Author: Sagarian
Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters and I'm not making any money from this. That's just the way it is.
A/N: This is a special tribute poem thingy for all LotR slash authors, readers, and lovers! ~*SLASH*~! I could have "slash" tattooed to my skin, I love it so much! I want to deeply thank every talented, creative, open-minded person who has made slash possible and support it every day. You guys kick all ass! This poem begins by celebrating all the wonderfulness that is slash and then makes personal tributes to many slash writers out there in land. If you're in the poem, just know your slash has been enjoyed to the nth degree by a very ardent fan! Me! And if you're not in the poem and write slash, I wasn't trying to leave you out! I'll do better next time! Uh, I'm not good at deep, involved poems, so it's a simple read. If I insult your intelligence with the elementary style of it all, baby… I didn't mean to.

This is dedicated to LotR slashlords and slashwhores everywhere! I love you guys! Love! Love! Showers of flowers and rainbows and winged hearts to you all!

*~All Hail LotR Slash~*

Slash between graceful Elves
And manly, rugged Men
Slash between cousins
Merry and Pippin!

Slash between a hobbit
And his faithful best friend
Slash that lasts a moment
Slash that doesn't end

Slash between a would-be king
And a steward of Gondor
Slash that is common
Slash you've never seen before

Slash with stumpy Dwarves
(Which I like a little less)
Slash between princes
My fav, go twincest!

Slash with biting whips
A little leather and chains
Slash like a sprinkle
Slash like a hurricane

Slash with trippy MPREG
Slash that is non-con
Slash that wallows in darkness
Slash that greets the dawn

Slash between ladies
Slash that's pure NC-17
Slash that's only PG
For all the little teens!

Slash full of good humor
Slash with a little pain
Slash with a clear meaning
Slash that's a bit insane

Slash that pulls your heart-strings
Slash that means to scare you
Slash that lets you explore
Things you'd never dare to

Slash that makes you swoon
Cause romantic love abound
Hearts and stars and warmth
Birds singing in the background

Slash with Cheyenne Dancer
Means Boromir is twisted
Desperate love and anger
Poor Legolas grows distant

Slash with our Claudia
Means a hobbit in need
Aragorn will save him
If his help will be received

Slash with AJ Matthews
Means Legolas is preggers
Meron is a demon
And reviewers are beggars

Slash with In Fair Verona
Means Gimli is shot down
Shouldn't have ate his lembas
Maybe he'd still be around!

Slash with Aniron Legolas
Means no Aragorn/Arwen bond
But the man is in love
Is it with our favorite blonde?

Slash with sweet Nyssa
Means Boromir is dominant
He's got the elf on his back
And you know Leggy loves it!

Slash with our Azriel
Means Legolas is doomed
Sauron has his mind
And his will entombed

Slash with Natashya
Means Merry is in awe
With his lovely cousin
Who wants to give him all

Slash with little Soar
Means Boromir is gloating
Legolas is elf-napped
And right before his wedding!

Slash with pretty di
Means Legolas was disguised
Aragorn reacts in anger
And is promptly chastised

Slash with talented Isil
Means Pippin didn't know
But, he knows he is loved now
Cause Merry told him so

Slash with Nefthoron
Means Moulin Rouge-ness
You left us with a cliffhanger
Everyone: "Don't kill Legolas!"

Slash with littlestkitten
Means poor Legolas was a slave
Damn you, you bastard Anatar!
Satan teach you how to behave?

Slash with cool Scwigglie
Means Legolas-torment
Forget happy fun time
Angst meter on 100 percent

Slash with perfect Rhysenn
Means AU-greatness
Aragorn, save your prince!
Boromir is merciless!

Slash with Sagarian (me!)
Means crossover fun
LotR and the Princess Bride
It has never been done!

Slash with dear Artacia…
Wait, she doesn't even write!
But, I had to mention my sister
'Cause she's my love and light!

Sorry if you weren't mentioned!
Damn it, I'm only one girl!
My brain can only read so much
I'm already going squirrel!

LotR Slash is forever
It's lovely, just and true
We all will always love it
And you know it loves us, too!


A/N: Much love to you all!

*Here's a little prayer for those who don't like slash (and if you're reading this, why?)

Slash is good
Slash is great
Slash is love
So don't hate