Did anyone know that Felicity means "lucky" and Roy means "red"? Interesting tidbit. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Also, I gave Roy and Felicity the birthdays of two famous actors, if anyone is curious enough to look it up.

Dating was for suckers; what Felicity and Roy had was way better. For them, there was no date one date two date three, no clearly defined time spent together that outlined when certain milestones in their relationship should happen. There was no impression stage, no awkward chitchat, no anxiety over deciding where to go.

They hung out. They went to the movies. They went to Big Belly Burger. They screwed each other exclusively. They were buddies who threatened to make out ferociously at any moment. Sometimes they were calm and platonic and other times they were ripping each other's clothes off.

Tonight would only be slightly different, since it was Valentine's Day. Their plan was to stay in and eat Chinese food and chocolate while watching Doctor Who. Seriously, one episode and Roy was hooked. They'd probably get to the ones with Ten before retiring to her bedroom for an erogenous romp between the sheets.

However casual their evening was going to be, Felicity still felt compelled to look her best. She'd gone to the mall and had come across a dress that called out to her so passionately that it surely would've escaped the store to follow her home if she didn't buy it. It fit like a glove, clung like a second skin. The skirt tapered to her knees and the sweetheart neckline showed off her cleavage while thick straps hid any hint of her lingerie. Oh, and it was red, Roy's favorite color.

She kept it simple with pear-shaped diamond earrings and a tennis bracelet, just enough sparkle to complement her curve-hugging maraschino masterpiece. Her hose had seams in the back and her stiletto heels could kill a man.

Her makeup was her crowning achievement: cat eye eyeliner, smoky eye shadow, and vermilion lips were made even more amatory by her artfully tousled curls.

Poor Roy didn't stand a chance.

Jittery with excitement, she gazed at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her unfamiliar reflection made it feel like she was about to go undercover on a Hood-related mission. Felicity smiled, knowing the truth was even better.

Her phone started playing "I Want Candy," meaning that Roy was calling. She tried not to squeal as she answered.


"You need to get to Verdant as soon as possible."

She blinked, taken aback by his urgent tone. "Is everything okay?"

"You just… you need to be here. Oliver needs all of us here right now."

"Did he get shot again?"

"Smoak, just hurry!"
Felicity slipped on her heels and grabbed her coat and purse, wishing there was enough time to change into sweatpants and take her contacts out. But she was out the door ten seconds after she hung up.

She ran as best as she could in her heels, which was more like taking really fast baby steps on her tiptoes. Not only was it Valentine's Day, but it was Friday, so the club was packed and she had to mind the drunken pedestrians as she rolled through the parking lot.

Then she was finally at the back door, punching in the code. How bad was it? Near-death bad, like when Felicity first learned Oliver was the Hood? It was probably a good thing her dress was so red, because bloodstains could be difficult to get out.

Surprisingly, there was no steady beeping of a heart monitor when she opened the door. There was some quiet conversation, a kind of tense mumbling. Felicity picked up the pace as she shrugged off her coat, hoping Oliver was okay.

Then she reached the center of the room, near her computers. No metal operating table or defibrillator, which was good. Just four people standing around.

And that didn't include Felicity.

Laurel was standing next the Oliver. In the lair. Laurel was in the lair. Why was Laurel in the lair? WHY IN THE HELL WAS LAUREL IN THE LAIR?

Felicity glanced at Diggle and Roy, who looked at her apologetically. This clearly wasn't their idea, and they were probably as astounded and aggravated as she was.

Oliver told Laurel his secret. Their secret. Without even discussing it with the rest of the team first. He only got back with her two weeks ago and now he trusted her with this?

"Felicity, right?" asked Laurel uncertainly. She seemed to be guessing more than anything, thrown off by Felicity's uncharacteristic ensemble.

She meant to smile and nod, but her mouth had another agenda. "Oliver, you stupid bitch."
Oliver and Laurel bristled, while Diggle and Roy suppressed smiles.

"What did you say?" demanded Oliver who was an octave away from using his Hood voice.

Felicity curled her hands into fists, her crimson nails pressed against her palms. "What kind of stupid-ass idea is this? You didn't even discuss this with us first!"

The vigilante's eyes narrowed. "Laurel can be trusted."

"So says your dick!" Wow, her dress was making her brave. She needed to stop. She needed to stop right now.

"It would've been nice of you to tell us first." commented Diggle, who mercifully diverted Oliver's attention. "But I'm assuming you kept it a surprise because you knew we'd disagree."

"No," The vigilante was fighting to stay calm. "I did it because I knew it was the right thing to do."

"Like telling Helena was the right thing to do?" Felicity winced at the low blow, but she was glad Diggle brought it up. "As I recall, that didn't end very well."

"In Oliver's defense, Helena is a complete wackjob." countered Felicity. "And as far as we know, Laurel is moderately stable."

"Thanks," the girlfriend said with a hint of irritation.

"It's too late to complain now though, right?" Roy said, finally joining the conversation. "It would make sense to yell at Oliver if he were trying to convince us to agree to tell Laurel, but now she already knows. It's not like we can neuralize her."

"Or kill her," admitted Diggle.

Felicity smirked. "Well, the latter isn't impossible…" Then she realized how bad that sounded. "Not that we'd actually do that. That would be insane. We totally wouldn't kill you unless Oliver said it was okay." Then she realized that sounded even worse. "I mean we wouldn't kill you even if Oliver said it was okay, because he'd probably do it himself. Wait, no! Um—"

"Smoak, I think she gets the point." quipped Roy. "Oliver, is it okay to leave now? Felicity and I have plans."

Laurel eyed the two of them as Roy smiled at the I.T. girl. "Whoa… Really, Felicity? Roy used to date Oliver's baby sister. Isn't he a little young for you?"

The questioned couple both rolled their eyes. Before either of them could reply, Diggle came to their rescue. "Yeah, and your relationship with Oliver is really healthy."

Burn. Roy and Felicity tried to keep from looking smug as Diggle left to meet Carly. Then Roy picked up the takeout bag and he and Felicity trailed behind him.

The frosty air nipped at Felicity's exposed skin as they stepped outside.

"By the way, I love your dress," Roy remarked before she could pull on her coat. "I mean, holy smoke. If it'd had just been us back there, I would've taken you on the mat."

She blushed upon seeing his eyes roaming over her, and decided she could stand the cold a bit longer. At least until they reached her car. "You should see what I'm wearing underneath."

He quirked an eyebrow, a sexy smile on his lips. "I imagined you weren't wearing anything underneath. Now I'm curious."

"You're wearing a tie," she pointed out, hoping to stave off the sexual tension until they got back to her apartment. Car sex didn't seem like a smart idea. "I've never seen you in a tie."

"Borrowed it from Diggle," He ran his fingers over the silky red fabric. "He had to show me how to tie it, too."
Roy had felt the need to dress up too, which Felicity found adorable. True, it was just a button-down and tie that made his look slightly more formal, but they looked good with his leather jacket, jeans, and black sneakers.

"It looks good on you," she said as they reached the car.

"Thanks," He opened the passenger door for her. "Want me to drive?"
"Sure," Her back pressed against the side of the car as she crossed her arms over her gooseprickled chest. "And I was wondering… Do you think we could have dessert first?"

It took him a second to catch her meaning. Then he grinned at her. "I've been thinking about dessert all day."

Biting the side of her cherry-red lip, she leaned forward, her eyes locked with his. Their lips brushed, and suddenly he was crushing her against the car. He radiated delicious heat, his body flush with hers and his warm breath on her neck and cheek. She sighed contentedly and closed her eyes, her whole body tingling as his hand explored her curves.

"Down, boy!" she gasped before desire could make her do something stupid. He pulled away, their faces mere inches apart. His lips were messily smeared with her ruby lipstick, and the sight almost made her regret stopping. "We should get out of here first."

Just then, the back door to Verdant opened. Roy and Felicity made the mistake of looking over as Laurel noticed them. She gawked at their red, disheveled appearance before abashedly looking away as she followed Oliver. Her boyfriend either hadn't seen them or was respectfully denying their presence.

The scarlet couple each stifled a giggle before hurrying into the car.