They Come and They GO but What If They Stay?

Edward & Jasper

I don't own Twilight but I am a fan of it. I wish I did.

The Start


What would you do if you got told you would fall in love?

My life with my Vampire family has been difficult but good, but I want more with my life I just have to work it out.

I was turned 900 years ago buy my vampire father his name is Marcus! He is Volturi King and he loves it, I fight for the Volturi and I have all so been named son to Marcus in formal gathering.

The Volturi have been trying to get me to find my mate, I have decided to look, so I will tell you now.

My name is Major Jasper Whitlock Volturi, I am prince of Volturi and my name is known to the world of vampire it is God of War but the problem is my name is known but not many people know my face good for me but then there are the vampires who think they know better but find out in the end why I get my name, I travel with two of my friends/brother & sister I sired them both their names are Peter Whitlock Volturi & Charlotte Whitlock Volturi they are mates, they have been helping Marcus to try and find my mate but Peters powers are telling me I won't find him yes him for another 150 years so I just do what I can, I fight, learn and get laid so I will wait for the mate I have yet to meet.