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Chapter 14,

Harry looked up surprised as an unfamiliar owl swooped down towards him, it was a dark coloured eagle owl and it landed proudly on his outstretched arm and Harry blinked. He carefully too the letter and fed the bird some bacon, it took off in the same proud fashion and Harry shook his head, he never understood owls. Flipping the letter over, he was surprised to see the Greengrass crest stamped in the wax, he decided to read it letter away from the cramped hall so he tucked it away, he felt rather than saw Dumbledore's eyes on him and he began to plan a cover story to fee the old fool. Harry was only picking at his breakfast because he was too on edge for the next article, it was going to be a thing of beauty and the follow up more so, it would build the foundations to making Dumbledore crumble and Harry was going to enjoy his front seat tickets.

Just how good is the article set to be Snake? Paws asked him in his mind and Harry bit back his smirk.

Let's just say the world is about to find out the Truth about Dumbledore… and his family… Harry trailed off and he saw her blink,

But I thought we only had information on one? She questioned astonished,

You didn't think I was just acting and having fun with Tom, did you? He asked rhetorically,

What in Merlin's name else has he got hidden? She exclaimed and Harry mentally smirked.

Oh Paws, you have no idea! He cut the connection as the news owls swooped in and Harry took his with disinterested air as if he didn't care about it, but he laid it out flat and it took all of his control not to grin. On the front page was another beautiful picture, and he truly had no idea where Rita got them, but this time it was of a man that looked like Dumbledore and he was being arrested by aurors and a screaming headline to finish the front page.

The Truth About Dumbledore;

The Father,

Where The Ideas Began,

We know now that Albus Dumbledore has a few secrets in his closest. After the truth about his relationship with Grindlewald was revealed by yours truly, this reporter was determined to find if there were any other hidden secrets that Dumbledore has fought endlessly to hide. I can tell you now readers, there are hoards of dirty little secrets that the supposed hero has kept under wraps; and for good reason.

Delving in to the murky past of Albus Dumbledore was not an easy feat, but it was worth the work it involved. We have heard the startling revelations of Dumbledore in his youth, I wanted to find out what upbringing young Albus had for him to crave such power and control. I looked first in to Percival Dumbledore and I gained a quick idea to where Albus found the idea to rule over muggle originally from. Percival Dumbledore was, to the public, an honorary man, he had married a beautiful muggleborn by the name of Kendra Thomas, and had a wonderful family. But it was merely a front to fool everyone from his true dark nature. You see, in the small village, Mould-On-The-Wold, where the Dumbledore family resided before Godrics Hollow, there were a series of brutal attacks on Muggles and it was leaving the ministry of the time in a mess. The attacks continued for a couple of months and no one was gaining any new information, Percival Dumbledore was working the case and seemingly trying to capture the culprits. Many say he worked harder than most, but their opinions changed when the truth was discovered. There was another attack, this one more vicious and bloodthirsty, I won't write the details, but it was a crime we today would accuse death eaters of committing, and the assailant got himself caught by a team of wizards who were watching the nearby muggle village. The wizard, caught in a hooded cloak and a covered face was revealed at the scene and it was none other than Percival Dumbledore (See picture). He was taken back to the ministry where he admitted that he had attacked 3 muggle children and killed 2, yes children, but it gets worse readers. Percival was please with himself, he admitted he was proud of what he had done and the only thing he was disappointed in was that he had been caught before he could kill them all. Yes, and that is a direct quote from the ministry transcripts of the crime. He was immediately sentenced to Azkaban where he later died still serving for his crimes, and it raises the question of how much of his beastly behaviour he taught to his children? Is this where Albus Dumbledore first got the idea that they could rule over muggles? Did he learn to hide his true-self as much as his father? And did he think his fathers imprisonment was unjust? Nothing is clear and I believe we, as a nation, deserve to know if one of our heroes is not as they seem. We do not know, but I will do everything I can to see the truth brought to light because without it, we could all be in danger of a power hungry psychopath; just like his father.

Rita Skeeter, Special Correspondent to the Daily Profit,

Rita Skeeter, no matter what anyone said, was a literary genius and he'd correct anyone who said otherwise. It was like the first article, the entire hall was in silence as they digested what the paper was telling them, the sound picked up slowly, but there was a difference. This time there was whispers and Harry's eyes darted around the hall to observe everyone, the main expression, where last time it was anger, was fear. Many muggleborns were gazing from the paper and up to Dumbledore in terror and the whispers grew louder until people were screaming and some were even rushing from the hall. Harry looked towards Swift and Paws and even they looked unnerved by the article, Harry didn't blame them, to hurt a child was something he would never think of doing and the only reason he had forgiven Tom was because the man was slightly addled when he threw the Cruciatus at him in 4th year. Thinking about the Dark Lord, Harry's attention snapped up to the head table and to Tom who was looking a mix between exceptionally pleased and livid, Harry's eyes drifted along to the headmaster and he wanted to cackle, Dumbledore looked as if someone had kicked him in the stomach, but Harry could see in the fury in his baby blue eyes. The noise was getting too much for him so he slipped out of the hall and finally allowed his smirk to come forward, the article was an obvious success by the people still fleeing Dumbledore's presence and he happily skipped up to his rooms. Luna was sat in the chair and a pretty smirk on her face,

"Well done, Snake," She said and Harry mock bowed,

"What can I say, Dumbledore left it all there." He replied and she laughed,

"Is there going to be a follow up?" Luna asked and the expression on Harry's face was anything but reassuring for Dumbledore.

"A four-part special,"

"Perfect," She purred, "This will keep him on his toes."

"Definitely, and I plan on using that as much as possible." Harry stated, he threw himself down and pulled out the letter from Greengrass.

"What's that?"

"A letter from a Greengrass, I had forgotten that I said I would correspond with Hadrian." Harry told her as he slit it open, the parchment was rich and expensive and he unfolded the well written letter.

Dear Mr Harry Potter-Black, Lord to the Noble and Most Ancient Houses of Potter and Black,

I am writing to you in the hope you are in good health and to fulfil my suggestion of correspondence.

I wish to continue our discussion on the ministry as I found your arguments and points of view refreshing and highly enlightening, it has been a long time since I have spoken to someone with ideas that do not solely benefit themselves. Admittedly, our world will have to have some dramatic governing changes for any such ideas to be placed and, unfortunately, our world is stuck in a time of gold and corruption.

I was surprised to see your absence at the past two wizengamot meetings, and even more so to see your seats being held by none other than Albus Dumbledore, especially as our topic of conversation did not hold the Chief Warlock in high esteem. Of course, no one mentioned your absence even if they were questioning it, but I think they know something is amiss due to the fact that Lady Malfoy was sat proudly in the Black seats during both occasions.

Furthermore, I am enraged that Dumbledore covered himself so well after such an atrocious article came to light, I am sure you know the one of which I speak, and I cannot believe he was allowed to brush something of such severity metaphorically under the rug. Rita Skeeter is right, it does make you wonder what else he has hidden and I am more than willing to discover the true nature of that man. With the minister now on probation, and about time too, I am interested on what will transpire now the second, some may claim the first, main authority figure's confidence is called in to question. I foresee many changes to commence if this continues in such a way.

Your input would be marvellous, and I would be interested to know if you have heard anything about the current happenings as you have proven to be accessible to carefully concealed information.

Yours Sincerely,

Hadrian Greengrass, Lord to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Greengrass,

The seal was stamped below the signature and Harry closed the letter thinking, he did enjoy speaking with Hadrian Greengrass, the man actually held intelligence beyond buying what he wanted and they shared many views on the ministry. The letter was slightly unexpected simply because Harry had forgotten that he said he would correspond, but that was through fault of his own and not the others. The veiled question about his absence was a valid one, and he would have to be careful of what he said, it wasn't as if he thought Hadrian would betray him, but the information was very sensitive and would cost him his life if got out. He would have to think on his reply, it would be good to get an outside input on changes needed within the ministry and the view of the wizengamot, especially now his articles had picked up; he was extremely jealous that he wasn't going to be there.

"Anything interesting?" Luna asked and Harry nodded,

"Yes, I had forgotten that I agreed to correspond with Hadrian, it will be interesting to have his input."

"Yes, he is full of knowledge and a decent view of the world."

"I agree, he is a pureblood that actually thinks beyond buying anything they wish."

"I'll see you later, I am expected in Charms soon." Luna said and Harry nodded, he pressed a kiss to her cheek as she left. He went up to his room and sealed the letter in his trunk and set a mental reminder to reply at the quickest possible time.

Where in the name of Circe did you find this? Paws demanded and Harry laughed,

Its another rather impressive one, isn't it?

Its brilliant, Snake, please tell me you have a follow up? Swift entered the conversation and Harry smirked.

Roll on next week and you'll have your answer, Rita is set to send me another draft soon and it'll be printed, Harry told them and he could feel the glee from them.

Oh how the mighty will fall, Swift sighed happily,

And we have front row, Harry agreed,

We will have to schedule a meeting, Gryffindor rooms tomorrow to discuss the wolves and our hunt. Paws said and they agreed, Harry closed the connection and opened the one he had with Tom, the man wasn't teaching, but he was thinking about something and Harry would bet he knew what it was about. He walked to the man's classroom and entered to see Tom sat behind his desk looking at the wall deep in thought, Harry sealed the door allowing his glamour to fall and happily sat down the desk bringing Tom out of his thoughts.

"You have a follow up." Tom stated and Harry smirked,

"Of course,"

"It will be just as informative."

"Most definitely,"

"Next week,"


"The old fool really does have skeletons in his closet," Tom mused and Harry scoffed,

"Oh you have no idea,"

"I do wonder how Dumbledore is going to recover from this, it is one thing to have loved the previous Dark Lord, but to have a muggle hating father when Dumbledore himself cries the good of muggles is going to raise questions." Tom said and Harry smirked,

"I think the best part about this was the fear he gained because of it, and he's pissed too, I saw it in his eyes."

"Oh I do not doubt that he is, but it is only going to get better for us." Tom pointed out with a smirk and Harry laughed lightly,

"So much better, Dumbledore isn't going to know what hit him." Tom pulled Harry down on to his lap and trailed light kisses along his neck, Harry hummed in pleasure,

"Watching you destroy the person I hate the most makes you even more desirable, did you know?" Tom asked him lowly and Harry gasped when he bit down on his neck.

"I'll keep that in mind," Harry returned before his lips were claimed and his hands found their way in to Tom's hair, he couldn't help but moan in to the kiss, there was something about kissing Tom that just did it for him. Tom's hands had drifted lower until they rested extremely low on Harry's hips and Harry pulled back reluctantly,

"Why start something you know we can't finish?" He asked in a groan and Tom smirked, his eyes were dark with desire and his hands had not moved.

"I blame you."

"Of course you do," Harry sighed, "You have to teach and I have a lesson to go to, so this will have to wait until after I've had my meeting and seen Moony."

"Your wolf is intelligent," Tom noted and Harry's eyes widened,

"Holy shit the world is ending, Tom gave a compliment." He gasped and there was a part of him that wasn't joking, Tom sent him a withering look to which Harry answered with his own innocent expression.

"Amusing as you are," He drawled, "I was quite surprised,"

"I know, humour is on my résumé. Speaking of which, you weren't all Dark Lord on Remus were you?"

"I only glared at him once, and he deserved it." Tom reassured and Harry rolled his eyes.

"Fine, but be nice, he's all I have left because of Dumbledore, I don't need you scaring him away."

"I don't think he scares that easily Harry, the man is a werewolf." Tom said and Harry grinned,

"Good because we're going to be pushing things to the limit." Tom finally removed his hands and brushed one through his dishevelled hair making Harry sigh, he had a think for messing up the immaculate hair because the man looked hot no matter how it was.

"Have fun teaching, I am off to potions." Harry pulled himself up gracefully and pulled down the wards when his glamour was fully up, "Oh and Halloween is on Friday." With that he vanished from to room. Harry fell in to step with Draco once he had entered the dungeons and the blond flashed him a smirk while shaking his head.

"I don't know how and I don't know when, but well done." Draco said and Harry laughed.

"They only get better, and trust me; the last one is the icing on the cake." Harry told him,

"How good are we looking at?"

"I was completely stunned, to the point where I couldn't process anything. My mind literally shut down in shock." Harry replied seriously and Draco blinked,

"Oh Merlin, I thought this one was shocking."

"No, it gets better/worse depending on how you look at it."


"It is isn't it? Now, we're having a meeting tonight, in those rooms after dinner."

"Got it," they both fell silent as they stopped outside the classroom, no one looked surprised to see them walking together because many of them were seen with their potions partners outside of class anyway. The lesson took longer than Harry would have liked, but he happily made his way to transfiguration afterwards. The halls were filled with the article and Harry was pleased, they seemed to be more shaken up about this one than the one before and he couldn't wait to see the next draft, if the follow up was anything as good as this one then Harry knew he would keep Dumbledore off his back. Unfortunately, he wasn't watching where he was going after transfiguration because he ran in to a furious Ginny.

"Hey Gin-,"

"They have no right to print this about Dumbledore, they're making him out to be a monster when he can't control his parents." She snarled and Harry blinked, he put on a righteously angry expression and nodded emphatically.

"I know, who does this Skeeter think she is. You can't choose your family, just look at the Dursleys!" Harry agreed vehemently, Ginny looked slightly placated that he agreed and she wrapped herself on his arm.

"I want to know why she's out to get Dumbledore again, I mean, hasn't she done enough?"

"She has the need to target someone, Gin, I think she just got sick of writing about me." Harry shrugged, he ignored the fact that she was clinging to him again and threw up his Occlumency shields to prepare for the pain he knew was coming. Just as predicted, as soon as he stepped in to the hall he felt a shadow of the pain Tom directed at him, he bit back his sigh and plastered on a smile for Ginny as she went on about something she did.

Ginny herself was feeling the same amounts of disgust, but for different reasons. She was sick of acting like she was in love with the Boy-Who-lived, she knew why she was doing it and the reward was going to be perfect, but it was tiring and sickening for her. When Dumbledore first came to her, she had been excited and thrilled to be chosen for the Boy-Who-Lived, she couldn't believe that she was the one who was going to be the future Lady Potter, but then reality hit her. Harry Potter was nothing like he should have been, he was quiet and shy, but he lived up to his name when he saved her from the basilisk. Dumbledore was paying her well to get close to him and she was succeeding, but this year was so much more difficult because of the death of that mutt Black, the damn brat had turned in to a pathetic child and it was driving her crazy. She was practically throwing herself at him and he was barely interested, she would suspect he was gay, but that wasn't possible because the he was the Boy-Who-Lived. Even if it didn't matter in their world if someone was gay or straight due to male pregnancies and blood adoptions, Potter couldn't be gay because she had to be the new Lady Potter. She deserved the title and the money and the privileges that came with it and she would get them whatever it took. After everything she had to deal with because she was poor, everything should be rightfully hers, it wasn't her fault that they didn't have any money so it shouldn't stand in her way like it did and being Lady Potter would stop that, especially after her husband dies fighting Voldemort. And he would die, Ginny was sure of it because only Dumbledore had enough power to destroy him. She would have to speak with Dumbledore about doing something because even when he was on love potion they were moving slowly, Ginny shook her head, it would all come together eventually, after all, what could go wrong? She clutched at his arm and continued to talk, it would all be worth it in the end.

"Isn't Halloween on Friday?" Harry noted picking up on something she had said.

"Yes, this is why Professor Dumbledore is letting us have a half day so we can go to Hogsmead." Ginny told him and Harry perked up at that, a day in Hogsmead on the cursed Halloween, Dumbledore was pushing the boundaries.

"Oh, that'll be fun, I missed all the Halloween trips before." Harry said tilting his head, he knew exactly what he was going to do for Halloween and if everything went to plan Friday was going to be interesting.

"Hey Gin, I'll see you later yeah? I have to get this essay done for Snape or he'll have my head, I've got training and Occlumency so I have to do it today."

"Of course, Harry, but don't work to hard." She gave him a sickeningly sweet smile as he left, he had a blonde to see about a plan.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the genius extraordinaire has arrived." Harry announced grandly as he swept in to the Gryffindor rooms, the others looked at him in amusement and Remus shook his head.

"Right then," He muttered and Harry grinned,

"I was channelling Tom, what do you think?" He said seriously and they all laughed at that.

"I think the last time you said something like that, Cub, you gave me a mini heart attack." Remus commented amused, Harry smirked.

"Why is that, Moony?"

"Because you said, and I quote, over inflated arrogance that is paired with an astonishing large ego," Remus drawled and the others raised their eyebrows in confusion.

"He's said worse," Paws said with a shrug and Remus nodded.

"While I don't doubt that, was the Dark Lord sat opposite him?" Paws, Badger and Bleach choked on air while the twins, Raven and Swift snickered.

"Why would you do that?" Draco exclaimed and Harry rolled his eyes.

"I was making sure he wasn't being horrible to Moony, you know what he can be like."

"Snake, you do not tell the most feared man in the wizarding world that he is arrogant with an ego." Paws said slowly and Harry waved her off.

"He didn't mind,"

"I wonder why?" Remus muttered with a grin and Harry laughed,

"That was why he glared at you, wasn't it?"

"Yes and it was down right terrifying." Remus shuddered and Harry laughed before becoming serious.

"Down to business," Harry turned their attention back to the meeting, "The current article is going to cause a stir, I am hoping that with this and Halloween coming up it will keep Dumbledore off my back because he is busy doing damage control. These supposed lessons we're meant to be having are an inconvenience, I have too much to do, too much to plan for and I can't spend needless time acting like I worship the ground he walks on. Tom has my Occlumency covered, my other 'lessons' are with him so they are fine and if this keeps Dumbledore away I am free to complete my plan for the wolves and we can go on our hunt." Harry took a breath and looked around to see them nodding.

"What about Ginny?" Swift asked, "She is the only thing, if the articles work their magic, setting you on edge." Harry and Luna exchanged looks that were anything but pleasant, if anything they were evil.

"I think I have that covered." Harry purred and no one asked any more.

"Bleach, do you have anything?" Harry asked the blond who threw him a dirty look,

"Still not going to change my name?" He sighed and Harry smirked before adopting an all too innocent look.

"We could change it, actually I've been thinking of some." Harry said, "I mean, we could have Albino, Snowy, Pearly or my personal favourite; Snowflake." Draco grew more horrified as Harry went on and by the end he was holding his hands up in defence.

"Bleach is fine, perfectly acceptable actually." He said hurriedly and Harry grinned.

"I thought so, do go on."

"I've been working on all the potions you gave me and I've come up with an antidote to one of them and that was the blood poisoning one. I thought, as it was the most vicious, I would concentrate on that and it was nasty to counteract, only the fact that I've access to illicit ingredients was I able to do it." Draco explained and Harry's expression darkened, he eyed Luna carefully and she rolled her eyes with a small smile. "I've made a batch so we do have counters, but it has to be administered within the first 5 minutes of consumption or it isn't a guarantee that it will work."

"That's good, its better than most could hope for. Well done, Bleach, impressive work." Harry said impressed and Draco smirked.

"Thanks, I've been working on identifying and countering the others, but it is slow progress because I have to be careful with my work. It doesn't help that I don't know who's making the potions so I can't work in front of Severus, plus the fact you don't trust him even in the slightest."

"No, I don't, and the only reason he is still alive is because of Tom. Unless he changes his attitude then its going to stay that way."

"Well, the potions are coming along, but it is slow." Draco said, "Now, a bit of a problem has come up and its one we should have foresaw."


"The Slytherin's are beginning to talk, your presence at my ball was very clearly noted and now, with your masks fully up, they are questioning what's going on." Draco told him and Harry cursed.

"Damn it,"

"That's not all, others are whispering, there were a few other families at the ball and they are all wondering the same thing."

"This could ruin everything," Swift groaned.

"If this gets out, you're worse than dead Snake." Paws said worriedly and Harry gripped his head.

"Not now, things are just picking up." He murmured,

"We can contain this," Luna said and Harry knew she was thinking,

"Go on,"

"There are rules when one agrees to go to a ball, especially a grey and dark one. If Bleach begins to spread the word that his family is calling a complete Act of Silence then no one would speak, anyone stupid enough knows that they are signing their death 10x over." Luna stated and Harry's eyes lit up, he turned to Draco who was smirking.

"I'll write to my father, tell him to send word and I'll begin tonight when I enter the common room."

"I had forgotten about the Act of Silence." Paws mused with a small smirk, "The joys of involving ones self within the Dark."

"I didn't even think they still used them." Remus said in disbelief and Harry smirked.

"Most of the things Sirius told you about the grey and dark houses are still in action, they love traditions and some of the old traditions keep a lot of grey and dark people safe." Harry told him seriously.

"I can understand that,"

"If Bleach can get the word out fast enough then I shall be covered, all it takes is one loose tongue and I'm done. I know questions are being whispered within the Lords, but they are staying quite for the time being."

"Yes, but we know that will not last." Swift stated,

"Especially with how the Order are digging." Fred added talking for the first time, he and his twin had been oddly quiet since the beginning of the meeting and Harry turned his attention to the pair.

"Do tell us what your devious minds have found." Harry said to them and they grinned,

"We, that is to say my twin and I," George began,

"Have been investigating what the Order have been up to," Fred continued,

"It's quite easy to get information out of a certain metamorph,"

"And the help of a few listeners and the eyes and ears,"

"We've been gathering quite a bit."

"Tonks will speak to you?" Paws asked and the twins nodded,

"Yes, I don't think she knows that Dumbledore's wand has been loose around us." They answered together.

"So what's going on?" Badger asked and the twins threw him an apologetic look.

"Augusta Longbottom seems to be working more solidly with Dumbledore, from what we have deduced, it was he who suggested cutting your trust vault in the hope that it would repress you even more so I would keep your watch out for more spells." George told them and Badger's expression turned evil, Harry shot him a look.

"Reign it in for now Badger,"

"I got it Snake, just pissed."

"Carry on gents,"

"She's become his other set of ears within the wizengamot because of the Longbottom seat, Weasley is to low down to be any of use, but Augusta hears things about the influential." Fred picked up and Harry hissed.

"That Act needs to get spread quickly, Bleach, do you think Zabini will help you, he seemed more open to my presence opposed to Nott?"

"Blaise will be game, he loves a scandal, but he'll ask for something in return so be careful, he isn't as superficial as he appears to be."

"I think I can appease his needs, I have a feeling I know what he wants anyway." Harry said sharing an amused glance with Luna.

"What else has been going on?" Paws asked the twins.

"The Order are trying to gather supporters for Scrimgeor." Fred told them, "With Kingsley on the same level as him they are slowly making their way around the light Noble Houses."

"The real problem is when they being on the Noble and Most Ancient, they are the ones who have the majority vote and with Dumbledore controlling my seats at the moment he can practically own the wizengamot." Harry sighed and tugged at his hair, Luna slapped his hand away and Harry smiled, "Sorry."

"Dumbledore was speaking about the latest legislation they have just blocked as well as the ones they are trying to get pushed through." George remembered, "They've, yet again, added another restriction to the werewolf rights and that was drawn and proposed by Umbridge-." He was cut of by a low, vicious hiss issuing from Harry, his eyes had narrowed in to slits and his fists clenched.

"Do you know the exact legislation is?" Harry demanded and Fred drawled out a scroll.

"We took the liberty on making a trip to the ministry." He said as he passed it over.

"Do I want to know how you managed to get in to an apparent secure room?" Remus questioned amused and slightly alarmed, the twins shared a smirk.

"You're a marauder," Fred said,

"You work it out," George finished and Remus shuddered.

"That what I'm worried about."

"THEY'RE BEING HUNTED!" Harry's enraged voice cut through the comedy, he was gripping the parchment in a vice like grip and it was beginning to smoke with his anger.


"This law says anyone who has been enacted in to the 'Werewolf Protection Program' is able to capture and contain a werewolf in 'suspicion' of endangering the public by any means necessary. It practically allows people to hunt wolves." He snarled and his magic was beginning to curl around him, "She's opened a new section of the DMLE for this and it was passed by a majority vote, it becomes valid from yesterday."

"They can't do this!" Paws exclaimed furiously, "Don't they know its wrong?"

"Amelia Bones won't sit well with this, she's all for rights and equality." Swift stated shaking his head,

"Yes, but if she doesn't put up with it then she loses her job, and having someone else in the Head spot is something we cannot have. Who knows who they'll put there and if Amelia is removed." Badger pointed out,

"They'll never stop until all the wolves are gone, its as simple as that." Remus growled and Harry shook his head,

"It will not come to that, I swore I would do something about the wolves and I intend to stick to it." Harry stated strongly and Remus sighed.

"That's all well and good Cub, but you have to keep yourself alive."

"I swore on my magic Moony, I will not stand for it." Remus eyes widened at that and a small smile came to his face.

"Thank you," Harry gave a sharp nod and began to pace,

"Damn it, I could really do with having Tom here now." Harry burst out and Remus gasped.

"That's it, its been bugging me since you got in here!"


"His scent on you is lacking, its like its been covered with something and it isn't that nice if I'm honest." Remus explained and Harry cursed.

"Ginny," he spat and went over and hugged Luna making sure he covered her entire frame with his body, "How's that?"


"Good," Harry sighed, "But don't mention it to Tom,"

"Don't mention what to Tom?" Said man drawled from the doorway and Harry blinked.

"Um hi?"

"You called?" Tom said with a raised eyebrow and Harry's shot up.

"I did?"


"Huh, well who knew?" Harry shrugged, "Have you had the latest report from the wizengamot?"

"I know there has been a new law past, Lucius was trying to obtain a copy, but on the day in question the scroll was suspiciously absent." Here he turned to look at the twins who smiled sweetly, Tom rolled his eyes and turned back to Harry. "Am I to assume that I will not like it?"

"Oh I don't know, if your feeling up for a little wolf hunting then its right up your street." Harry said brightly handing it over, Tom's eyes darted over the sheet and his eyes flashed.

"It seems that amphibian hunt you offered me has been brought forward." Tom hissed and Harry smirked.

"Hm, I believe you are correct about that Mr Riddle, do you propose a date?"

"Of course Mr Potter, Halloween is fast approaching and the evening is completely free."

"And we both know that odd things often occur on All Hallows Eve."

"It is a most unfortunate date, but it will make such a lovely finish to an otherwise dreary day."

"Indeed," Harry agreed,

"Until later?"

"Of course," Tom flashed a smirk and swept from the room, Harry watched him leave and turned back to the others, all of which were staring at him with different varies of disbelief and shock.

"Can I help you?" He asked them and they all shook their heads.

"You don't see it, do you?" Bleach asked and Harry looked at him blankly.

"See what?"

"You know what Snake, never mind." Luna said, "Back to the laws,"

"Umbridge is dead, I'll go over Swifts plans for than and adapt them. The wolf situation will be moved forward, Tom and I will scout the place with Remus, that way Tom can analyse the building while Remus and I check out the lands and then Remus can evaluate our findings to see if its wolf friendly." Harry decided, he was pacing furiously muttering to himself, "Until the area has been okayed then its pointless placing the ward up, its going to take enough power as it is."

"Ward?" Remus asked and Paws pulled out a copy of Harry's workings.

"It was a piece of genius on Snake's part." She said as Remus looked it over,

"This is amazing Cub," He breathed and Harry grinned,

"I do have some brain cells up there."

"I bet this took ages," Remus said and the group scoffed,

"Yeah, try 3 days." Bleach told him with a smirk and Remus' eyes bugged.

"You did this in 3 days?"

"Yeah, it was important," Harry shrugged, "But it doesn't matter if we don't have a safe house so I'll talk to Tom and get back to you."

"So the wolves are, hopefully, covered," Swift said making a note of it, "What other laws do they want put through, you said Dumbledore was speaking about them?"

"He's trying to legalise the Order, make it so they can work in the open and with the ministry against the dark." Fred rolled his eyes, "But if anything he's only aiding the Dark Lord, the wording is weak at best and if it goes through as it is now, the Death Eaters will become a legal organisation."

"Who in Merlin's name is wording it, Mad Eye?" Harry asked rhetorically, he nearly choked when they nodded.

"You have got to be kidding me?" Paws gasped,

"Nope, apparently because he worked in the ministry and he's second under the old fool himself, he was the best person for the job because Dumbledore is too busy."

"What about Shack?" Swift asked,

"Don't ask me how the crazy man's mind works." George said in exasperation, "But it has yet to be proposed, if they have any sense they'll give it to Tonks to take to her parents, both of which work in the legal business."

"Yes, well let's hope they don't retain any intelligence, shall we?" Harry drawled and everyone agreed.

"Do you know when they plan to propose it?" Paws asked and the twin shook their heads.

"No, not yet, they're waiting for the right time."

"Meaning, if something does happen after Halloween then it'll be proposed in the next session." Swift thought out and Harry nodded,

"Yes, it is the logical option, but that is good for us because the final proposal will be rushed." Harry pointed out,


"Now, they haven't actually noticed Remus' absence yet and that's mainly due to Kreacher, they use the elf to 'feed' him having Tonks order him because of her Black blood." Fred told them and they snickered,

"That would be useful if; A, Tonks was actually on the Black family tree and B, if Kreacher wasn't fanatically loyal to Harry." Paws laughed and Remus blinked.

"Kreacher?" He questioned and Harry nodded with a smirk.

"Yep, the elf loves me now and he's actually saved your life a few times."

"Why the change?"

"Not a change, more of a breakthrough." Harry corrected and Remus' eyes flashed.


"Who else?"

"Anyway, I think we should be prepared for Dumbledore's reaction to when he finds out that Remus has disappeared from the wards he put around the door. He is going to be thinking the worst which means he's going to be fanatical because of the things Remus knows behind the obliviates." Swift stated bringing them back,

"Yes, and he's going to become more observant to Snake's movements because if Remus' escaped by himself then Dumbledore will believe he would contact and/or come for Snake." Luna added and Harry cursed.

"Problematic, but not to difficult to work with I guess,"

"Anything else from the Order?" Badger asked the twins who shook their heads.

"No, nothing of importance." They said together sitting back and throwing their arms around Bleach, the blond rolled his eyes but didn't throw them off and Harry spotted a slight pinking of the usually pale cheeks, he hid his smirk.

"So with Remus safe and on the research tail, the wolves are in progress, the Order has been discussed and the article is on its way we have one last thing on the agenda." Harry said, "Our hunt!"

"We've scouted out most areas connected with Dumbledore, I know the man has a lot of secrets, but there is only so much he can hide from the past." Paws sighed in frustration.

"I am guessing you have been finding dirt on Dumbledore?" Remus said,

"Yes, no matter how much he has tried, he's left tiny details for us to find." Swift answered and Remus thought for a few seconds.

"Might I make a suggestion?" Remus asked,

"Please do, I cannot think of anything." Harry said eagerly,

"Try looking in to the Flammels, Dumbledore studied under Nicolas Flammel for 20 odd years and, even though I've only met him once, I know that Flammel would have kept records, even in death they'll be something."

"Why in Merlin's name did we not think of Flammel!" Paws exclaimed,

"Its like first year all over again!" Swift groaned and Harry just shook his head.

"I need to eat more chocolate."

"Chocolate?" Remus' eyes actually perked up at that and Harry snickered.

"Still not over your chocolate addiction then, Moony?" Harry questioned lightly and Remus scowled.

"I do not have a chocolate addiction." He grumbled,

"Suuure," Harry said sceptically, "Winky," his elf popped in smiling.

"What cans Winky bes doing for Master Harry?"

"I'm fancying some chocolate and I think Remus is having withdraw symptoms,"

"Oh no," She shook her head flapping her ears, "Winky is getting lots of chocolate right away." she popped away and came back with what only could be described as a mountain of chocolate, Remus' eyes glazed slightly and Harry smirked.

"Thank you Winky," She disappeared beaming and Harry turned to Remus,

"Chocolate, Moony?" Remus threw him a filthy look, but grabbed as much as possible.

"I'm going to the library," He muttered sullenly as they laughed,

"So Paws, if you could research everything you can about the Flammel residence, Swift, you plan our outing, Luna, carry on with well your stuff and Badger can help, Bleach on potions and heirs, Remus is also looking in to the heirs if you want to run your things passed him and I'll set the articles up and get on to the wolves." Harry told them all, "Twins, carry on with what you've been doing, and that mail ward."

"We've made progress with that, we're running preliminary tests currently."

"Well, let me know how you get on."

"Course we will,"

"Anything else?" Harry asked,

"Do you know what is going to happen Halloween, minus the disposal of Umbridge that is?" Badger asked and Harry's smirk was nothing short of demonic.

"Be on your guard from Thursday onwards." Harry said and all eyebrows rose except Luna who was also smirking.

"Thursday? But what in Merlin's name has been planned?"

"Currently nothing that I know of, but if my plan goes perfectly, and I can't see it not, then we, well you're, going to have a very irate Dark Lord on your hands."

"Snake," Paws sighed and Harry shrugged,

"If it works then it will cover two things,"

"Just don't get yourself killed,"

"I'm not worried about me, now you guys on the other hand have to be careful especially when he comes demanding answers."

"Wonderful, he's trying to kill us." Bleach complained, "I'll go speak to Blaise now, see what he wants." The blond vanished from the room via the dungeons root and the twins transformed and followed him out much to Harry's amusement, Swift and Paws got to their feet also.

"See you Snake, be careful,"

"I always am, in a round about way." Paws rolled her eyes and left through the library passage while Swift went to the 7th floor, Harry looked to Luna.

"It's really getting interesting now, isn't it?"

"Of course Harry, this is where the fun starts." He laughed at that and they left, Harry changes in to a snake and wound around Luna so she could carry him out secretly. She let him slide down on the defence corridor and Harry slithered his way to Tom's office, he, with difficulty, managed to get in to his office and he couldn't help but release a snakey laugh when Tom stared blankly at the door. The man's attention snapped downwards and he blinked before massaging his temples with a sigh, Harry flicked his tail to shut the door and slid over to Tom and up the chair to drape himself over the man's shoulders.


Multiple animagus forms?

Yess, three to be exact,

Is there anything completely ordinary about you, at all? Tom asked in exasperation and Harry snickered which sounded odd as he was currently a snake.

My blood is actually red in colour, apart from that I don't think so.

I didn't think so, Tom sighed, Harry slithered over to the desk and changed back with a smirk.

"Where do you think I got the name Snake from?"

"Your ability to work around and get out of impossible situations,"

"Ok, that's a very valid point, but no, I managed my Parsel transformation before my animagus which is why I have three opposed to two like the others."

"Ah," Tom nodded in understanding, "Now, with this law just passing, there is going to be an increase in wolf attacks. I will need to speak to Lucius to see if he has any leads."

"No time like the present, and we have time turners." Harry said and Tom raised an eyebrow.

"You are coming?" Harry smirked.

"You can complain when you actually don't want or mind me being there." Harry returned and Tom rolled his eyes.

"Very well, are you changing?" Tom ignored Harry's smirk of victory deciding to think on his behaviour at a later date, Harry looked down and nodded.

"Yes, I can't say I look all that intimidating in jeans, extremely good looking sure, but not intimidating."

"You have 5 minutes." Tom drawled and Harry rolled his eyes, he tilted his head and smirked.

"Are you going all Dark Lord on your minions?" He asked and Tom merely looked at him, "Right, of course you are." Harry took out his wand and span it making the shadows around him thicken, he kept rotating it until he was draped in them and then he sharply flicked his wand upwards. Tom watched as the shadows surrounded Harry and then slowly slid away from him except now he looked different, he was dressed in elegantly styled black robes which the shadows seemed to cling too, there was no part of his skin visible except the bottom half of his face which looked stark pale contrasting with the shadowy half mask that seemed as one with his face, his eyes snapped open and they were pulsing a deadly killing curse as his magic and the shadows swirled around him before settling slightly.

"Shadow magic?" Tom said impressed, not that he let it show, Harry smirked,

"I have a shadow wolf animagus," When Harry spoke it seemed to make the shadows whisper, Tom smirked.

"I think I may enjoy having you at this elite meeting."

"Of course you will, Tom." Harry said brightly, "I can't believe you doubted that fact." Tom shook his head and flicked his wand, his 'Lord Voldemort' robes and cloak wrapped around him and he drew up the hood, Harry smirked shaking his head.

"And you wonder why people stutter in your presence."

"You do not." Tom pointed out, his voice slightly distorted due to the hood and shadow spell.

"Yes, well I have been told that I am not ordinary."

"That is correct,"

"Yeah yeah," Harry curled himself in to Tom's side and buried his face in Tom's neck as he was side-apperated to Malfoy manor, Harry didn't move for a few seconds as his stomach settled and the he extracted himself and shuddered.

"If there is one method of transport, besides portkeys, that I cannot hack, its side-along apperation." Harry muttered his face tinged a slight green, Tom tried to hide his amusement, but failed and laughed at Harry.

"Yeah yeah, laugh it up." Harry grumbled,

"You can travel through the shadows and through flames, kill without a second thought and throw yourself through the air with careless disregard, but you cannot side apperate without becoming nauseous." Tom said before laughing again, Harry threw him an unimpressed look.

"I hate you."

"I know," Tom had stopped laughing, but Harry could still feel his amusement and was less than pleased,

"I've side apperated you before, many times," Tom pointed out with a smirk and Harry nodded,

"I know, but that was completely different circumstances and I'm usually high with delirium." Harry shrugged, "I'm weird, get used to it."

"I think I am, slowly." Tom said shaking his head, Harry followed the Dark Lord through the halls and they stopped at a large empty room which was obviously used as a meeting room. Tom conjured up a seat for himself, which Harry thought oddly resembled a throne though he chose not to comment, and flicked out his wand, he drew a replica of his dark mark and jabbed the skull.

Elite, he hissed and the mark flashed before vanished in a swirl of smoke, Harry backed up behind the throne and had the shadows cling harder to him as 7 people apperated in to the room and dropped to their knees.

"My Lord," They murmured and Harry could detect a slight smirk curling on Tom's face, not that anyone else could.

"Rise," He commanded in an icy tone and they moved to their feet silently.

"You have all heard of the new laws on werewolves that has been passed." He began, "Lucius was unable to obtain the exact wording of the proposal due to it being missing at the time, I have, however, read a copy."

"My Lord, may I ask how?" Lucius questioned and it was obvious it was pissed that he hadn't managed to get it, this time Tom's smirk was more prominent.

"A Snake and his connections."

"How in Merlin's name did he manage to get in to that room, I only have access due to the minister?" Lucius exclaimed easily putting together the details and so had Snape by his expression, "Um apologise, My Lord." Tom waved him off.

"I believe he has a pair of menaces, Severus, I am sure you are familiar." No one missed Snape's light shudder.

"Unfortunately My Lord, I am,"

"Now, as to how I was given this information is not important." Tom said bringing the point to the forefront, "The latest law is making Umbridge's selected legally allowed to hunt wolves."

"What!? They can't do that!"

"That is ridiculous."


"Yes, which means something needs to be done. Lucius, have you any leads?"

"I have My Lord, I was going come to you this evening. Rabastan and Rodolphus used their connections in Knockturn while I used the ministry to comply a list of names. Most of which have turned up on the Werewolf Protection Program which has just been instated within the ministry." Harry's attention snapped solely on to Lucius and the shadows grew oppressive within the room, they flickered around the death eaters and the elite shifted.

"The names Lucius," Harry hissed causing the shadows to whisper and hiss, the entire elite jumped slightly and it would have been amusing if Harry didn't want the names.

"I have them," Lucius drew out a roll of parchment, the shadows came up and took it from the blond elite member and it vanished from sight. Tom looked slightly amused at the fear he could see in his elite's eyes, but only Harry knew that due to their link.

"I want a full list of everyone in the WWP and want them to be monitored." Tom ordered, "Rabastan, Rodolphus and Bella in Knockturn and the more shadowy areas, Izar and Lucius in the ministry, Severus with the old fool and Dolohov use your connections."

"Yes, My Lord," he dismissed them and they apperated away, Harry emerged from the shadows and the expression of his face was nothing short of evil.

"I don't think Umbridge is the only one who is going to die this week." Tom commented and Harry's eyes blazed.

"I think it's time the hunters became the hunted."

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