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Warning: Blood, Gore, Torture, abuse.

Of Lies and Deceit and Hidden Personas.

Chapter 1.

It had been a long time coming really. Year after year of constant fighting and suffering was going to leave its mark on anyone, and Harry Potter had finally had enough. He was sick and tired of everything, the constant stress and the worry, wondering if he was going to survive the end of the school year or not, or if he was going to be murdered by his whale of an uncle. Every year was the same, every year was a constant fight and now Sirius was dead.

His Godfather, his father almost was snatched away from him, taken before his time and it hurt. It made his choke on the air he tried to breathe, his head and heart burned in grief and he didn't know how to handle ' death had hammered another nail in the coffin, just another tragedy to add to the list. He didn't know how much he could take, how long he could go on for with all this pain. When a letter had arrived, even though he hadn't recognised the bird he hope that it was Ron or Hermione, but it was not to be.

Dear Harry,

I regret to inform you that you will no longer be able to correspond or interact with Mr Weasley and Miss Granger has been due to your public friendship and their known actions against the enemy becoming an increasing threat upon their lives.

The prophecy's wording is clear. Only you alone can defeat Lord Voldemort, a weighted task I understand, however once you have succeeded you will be free to return to you friendship in safety.

I have constructed a separate ward to surround your home to protect you from all mail being sent to you, and it will also block your own messages as we can no longer be assured that the letters will not be tracked or tampered with.

Because of the current safety risks, I am afraid you will have to remain with your relatives until the start of term when you will be collected and escorted to the platform. The magical world is in a precarious position since the reveal of Lord Voldemort and we cannot afford for anything to happen to you.

Our information suggests that Voldemort intends to recruit students, so you will be receiving private rooms to protect you and those around you from danger.

I apologise for the burden placed upon you, my boy, but your destiny has been set and must be fulfilled.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Fury filled him. Rage life never before coursed through his veins and roared in his ears, it was getting hotter, burning at his chest and stabbing at his head until it became physical. Harry keened low in his throat as the pain forced him to his knees, he gripped his head as his magic flared out angrily and whipped around him, something ripped in his mind and his was overcome with memories that flooded his mind.

They flashed past, showing how he, Ron and Hermione were repeatedly obliviated, how they were lied to and plotted against by people they thought they could trust. He had started to doubt Dumbledore after he had revealed the prophecy, but that wasn't new doubt, it was his hidden knowledge that was warning him again, his instincts. Knowledge poured in to his mind, things he had read and studied that Dumbledore had removed, things he had created or developed, family knowledge and the truth about the world he lived in. And as the memories kept coming, his rage grew until it was spiralling out of his control.

He screamed.

Everything around him was crushed under the weight of his magic, while the floorboards and door started to warp and twist. So much had been taken from him, from them. And it all went back to one person.

"BOY!" The sound of his uncle's voice cut through his mind, stirring his already boiling anger and tipping the pot. His well-build control, one that had been hidden from him, one that he needed to protect himself and the people around his shattered in an audible crack.

"GET DOWN HERE YOU WORTHLESS FREAK!" His uncle screamed at him. Harry's head snapped around upon hearing that word, his expression was void of anything but his eyes were starting to glow dangerously. Harry smiled slowly. It wasn't an ordinary smile, it was wide, cruel and more than half insane. He unfolded his body and rose to his feet in one fluid motion ignoring his usual summer injuries with practiced ease, using calm movements that didn't portray the madness in his expression, he summoned his hidden belongings and left the room.


With precise, graceful steps, Harry moved along the hall and down the staircase, his magic shedding all foreign magic on his person and revealing him to how he truly looked. His hair became silky, while still managing to look a mess it looked controllable and set, his skin became creamy and unblemished other than the bruises and cuts, his frame filled and grew, becoming tones and lithe, and his previously softened features became sharper, cleaner, displaying his pureblood ancestry.

"Yes uncle Vernon?" Harry asked sweetly and received a full blown kick to the stomach and he heard one or more ribs crack.

"What do you think you are doing making all that racket, it isn't enough that you have to taint us with your freaking ways." The whale like man hissed and Harry's smile grew.

"I'm sorry uncle Vernon I didn't mean to."

"That's not good enough boy." Vernon grabbed his nephew by the hair and dragged him in to the kitchen to give him a good thrashing, he threw the boy to the floor and took of his belt but before he could strike the young wizard Harry turned.

"No uncle Vernon I don't think we will be doing that today."

"Why you-,"

"Quiet pig." Harry slashed his hand through the air silencing him, the man's eyes went wide and Harry began to laugh which drew Dudley and Petunia in to the room.

"Oh look the rest of the family's here."

"What are you doing boy?"

"I'm going to kill you now. Imperio," Harry waved his hand and shot the spell at Vernon who got a glazed look, he picked up a knife and walked calmly over to his son, who screamed when he realised he couldn't move, and stabbed him repeatedly spraying blood everywhere. Petunia was screaming for him to stop but he didn't, he started to carve out he own son's eyes much to Harry's delight, the teen was covered in blood but he relished in it. When Dudley was dead Harry released the spell and watched as Vernon broke down in horror but Harry wasn't done yet, he made Vernon pick up the knife again and carve filth on his wives back as she screamed out. He made him beat his own wife to death before he released him for the second time and Harry could help but giggle as Vernon cried.

"No one can hear you uncle." Harry picked up the dropped knife slished it viciously across Vernon's face making him cry out.

"It hurts doesn't it?" Harry asked sweetly before he began slashing with a vengeance.

"That's it scream for me uncle. No one will help you uncle. I will end you uncle." Harry cackled gleefully as he coated himself in his uncles blood, and with a final slash to the throat Vernon lay still. He calmly placed the knife on the counter and moved towards the cupboard under the stairs, shrinking down his belongings and tucking them in to a pocket. Harry span on the spot and landed outside a set of grand double doors, remembering his manners, he knocked on the door and hoped someone was in. The doors opened to reveal Draco Malfoy who when from emotionless to shock to horror in about three seconds, silently he pulled his secret friend in.

"What the hell happened?" Draco demanded in a hiss, the Dark Lord was in the manor right now and it really would not be good for him to see Harry, who was covered in blood, looking completely insane without his glamour, the blondes mind was working a mile a minute but coming up with nothing. Harry tilted his head and let out a childish giggle which made Draco pale; Harry had finally lost it. Hurried footsteps approached and Draco cursed as he father and the Dark Lord came in to the entrance hall and froze.

"Is that Harry Potter?"

"Uh. Yes, my Lord"

"What is he covered in?"

"I think it may be blood,"

"Why is he covered in blood?"

"I have no idea."

"How did he even get here?"

"Again, I have no idea."

"What in Merlin's name is going on here, Draco?"

"Honestly, father, if you could inform me than I would be extremely grateful." The younger blonde said fretfully as he wrung his hands looking at his friend, who didn't seem to be there anymore. The Dark Lord felt his breath catch when Harry turned to look at him. The boy looked stunning with his longish raven hair contrasting with his pale skin, full red lips curved up in an alluring smile, piercing Avada eyes shone with an insane glint and the blood running down him just added to the effect. Harry giggled again, but this time he spoke in a haunting child-like manor that made everyone shiver.

"He lied to me he did, made me forget things he did, told me more lies he did." Harry giggled again; it was clear he wasn't in his right mind.

"You're the boy-who-live Harry, Slytherin are evil Harry, you have to save the stone Harry, I'll obliviate you Harry, can't have you knowing the truth Harry." Harry titled his head to the side again.

"I'll make sure your abused Harry, we can't have you strong Harry, and I'll bind your magic Harry." He giggled again, the haunting childish voice had everyone frozen in place.

"You have to risk your life Harry, but I won't tell you why Harry. I'll destroy your reasons to live and make you rely on me Harry, but don't worry Harry you will never know." Harry laughed and it was the same laugh that Bellatrix gave when she was completely insane.

"I'll kill your godfather Harry, I'll create a prophecy Harry, you have to fight Harry because you're our saviour Harry. I'll raise you like a pig for slaughter Harry." He was back to the childish giggle.

"Back to the muggles Harry, they will beat you Harry and I'll take away your friends Harry." His smile grew and his eyes blazed.

"You're a freak Harry, your worthless Harry, in the cupboard Harry, freaks don't eat Harry." Harry's voice changed to a desperate pleading which was even more frightening with the smile on his face.

"Please uncle Vernon I'll be good, stop uncle Vernon I didn't mean it, not the belt uncle Vernon, please uncle Vernon I'm sorry." Harry's voice changed back to child-like which didn't match the evil smile on his face.

"No uncle Vernon it won't work this time, I'm sorry uncle Vernon did that hurt? Look uncle Vernon I carved out his eyes, can you see uncle Vernon? Are you sorry uncle Vernon? I'll make you sorry uncle Vernon, that's it scream for me uncle Vernon, no one will hear you just like no one heard me. No one will save you uncle Vernon because I'm the saviour and no one saved me." With one last childish giggle Harry looked in to the crimson eyes of the Dark Lord.

"Can you save me Tom?" His eyes rolled back and he dropped like a rock, he was deftly caught by Draco who just snapped out of his shock in time. Draco laid the underweight teen on the floor with care and the silence was thick, no one could think of anything to say. It was then Draco spotted the running blood that was coming from Harry, he took out his wand and began running the usual diagnostics and swore up a storm, he snapped his fingers and a house elf popped in.

"Fetch my mother and tell he to bring her full healing kit now." Draco ordered in a slight panic; Harry wasn't healing. Normally the dark haired teen would begin healing on his own, but his wounds were not sealing. The blonde unbuttoned Harry's robes and began to stem the flow of blood this seemed to wake the two adults out of the shock. The Dark Lord waved his wand over the teen and a piece of parchment began writing all the numerous injuries, some of which were life threatening if not treated immediately, Voldemort cursed just as Narcissa hurried round the corner.

"What is it Draco?" She asked. As she caught sight of Harry she released a gasp and the Dark Lord handed her the diagnostic sheet.

"Everyone back," She ordered as she fell to her knees pulling out her wand and multiple potions. She began healing him dutifully; she had to reset his arm and multiple ribs, but one of the ribs pierced his lung. Blood started to flow from Harry's mouth making his breathing become laboured, the Dark Lord knelt down opposite Narcissa and began chanting in Latin, the spell emptied the blood from the lung to clear the airways but he had to repeat it over and over because they were filling at a rapid rate. Narcissa spells a potion straight in to his stomach and waved her wand, Harry's breathing evened out but the blood would not stop flowing from the cuts and welts.

"Nippy I need more blood replenishers now." She barked wiping her brow smearing blood down her face.

"Damn, he's losing too much blood, why is it not stemming? If this keeps up it won't be his lungs that will kill him." She cried as she tried to close the wounds, they kept reopening and the blood seemed to be falling faster; Draco slapped himself.

"He has basilisk venom and phoenix tears in his blood." He exclaimed remembering when Harry had said ordinary blood replenishers didn't work for him, they didn't clot the blood just thickened it.

"Excuse me?"

"Long story," Draco waved them off, Narcissa did some quick thinking.

"Nippy get me a neutralizer." She told the elf who came back with the blood replenishers, she poured it down his throat and added the neutralizer and it was slow, but finally the blood started to clot, she rolled him over and pulled the robes off only to cursed viciously.

There were whip marks layered upon each other with multiple bruises and the word 'freak' carved there, the Dark Lord's eyes flashed and he started sealing the wounds as Narcissa prevented scars. The bruises faded to a yellowy colour and she ran a final diagnostic sighing in relief, with a last blood replenisher and some skele-gro she was done. She stood and conjured up a floating stretcher, levitating the teen on to it taking up to a bedroom leaving another thick silence in her wake.

"I believe, Lucius, your son has a lot of explaining to do." The Dark Lord said looking at the Jr Malfoy, Draco nodded swallowing hard and praying Harry didn't kill him when he woke up. They headed to his father's study and sat down, Draco tried not to squirm under the gaze of the most powerful wizard in the world.

"Harry has a lot of masks, the so called Golden Trio have a lot of nasty secrets that do not fit their hero image. I became friends with Harry in forth year, I can't even remember how, but he is so much different when he drops his mask. I found out how far the masks went when I caught him teaching Granger and Weasley the blood boiling curse in the beginning and that was how were started speaking civilly, I think.

"But there was something off with them, they would work out some of Dumbledore's manipulations and next thing they would have no clue. I thought they were being obliviated, but there wasn't anything I could do because who would believe me when I said Harry Potter was being Obliviated by Dumbledore? And it had to be him, it was only ever when Harry or the others worked out things Dumbledore had done. Harry had a mean Slytherin streak and some of the things those three have done and never been caught are quite unbelievable." Draco explained, surprising the two dark wizards.

"That does not explain what just happened or how he got in here without alerting the wards." The Dark Lord pointed out at this Draco's face darkened.

"Harry's relatives are the worst type of muggles, last year it wasn't as bad as I was able to heal him on the train with the help of Granger and Weasley; he self-heals very well, but I'm guessing without the threat of Black the muggles went overboard."

"You mean Potter's family did that to him!" Lucius exclaimed and his son nodded.

"By the sounds of it he finally snapped and killed the filth, although something else must have happened because he completely lost it." Draco said with a shrug, "I was warned about this side of Harry, but we haven't had a reason to see it."

"But I thought Potter was a spoilt little prince, I doubt Dumbledore would allow-," Before Draco could speak the Dark Lord did.

"He would, this is exactly something the old fool would do to ensure he had control." Voldemort hissed, his crimson eyes burning in anger.

"I wonder what could have caused this reaction." Lucius wondered aloud.

"We will have to wait until he wakes, but this makes my job easier. I was about to start my plan to coerce the teen to our side anyway, he is ridiculously hard to kill." The last part came out in a somewhat petulant mutter, there was a knock at the door and a clean Narcissa entered.

"He is resting, but I think he will be out until tomorrow evening, I have never seen something so bad in quite some time and I have healed death eaters after a raid." She explained and looked towards her son for an explanation so Draco told the story again. The Dark Lord sent Lucius and the brothers to Potter's address to see what damage was done there and he sat back with a sigh pouring himself a large glass of whisky. There was a lot about Harry Potter which was hidden and the Dark Lord wanted to know it all.

Even the teen's magic was different, so much more of it, so powerful. It would be a challenge to unravel everything about the teen, but he had time. He wanted the teen on his side, but now the teen was here the Dark Lord could see the benefits of winning the teen to his side personally. Since his mind had returned to him things had become so much clearer, all of his intelligence could be accessed, rational thinking was no longer few and far between and the thought of Potter didn't send him in to an unnecessary rage. He was very pleased with the results, even if it meant he had to be wrong about something. Lucius and the brothers came back sooner than he thought they would be, and each was in a different state of shock.


"It's a mess, My Lord, he didn't just murder them it was an all-out slaughter." Rabastan said. Voldemort's eyebrows shot up.


"That's not all, the male adult was showing signs of a high powered imperious." Rodolphus put in.

"Why isn't the ministry and the fools order not swarming the place?"

"It seemed it was done by raw magic, there is absolutely no trace of a wand being used." Lucius told his Lord, he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't run the tests himself.

"That's impossible."

"I would have thought so too, my Lord, if I had not run the tests multiple times; it was pure raw magic with vicious intent." Lucius shook his head in wonder, there was a lot more to Harry Potter than anyone could imagine and they were only scraping the top.

Tom Riddle, known at the Dark Lord Voldemort was waiting for his new mystery to wake up from his healing sleep. Narcissa had said he would wake in the evening, however, nothing had ever been that simple with Potter. Impossible seemed to be something he thought was a joke, so the Dark Lord thought it best he set up comfortable in the morning and wait it out. He had a book with him so even if the teen didn't wake until the evening he had something to do.

He sat in an arm chair across from the peacefully sleeping teen looking him over with slight confusion, the yellowing bruises and the pink cuts were gone, leaving behind only creamy skin; he shouldn't have been able to heal that quickly. He did remember Draco mentioning that the other teen self-healed, very well apparently. Harry woke slowly and his first thought was that he wasn't in any pain which was unusual as only the other day Vernon had given him his worst beating to date, then he remembered the letter and everything seemed to come flooding back to him and he sat bolt upright looking around.

Harry's eyes darted around the richly decorated room wondering where in Merlin's name he was when his eyes fell on the most gorgeous man he had ever seen. He had dark hair that was straight and was cut in to style that was no longer than his neck but made sure not a lock of hair fell in to his face, sharp aristocratic features that were clear and symmetrical, pink lips and bright eyes; bright crimson eyes. Harry was staring in to the face of Lord Voldemort only he looked like his old self; Tom Riddle.

"Brilliant, Potter, absolutely fucking brilliant, you finally lost your mind." He muttered to himself much to the amusement of the Dark Lord.

"Good morning, Mr Potter." He drawled.

"Good morning, Mr Riddle." Harry returned in the same tone, which made the Dark Lord blink.

"Would you care to explain?"

Harry fell back on the bed with a groan pulling the covers over his head.

"Not particularly no, why do you ask?"

"It might have something with you somehow breaking through the Malfoy wards covered in blood completely out of your mind." Voldemort stated.

"Huh, yeah finally lost it then, I did say I would kill them eventually." Harry said seriously sitting up again, it was then he noticed he was shirtless, with a yelp he leapt out of bed and to the full length mirror. Harry nearly gaped, he was completely healed, not a bruise or cut or even a scar anywhere, it was then he noticed he looked different, one of the blocked memories signalled his glamour and his eyes widened and he released a string of curses.

"What the hell happened!?"

"I believe I did just ask."

"I don't remember what happened once I picked up the knife, I had a letter from that manipulative, sly old bastard." Harry spat out, his face twisting in to an evil snarl.

"I know I got angry and my magic must have ripped away his binds and memory modifications because I remember everything the bastard has ever done, even if it is a bit of a mess currently. Then I had a lovely call from my delightful uncle and I snapped." Harry's smile was full of malice as he span to face the Dark Lord.

"I made those filthy muggles suffer, made my dear uncle kill then before taking up the blade myself." He said in pleasure, "And then I have no clue it just goes blank." Harry finished with a shrug.

"It seemed as if you were having a mental collapse, you appeared less sane than Bella, which is saying something."

"Well that can't be healthy."

"No it usually isn't."

"Damn it, I have so much to plan. That bastard needs to have his neck rung." Harry growled.

"Yes, what are your issues with Dumbledore? You said a lot of things yesterday that didn't make sense."

Harry sighed and wrenched his hands through his hair.

"Can I shower first, it's a long story." That he didn't quite know the answer to himself.

"If you must,"

Harry willed his trunk to unshrink and he pulled out some green robes which he had bought last year, which were for his true self not his golden boy mask, granted he only remembered now, but now was a good a time as any. He dived in the shower and thanked Merlin for small miracles, he hadn't been allowed to wash properly since school, when he was done he ran a hand through his hair and sighed. He couldn't believe this had happened, his mind was filled with things he remembered doing but at the same time he didn't remember. He needed to go through his mind desperately, but for now he had to do what he did best; adapt. He came out of the bathroom fully dressed and sat down on the other chair in the room, the Dark Lord looked up and his eyes raked Harry, a hungry look flickered in the crimson eyes before it was gone and Harry didn't know if he imagined it or not.


"I was supposed to be in Slytherin." Harry stated much to the Dark Lord's surprise. "Since first year the headmaster has been controlling me with spells and obliviating me and my friends from when we find out any of his manipulations. It wasn't our idea to go after the stone, but yet we did, he knew you were in the school, but he did nothing but send three 11 year olds down to save a legendary magical artefact. He sends me to abusive muggles and pays them to make me weak and submissive." Harry rolled his eyes. "Like that will ever happen,"

"The chamber of secrets happened and he obviously knew who the heir was I mean me Ron and Mione worked out who it was and what was in it then Mione got petrified, it wasn't like two 12 year olds could possibly do anything about an ancient basilisk but yet I find myself down in the chamber slaying the poor thing and stabbing the diary with a basilisk fang, sorry about that by the way Tom it wasn't my choice." Voldemort nodded once, his anger held at bay for now; he would have to have words with Lucius about keeping items that belonged to him safe.

"Dumbles obliviated charming me and Ron to go down and the fact he knew Ginny had the diary from our minds. Third year was a joke, he is Chief Warlock and yet he could get no trial for Sirius, we sat for hours looking through ministry law books and found that the Chief Warlock can demand a trial for anyone, but we were again obliviated and forced to go back in time and save Siri so he was on the run." Harry shook his head and thought for a second, all of the memories were swirling around in his head so he had to concentrate.

"Forth year I was obliviated multiple times and he spelled Ron to turn his back on me in the tournament as well as placing a bind on my magic just before the third task. I got dementors sent after me and he kept me in the dark at my hell hole for over a month, then the pathetic hearing letter came before being sent the HQ. Sirius told me everything that was going on in the order on the sly which I, of course, told Ron and Hermione, but we were obliviated again this time with Sirius. In school Umbridge was teaching and Dumbles sat back and allowed me to have my hand carved in to and obliviated any teachers I went to about it, hell I even went to Snape, of course I had Draco, Ron and Mione for help so we managed to keep me from killing the toad. Apparently, I have a slight temper on me." Harry smiled wryly.

"I started teaching over half the school defence under everyone's noses until we were ratted out, it was called, at the time, Dumbledore's army which made Dumbledore take the blame for it and he left. This allowed me to teach some of the dark arts I had been learning since second year; Draco caught me teaching them the blood boiling curse, which was when he saw me for the first time with none of my well-crafted masks on. It's funny, no one has even had a thought that there was anything other than the golden boy so I used it, its surprisingly difficult acting like an idiot sometimes.

"Then you sent me the vision to get the prophecy which we knew was fake, I knew it was. The next thing I know I'm on a freakin thestral flying to the ministry with the intent to save Sirius. I remember now seeing Dumbledore cast something on Bellatrix before she sent a curse at Sirius, I chased her and cast the cruciatus, but my magic was pulling and I couldn't do it even though I had perfected the spell in forth year. Then the great Albus Dumbledore and you had an epic duel ruined by the ministry, the prophecy had previously smashed, but he told me it when we got back to his office." Harry clenched his fist at that, he took a deep breath and calmed his anger as he was unsure as to what would happen.

"Luna, one of my favourite people in the world, like my little sister, a relationship the old fool ruined because he spelled me to be away from anyone other than Gryffindors after the third task went, the only reason we could stick with Draco was because Dumbledore never once believed we would befriend a snake. She, being the smart cookie that she is, kept the shards of glass and I took it to the centaurs who confirmed my suspicions; it was fake. We found out that quite a few people were in on his plan including Ron's mum and sister, he went psycho it was quite amusing actually.

"When he discovered we had seen through his master plan we were once again obliviated and this summer he deemed it necessary to tell my dear relatives that Sirius, whose status as crazed mass murderer I used as protection, had died which sentenced me to hell. Of course until yesterday I didn't know about all of this, but I had a letter from the beard stating he was terminating my friendship with Ron and Hermione and if I succeeded in my destiny he may allow he to pick that friendship up again; that was when I got angry. My magic snapped everything her had done to me and I was flooded with everything, all the memories the binds the info and I snapped, and allowed by true self come out to play.

"After the pleasure of watching my uncle kill his own family I killed him, I don't know what happened." Harry frowned at the end. The Dark Lord was shocked, even with just one conversation it was obvious Harry Potter was completely different to which he allowed the world to see.

"Overall you have quite a few issues with Dumbledore." Tom drawled and Harry scoffed.

"That appears to be a severe understatement," Harry agreed, "There are so many things that I will have to go through, but Dumbledore will pay for this."

"What do you plan on doing now?"

"I want neutrality from the war for me Ron and Hermione for the time being, I have to sort everything out, but it's not to say I wouldn't give you all the information I have on the order I just won't actively help either side."

"I can do that." He rose from his chair and Harry took the time to properly look at the man, he liked what he saw.

"What will it take to have you on my side?" Harry smirked and got to his feet, he walked slowly towards the Dark Lord and the hungry look was more prominent this time. He stopped in front of the man and looked in to the crimson eyes with a crocked grin.

"Oh I'm sure it wouldn't take too much."

"Is that so?"

"Mmm I'm sure you'll think of something." They were impossibly close now and then there was a knock at the door, Harry heard Voldemort curse under his breath and smirked as he turned away.

"Come in." Harry called the door opened and in walked Narcissa Malfoy.

"Mr Potter, My Lord, I have come to run some final checks on you and I have an irate owl swooping around the manor which I believe belongs to you." Harry grinned.

"Hedwig did find me," He said happily, he released a sharp whistle and the snowy owl flew in and landed on her master's shoulder.

"Hey girl, I knew you would find me." He told her softly stroking her feathers, she let out a dignified hoot as if to say of course. "Yes you are an abnormally intelligent owl." She looked him in the eye and gave a short nod, Harry smiled.

"Did your owl just nod?"

"Yeah, she does that, she has an unusual amount of intelligence even for an owl." Harry said proudly, he looked at the desk and willed perch to appear, a beautiful ebony perch appeared and Harry grinned.

"There you go girl." She hooted in thanks and swooped down to her new perch nodding in approval.

"You can run your tests now." Harry said to Narcissa.

"How did that perch get there?"

"I wanted it to be there." Harry told the Dark Lord.

"So you can do wandless magic?"

"I guess, I just willed it to be there." Harry shrugged, "It's not all that hard."

"You understand, of course, that wandless magic is exceptionally rare; almost impossible." Voldemort sighed.

"Really, that explained why no one else could do it then when I tried teaching them."

"How did you not know this?"

Harry looked at the Dark Lord blankly.

"Tom," Harry began, "Dumbledore."

"Ah of course. I have Dark Lord things to be doing so I will leave you to be checked over."

"Alright, have fun." Harry said with a grin which gained rolled eyes as the man left.

"Right then Mr Potter stand still."

"Harry please, Lady Malfoy."

"Narcissa or Cissa dear," Harry grinned and stood still as she ran her wand over him muttering in Latin.

"Well your all healed Harry, just don't apply avert pressure to your ribs for a few days."

"Thanks, Cissa,"

"You are free to stay here for the remainder of the holidays, Draco would welcome the company I am sure.

"Thank you, I will take you up on that offer."

"Just call for Nippy to show you around and you are able to use your wand as the wards hide it from the ministry."

"Ok and again thanks for everything." She smiled and left the room, Harry flopped down on the chair again with a sigh, and he had so much clean up to do now. Pulling his wand, parchment, ink and a quill out her went to the desk and began his letter, all he had to do now was hope it got there in time.

Swift & Paws,

Lemons been cleaning, mine broke, everything came to light. Snapped and disposed of with pleasure but went blank. Ended up with bleach and healed. The basilisk is human, situation understood, clean up needed, and you need enlightening.


He spelled the parchment with every transfer protection he knew keying them in to his best friend's signature, it would ensure that no matter what Dumbles did it wouldn't work, it would seem as if it had taken effect but they would be safe. Even in code he couldn't afford for the letter to be intercepted so he called for his trust friend.


"Master Harry Potter called for Dobby sir?"

"I need you to deliver this letter to Ron and Hermione when they are alone, it is the up most importance that they get this Dobby as soon as possible."

"Dobby will not let Master Harry Potter down." The elf took the letter and popped away, Harry began his second letter.

Manic & Panic,

Safe, major clean up needed, details in person, secure meeting.


Harry gave this to Hedwig for the twins, she swooped out the window and Harry began pacing. If he was to be going back to Hogwarts everything needed to be done and soon, if he was discovered too soon then he was done. They already had begun a case to get rid of Dumbledore, but even that was taking time, Harry remembered their note books hidden in the one place the old fool couldn't get to the CoS, they had the grimiest of dirt on Dumbles in there including his haunting past with one Gellert Grindlewald; it's funny what you can do with fame.

After this they were going to destroy Dumbledore, after his reputation was in ruins he was get desperate and then he would lose a duel and be gone, Harry knew eventually they would join the dark they had been saying they would if they were accepted. Obviously there was the fact that Hermione was muggle born, but they had discovered that majority of muggleborns came from squibs and Hermione was one of them so that scrapped that argument, Harry doubted Tom wanted to kill all muggleborns anyway as he was a half blood and if he did well Harry had the urge to slap him for being an idiot; not that he ever would, he wasn't quite suicidal. Apart from that they would fit in well, all three of them had taken to the dark arts at an alarming rate and it didn't take much to sway Ron from his 'all Slytherins and dark magics are evil' to 'look how much power I have and how many people I actually hate' especially when he discovered his mum and Ginny were being paid to betray him and they kept the money for their own selfish reasons.

Harry thought that was what finally pushed him over the edge and the youngest Weasley male took to the arts with new vigour swearing he would show them their mistakes. Hermione had been easier to sway, the knowledge she was missing out on made her pick up the first book and the rest was history. Fred and George had always been the black sheep, but Harry didn't find out until 5th year that it was literal, the rest of the DA, which he would rename at the quickest convenience, never knew they were learning borderline dark spells such as 'confringo' but next year they would. Harry didn't even want to think what would happen if the old fool had already gotten to them, he would have to take drastic measures which would alert the old fool which was last of his list of things to do. Harry was gathering in to a building panic when Dobby popped back in with an envelope that Harry tore open and read like it was a lifeline.


Just saved but still solid, lemon tried again, meeting needed, M&P quiet. Glad you're safe, about time they went, how long did basilisk give and will we fall?

Swift & Paws

Harry nearly cried in relief; they were fine. The news about the twins was unnerving, but Harry would wait until he heard back from them, he would write back and tell them not to reply until he heard from the twins.

Swift & Paws,

Basilisk will try and we fall eventually but what's to stop us holding out? Protected the last sheet, do not reply, waiting on M&P.


Sending it with Dobby again Harry pulled out a book from his trunk as he didn't want to do anything particularly strenuous before his ribs were completely healed, he tucked his feet under himself on the leather chair and began reading. It was something from the Black library on offensive hexes and curses, he had learned them all, but it was an interesting read. Harry was so immersed in the book he didn't hear the Dark Lord knock or enter until the man cleared his throat, Harry reacted instantly and fired of several vicious curses which were luckily blocked and Harry looked on wide eyed.

"Those were particularly nasty." The Dark Lord commented as he entered the room.

"Sorry about that, I'm a little on edge." Harry said placing his wand back in its holster.

"Really, I didn't notice." He replied dryly. "Have you got word from your friends?" Harry sat back down.

"Yes thankfully, I got my letter there just in time as Dumbledore tried again. I'm still waiting from the twins."

"Will they join you in the dark?" Voldemort asked and Harry smirked.

"So sure I'll join?"

"Of course, I have every intention of winning you over."

"Like I said, it shouldn't be too hard and yes they will join me." Harry told him with a grin, the Dark Lord smirked.

"The Malfoy's hold a summer ball it is to be in a week, will you attend?" Harry's eyes lit up.

"Who's on the guest list?"

"The dark families, a few from the ministry which are sympathetic to our cause."

"So no one who will go running to Dumbles as soon as they see me?" The Dark Lord merely raised an eyebrow, Harry rolled his eyes.

"Yes I'll will go, the noble and most ancient house of Black is a dark family after all."

"I am presuming you have correct attire." This time it was Harry who raised an eyebrow.

"Of course," He scoffed, "I know I may have acted like a stupid Gryffindor but I assure you I am not, far from it actually. You will have full witness to how I truly act in a few days if you still doubt me."

"Indeed, I will be a wonder to see how much these mask run." Voldemort drawled as he got up to leave and Harry smirked.

"It won't disappoint, I guarantee." With one last raised eyebrow he swept from the room, Harry stretched and decided he would go and find Draco, the blonde deserved an explanation. The manor was like a maze so he ended up calling for an elf to show him to where Draco was, the blonde was in the library reading something when Harry approached.

"Hey Draco," Harry sat down across the table.

"Harry," the relief was obvious, "I thought you were dead for sure, you idiot you scared the living shit in to me!"

"Yeah sorry about that."

"SORRY! You ripped through our wards covered in blood, go psycho, collapse and nearly die on me and you say sorry?" the Malfoy scion exclaimed and Harry grimaced.

"Ok, so Dumbledore's been manipulating me more than I first thought, turns out he's been obliviating me, Ron and Mione and put a bind on my magic; I snapped." Harry explained the shortened version, Draco was shocked and furious.

"That bastard, is he insane? I thought he might have been obliviating you, but to bind your magic?"

"I'm pretty sure he is." Harry said seriously, Draco snorted.

"Good point, are you coming to the ball?"

"Of course, it's been a while since I truly came out and play, and I do like to shock people." Harry grinned.

"Yes you have that characteristic, you have your dress robes correct?" Draco questioned and Harry rolled his eyes.

"I have many sets of dress robes and if any more people ask me that I swear I'll turn up in red and gold." Harry grumbled.

"Ok I was just checking, you might have wanted to go shopping, but be prepared, mother will also ask you." Harry sighed.

"I sometimes hate my masks, they are rather bothersome in situations like these. However, I would more likely be in a worse situation if I didn't have it." Draco nodded and Harry summoned a book from one of the many shelves, he cracked it open as Draco went back to his own. A house elf popped in when Harry was half way through the book announcing dinner was ready and Harry was surprised; he had missed all his meals.

"I really need to start eating again." He muttered to himself as he followed Draco to the dining room, he ended up sitting next to the Dark Lord who was at the head.

"Harry, what have you eaten today?" Narcissa asked and he looked at her like a dear in headlights; he was not expecting to be asked.

"Nothing, I forget to eat, it's been a while." He finally answered deciding he couldn't find anything to cover his freeze, Narcissa narrowed her eyes.

"I will be monitoring you for the rest of the holidays." Harry just nodded, if she reminded him to eat that would help. They ate in a comfortable atmosphere, there was light conversation about the upcoming ball and just like Draco predicted Narcissa asked about his robes which Harry patiently and kindly explained he had plenty of suitable dress robes.

"Do you have a duelling or practice room?" Harry asked looking at Lucius.

"Yes, one of the elves will escort you if you want to use it." Lucius answered and Harry nodded in thanks, he had something to do tomorrow and he needed sleep before he was fully recovered. He excused himself heading for his room and he didn't see the crimson eyes following his every move, Harry changed and collapsed in bed, he knew it was early, but if he slept now he would be fine tomorrow.

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