This takes place in the future, not long after Roy Harper joins the team.

Felicity tried her very, very best to keep her eyes on the monitor, but it was much harder than it used to be.

When Felicity first joined the Arrow team, it took her a while to adjust to having two muscular, shirtless men work out in front of her. Her school-girl crush on Oliver made it even harder not to drool at the sight of his naked torso, but it was balanced out by her decidedly platonic relationship with Diggle. Yeah, Diggle was totally buff, but the effect was canceled out by their friendship.

But now her equilibrium was thrown off. Oliver had taken on a new sidekick, a kind of mini-Hood. Roy Harper was a poor kid from the Glades with sick skills and the ability to keep up with the emerald archer. He has been nice to Felicity since they met and joked around with her like Oliver used to.

Also, he looked like a freaking Abercrombie model.

Felicity got all quiver-y at the sight of him, too. But it was worse than her feelings for Oliver, because she was pretty sure Roy was jailbait. Wasn't he Thea's age? That made him legal, but it still made her feel uncomfortably cougar-ish.

So the number of half-naked hotties was three, and only one of them didn't make her swoon. Diggle wasn't diluting the atmosphere like he used to. So Felicity's gaze occasionally flitted to the shirtless, sweaty sparring partners. Thankfully, they were too busy to notice her.

There was, of course, Diggle's super-sized biceps and pecs, which would have her gawking if she weren't such good friends with him. And Oliver… Well, he was Oliver, all sturdy and ripped and covered in sexy scars and tattoos. And something about his stubble really turned her on. Oh, and his eyes… they were so sad sometimes. They made her want to cuddle the shit out of him. It was a good thing she knew nothing would ever happen between her and Oliver; it kept her grounded in reality. And then there was Roy—sweet, sexy, too-young-for-her Roy, with his cocky, boyish smile and amazing cheekbones, and those blue eyes that turned her insides to mush… and that was just his face. He had that long, toned upper body and he was really limber and—


She blinked, realizing that she had been staring. What was worse, they realized she had been staring. Oliver and Roy looked at her bemusedly.

"Felicity," Diggle said again. "You, uh… you zoned out. You okay?"

Embarrassed, she nodded and wiped at the drool on her chin and turned her attention to the monitors.

"We distracting you, Smoak?" Roy said with a smirk. "Or were you just sleeping with your eyes open?"

Felicity adjusted her glasses, ignoring the question.

Enjoying her meekness, Roy walked over to her desk and leaned over the monitor. She made it a point not to look him in the eye.

"Well, which one is it?" he teased.

"Roy, leave my geek alone." Oliver warned from his place on the mat. "You're not done training, anyway."

Geek? Seriously? Annoyed, Felicity stood up, her chair rolling away behind her.

"That's the issue isn't it?" she said, looking at Oliver. "You guys only see me as a geek! I'm just the weird little gremlin who does all the tech work! Well I happen to be a woman, too, and I'd appreciate you recognizing that!"

The guys glanced at each other, surprised by the outburst.

"Felicity," replied Oliver. "We know you're a woman—"

"Really?" she said incredulously. "So are you intentionally trying to make me feel like a birthday girl at Chippendale's?"

Roy snorted, trying not to laugh. The other two raised their eyebrows.

"It's not funny!" she snapped, addressing Roy. "You three and your shirtless ninja routine are screwing with my equipoise! And it was hard enough to deal with Oliver without adding you to the mix, Boy Wonder!"

She looked at Oliver, recognizing how that sounded. "Not that I have a crush on you, Oliver, it's just that you have abs…solutely no idea how hot—Oh, wait, that was an even worse direction to go in! Ugh! Why am I even still talking? If you asked me to spell my name right now I'd say 'B-i-c-e-p.'"

Oops. That didn't help at all. The guys were staring at her, stunned and slightly amused. She closed her eyes in horror. "Boy, do I suck." Dammit! Her eyes opened and she finally blushed a bright red. "I don't mean that as a come-on! I just… Roy, stop laughing at me! That's it! I'm going home!"

They watched her clumsily grab her things and climb the stairs. When she was half-way up, Roy finished laughing.

"Hey, Felicity!" he called. Irritated, she turned around. "Think about me first." he said with a wink.

After gasping indignantly, she resumed climbing the stairs with renewed vigor.

The door slammed and Roy turned to Oliver. "Dude, she's hilarious! Where'd you find her again?"

"Hm?" Oliver blinked, snapping out of his daydream about Felicity sucking. "The IT Department. Same place everyone gets their geeks."

I'm not a Roylicity (Feliciroy?) shipper, I've just been wondering how they'd interact if and when they eventually work together. But now I'm also a little shipcurious about them…