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Jason had never been more nervous than going to school on the first day. He felt so out of place, and restless. Time seemed go on forever. Girls and a handful of boys stared at him and batted their eyes, and that made him self conscious. He was taller than everyone so he felt as if everyone was staring at him which made him feel insecure. His choice of wearing long sleeves to cover up his scars was the right choice, he did not want any more attention.

At lunch, Jason found himself alone, which was fine because everyone else was loud and annoying and he wanted nothing to do with them. Instead he found comfort in texting Dick. Dick was with Calvin Rose, and they were looking for work in the city. Not that they needed a job, the money they were making from the circus was enough to sustain them for a long time. Dick needed to be doing something, he was too energetic to sit around all day and wait for Jason to come home from school.

While waiting for a response, Jason happened to glance up from his phone and his eyes met with bright blue eyes resting on pale skin. It was the boy from the cemetery. He was speaking with some other teenagers, but as soon as he saw Jason he left them in what looked like mid conversation.

"Is everything okay?" the boy asked, recalling their encounter.

Jason let out a breath and an attempted a smile, "Yeah, what about you?"

"It's been hard." the boy admitted.

They were two different people, from completely different families and different lives but all because they had both lost someone they knew what the other was going through.

"May I, um..."

Jason patted the ground next to him, motioning for the black haired teenager to sit, "It doesn't get better – um, hey, I don't know your name."

"I'm Timothy Drake-Wayne." Tim said as he took a seat next to Jason.

"I'm Jason Todd-Grayson." he introduced himself. Tim's eyes went wide when Jason told him the second part of his last name, but he ignored it and continued speaking. "I'm new at this school, in fact, this my first time in public school"

Understanding the point Jason was trying to make, Tim decided, "Yeah, I'll help you." he sounded a little too enthusiastic about wanting to help Jason, but he went along with it.

The two compared their schedules, learning that they had their last two classes together. Photography and Medicine/Health Care.

Photography sounded like an easy course, Jason figured it would be no problem. However the medical course was going to be a problem, the only reason why he was even eligible to take such an advanced class was because he tested into it. Not only that, but the class was only offered during the last period of the day, so it was difficult for many students to get into it. The teacher was an actual doctor too, her name was Dr. Sheila Haywood. She would teach the class, and then go to the hospital to begin her shift.

Jason did not like the way she looked at him, once she got to his name she stammered and did not look happy. He passed a note to Tim, saying, "I don't think she is going to like me."

Being the first day of class, did not mean that there was not going to homework. Jason was locked in his room, and Dick had his back to his boyfriend's door waiting for him to finish. Dick was playing with Bandit, the young cat playfully hopped over his legs chasing a string.

After a while the cat curled up on Dick's lap, and began to snooze quietly. Dick himself was beginning to fall asleep but soon the door squeaked open. Standing in the door way was Jason, "How long have you been out here?"

"Since we got home." Dick admitted.

Jason laughed, and pulled Dick on his feet. Bandit hopped off and gave Jason an angry meow for disturbing him and ran off. "That's sweet of you." Jason yanked Dick into his room and shut the door.

Dick sat down on the bed, and was tackled by Jason. All day Jason had wanted to kiss Dick, and now that they were alone, it was the perfect time. He pressed his lips against Dick's, which ignited that feeling of butterflies fluttering through his veins. Dick kissed him back, running his hands under Jason's shirt.

Jason's hands clung to the waistband of Dick's pants, inching them down. Dick bucked into Jason, and he gave off a muffled moan into his lover's mouth. Breaking the kiss to catch a breath, Dick made his way down the side of Jason's face, venturing down into his neck.

Once Jason undid Dick's pant's, he latched his hands on his lover's shirt, tightly holding him. Jason's heart galloped a little too fast, he was nervous still.

Suddenly there was a bang on the door, "Dick? Dick are you in there?" it was Mary.

"Y-yeah!" Dick called back, jumping off Jason and trying to pull up his pants while not tripping on himself as he ran toward the door. "Mom?" Mary peeked over Dick's shoulder, and crossed her arms, "Is he distracting you?"

Shaking his head, Jason walked over to the doorway, "No, I finished my homework for the night." he grabbed Dick's hand, "I've been wanting to show him something since we got here, is it okay for us to go out?" Mary smiled, "Just be sure to be back before midnight," she reminded, "You have school in the morning."


Once Jason had pulled Dick outside and they were sitting in the truck, he asked, "Where are going?"

"You want to see what the city looks like from the tops of the buildings, at night?" Jason inquired. "I was too sick to show you the last time we were here. I figured now is the perfect time."

Dick kissed Jason on the cheek, and started the vehicle.

It was surprising to see how at home Jason was, running down ally's and climbing the sides of buildings. It took everything Dick had in him to keep up. Seeing how beautifully, and gracefully Jason hopped from building to building did make Dick want to stop chasing him and admire his silhouette against the black backdrop of the night sky.

Jason glanced back, keeping an eye on Dick to make sure he did not slip or anything. He did look like he was struggling, but that was something Jason was expecting of his boyfriend. Dick was used to preforming in well lit areas, where he can easily see what he's grabbing on too, and where he is going.

Suddenly, Jason stopped on a familiar yet foreign building.

Before Dick completely halted, Jason wrapped one arm around Dick's lower back, and another behind his knees. In a whirl, Jason lifted Dick, bridal style and kissed him.

Once the kiss was broken, Jason stared down at Dick, smiling, "This is where we had our first kiss."

Dick blushed so hard that even in the dim lighting Jason could see the vivid pink light up his cheeks.

So much has changed since they were up there the last time. More than the fact that it was day and now it was night. Their relationship had changed from back then. Dick was uncertain, and Jason was alone.

Slowly Dick set his feet down, and they held hands eying the beauty of the scenery. The artificial light of the city glowed bright against the cold steel that held them together. Dick set his head on Jason's shoulder, admiring the beauty.

Dick was speechless, the sight amazed him, "This"

"I know, right." Jason squeezed Dick's hand tighter, "It's more beautiful with you here with me."