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"Shit, shit, shit!" Natsu cursed as he ran down the street, screams of his fans behind him as he tried hiding from them. He ran down the sidewalk, down the stairs, dodging people as he heard the gasps, and finally running into an alleyway to hide while breathing hard. He tried his best to blend in against the wall as he watched his fans scream his name, running in the direction he was running before he ran in here. Natsu stood there for a moment, trying to gather all the oxygen he had lost while his breathing became normal once again. He pulled his phone out and looked at the time, cursing as he noticed he was late for the meeting he had. He started to punch in some numbers, his heavy breathing becoming short, small breaths once more till he pressed send. "Fuck, Gildarts is going to kill me."

The pink-haired man shoved his phone back into his pocket as he ran his hand through his hair, freezing as he noticed somebody was standing by the door that was attached to the building in front of him. His eyes widen as he realized it was a female. She just stood there, holding a black trash bag while wearing an apron, her blonde hair tied into two pony-tails while she stared.

Natsu opened his mouth to say something when he heard his fans screaming again, cursing as he ran towards her, grabbing the trash bag to throw it in the garbage can and shoving her back inside the building. "Hey—! What are you—"

"Shut up!" Natsu hissed, listening if his fans were close or not. When he heard nothing but the woman's breathing he sighed in relief pulling away to take a good look on this person. She was staring right at him with wide eyes and Natsu put his hands together in a begging manner. "Look, I'll give you anything you like that I could afford and do just please don't scream or whatever!"


"You want my signature? Picture? I'll give it to you, just don't scream!"

"I'm not—"

"You want a hug too? I can give you—"

"Hey!" The blonde shouted, stopping Natsu from talking anymore. He stared right into her brown orbs and let her continue, the woman sighing. "I don't want your autograph or whatever, I don't care about you because I'm not your obsessed fans so please just get out of here before I have to call somebody." The woman turned around and picked up whatever she dropped, walking away to leave Natsu there dumbfounded. He stood there for a moment, taking his phone out as he felt it vibrate. He looked at the text to see it was his friend, Gray, telling him to come out since he brought the car. Natsu shoved his phone in his pocket again, stepping forward. "Hey!" The blonde turned once again to look at him, stopping. "What's your name?"

"My name is Lucy!" Natsu scrunched his face up in confusion as he found it a bit weird a girl as pretty as her was named Luigi. "Thanks for everything! My name is—!"

"I know what your name is, Natsu Dragneel. And don't mention it, it's not like we're ever going to meet again," Lucy said, muttering the last part as she finally disappeared. Natsu stared at where she stood moment earlier not knowing what this feeling was he felt inside him. Why did it feel like she was different then the girls he knew that was head over heels for him? Something about her made him feel attached to her but like she said; he might never see her again.

Natsu shook his head and headed out, looking for the car that Gray had said he had parked. Somehow; he wanted to get to know that girl.


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