against other people, causing others pain they should be eliminated without hesitation, erased..." As the troops came closer to the three, Katara went to the Avatar's aid as Kirima slowly unwrapped the bandage around her arm.

Reading techniques...deadly force impossible, need more information...

"Ah..." Kirima winced, it seemed if she actually wanted to hurt the people in front of her she would need to unwrap more of the arm since Kirima herself didn't know bending, any information and ability came from the arm. The more the arm is restricted the less she can use.

However unwrapping too much of the arm may cause her brain to overload, causing brain damage among other things.

If she was going to stop them she would have to use the things she already knew, Kirima placed her hand on the deck of the ship and took a deep breath as frosted formed on the metal causing the soldiers to slip in a rather idiotic fashion.

It was the best she could manage at the moment as she ran back towards the sky bison, the others will shortly follow, it seemed that Katara was helping the Avatar while Sokka was getting his glider, at the moment escaping was the biggest priority.

As the young water-bender jumped back on the beast, Sokka and Katara who were currently helping Aang followed.

"Yip, yip," Sokka shouted as the sky bison took off, it seemed that they were free to fly as they pleased. Unless ships could grow wings and fly through the air, though it seemed the fire didn't have the same problem as a large ball of flame was hurled towards them.

"Ah," Kirima simply blinked, she tried to look in her brain for anything she could do, but it was pointless. Nothing she could do, would be able to stop it, at least not at this moment, though it seemed the Avatar had finally awoken.

In one swift motion he took his staff and knocked the large ball of fire into a nearby wall of snow, causing it to crash down on the ships below. Leaving them to fly off, with little to no worries.

They were happy, smiling and laughing, as Kirima smiled as well, despite what happened, they were all alright, even if she couldn't punish those who went against justice.

"Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?" That was actually a good question as Aang looked towards the sea as they trio flew through the air.

"Because I never wanted to be..." Why?

Why wouldn't anyone not want to be the Avatar, it gives you the right to be loved by everyone, it gives you the chance to make everyone smile. So why wouldn't anyone want to be the Avatar?

"But Aang, the world has been waiting for the Avatar to return and finally put an end to this war," Katara stated as she continued.

"Well, we could start by going to the two could learn water-bending," Kirima made a off handed comment as Katara perked up.

"Yeah, and you can learn with us," Kirima winced at that statement, she didn't know exactly how her arm worked. She didn't even know if she could learn any waterbending from any other source, but her arm. No... Kirima knew that if she was going to waterbend, the only way she could do it was to use the arm. So it made sense that she was limited to what the arm knew.

Though the whole idea of an Arm knowing something seemed rather impossible as the conversation continued

"Ah, I'll see if I'm in the mood," Kirima quickly dismissed the point before thinking exactly why she was on this trip.

It was a chance, a chance to go out and help other people, that is all Kirima ever wanted, it was to make everyone smile and eliminate all the evils of the world, after all spreading good isn't the same as crushing evil.

"Yeah, no matter what I'm going to reach that dream, after all as long as I keep running there is no way I can fail."

Author notes

Short chapter I know, so how do you like Kirima character so far? Justice to her, is like honor to Zuko, it's more important than anything and everything. The dream of making people smile is all she has and something she would happily give her life to reach.

I promise the next chapter will be longer, though it left a bad taste in my mouth that this one is this short.