All I Want Is You

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I own nothing to Austin and Ally or R5, I wish I did

Summary: What happens when Love is found between two people who never expected it? Can Love overcome it all or will it fade?

AN: Yes I am still working on Face to Face but I am stuck on that story hence why I haven't updated in a while, so I figured to try something new. Hope you guys like.

She could still feel his touch on her skin, the feeling right down to her soul. She craved it even more; all she wanted was more of it. The feel of his hands on her body, his lips on hers. She feels the ache inside of her wanting even more. And she doesn't even know how she made it before him. How was she able to go on without him before? If she closes her eyes she could still feel him on top of her. Their lovemaking was nothing like she ever heard or thought could be. The wanting the heat of it was too powerful. It consumed both of them.

She tosses and turns as the memories come back to her. He was a fantastic lover, he was gentle and attending. He made sure every inch of her body was loved.

And she loved it. She loved him. This was shocking since they really haven't known each other what a mere few months before hand. But who was she to complain. It was another thing that she was thankful for Austin and Ally for. It brought him into her life.

She knew that this was wrong, that people won't like it that they are together. That some will be hurt if the truth ever got out. And as much as she was sorry that people would get hurt, she couldn't regret being with him. There was something about him that brought out this side out in here.

She was always shy and like to stay on the sidelines, hence why she is so like her character Ally. But there was something special about him that made her be more outgoing, taking more chances. And if she was honest with herself she liked it.

She liked it a lot.

Who would ever thought that this is where they would be after first meeting? She didn't say even ten words to him at first. Hey shyness getting the best of her. But even then she knew that he was attractive.

Downright sexy as hell if she had to admit.

He must have found something that he liked about her, because he didn't let that first meeting stop him from getting to know her. He was kind and always a gentleman to her. He wanted to get to know her besides being someone who starred on a TV show with his brother.

Ross would surely kill them both if he learns about them.

She did at first try to break it off with Riker, but it was like she couldn't control herself. With every look of touch of his hand Laura felt her resolve crumbling. And it wasn't like they did it to hurt anyone.

You couldn't help who you fell for, and she fell for Riker. And lucky for her Riker felt the same way. She would always have a happy feeling in her stomach every time that he and the rest of R5 came to a taping of Austin and Ally. They all would hang out In Calums dressing room as he had the biggest one out of the four of them. Laughter and music could be heard through the halls of the studio. Laura loved the Lynches and how close of a family unit they all seemed to be, and The Lynches seemed to take as a liking to her Raini and Calum as they did. They would always be hanging out either at the studio or at The Lynch home.

But it really wasn't until filming wrapped on the first season that Riker and her started to get close. Ross and the other Lynches went to Puerto Rico so Ross could start filming Teen Beach Musical. Riker decided to stay home and chill, and since he was twenty he was old enough to stay at home. Raini was off with her brother Rico filming a movie and Calum went back home to Canada for break. So that left her and Riker.

All alone.

Laura also managed to get her own place, she was 17 and her parents allowed her to do it since she has been working for a long time and she was responsible to. And really to be honest Laura was used to be on her own, Vanessa was always on set and her parents were busy with traveling. So it made sense for her to live on her own. So Riker helped Laura move into her apartment off the beach. It was a gorgeous location she loved the beach and it was close to the studio as well. Riker found out and helped her move.

Eight hours later and both Riker and Laura were exhausted. And for thanking him for all his help she bought a couple steaks and they grilled on the grill. She couldn't remember the last time she had laughed so much. Riker was amazing about making her feel good about herself. He would always someway find a way to complement her.

They had talked for hours; He told her many stories of how he was as a child and how he managed to be the oldest of 5. It amazed her how much he loved his family. She told him secrets of growing up as a child actress, how much she loved her family. Before they knew it, it was already after midnight and Laura could tell how tired Riker was and she didn't want him to drive home tired. So he stayed the night in the spare bedroom. Laura got up in the middle of the night to get something to drink turned Riker had the same idea, because Laura came to the kitchen to find a Shirtless Riker only in his boxers drinking a glass of water. Riker turned around a blushed. Laura smirked and got herself a glass too. They couldn't go back to sleep so they stayed up talking. That was the first time that Laura thought that something could happen between them. Riker was gorgeous, his body was amazing and his bed head just made him look even more attractive. She couldn't help but check him out. Riker couldn't help but smirk.

"Like what you see?" Riker asked

Laura blushed

Riker laughed. "Don't be shy. I like what I see too."

That was the night that they kissed for the first time. That was also when she knew that she wanted Riker Lynch.

The sound of the alarm clock finally brought Laura out of her daze. It was time to get up and face the world. Laura shut off the alarm and got up. Grabbing the robe off her chair, she wrapped herself up in it and walked out of the bedroom. The smell of coffee and bacon woke up her senses, Laura reached the kitchen and the sight in front of her made her smile. There was Riker making her breakfast in nothing but his boxers and his hair was a mess. But he never looked better to her. The sight of him made her weak in the knees. She was a lucky lady, this man was gorgeous and he was all hers.

As he knew she was thinking about him, Riker turned his head and smiled

"Hey get back to bed; I was going to surprise you."

Laura smiled. She went up to him and wrapped her arms around him. "I couldn't sleep; I missed you next to me."

Riker smiled and leaned to grab a kiss. Man how he loved to kiss her.

Laura broke the kiss not because she wanted to but because she needed oxygen. She could kiss him forever if she could.

"Now what are you making here mister?" Laura said as she looked around. Pancakes and Bacon and Orange Juice. All her favorite things for breakfast.

"Well it was supposed to be breakfast in bed, but see now I guess we can eat it here." Riker smirked.

Laura smirked back. Swatting Riker on the ass "Don't be such a smart ass."

Riker laughed.

"So do you have any plans for today?" Riker asked as he pulled the chair for Laura to sit then he went to sit himself. Taking a bite of the pancakes in front of her, Laura took a sip of juice then answering "No nothing do you have anything in mind?"

"No but I was maybe thinking about going to the beach later?"

'Sounds Good." Riker said as he was finishing up his plate. Laura Took note.

"Man that was fast! It was like if you were starving."

Riker smirked. "I was, someone made me work up an appetite last night. I burned a lot of calories last night I needed to make some up you know."

Laura smirked. "Well you weren't complaining last night or earlier this morning if I remember correctly."

"Oh believe me I wasn't. In fact I was thinking that maybe I should burn some more off."

"Oh Really?"

Riker stood up pulling his boxers off and there standing completely naked in front of her. "Yeah I think so."

Laura could feel the heat rising inside her; Riker pulled her up to him. Opening her robe and sliding it off her, Riker pulled her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. Were they continued to burn off the calories in the shower.

All in all it was a perfect morning.