Fire forms over the village like a canopy and all I could hear were the screams of the villagers. Although I kept telling myself it was a nightmare I never woke up...Frozen at the doorstep of my home unable to move, I was being tugged by someone even though I could care less who it was as I saw everyone I loved being murdered by the pirates as I had dreamed of becoming one... It was my mom who was trying to drag me away from all the horror, but all I could think of was," This is what my dad was doing?" I couldn't remember much of my dad, but the red hair he had like me, and that he was a pirate. Promising me he would come back on my 5th birthday (Today)from sailing the four seas, I waited for him to comfort me and mom and help the villagers...but he hasn't come..

Who was I to think about my birthday while we were in such danger? All I needed to care about was getting my mom out of the village, she was the only one left to care for me and whom I loved dearly.. As we were weaving through the smoke that destroyed the place I was born and grown to love, a man was running towards us. We couldn't tell if he was a villager or not so we rushed to the man only to find him wielding a sword and killing our mayor Kashi...Mom screamed and said, " Run mayor you're no match for him! There's nothing left but for yourself to make it out alive!" Kashi was trying to yell back, but before he could finish he was gone. The sword wielding man stabbed mayor like he was nothing more than trash..I screamed at the sight of the man who I thought of as a grandpaw die..dead he wasn't coming back he wasn't going to be there to cheer me up when I'm sad or to drop by just to say hello to me and my mom. Gone .

I yelped and ran as fast as I could with my mom by my side, tears rolling down messing with my vision to see and I stumbled on a tree root falling to the harsh ground full of debris from the market I played at with my friends. Mom yelling for me to get up as the pirates were gaining on us, she threw herself in front of me only to save me from the gunshot of the pirates who were chasing after us."Mom? you're bleeding hurry we need to get you out of here!" All she could say as a form of a whisper was ," Go! as fast as you possibly can! They will not hurt my child" I was wondering why she was telling me this only to realize she wasn't going to make it...

I've never felt so much pain as my mom layed out infront of me... I could feel my body growing tense..What was this sensation to kill? I thought to myself...All the pirates had surrouned me knowing that I was the only one living...My eyes turned a solid white as I took the sword from the very man who killed mayor..Where was this power coming from? The anger from seeing the people I loved dying? Or was it the pirate blood that ran through my veins...Either way I slashed at the man I took the sword from, for him to easily throw me to the ground.." A stubborn one we have here huh?" The pirate said to his other crewmates, I said " Leave my village! NOW " while the tears still rolling down my face...The man said " What village? Can you see anyone here left standing or a building? We destroyed it! hahaha! Puny village folk have no right to tell us what to do or where to go! This is the power of the bear pirates!" My whole body trembling from what the man was saying...As the man who shot mom pointed his gun towards me..

My mind went blank