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"Shit, shit, shit!" Natsu cursed out loud as he sprinted down the street, turning corners and jumping over such things as he ran from his screaming fans. They were loud and fast and he knew if he didn't run, he would be mobbed and the one thing Natsu Dragneel hated was being mobbed by a bunch of girls.

Quickly turning corners to run into alleyway, the said male pressed his back against the wall to blend into the walls, breathing heavily as he hasn't run so fast and long in a while. Feeling the vibration of his phone against his thigh, the male pulled his cellphone out to look at the text messages and phone calls his entire band was throwing at him, cursing under his breath once more as he knew that he was going to get a ear full of this once he gets back.

Typing in a quick message to one of his bandmates, Gray, he pressed send and looked up to lock eyes with someone.

And this wasn't just someone, it was a girl.

A teenage girl who he knew would start screaming his name if he didn't do something about it.

Watching how she opened her mouth to say something, Natsu quickly made it to where she was to cover her mouth with his palm and push her against the opposite wall of where he stood.

"What are you—?!"

"Shut up!" He hissed as he heard some footsteps near where they were, the two pressed against each other to the point where he could feel her heart racing in her chest.

Once the footsteps disappeared, Natsu pulled away and put his hands together in front of her.

"Please don't scream or anything! I'll give you anything!"

"What are you talkin—?"

"You want my signature? I'll give it to you!"

"Wait, I—"

"I could give you a photograph with me, too!"

"Hold on—!"

"I'll even give you a kiss on the cheek!"

"Hold up!" She almost shouted making the male turn around to see if anyone was near to hear but he only hissed, looking at the blonde who glared at him. "I don't care what you give me or not so stop asking me if I want this or that from you because I don't want it." She fixed her uniform as she cleared her throat. "And I'm not going to tell anyone about our encounter so don't worry about that, either." She turned around to walk back to the door making him stare at the place where she was a few seconds ago, his jaw dropped while his eyes were wide in surprise.

He quickly shook his head and looked up to see her about to go back inside making him call out to her. "Wait! Uh, thank you."

"Don't mention it,"

"My name is—!"

"I know what you name is, Natsu Dragneel," it almost came out as a sneer making him reel back slightly. "I won't say anything so just leave before your fangirls find you. Have a good day—"

"Wait, what is your name?" He said making her look over at the singer who looked at her with hopeful eyes making her sigh.

"I doubt you'll remember it or we'll meet again but it's Lucy. Now, goodbye." She disappeared behind the door making Natsu scrunch his face up in confusion as he thought about what she just said to him.

But he didn't think much to it but wondered what girl was named Luigi? She was weird and it somehow made him smile.

Suddenly, the honk of a car made the male jump and look to see a car standing by the curb, the window being lowered to present the face of his bandmates.

"Get in here, you fucker!"

Unable to wipe the grin off his face, Natsu quickly dashed for the car.

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