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Warning: Swearing, mentions of blood, death and slash

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Chapter 23;

Harry was not feeling it when Tom woke him up Monday morning, he knew he had a lesson, but his entire body was aching from the magical exhaustion and movement wasn't an option for him.

"You have potions in less than 30 minutes." Tom told him amused, he hadn't been able to move because Harry had firmly wrapped himself around the man and was using him as a pillow.

"Turner," was the response he got, Tom assumed that that was Harry for he would use the timeturner when he eventually got up.

"Are you going to allow me to move?"

"No, but if you stay and let me sleep on you, you can drag me in the shower before we go back." Harry bargained,

"Deal," Tom didn't even have to think about that, and he was not opposed to more sleep. Running an army and planning a war usually left him without sleep, and with the timeturner used he had been putting in so he could be at the manor going through everything as well as teaching extra sleep was something he wasn't about to turn down.

"Good," Harry was about to fall back in to blissful unconsciousness when;

SNAKE! He bolted upright startled and clutching his head,

"Holy fuck!"

"As that was not me, I am presuming you just got a mental call." Tom said and Harry scoffed,

"Something like that, my mind has started to automatically accept messages. They're yelling at me." Harry told him massaging his temples.

"What have you done now?"

"Honestly, I don't know. I mean, I saw them yesterday before I came… Oh yeah, they thought I was going to die. Yeah, probably should have checked in." He remembered and Tom shook his head exasperated,

"You're impossible."

"It's a gift." Harry said, "But they should have noticed I hadn't died, I mean, there was not mad battle last night."

"You know what might be a good idea?"


"Asking them why they were yelling." Tom pointed out and Harry snapped his fingers.

"Good idea!" What?

We started on the Flamel stuff without you, we thought you'd be unconscious for a while and you will never believe what we have just found. Paws said excitedly,

This had better be good, Harry warned,

It is, Swift assured, Not only did Dumbledore steal the Mirror of Erised, but Flamel has proof that he stole the original philosophers stone.

"What!" Harry exclaimed out loud and in his head, Speak!

Its been recorded by Perenelle Flamel that Dumbledore attacked them at during a blind spot, Nicolas was injured due to a failed experiment and Perenelle was weakened due to the extensive healing she had performed to save his life.

Apparently, Nicolas never developed a healing elixir with his special rock, only the theory, Swift added,

Anyway, Dumbledore attacked and took the stone, and without it, they knew they were going to die. They didn't have enough time to create another one, but they made sure they put everything they knew down and sealed it down in their cottage. Apparently, Perenelle has some seeing blood or something because she wrote that she knew that one day someone would begin to suspect Dumbledore and they would need everything they could get on the man. Paws explained, and Harry was stunned.

Well fuck!


This means that he still has the stone. Harry pointed out, and there was silence from the other two until;



That bastard is immortal for the near future. Harry said,

Immortal, but not indestructible. A killing curse, or anything lethal will still kill him. Paws reminded them and Harry gave a mental sigh of relief,

Thankfully, Swift muttered,

I'm guessing your going to use the turners after you've gone through as much as you want to?

We will,

Ok, I will join you. But for now, sort anything that needs translating in to a separate pile, I'm gunna surprise Moony.

Will do, Snake.

Harry blinked a few times indicating he was coming back to the living world and Tom raised an eyebrow in question when Harry turned around.

"Dumbledore is a sneaky bastard." He stated and Tom nodded,

"Yes. Yes he is. Why specifically this time?"

"He is in possession of the Philosophers Stone." Harry said and Tom shot up looking at him wide eyed.

"Excuse me?"

"Flamel didn't give it to the old man for safe keeping, Dumbledore attacked them and stole it leaving the Flamels for dead and taking the stone for himself. Meaning, when he claimed it had been 'destroyed' it hadn't because that man is too selfish to have not kept it hidden away." Harry explained.

"Is there no end to his deception?" Tom asked rhetorically, "He went against his own master, he severed an ancient bond for his own gain. That's something even I wouldn't do, and I've split my own soul."

"It seems the further we dig, the deeper this hole goes. It's a pit of… well shit really." Harry shook his head, "I'm almost scared to see the lengths this man will go to,"

"The problem isn't the lengths he will go, you can find those out. No, what is worrisome is the reason behind them. Why is he doing this, what is his motive?" Tom said and Harry closed his eyes with a groan.

"That is the one thing we have found no clues for." Harry rubbed his face and yawned, "I'll come back to that, my body requires sleep. Remind me that is isn't a good idea to live a day and then use my shadows, animagus form, fiendfyre, fight a deadly garden, twist wards, duel, encase someone's magic and then clean up; it hurts."

"Yes, I'll be sure to do that." Tom agreed, his voice laced with sarcasm, "You know, I don't even think I would have been conscious after doing that."

"Of course you would have been, its you." Harry said in a 'duh' voice,

"Maybe, but I think we would be the only ones."

"Yes, but we're cool like that." Harry said. Tom didn't disagree and the pair of them led back down went to sleep.

"Hey Moony, I've gotten you a present." Harry greeted his wolf as he walked in to the library of the Gryffindor rooms.

"Hello Cub, are you ok?" Moony asked looking up with a smile.

"Yes. We discovered more of Dumbledore's meddling yesterday, but other than that everything is fine." Harry said,

"Was it bad?"

"One of the worst things to date and it was only my forcefully stopping Tom from killing the headmaster did everything not blow up." Harry told him,

"Oh dear,"

"Yes, but in other news, I bring you things to do." Harry handed him multiple black journals and leather bound books, "Tah Dah!"

"What are these?" Moony asked, picked up a book and turning it over in his hand, his eyebrows shot up, "This is Auvergnat dialect, this is a severely endangered language, barely anyone speaks it anymore." He picked up another, "This is Cornish, and I'm pretty sure this is Corsican."

"The only one I recognise is Cornish." Harry said, "And these are some of the books and journals that we collected from the Flamel residence. You have an unhealthy amount of knowledge of old forgotten languages, so, run wild Moony."

"This will be a challenge." Moony said, excitement creeping in to his voice as he looked the books over, "But I am definitely interested."

"Good, we don't know what to expect, but you are the only one I know that can translate things of this standard. I think Tom could do a few, so he may be up, but your knowledge of languages tops even his." Harry said and Remus grinned.

"I won't say anything about that."

"No, I wouldn't either." Harry laughed. "Oh, do you know if you need your wolfsbane anymore, you know, now you have that whole voluntary transformation going on?"

"I don't think so, Cub. I can changed when I want, and I always keep my mind, that and my senses are better than ever. I'm faster, stronger, can hear more, smell more and sense more." Remus told him, and Harry was impressed.

"I'm glad."

"I am too,"

"We're compiling all the information we have gotten on people within the wizarding world. It's crazy, the Flamel's are turning out to be just like Cassiopeia Black and her little book of secrets." Harry said and Remus mock shuddered,

"I pity the wizarding race." He joked,

"I've found out a nice little bit on Fudge. Turns out, the dear minister has been allowing illegal trading to happen in certain spots as long as he gets a cut of the profit." Harry told him and Remus' eyebrows shot up.

"No way!"

"Yes, I couldn't believe it, but Nicolas seems to have been monitoring the situation to back when it began when Fudge was senior undersecretary." Harry said,

"Whoa! What else?"

"Dumbledore stole the philosophers stone for himself."

"You mean he's immortal." Remus gasped,

"Yes, but not indestructible as Paws reminded me." Harry reassured and Remus breathed in relief.

"Thankfully! That would have been too much."

"Tell me about it."

"So you've found a lot of information then."

"Yes, even trivial things. Hell, there was even information on the Potters. Did you know that Edmund Potter insulted a high elf's appearance and was cursed to have untameable hair for the rest of his and his bloodline's lives. I'm actually the first to have broken the curse." Harry said and Remus grinned,

"That hair didn't seem too bad, there was never a Potter without a partner." Remus pointed out and Harry smirked,

"What can I say, it's our natural charm."

"Yes, that's what it is." Remus muttered grinning,

"Hey! I resent that," Harry exclaimed, with a mock hurt expression on his face, "I'll have you know that I am a completely charming individual." He puffed his chest out like a peacock and the pair of them burst out laughing.

"I can practically feel the charisma."

"I know, oozing, right?" Harry snickered,

"So, other than bringing me work, what are you doing here? Don't you have lessons?"

"Yes, but I'm killing time. It's just under an hour until dinner when I'll go back and relive the day. I over did it yesterday and needed the extra hours."

"And monopolise time with a certain Dark Lord." Remus muttered and Harry just grinned.

"I wanted to ask you how your plan and research was coming on."

"Well, I haven't been able to move forward on the Hufflepuff heir, but I finished a line for Hermione and I have to pass it on when she next comes up." Remus told him, "I've looked in to the wards with Ron, he comes up to study the castle wards, but I've made a break through."

"Oh? Go on,"

"It seems that Dumbledore has twisted some of the wards to link directly to him, he fuels him and gives him power when he pulls on it. There is a ward that we can't identify, its odd, its there sometimes, but other times we can't see it so we can't get a read on it." Remus explained and Harry looked grim.

"He needs to be out of the castle and soon."

"He does, but the way he has twisted the wards, it wouldn't matter. They are no longer tied to the 'headmaster' but directly to him."


"Yes, Swift is searching to see what the main ward he is draining is and I am researching ways to counter or break it as well as to bring the wards back to their former glory."

"I know Paws research is focusing on spells and the heirs. Draco is potions, the twins are the twins, Luna and Neville are listening for anything and everything that can be used against anyone and everyone and I'm working on the wolves, ministry decrees, creating spells and wards, working with Tom to counter Dumbledore's moves with the Order, slowly destroying the headmaster and trying to remain undetected."

"So you're not busy at all then, Cub?" Remus asked lightly, Harry shook his head.

"Not at all, got plenty of time on my hands." Harry agreed seriously, before sighing. "The lessons with Dumbledore are not helping, and Ginny has woken up so you know I'll have to deal with her soon enough."

"What is he teaching you?"

"I spend my time delving in to Tom's past, searching for the way to destroy the man by removing his immortality." Harry answered, "It's a giant waste of my time, not only does Dumbledore chat nothing but shit, but I already know how to kill Tom if I felt so inclined."

"I can see why that would be tiresome. But, in better news, I've planned my route for spreading the news on the wolves."

"That's good, I'll be going to Ellen as soon as the word gets back that its finished."

"We'll run over everything just to make sure and then I'll set off." Remus agreed, "I plan to go around the colonies I know and begin the rumours, I have a few friends and once the rumours start they will spread, but I'll make sure to keep it within the communities."

"I plan on using Greyback's influence," Harry warned, "I've never met him, and I can no longer go on what I have been told on him because of how much my mind has been messed with. I thought it best to warn you first." Remus sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

"I suppose I am in the same situation now." He said quietly, "I have never met him even though I should have, he is my sire, my creator and that creates an unbreakable bond. One that I can feel now I am in tune with my inner wolf, I will have to meet him eventually, and I need to find out if he is the disgusting monster he is said to be, or it is merely an exaggeration of his wolfish nature. After all, I've seen first hand that the terrifying and insane Dark Lord is actually quite pleasant when you get past his rather intimidating demeanour."

"I can have it arranged, if you want?" Harry volunteered, "That way you can meet him in a controlled environment and if you want him away then he can be forced to leave."

"Thanks, Cub, that would be great."

"Oh, and a little tip. Don't tell Tom that he is terrifying, insane or intimidating, it goes straight to the man's head and Merlin knows we don't need that ego getting any bigger." Harry told him, and Remus laughed at that.

"I don't know how you get away with insulting him as much as you do, but I find it both alarming and amusing." Remus said,

"I have a gift." Harry stated, before his eyes lit up, "I have a bit of info on said Dark Lord, if you swear not to say anything – unless its to tease him, for which I give you full permission."

"I highly doubt I will ever tease the Dark Lord." Remus said, and Harry grinned,

"That might change."

"I'll take your word for it."

"Anyway, it turns out that Tom has a naughty little habit. He's a klepto." Harry said and Remus choked,

"I'm sorry?"

"Oh yes, I thought it was absolutely hilarious, but he's a klepto."

"The Dark Lord is a kleptomaniac?" Remus repeated in disbelief.

"Yep, total klepto, and I found his current stash. So if anything goes missing, you know who took it."

"I did wonder where my black eagle quill went." Remus mused and Harry laughed,

"He denies everything of course, but his familiar confirmed it."

"Nagini? Where is she, I would have thought she would have been around."

"Tom left her at Malfoy Manor, she is waaaay to big to bring here, despite her wish to be here. She and Tom had an argument about it and she refused to speak to him for weeks because of it."

"He lost an argument with a snake…" Remus got out, barely controlling his hilarity.

"Yes, I thought it was hilarious."

"Oh dear Merlin," Remus laughed, "I would pay to here one of their conversations."

"It's brilliant, Moony. I was in hysterics, I could not breathe because I was laughing so much, it was great." Harry remembered fondly,

"I don't think I can picture it." Remus shook his head amused,

"Even if you could, it would never measure up." Harry said. He cast a temus and sighed, "Time for me to live the day again."

"Have fun, Cub." Remus said, "I'll see you soon."

"Bye Moony." Harry vanished in to the main room and turned the device back 9 hours. Once the disconcerting feeling had vanished, he cast his glamour and hurried down to the great hall for break fast. He was just in time for the main and was pleased to see a letter from Hadrian Greengrass, luckily, Dumbledore was too busy scouring the paper for anything on him to notice and Harry tucked the letter away so he could read it later.

Hey, I've just spoken to Moony, Swift, I want to see your research on the wards when we have some time. Harry sent to him,

Yes, I was going to bring it to you at the next meeting anyway. Its been my side project for a while and Moony's been helping. He replied,

Yeah, he told me. I had almost forgotten about their battered state until he mentioned them today. I'd offer to chip in, but with the heat picking up on Dumbledore, I need to keep some slots open. But if you want me to go over spell work then I'll gladly do that. Harry offered,

Thanks, and I know your occupied at the moment. Even more to come once she gets out of the wing, and as we don't want you killing anyone in the castle you'll need extra time. Swift said half joking.

I'm hoping with the next two articles that it will reveal more of his plans. He has to slip up soon,

I wouldn't rely on a slip up, Snake. Swift said, He is better than covering his slips than anything else, and if we rely on a window that small then one second could be life and death.

I know, but you have to admit, this year, already, is pushing your limits. Harry sighed,

It is, and I cannot wait for the time where I can relax with my closest without Dumbledore over my shoulder, but we have to be patient, as hard as it, so that when he falls, he will never get back up again.

I don't know where I would be without you, you know that. You and Paws,

I know, Snake, and you will never have to know. Swift stated sincerely, and Harry smiled slightly. He knew he didn't have to reply to that, because Swift knew how he felt, even if he couldn't say it. Harry finished his breakfast, and made his way down to potions, he was slightly surprised not to meet Draco on his way down, but his question to where the blonde was was answered then a pale hand dragged him in to the potions classroom 10 minutes early.

"Hey, only one person is allowed to man handle me currently." Harry snapped straightening his fading robes.

"Too much information, Snake." Draco said seriously, and Harry shot him an innocent look.

"I was talking about Raven, who were you thinking?"

Draco threw him an unimpressed look and Harry's expression melted in to a smirk, "I like it rough."

"Thank you, for that fascinating piece of information, Mr Potter. I can safely say my questions of life have now successfully been answered and I feel wholly fulfilled." Snape drawled from his desk, his voice dripping in disdain and sarcasm as only he could. Harry couldn't help but be amused, when Snape wasn't been overly malicious to him then his comments were pretty amusing.

"I live to please, Professor. I am of the belief I have a gift." Harry returned, to which he received a sneer. "Now, why was I dragged in here?"

"My potion was a success." Draco told him, pleased, "You're here to drink it, and then we can see if you have any adverse affects, something which I doubt."

"Brilliant!" Harry said brightly, "She is set to be released on me soon, and who knows what she's got planned. I'll have to ask my outside spies."

"Exactly, which is why I am amazing for having it finished by this time." Draco told him loftily, and, for once, Harry didn't deny it.

"What's the likely hood this tastes like hippogriff shit?" Harry asked rhetorically, taking the swirling silver potion and sniffing it.

"I made sure of it." Snape told him pleasantly, and Harry didn't doubt him for a second.

"I am glad to know, that with everything happening, I can rely on you to still be a bastard, sir." Harry said cheerfully, and downed the potion. It was one of the worse he had ever tasted and it was only his iron control that stopped him spitting it back out. It tasted like fermented eggs which had been left out in the sun and then mashed together with sour milk, it was thick and warm as it slid down his throat and when it hit his stomach it was like someone has doused him in citrus. His whole body tingled and flushed hot then cold, it was, overall, a horrible experience that left Harry clutching the table in an effort to remain upright.

"That," He gasped, sucking in as much air as possible, "Was absolutely awful."

"Aren't you glad you only need to take it once?" Draco said, smirking.

"Honestly, that is one of the best things I have ever been told." Harry said, pushing himself up and taking a few more deep breaths. "Ok, I'm good."

"Do you want to try it out?"

"Yes, that way if it doesn't work we can counter it instantly." Harry said, he was a little pale from taking the potion, but he was determined to have a safety net.

"Ok, here we go." Draco handed him a small vial which Harry downed, he felt the familiar euphoria well up before it vanished and he felt normal.

"How are you feeling?" Draco asked, tense,

"Fine, it worked," Harry said, "I felt it enter my system before it was gone."

"Thank Merlin," Draco breathed in relief, "I am a genius."

"Now that this happy occurrence is over, you can take your seats." Snape sneered and Harry was only to happy to sit down, he absolutely hated taking potions and if he could avoid it he did. The rest of the class entered and they continued on with their Draught of Living Death, Harry attempted to continue, but he found that his hands was shaking and his head was light with the fumes.

"I can't do this, Bleach." Harry muttered dropping the knife for the third time, Draco cast a glance and Harry and cursed,

"I think the potion is completely clearing your system of any remaining love potion residue. I didn't take that in to consideration."

"Is the room supposed to be spinning because there is a party going on currently." Harry slurred,

"Shit," Draco muttered, he put their potions on stasis and caught Snape's attention, "May Potter be excused, Sir?" He asked, knowing he couldn't go with him or it would raise questions. Snape looked at them and nodded, Harry saluted and stumbled out of the room, he needed to lie down right now. He got as far as his corridor before his legs gave way and he slid down the wall, all of his limbs were shaking and he could feel his glamour flickering in and out, he couldn't even muster the magic to use his shadows.

Harry forced himself to his feet, refusing to be discovered just because he had be dosed with numerous potions before now, he managed to pull himself half way down the corridor before his body gave out again and he groaned as he hit the floor. Harry managed to look at where he was and almost cheered, Tom's office was an arms length away, and he needed to get there as he felt his glamour drop. He managed to crawl to the office and roll in, he knew he had triggered the wards, but that was the least of his worries as he nudged the door closed and collapsed.

Tom felt the wards of his office go and froze in his classroom where his 4th years were making notes from the lecture he was giving, he really enjoyed teaching as he knew he would when he first applied for the job, but it was made even sweeter because Dumbledore didn't know who was teaching his precious students currently. The class didn't notice his slip as he covered it expertly, but he couldn't help but wonder who was in his office while he was in class. He wasn't too worried, there was nothing incriminating in there, everything was kept within his rooms and at Malfoy Manor, but he generally didn't like people in his spaces. Tom carried on with the lesson while his mind thought of the reasons behind his mysterious invader. The bell went and the class quickly emptied and before he could leave Harry's friends and the younger Malfoy burst in, he raised an eyebrow at their entrance and the small blonde girl, Luna, stepped forward.

"We need access to your office." She said and Tom was under the strong belief that it wasn't a request, he would have laughed at her demanding something from him, but he remembered Harry's warning and bit back a shudder. The girl's ability to just know things was disconcerting in the least, and down right alarming at worst.

"And why is that?"

"I need to make sure Harry's ok, he's current unconscious there." She told him and he felt surprise on his face before he wiped it.

"This occurred, how?"

"I perfected the love potion immuniser, but it works as a system flush to remove traces of love potion and possibly others. Harry took a does, but we didn't take in to account that his system must be riddled with residue." Draco explained, "He had to leave potions, but I thought he had made it back to his rooms until we got there and he wasn't. We checked the map and saw that he only got as far as your office and I guess he went in there because his glamour fell."

"I shall bring him back to his rooms." Tom told him, wondering if it was possible for anything to be even partially normal around Harry Potter.

"Thanks," they left and Tom shook his head. He apperated to his office and was slightly alarmed to see the state Harry was in, he was ghostly white and shaking, he skin was coated in a shiny sheen of sweat and potions by the looks of things and Tom quickly vanished it so it didn't sink back in to his pores. He picked Harry up with ease and the movement shook the feverish teen in to partial consciousness, bleary green eyes looked at him in confusion.

"I don't think I want to know." He murmured and Tom bit back a snort.

"Normality doesn't become you." He said and Harry managed a small grin.

"Course not,"

"I am going to apperate, so brace yourself." Tom warned and Harry's whole body tensed, they vanished near silently and appeared in the main room of Harry's quarters.

"Tom," Harry got out, paler again.

"Yes Harry,"

"I would put me down unless you want me to throw up on you."

Tom's eyes widened and he quickly, but carefully, put Harry down on the sofa where he rolled over and threw up a strange green sludge which Tom vanished with a flick of his wand. Luna immediately rushed over to him when Harry rolled back over on to his back, she began casting spells and muttering under her breath.

"I have to teach, don't die. I would get bored," Tom told him before leaving the room,

"His charm astounds me." Luna muttered and Harry chuckled weakly.

"It's unique."

"I am so sorry, Snake. I didn't take in to account your previous experiences with potions." Draco said fretfully and Harry managed to wave his arm in a 'never mind' gesture.

"'Least my system is going to be squeaky now."

"I'm afraid you'll have to sleep it off." Luna sighed, "Any potions I give you will be brought back up, and there are no spells for this sort of thing."

"S'fine." Harry muttered, "Night." And then he was out.

"I swear he never catches a break." Swift said shaking his head.

"He really doesn't." Paws agreed,

"I can't believe I didn't think of this." Draco sighed, "It's lucky he's so strong or he could have died, I don't think he realises."

"Don't worry, Bleach. It isn't your fault, Dumbledore and his lackeys were the ones that dosed him, and if it wasn't for them then he wouldn't need the immunized in the first place." Luna said, her usual soft features hard with anger as he ran her hand through Harry's hair.

"We'll have to go back so we are not missed." Paws said, "Snake will too when he wakes up."

"I'll stay with him," Luna said, "He's going to feel like hell when he wakes."

"We'll leave him your capable hands, and I'll inform Badger tonight." Swift said, "Tell him we hope he's alright, and if we don't see him before, we'll see him Thursday."

"I will,"

The three of them turned their timeturners back once and vanished from the room. Luna sat on the chair and turned to a book, she vanished the sheen that appeared on Harry at regular intervals and checked on him to make sure he was fine. He slept through lunch and Winky brought her food, she asked after her Master Harry and Luna reassured her that Harry would be fine when he awoke. Luna flicked through the book again and made some changes with her quill, it was her information book that she kept all of the details that people didn't want other to find out and she was making sure it was as detailed for her brother as possible; especially on the people she knew he didn't like. It was approaching dinner when Harry released a pain groan, Luna moved to his side instantly and ran a soothing hand through his hair.

"Easy there, Harry," Luna murmured,

"Who threw me in front of the knight bus?" He groaned and Luna smiled,

"Your system has just been completely flushed of all remaining potion residue."

"Oh. Ok then." He cracked an eye open and immediately shut them with a hiss, "Vision is not recommended."

"Here," Luna flicked her wand and dimmed the lights allowing Harry to open his eyes.


"Can you sit up?"

"If you pull me."

Luna helped him in to a sitting position and Harry was not impressed to feel his body felt like lead.

"Come on, lets get you to the shower and feed you. You should be ok then."

"How long was I out?" Harry asked getting unsteadily to his feet, Luna helped him balance and they made their way, slowly, to the bathroom.

"We found you 10 minutes after first period, we're now approaching dinner."

"Ugh, I'll have to live the day yet again."

"Yes, all bar first."

"Wonderful," He muttered, "Well, three's a charm."

By the time they had reached the bathroom, Harry could walk on his own and he kissed Luna on the cheek,


"Your clothes will be ready to go, don't forget your glamour and your food will be waiting."

"You are amazing." He told her,

"I know."

As Harry vanished in to the shower to relieve his aching body, Luna flitted down to the kitchen and called for Winky to bring Harry some food. Out of the pair of them, Harry was by far the superior cook and Luna didn't know a dish that Harry couldn't make, and when he made deserts Luna all but melted. It was odd, that someone like Harry could cook like a chef and loved designing and making clothes, but it was just him she supposed. Winky popped in with chicken and bacon pasta, something Harry had a real thing for, and popped away just as said person came down redressed and glamoured.

"Feeling better?" She asked,

"Much, and I need to eat." He said, she passed him the plate and watched amused as Harry inhaled the food.

"We'll have to go back several hours, and continue from there. The guys send their best and said if they don't see you before, they'll see you Thursday." Luna told him, "And in case you didn't remember, the Dark Lord told you not to die else he get bored."

"Ah, his charm is brilliant." Harry laughed,

"Isn't it?"

"I just want to read my letter from Hadrian before I go, I'm curious." Harry remembered,

"Oh, do share."

"Of course," Harry flicked his wrist and summoned the letter from the bedroom, he cracked open the seal and began to read.

Dear Harry,

After reading your letter and consulting with some close acquaintances, I understand your situation better, and word of the Act has reached me. I, if I am correct, believe it was the best course of action to protect yourself and I am sure you will be pleased to know that there have been no whispers of your activities or person since.

You were not incorrect when you said there was much more to see about Dumbledore, and his reputation is taking some beating because of the releases of the papers. I was as surprised as you said I would be when reading of his heritage, and I do think, if my observations are correct, he will have a harder time at avoiding confrontation about his past. Whilst I do not doubt the truthfulness about he and Grindlewald, many did because it was an outstanding revelation, but there is so little known about the Dumbledore family which leaves very little to be denied. Also, it is aided by the direct quotes taken from protected sources, but one need only match up the dates to work out who was around to see Dumbledore grow up.

I have to say I am pleased with the information you passed on for it enabled me to gain the Undersecretary position, to which I have found is in great need of a firm hand. There is a plethora of 'misplaced' laws and legislations, and my eyes have truly been opened to just how bad our ministry has become. I knew, of course, that there was gold going in pockets, but Dolores Umbridge was as corrupt as a human could possibly get and the things she has hidden from the public is astonishing.

Things are growing here in the ministry, and with my new position is has shaken things up because I cannot be bought and I cannot be blackmailed. Dumbledore has approached me already, he, in his skewered perspective, believes that it is best for me to give up my neutral stance and sit within the light as I am now in grave danger. He did not take my refusal well, but, as I said, I cannot be bought or blackmailed. He has an upcoming legislation that he wishes to push through and my votes would have guaranteed its passing, now that I have refused he will not sit back and allow me to work peacefully. It is my hope that he continues to lose face, for it will be the only thing to stop his crusade against me as I am digging in to his legislation with both hands.


Hadrian Greengrass,

"It seems that Hadrian is in danger." Luna said after a moment of silence.

"Dumbledore is getting reckless, to go after Greengrass, even in the shadows, is a mistake. If anything happens to him, especially with the public behind him as they are currently, there would be uproar." Harry muttered distracted, "I don't want anything to happen to him, which means he needs to look as if he's stopped digging in to anything related to Dumbledore."

"You know he won't." Luna said, "Hadrian Greengrass doesn't back down, it is why the Dark Lord leaves him alone and no one has crossed him."

"I know, but if he continues, Dumbledore will remove him." Harry sighed, he tilted his head before a smirk made its way on to his face.

"You have an idea."

"How about I gave Hadrian something even graver to put his attentions to and make Dumbledore believe that he had lost interest?"

"And just what do you have to offer?" Luna asked interested,

"I think it might be prudent to set Hadrian on the missing trial of Sirius Black."

Remus rolled his neck and sat back with a sigh. The books that Harry had given him to translate were his biggest challenge to date, but he was having a blast. Call him crazy, but there was something truly great about completing something that others can't. All of the books were of a different language, there were some that even he had never heard of and he had set them aside to go through once he had finished the ones he knew. He wanted to teach himself the languages as he translated the books, that way he gained as well as gave.

Remus sat up and pulled his workings forward, he had finished the Cornish book as well as the ancient Greek because they were languages he was well versed in translating, he was a bit shaky on the Ancient Egyptian so he had put that one aside and moved to the Corsican book. Corsican was an Italo-Dalmatian language spoken on the island of Corsican mainly, it was an extremely old language and only 10% of people known to speak it spoke it as a first language. He had found the language when he was combing through new things to learn and he turned his attentions to languages, he had decided that if their was a book available then he was going to attempt to learn it and his plan had succeeded up until the war intervened.

It was good to get back to an old past times, even if it was in the middle of a war where he was on a completely different side than before and his entire beliefs had been thrown on their head. He had lost so much before, but he was still standing and so was his cub, and so he would continue to fight, doing anything and everything he could to make sure his cub stayed standing. Remus' head snapped up when he felt the now familiar magic of the Dark Lord enter his senses, the man swept in to the room and gracefully placed himself in the chair opposite.

"Good afternoon, Harry's wolf." He greeted and Remus rolled his eyes, it was the same greeting every time,

"You know, I do have a name; it's Remus." Remus said amused,

"Are you not a werewolf?" The Dark Lord asked,


"And are you not in Harry's little… thing?"

"Well yes,"

"So you are Harry's wolf." Tom pointed out and Remus groaned in to his hand. He really didn't know why he bothered, the man was more stubborn than Lily and that was saying something.

"Never mind," He sighed half exasperated, half amused and he noticed the amused glint in the red eyes.

"I have been informed that you are translating books." The Dark Lord said and Remus found it quite amusing that Harry was able to predict the man's movements so easily.

"Yes, I've finished the Ancient Greek and the Cornish. I'm working on the Corsican currently,"

"Corsican? I have not seen than language in years, I remember stumbling across it when I travelled to northern Sardinia." Tom said interested, he picked up Remus' working and looked through it impressed. "You are well versed in this language."

Remus blinked in shock, he was well aware that that was the biggest compliment he was ever going to receive from the man, but it sent a small thrill through him to know that the Dark Lord actually complimented him.

"Thanks, I used to have a lot a spare time on my hands."

"You are self taught?" There was a touch of surprise in the man's voice, and Remus grinned.

"Yes, my parents spent most of their money making sure no one found out I was a werewolf; not that it helped."

"Harry was right, you are intelligent." Tom decided, "What other languages are you versed in."

"I know quite a few, and there are others I know by eye. I have seen most of these before, even if I haven't a hope of translating them yet, if I can find a book I can translate them." Remus said,

"I believe I recognise most, but there are some I am, I admit, unfamiliar with. This one, for example, I don't believe I have seen before." Tom picked up a book which had what looked to be scratches and claw marks on it and Remus grinned.

"I would have been extremely surprised if you did," Remus said, "That is the original language of the Children of the Moon." Tom looked extremely interested in that and sat forward slightly,

"Do you speak it?"

"Unfortunately no." Remus shook his head, "According to wolf legend, only those of true blood, i.e direct descendents of the originals can speak the language. I can, however, read and write it."

"You will teach me this language." Tom decided and Remus blinked,

"Ok," He agreed, not that he had much of a choice, but then it was not as he minded.

"Good. What languages do you not know here?" Tom said looking back at the books, Remus picked up three books and laid them out. They were the only ones he had never seen before and he couldn't, for the life of him, even begin to try and find references to them and one of the languages gave him the creeps.

"Ah yes, and I assume that his one-," He picked up the book that made Remus shudder, "Makes you uncomfortable."


"It's Vampiric," Tom informed him, "Said only to be able to write it with the blood of a vampire."

"That would explain the weird feeling." Remus muttered, eyeing the book with distaste. "The others?"

"This one-," He held up the another book, "Is Torlakian, found in Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Macadamia and Serbia. And the final one is as much a puzzle to me as it is to you."

"Torlakian… I've never even heard of it."

"It is not found outside the mentioned countries, but it is not yet endangered to be extinct, merely vulnerable." Tom explained and Remus nodded,

"And the final one is a complete mystery." He picked up the book and looked at it closely, "It doesn't trigger any memories."

"How close are you to finishing your current works?" Tom questioned him,

"Merely cross referencing to make sure I've gotten everything right."

"Good, we shall start with the mystery." Tom said, "I do enjoy a challenge." Remus' eyes lit up with the prospect and he readily agreed,

"Yes, lets." He said flicking his wand to order his previous works and clearing the table, "Have you managed to explore the language section to this library yet?"

"I have only glanced,"

"I think you will appreciate it." Remus said as they got up to search for books, "It is like nothing I have ever seen." They went as far back in to the library as it would go and Remus made a flourished gesture to the entire back wall.

"All of it?"

"All of it." He confirmed,

"This will be interesting." Tom commented, "I'll start this end." They split and began combing through the books to find a reference or a book on the mysterious language, they spent hours looking through book after book and ones that looks similar got added to a pile levitating behind them. It was a surprisingly small pile of books they brought back to the table to be examined in detail and Remus shook his head.

"This language is definitely a unique one." He said looking at the collected books.

"Hm, so it seems." Tom agreed, "I may have found some small references, but it is not much to go on."

"Same, brief mentions only."

They led out their books and started going through them, and it wasn't long before an argument broke out between them.

"No, it clearly isn't that." Tom disagreed, his voice sharp and snappish, "You are supposed to have enhanced senses, you should be able to see the difference in the finishes to know that that is the Voro-Seto dialect, once popular in Estonia. This is a much better comparison."

"Ok, that is something I have never heard of. But with all that intelligence and intellect you speak so highly of, you should easily be able to see that that is not even close to being what we are looking for, and is obviously Ume Saami from Sweden." Remus countered with equal heat.

"Is that even a real language, wolf?" Tom hissed.

"Yes, Dark Lord, it is, I question whether yours is not just a figment of your imagination." Remus spat. They were so engrossed that they didn't notice that they had an audience, Hermione had been stood in the doorway for the past 10 minutes as they worked together brilliantly and then started arguing. It was shocking for her, to see the Dark Lord so human and… available for lack of a better word.

He had always been out of reach to her, to everyone accept Harry that was, and she could never understand what Harry was trying to say when he said the Dark Lord was great to be around. It was shocking, to watch him work and to see how his mind worked, she could see what Harry was saying now. She had been slightly afraid when Remus had snapped back at him, but had watched amused as the pair seemed to get in to a scrappy little argument over who was right and Paws shook her head bemused. She decided that it might be best to stop the argument before it turned to wands, she doubted Harry needed the stress.

"Hello, Remus, Dark Lord." She greeted stepping forward, she froze when she was faced with two wands until they registered who it was.


"Harry's friend,"

"May I ask why you are arguing?"

"We're working on translating one of the books, it's the only language we're both in the dark over and we're discussing who had the right one." Remus explained, throwing the Dark Lord a dark look to which he received a sneer. Hermione walked over to see what they were looking at, fighting back the smile that wanted to emerge at their petty behaviour. She flipped a few of the pages of the books they were looking at and then back at the original frowning a little,

"You're both wrong." She told them, and they both glared at her. She nearly flinched at the duel glares, but she remembered that Harry would not allow these two people to harm her and so she merely raised an eyebrow. "Don't look at me like that, I've come across this language when I was searching for the spell on Bellatrix and didn't understand a word of it. Harry gave me a set of books and scrolls for my birthday, I found it in one of the books which Harry has a copy off. Something about it being an ancient micro-language from… Poland maybe?" Hermione explained and the men shared a look,

"Come on, wolf," Tom said, "I want that book," he grabbed Remus and apperated away, Paws shook her head. She needed to make sure she wasn't crazy, and for that, she needed a good book.

Remus and Tom laded with an uncharacteristic crack in Harry's rooms which made both Harry and Luna aim their wands at the entering parties.

"Holy shit, Tom! What happened to the silent approach?" Harry demanded, collapsing back down on to his chair.

"I was preoccupied." Tom waved him off, "I want your books." Harry blinked and turned to Remus.

"Hey Moony, why'd he drag you here?"

"We're translating a book that neither of us know, and we need a book. Hermione said she had seen the language in the books you gave her for her birthday." Remus explained,


"So, we want your books." Tom repeated, with a touch of impatience. Harry bit back a smirk, he really did enjoy watching Tom when he got in to work mode, the man was relentless and it didn't surprise him in the slightest that he had teamed up with Moony.

"Would it kill you to be polite?" Harry asked and Tom gave him a deadpanned look.

"Yes. Now fetch me the books, we have things to be doing and I want to know what language it is." He snapped crossing his arms, and tapping his foot.

"You know, you could show a little bit more consideration seeing as I am supposed to be getting the books." Harry pointed out and blocked the stinging hex aimed for his head, "I'll go get the books then, shall I?"

"Wise decision." Tom agreed. Harry vanished up in to his room and dug out the trunk in which he had stored the Malfoy books in, tapped it to reinforced the feather light charm and chucked it at Remus who snapped it out of the air.

"That it the entire Malfoy Family library right there, so do be careful, I would hate to have to copy them again." Harry told them, both Tom and Remus' eyes lit up in delight and they vanished with a crack, Harry shook his head.

"You know, I think it might have been a bad idea to introduce those two." Harry said to Luna,

"I think you might be right."

There we have it folks, a bit of a mix up I know, but its adding to the information of the story and any loose ends will be tied up eventually. I know I mentioned a few languages and things in here, they are all real languages, but interpreted in my own way to suit my fic so I'm sorry if anyone doesn't like that. Please, please, please, drop a review, I would be super happy and might update quicker ;)