They Come and They GO but What If They Stay?

Jasper & Edward

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Chapter 2

Back At the House!

We pull up at the house Carlisle & Esme are still at the hospital so while we wait for them I go play the piano, Rose & Emmett sit and watch T.V while waiting and Bella & Alice are in Alice's room passing the time, so while I am waiting I start to play some Owl City.


Wake me if you're out there

Through the glass in my bedroom window

In the bushes far below

I thought I saw an unfamiliar shadow

Among the ones I so clearly know

I've been sleeping with the nightlight unplugged

With a note on the rocking chair

That says I'm dreaming of the life I once loved

So wake me if you're out there

Living close to the ground

Is seventh heaven 'cause there are angels all around

Among my frivolous thoughts

I believe there are beautiful things seen by the astronauts

So wake me if you're out there

Wake me if you're out there

In the dust on my cellar staircase

A pair of footprints followed me

I saw a flicker in the fake fireplace

Blinked again, but there was nothing to see

I've been leaving all the windows unlocked

With a basket by the oak tree

Cause I'll be picking up the acorns that fall off

If you'll be climbing up to meet me

Living close to the ground

Is seventh heaven 'cause there are angels all around

Among my frivolous thoughts

I believe there are beautiful things seen by the astronauts

So wake me if you're out there

I keep my knees black and blue

Cause they often hit the hardwood floor

(Wake me if you're out there)

And I believe, so I'm not praying to the ceiling anymore

And I've been sleeping with the nightlight unplugged

With a note on the rocking chair

That says I'm dreaming of the life I once loved

So wake me if you're out there

Living close to the ground

Is seventh heaven 'cause there are angels all around

Among my frivolous thoughts

I believe there are beautiful things seen by the astronauts

The indications reveal

(Wake me if you're out there)

That few of us realize life is quite so real

So if you're dying to see

I guarantee there are angels around your vicinity

So if you're dying to see

I guarantee there are angels around your vicinity.

Edward - As I was playing Bella came down and sat next to me her head on my shoulder, I look over at her and I worry I have done damage for Bella & Alice.

Edward – "Are you ok Bella? I am sorry if I hurt you."

Bella – "No Edward you didn't not really I could never understand the pull I felt for Alice now I know I feel like myself I don't feel like I am on egg shells, Do you understand what I am saying?"

Edward – "Yeah Bella I do actually even though I was able to handle being near your it was all so hard pushing myself the way I did and it felt like I was ripping my insides out like I was not supposed to be with you but I wouldn't listen then when Alice told me of her vision I didn't want to hurt you but when I was just going to ignore my mate so I didn't hurt you but when Alice told me she is your mate I felt bad for keeping you two apart and happy I wouldn't have to feel the way I did about you, So I did what Was best for my sister and in the end hoping you & Alice don't hate me."

Bella – "I couldn't hate you unless you lied to me and left me for no good reason but you do have a reason you have a blonde god of a mate coming to claim you and by what Alice tells me it's hot to watch." Bella cracked up laughing.

Edward – "I am sorry I never told the truth to you and my family but I was all ways attracted to guys but when I meet you I felt alive but I knew I was living a lie, but I am sorry for hurting you & everyone else."

When Edward looked up the house was full Esme & Carlisle, Rose & Emmett, Alice & Bella they just clapped and said at the same time about time boy.

My face would be bright red if I wasn't a vampire, "I suppose you all know I'm gay?" everyone besides Bella said yes. "Well when I figured it out it was 3 months before you turned me Carlisle and you all know how it was back then well with my age I couldn't go to places that handled those sorts of things, but after I was I turned I realised I could talk my way into a club anytime so when I needed to get laid I went as far away as I could so anyone I know wouldn't find me but I thought you all were out hunting and I went out meet a vampire but he kind of disappeared fast I didn't know why but when I adjusted myself I felt like I was being watched so I looked up I thought I seen you but thinking I was feeling guilty for not telling you all I closed my eyes looked up and didn't see you all so I thought guilty conscious, then I thought if you were there and the vampire got your scent then he would have run so he wouldn't get killed but I thought I'll find out when I get home if they were their they would confront me but you all didn't so I shut up." Edward takes a moment then continues.

"I wasn't attracted to anyone but men until I meet Bella I thought she was my mate but Alice told me she is my singer not my mate but I didn't know that so Alice had a vision today saying my mate will be here in a day or two and my mate is a man and she all so told me that Bella was her mate but she wanted Bella to be happy and me to be happy but also she was scared that Bella would reject her so me and Alice took Bella to the beach to talk and told her everything, Bella has being fighting the pull to Alice because no one explained what happens when you meet your mate that why I thought Bella was my mate because I felt a pull but what I didn't realise it was just to her blood I love her like a sister I didn't want to leave her a hurt her so when Alice told me and then Bella, she felt the hopeful the feelings she had for Alice wasn't wrong."

Carlisle – I am happy Edward finally told us he is gay but the good thing is we get to keep our new daughter I am so happy, "So my son you meet your mate soon, how do you feel about that? Do you know what he looks like?"

Edward - "Yes soon dad, excited and scared, no I don't Alice blocked her vision from me."

Alice - "Oh Carlisle he is hot he is 6 foot 7 he has blonde hair he looks like I god in my vision."

Carlisle - "Alice honey do you have a crush on your brothers soon to be mate?" Carlisle laughs.

Bella - "No she don't she's got me she don't need anyone else."

Alice - "Oh Bella he is joking settle down, you wait till you see him I seen how you acted in my vision." Alice giggles.

Edward - "He sounds yummy Alice does he have muscles?"

Alice - "Yes."


I get lost in thought while the family talk about what has happened between me & Bella and Alice & Bella, School finishes for the holidays soon so that could be fun, hmm my mate.


I look at my son and call him a few times he is lost in thought, I am happy to see my son finally settle down and start his life with his mate, The all of a sudden I jump up and call Alice, my voice must sound frantic to everyone.

Alice – "Yes dad what's wrong."

Carlisle – "When you see this vision who does Edward live with?

Everyone looks at him strange Alice is in a vision and looks like she is blocking Edward from seeing again.

Emmett – "Dad he lives here why wouldn't he?"

Rose – "Dad stop freaking Edward would never leave you."

Esme – "He will live with hid mate."

Everyone looks at Esme like she has lost her head. She shakes her head and say's "we can't have more in our coven he is coming with others from his coven so unless we want the Volturi on us we do what's best."


I was waiting for Alice to talk.

Alice – "I can't get a read on his future yet because his mate is powerful so being tied to him now I have seen his mate makes it impossible."

Me, dad and the other slump on the seat when theirs a knock on the door we have been so pre occupied we didn't see hear or smell the vampires come up. Dad gets up to answer the door.

Carlisle – "Hello my name is Carlisle Cullen and welcome to our house and Forks."

Alice – "Jumps up and runs to their guests and said hello I knew you were coming there is someone here for you to meet Mr blonde god."

Alice drags the hunk to me and say's to us well introduce your selves come on.

Edward – "Hello I am Edward Cullen"

Jasper – "Hello I am Jasper"

They reach out to shake hands when and when that finally touch Jasper pulls Edward and says mine in a growl and then kisses Edward full on the lips, While they were kissing Jasper's two friends introduce themselves.

Peter & Charlotte

Peter – "Hello everyone my name is Peter Whitlock Volturi and Jasper is my sire."

Charlotte – "Hi peoples I am Charlotte and yes same names as those two and I am peter's mate, we have come to town to do the Volturi's bidding, they have asked us to remind you that Bella has one month after graduation for the change or we are to take her to the Volturi and they will deal with it."

Everyone was growling at Peter & Charlotte that's when the Major came in to play no one growls at his family or friends, He pulled away from his mate, oh his mate he waited so long for and the Cullen's ruin it.

The Major Comes Out To Play


Major (Jasper) –" We came to deliver a message and you treat my family like we are in the wrong, Think thing very clearly it was your family who brought her into our world we are doing what our kings ordered do you want me to go against my orders? Just because I have found my mate in your family I will not turn against our kings so choose wisely and as they say goes Don't Shoot the Messenger so all of you shut the fuck up and blame your selves not me and my family."

Carlisle – "I know and we are sorry but you have to know it wasn't on the doing of the family that Bella found out about our world it was Edward who brought her into this not anyone else."

Major – "So how does my mate have anything to do with this?" he asked while looking at Edward and seen him hang his head oh a story my mate please tell in detail NOW!

Edward – "Thanks Carlisle"

Carlisle – "Just tell him now"

Edward – "Fine, me and Bella used to go out she nearly got killed by a rogue vampire and I saved her but she saw too much, we got close but not much, oh shit ok bloody hell. Ok I have all ways been gay but I didn't admit it until today first with Alice but before I admitted it to her she told me I would meet my mate soon, so she told me to break it off with Bella but I told her I didn't want to because I was scared my family would disown me that's when she told me her and the family seen me at this gay club 70 years ago well they seen more than they bargained for that night but any way Alice told me she knew Bella was her mate but by then Bella had feelings for me and I cared for her but didn't love her like she deserves so she kept quite and said nothing so Bella and her brother were happy but every time she seen us together it hurt her, but when she had her vision and told me about you and then admitted Bella was her mate I felt bad for keeping my sister away like I did, I know I did it unknown but still even though I can read minds she has learnt to keep me out of her head so I never seen what she felt, So we broke up a couple of hours ago we are still friends me and Bella, Alice & Bella are together and I want you Jasper so please don't hold my past against me even if it is recent past."

Major – "I had calmed down listening to my mates rambles and I knew he meant every word so I walked over to him pulled him in my arms sat down and started to nuzzle his neck, Edward started to relax mmm my mate you smell good, I started to purr and left the others to talk they could all leave them alone for now, Oh I wish."

Edward - I was sitting on my mates lap he was big my type of man if I could drool I would have he is a god among vampires and man, I hope he don't hate me now I look at Jasper and kiss his ear and say "Are we ok Jasper? I'm scared you don't want me now."

Jasper – I was holding Edward when I heard what he asked me, he thinks I don't' want him now, "Hey baby never leaving you ok we are stuck at the hip, Right now we are here until Bella is turned and yes I believe what you said one of my gifts is to see if the person is lying and his/hers hearts desires so I looked sweets, you're not getting rid of me ok?"

Edward – "Ok Jasper I believe you?

Jasper – "Let's get going now everything is in the truck darlin, See you Cullen's around, give us 1 or 2 weeks then you can come and visit, I need to spend time with my mate." I lean down and start to kiss Edward slowly and lick his bottom lip and he opens up, my tongue and his fighting for dominance, I pull away I love you my mate.

Edward – "I love you too."