Hey guys! I'm typing this on my phone so I don't know how long this will be on your computer. This is the first chapter of my story! I will update everyday at 7pm except on Wednesdays! If I get 5 reviews per chapter I will update more often! So enjoy!

I, Kim Crawford, am getting married. I don't know who it will be, but my parents are setting me up.

Here's how it started. I come from a high class family who are noticed as a valuable part of our community. We are a very wealthy family and only associate with people of our class. I am 17 years old and attend seaford high school. My plan after high school is to follow in my fathers footsteps and attend Harvard university and go to medical school to become a brain surgeon. There is one small flaw in this plan; my dream is to be a teacher. My parents don't know about my wish and I do not plan on telling them. My parents are very controlling people and have taken over my life.

So back to the marriage arrangement; they want me to marry a high class man that they know will be very successful. They want me to marry for the money. I, on the other hand, want to find love.

I am an only child and get everything I want, but I don't ask for much. My parents are very arrogant and self centered. However, I believe in helping people and giving to others. My personality is very different from my parents and I am very thankful for that.

My parents don't know my true personality. They think I am an arrogant snob like them and praise me for it. They spoil me to no end but I have to pretend I like it.

My parents are very good friends with the Brewer family. The Brewers are also a high class family in seaford. They are forcing me to marry their son. I don't know what he looks like or what his name is. Well the brewers are coming over to my house tomorrow night so I can meet their son that I am forced to marry. Yay.