notes: a lot of people wanted to know the back-story of Lucy and the boys so this chapter will be the back-story of them. Like a filler or something but I hope this answers most of your questions! :)

Lucy hated the dark. She hated being alone, she hated small tight spaces, and she hated being surrounded. One of the reasons why she freaked out when the paparazzi surrounded her was because they put her in a weak spot.

She actually wasn't so afraid of the dark or tight spaces before but the fear got bigger as she went from age four to seven.

Her father was the cause of the phobia. He always locked her up in closets for hours and hours for 'discipline' but all it did was made her even scared.

"You can come out when you learn how to behave, Lucy!"

She was a good girl. She listened to others and never disobeyed her father but when she did something reckless, he would just grab her, throw her into a closet, and keep her in there till dinner time. Or when somebody found her weeping in the dark tight place.

Her father was a strict businessman. He was somebody who thought money was everything and without money, there would be nothing. But he didn't always think like this, it was only after his wife and Lucy's mother passed away, he became distant and cold. It was hard growing up without a parent's love but Lucy had everyone in her mansion to keep her company so she didn't let it bother her too much.

She had the maids and cooks in the house and she even had a doll that she treated like a little sister.

It was fun most of the time.

"Lucy, what happened to your parents?"

Stiffening at the question, the entire band felt the awkward tension in the air and immediately Erza shoved her fist against the back of Natsu's head to teach him a lesson.

"Idiot, you don't ask personal questions like that!" The scarlet-haired hissed as Natsu squeaked out in pain, trying to escape the torture but Erza was much stronger and violent. "Apologize right now!" She barked making Natsu cry out an apology making Lucy sweat-drop and the others sigh at his stupidity.

"I—its okay... Erza, you don't need to punish him like that." The blonde laughed nervously, trying to stop the torture as Erza finally let go of the pink-haired singer to make him scurry towards his girlfriend who gently pat his back. "It's just... I didn't expect that to come out," she admitted honestly as she looked at Natsu who was eyeing her. "do you really want to know, Natsu?"

"I mean... yeah. I just—I just thought maybe it'll bring us closer. Not just you and me but all of us since we're going to be on this bus for a while," the singer glanced towards his band mates who tried looking like they weren't listening but secretly were all listening. "besides... I'm curious."

"Okay, I'll tell you guys but," she said eyeing the boys around her. "in return, you're going to tell me, too."

Most of them looked slightly uncomfortable but Erza flashed a wide smile and clasped her hands together in excitement, plopping right besides Jellal. "That is fair enough! C'mon boys, stop acting like you're not interested, it's story time!" She announced making them all shuffle closer and come into a circle as they looked at Lucy to start her story.

She looked slightly pained but having Natsu stroking her hand gently made her calm down.

"I... don't have a family. Both of my parents passed away when I was young so I don't really know, I guess. My mother was basically the only one who supported me but she passed when I was really young. My father followed suit couple years later so I was alone since I was the age eleven." She started out making the others frown, looking slightly bad about having her talk about her childhood like this. "My father was a big businessman who thought money was everything. I grew up without my parent's love and that's how I grew up hating rich and famous people."

"Wait, why do you hate rich and famous people?" Loke asked making the others shoot him a glare for interrupting her story.

He shrunk down in his spot and muttered an apology but Lucy just laughed and brushed it off.

"Because... money and fame blinds people from what really is important."

At this, the others seemed surprised at her words as Lucy stared down at her lap and smiled sadly.

"Rich people don't realize that there are others out there struggling to buy lunch or keep a roof over their head while they spend hundreds or maybe even thousands on a pair of shoes. They don't realize that there are others who need help but they just continue to spend, spend, and spend. This is why I disliked famous people so much because they earn thousands of dollars when they don't really need them. I thought they were all coincided and cocky but when I met you guys... you guys proved me wrong. You guys aren't blinded by the money and fame. You guys are normal boys who just do what they love."

"Lucy," Natsu spoke to warn her to stop before she started crying but she just shook her head. "Thank you for showing me that there are actually people out there who are nice. Thank you for showing me what a real family is like."

A heavy silence loomed over their heads as Lucy finished her sad story, the blonde whipping her tears away to have the boys all look away.

Nobody knew what to say and it was just them all sitting in a circle awkwardly looking away from another.

"Before I ask somebody else for their back-story," Lucy spoke up making them all look back at her once more. "I want to ask... what made you guys become a band?"

"Haven't you seen any of our interviews before?" Gray asked making her shake her head and laugh sheepishly as he sighed in frustration. "We became one because we like singing and we also wanted to travel around the world together as a band."

"And meet pretty girls!" Loke added in making her roll her eyes as Erza slapped him on the back, shooting daggers his way to remind him that he had a girlfriend. "I—I mean..."

"Overall, we just formed this band to have fun. We didn't know we'll become this big."

"It just started out with stupid videos online," Gajeel spoke up as he leaned back against a beanbag, playing with his phone. "apparently somebody found out about us and helped up climb to the top."

"That's nice of them to do that. Shows that you guys actually have potential." The blonde flashed a smile as Natsu squeezed her to hand in response, a smile appearing on her pale face. She leaned back and snuggled into his side as she took in a deep breath and looked directly at Gray who quirked a brow at her. "Gray, I pick you."

"Pick me? Pick me for what?"

"I want to hear your back-story, next." She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world making him grimace and look around for help. But they all just stared at him, waiting for him to start his story making him curse under his breath.

Leaning back against the seats of their tour bus, Gray let out a sigh before running a hand through his messy dark locks.

"Fine," he said in a gruff tone of voice. "I'll start."

"Can we turn off the lights so we can get this dramatic as possible?"


"Guys, let him start." Erza scowled making Lucy smile sheepishly while Gray glared, clearing his throat. He shot his friends a knowing look before looking back at Lucy who was all snuggled up beside her pink-haired boyfriend.

"My mother died when she gave birth to me so it was just my dad and me. He was quite a handful I guess and when I told him that I wanted to quit school and form a band, he didn't really protest to it because I think he knew I would be successful?" He shrugged as he pretended to do something else as he continued his story. "But really, I don't have any bad memories like you, Lucy, but I lived a tough poor life with my dad because it was just me and him. I didn't see him much but he always, no matter what, supported me and I'm thankful for that every single moment in my life."

Absentmindedly clutching onto the cross necklace around his neck, he smiled softly. "I swear I'm going to pay him back one day."

"Where is he now?"

"Home, I suppose." He shrugged, not sure where he might be right now. "He could be working. I'm not sure."

"Do you miss him?"

"Of course I do," Gray scoffed as if it was the most obvious thing. "he's my father."

Smiling softly at his words, Lucy felt some kind of weight lift off her shoulders as she got through one member of the band. She was glad these boys didn't go through tough lives like she did because they were all too nice to go through that. And she was glad that they were all opening up to her in another personal level.

Turning her head to look directly at Jellal, the blue-haired drummer tensed up. "Is it me, now?"

Nodding, she adjusted her posture against Natsu who moved along with her, his heavy arm wrapped around her shoulders.

"Erm... uh, okay. Well, my childhood starts with Erza."

"Aw, childhood lovers? How cute," the blonde cooed earning a nudge from Loke as Jellal flushed slightly. He cleared his throat and looked away in embarrassment as Erza held his hand gently, a warm smile decorating her face. "sorry, continue."

"Erza and I known each other since we were really young. We grew up together and it was all fun, I suppose."

"I grew up with an abusive family and Jellal grew up by himself. His parent's abandoned him when he was young but he and I always managed to put up with it, together." Erza added as she gave her boyfriend's hand a squeeze, a sad smile appearing on her face. "We were always together. Always supporting one another and when we were about the age fifteen, we ran away together. That's when we met the boys," she gestured towards Gray, Natsu, Loke, and Gajeel who were all playing with small other things while listening to the story. "It became fun after that."

"That's romantic," Lucy offered, a smile curling up on her pretty pink lips as she subconsciously squeezed Natsu's hand. "it's sad but really sweet at the same time... Jellal, don't you want to find your parents?"

"What's the point?" Natsu scoffed, answering for Jellal as the attention was now shifted towards the pink-haired singer. "They abandoned you so why find them? It was their voice to leave you so just leave it at that." He answered back with a gruff and annoyed tone of voice making Lucy quirk a brow at his attitude.

She gave his hand a gentle squeeze and leaned against him. "I guess it's your turn now, Natsu."

"No thanks," he huffed in irritation making her frown. "I don't want to talk about this anymore."

"You can't do that! You're the one who wanted to!" The blonde frowned, nudging him in the side to make him whimper out in pain, shooting his girlfriend a dirty look who returned the look. "I know it's painful but we're all speaking about this and this was your idea so you can't back out, now, Natsu! That's not playing fair."

"Who says I play to be fair? Who cares about my past anyways," he murmured under his breath making Lucy stare at him in surprise.

This always happy-go-lucky guy was actually sulking? His weakness was talking about his past? Was his past this bad that it made Natsu Dragneel look like he was about to cry?

Now, she was even more curious to know about his past.

Snuggling even closer towards him, the blonde grinned happily. "Natsu," she cooed making him look down at her, quirking his brow up. "tell me about your past."

"My past isn't something you talk about with a smile, idiot." He scoffed, fighting the smile that was crawling up his face making her giggle and plant a kiss on his cheek. "Fine, okay, I'll tell you."

"Hurry up before I barf!" Gray shouted from his spot making the singer flick him off casually.

Taking in a deep breath, the singer started. "Just like Jellal, I was abandoned at a very young age. It would have been better if I was alone but I wasn't. I had a young sister with me at that time. Her name was Wendy."

Lucy's eyes widen at that statement as she remembered something Natsu told her when they first met.

"Because I was forced to, alright? Because of my sister—"

"Wait a minute!" The blonde cried out making the entire bus look her way. Her eyed flicked from the others to Natsu as she pulled away from his arms and pointed at him in realization. "You told me about your sister before! I remember!"

"I have?"

"When I first met you... I remember... I remember you telling me how you were forced to become famous because of your sister or something!" She said making Natsu's eyes narrow and a curse word fly out of his mouth making the others shift uncomfortably against each other.

Lucy noticed and she frowned as she felt like she crossed some kind of line. "I—I'm sorry... I, uh... I just got excited, please continue."

"Erm, yeah. Anyways, as I was saying, I had a sister. She... passed away since she wasn't properly raised. She was about five and I was eleven years old. I hated myself because I thought it was my fault my very own sister died. I was pathetic because I couldn't even raise or take care of my younger sister. It sucked." He let out a shaky breath making Lucy frown even more and reach over to grab his hand. "She got very sick and I remember running around everywhere, asking for help, begging somebody to help her but nobody did and she died that very day... I hated myself since. Then... I met these four." He gestured towards his band-mates who all gave some sort of signal that they were listening making him smirk towards them.

"I met them in school and they brought out my happiness. At first, I refused to acknowledge them. I just wanted to be depressed and eat and sleep. But then this idiot," Natsu kicked his leg out to nudge Gray's leg making the bass player kick right back, the two smirking at each other. "ask me to join some kind of stupid band with Gajeel, Loke, and Jellal. I guess it was fun and all and when we actually started to get attention... I swore to Wendy that I'll make her proud of me one day." He threw a grin out as he clutched the scale-white scarf that was around his neck.

Lucy noticed that he grabbed it and she gently brushed her fingers against the scarf, smiling softly at him. "Did she... give this to you?" She asked making him nod and laugh slightly. "She, uh, even though she was four years old, she was smart. She knew this and that and a bunch of stuff I didn't even know about! She knitted me this at school and I wore it ever since."

"That's really sweet," she cooed as she ran her fingers through the uneven and sloppy stitching. Due to the years of wearing it, it was worn out but Natsu still carried it around like it was his baby.

It was really sweet of him to still wear it after years of having it around.

"Alright, now that my sappy shit story is over," Natsu groaned as he stretched his tight limps. "metal-head, you're next."

"Why am I last?!" Loke cried out making Natsu quirk his brow at the ginger. "You wanna go?"

"No, Gajeel can go."

"Why are we even doing this, again?" He sighed as he stuffed his phone in his pocket as he slumped in his spot. "This is stupid."

"Less complaining and more talking," Lucy spoke, scowling slightly as Gajeel scrunched his face up. "C'mon, chop, chop."

"Hey pinky, tell your girlfriend to lay off."

"She can do whatever she wants,"

"You're whipped."

"Gajeel," Erza hissed out in frustration making him mutter indecent words under his breath before shifting into another position before starting out his own very sad story. "There's nothing to tell. I was abandoned as well and I roamed around the shitty streets beating up kids for their lunch money and stealing. I lived in a shit neighborhood and wherever you went, it was gunshots and dead bodies." He waved it off as if it was the most normal childhood ever making Lucy gasp in surprise. "And I met this asshole during the time I was beating up kids for their lunch money." The male smirked, jabbing his thumb towards Natsu who only smirked down at his lap as he played with his girlfriend's hands.

"He was fucking depressed at the time and it pissed me off that somebody was even more depressed than I already was. So I tried beating him up and he fought back but I beat him up anyways."

"No you didn't, liar! I won that fight!"

"No you didn't!"

"Uh, I clearly remember you lying on the ground crying for help!"

"I did no such thing, bastard!"

"Is that all to your story, Gajeel?" Lucy quickly said making Natsu stop screaming across the place as the male huffed in annoyance, crossing his arms over his chest while he went back to playing with her hands.

Gajeel merely shrugged and went back to lying against the seats. "Yeah, I guess. That's about it," He shrugged making the blonde nod and then slowly trail her eyes towards the ginger who was happily playing on his phone.

The blonde quickly reached over and snatched the phone out of his hands making him yelp in surprise and dive towards her to grab it back but Natsu plucked it out of her hands before he could get it.

"Natsi, give my phone back!"

"We're in the middle of storytelling and being the rude bitch you are you're just playing on your phone, aren't you?" He said as he pushed him back with one hand as he looked down at the smart phone. "What were you looking at? Porn?" he snickered as he looked down at the phone to suddenly see Aries in some kind of fluffy lingerie making his face redden. "What the fuck!"

Snatching the phone out of the singer's hands, the ginger nervously shoved it back in his pants. "W—we won't speak of this, okay?"

"What? What was on his phone, flame-head?" Gray asked, curious as well making Natsu look away and Loke shoot him a glare. "Was it actually porn?!"

"L—Lucy, c'here, I—I think I need some cleansing," the singer grabbed his girlfriend from the waist to pull her closer and burry his face in her back making the entire bus glance between Natsu and Loke.

Another awkward silence snuck past the band until Loke started to speak about his past excusing the entire incident.

"I killed my mother."

"What?!" Lucy cried out in surprise making Erza smack him behind the head making him laugh it off, rubbing the back of his head. "I—I mean... I didn't kill-kill her but... I was the cause of her death," he said as he looked down at his lap to smile sadly.

"Erm... she was... we were... I couldn't protect her. We were walking through this path and these thugs ambushed us. I was about eight and I tried protecting her but they shot and killed her in the end. I wasn't strong enough to protect her or even do anything about it... I should have been the one dead but they just had to take her, didn't they?" He murmured softly making tears well up in the blonde's eyes as she trembled slightly making Natsu's arms tighten around her figure. "It's alright, though. She's in a better place."

"Loke, I'm so sorr—"

"We're here!" Gildarts suddenly shouted as he burst into the room scaring everyone who was in there. He felt the thick tension hovering above them and he gasped out, trying to brush it away. "What is with the tension in here?! It's like somebody died!" He cried out making everyone become silent.

Gildarts didn't seem to get the message as he quickly ushered them out. "C'mon, we're finally home and I want to sleep so get yer asses out of here! Get! Hurry!"

"Man, Gildarts, you're bossy as always." Gray groaned as everyone slowly stood up and stretched, making their way out as the male scowled. "This is why you can't date my daughter!"

"I never wanted to date her, anyways!"

Laughter filled the air and it felt like the entire sad story-time never happened.

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