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"Sonic!" Shadow yelled as he was running towards him. ghostly hands pulling him away into the darkness.

Chapter 1: Sonic's Confession

*Warning* *Warning* *Warning* A mechanical voice spoke as lights flashed saying: Prototype Biolizard is now destroyed. Alert. The Ark is crashing towards Earth in two minutes. Repeating… The Ark is crashing two minutes.

"Everybody is counting on us. We can't let them down," Shadow and Sonic both thought determinedly.
"Let's do this! CHAOS CONTROL!" The two Super hedgehogs shouted in unison.

The space colony Ark was safely teleported back into its orbit around the Earth. People cheered, both those onboard the Ark and on Earth. The Chaos Control took alot out of both the Super hedgehogs. Shadow had used too much power and was struggling to maintain conciousness.

"I have done my purpose…," Shadow thought as he slowly started to get pulled in by Earth's gravity field.
"Now that I have fulfilled my promise… Its time I joined you there, Maria," he thought, resigned to his "fate".

"Hey," a voice above Shadow yelled.
"Faker!" The voice snapped urgently. Shadow's eyes snapped open as he felt a hand wrap around his pulling him out of Earth's gravity.

"Sonic…," Shadow muttered slowly trying to get his bearings. Sonic in his Super form floated infront of him with his usual "happy-go-lucky" smile plastered onto his face.

"Come on," Sonic said cheerfully, "Be happy for once! We did it!"

"Hey! You need these, right," Sonic asked as he showed Shadow the two control rings that he had earlier taken off to use his full power.

"Let's go back home, to the planet as blue as me," Sonic joked.
"You can thank me later…," he continued while the other was lost in his thoughts.

"Why are you so nice to me," Shadow thought slightly confused as he started to reach out and take the rings from Sonic. Then he stopped as he shook his head, his usual frown set back on his face as he retracted his hand as he thought, "Wait… It's not like I'm ever gonna use them again".
"I don't need them," Shadow spoke out loud. The other hedgehog seemed shocked at what Shadow said next.
"No… It's not like I'm going to live… there's nothing to live for," Shadow privately thought. Then he said to a horrified Sonic, "I'm going to die here anyways… what's the point," Shadow questioned.
"Whoa there, emo Hog!" Sonic laughed not believing what the other hedgehog had said.
"You can't just die. Stop joking around…," he continued.

"He just doesn't get it," Shadow growled in his mind.
"I don't joke," Shadow yelled at Sonic smacking his hand away.

"Shadow, what's wrong with you," Sonic asked concernedly.
"I'm worried that all that kindness has blinded your judgement," Shadow spat.

"Look at me," he yelled and pointed towards himself then towards the Ark and continued, "I'm a monster! Just like that thing we just killed!"

"I was made by the hands of the world's greatest scientist, Professor Gerald Robotnic to help find a cure for his grand-daughter's disease. But in the end… I was just a killing machine… soon G.U.N. found out about me. And so, they arrested and attacked everybody in the Ark. Even the girl. Her name was Maria," Shadow continued somberly.

"She was the only one I cared about… and she died helping me escape… I tried to save her, too… but I just couldn't.

"That thing we just killed was my prototype, and it also escaped with me… in the end, Maria's efforts were for nothing as G.U.N. soon found me and put me in Prison Island for 50 years.

"That's why I deserve to die… because of me she wasn't able to live her own dreams," Shadow concluded as he closed his eyes.

"But you don't deserve to die, Shadow… no one does…," Sonic thought sadly. He thought carefully about what to say.

"No one is to be blamed for what happened. What happened in the past is in the past, so let it go, Shadow," he argued determinedly.

"And Maria made that choice because her dream was for you to be safe and protect the Earth, right," Sonic pressured on.

"And I just can't let a friend die," he finished.

"You just don't get it," Shadow sighed.

"Sonic, don't even think that we're 'friends' just because we worked together once.

"I only did it because I promised Maria. Earth is safe now. All they need is the world's fastest hedgehog. No one needs me any more," Shadow said in a dead voice.

Sonic was baffled. He couldn't believe what Shadow was saying.
"You IDIOT," Sonic yelled as he smacked the other hedgehog.

"You're the one who doesn't get it… It doesn't even matter if anyone needs you! Because I Need you!" Sonic yelled. Tears were in the corners of his eyes.

"W-what did you just say," Shadow asked. He was shocked to say the least. Had he heard correctly? Sonic needed Him?

"S***," Sonic exclaimed as he clamped a hand over his mouth. He blushed scarlet embarassed. Had he really just said that?

"He needs me…," the striped hedgehog thought. His usually tan muzzle now as red as his highlighted quills.

"I mean… without you, I probably wouldn't have been able to stop the Ark… and if something like this happens again, I'll probably need you again, right," Sonic said sheepishly while running a hand through his quills.

"Sonic, I- ," Shadow started to say.

"How cute," a voice sneered cutting off the black hedgehog.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to interupt this little tea party… hope you don't mind~ ," the voice echoed. Another hedghog that looked very similar to Super Sonic floated halfway out of Sonic's shadow smiling showing off sharp pointed teeth and swirling crimson eyes.

"What the hell… who is that," Shadow wondered out loud.

Sonic looked at Shadow in confusion and asked,"what is what?"

"Shadow, he can't see me or feel me… I'm like a ghost to him," the 'ghost' of Sonic whispered.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Shadow the Hedgehog," the 'ghost' said as he Chaos controled infront of a very startled Shadow.

"Who are you," Shadow demanded. The other simply cackled at this and said, "We'll get to know each other soon…"

"First, lets go somewhere a little more private, shall we… Get ready," the 'ghost' laughed. The space around the the two hedgehogs warped as Shadow was sucked into a portal.

"Sonic," Shasow cried out in alarm as he was pulled into the portal by ghostly hands. Sonic was confused. He could only see that Shadow was being pulled away from him by something he himself could not see.

"Where am I going," Shadow thought. He had lost sight of Sonic a few seconds ago and was already seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

To Be Continued…


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