Summary: AU—On his twenty-first birthday, Ryoma, gay, single, virgin, and tennis pro, was given a birthday present from Sakuno Ryuzaki. A love bot...the newest technology—an android that followed your every command, from chores to even bed techniques. However, the one he received from Sakuno was not a female, but a male love bot and a type that looked exactly like professional tennis genius Syusuke Fuji. The moment he set eyes on it, he knew there was going to be trouble, especially when he accidentally bumps into the real Syusuke Fuji and mistakes him for his love bot! Yaoi. Thrill pair.

Author's Note: Characters may be out of character. This fanfiction is not related to the anime/manga. This is yaoi, which means male x male. If you don't like, don't read. This is based in the future, so everything is futuristic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis.

Warning: Rated M for adult content and language.

Chapter One: Love Bot

"What the hell is this?" Ryoma asked as he gaped at body inside the long box he had open.

"Your gift," Sakuno replied cheerily.

"But what is it?"

"A love bot, duh."

Ryoma shook his head in shock. The android wore nothing but a white brief. The bulge on its lower region indicated the love bot was, in fact, male. Curiously, Ryoma touched the android and quickly pulled his hand back. Its skin felt as real as a human. It was amazing what technology could do nowadays. However, he did not want such a gift. He eyed his friend warily. Sakuno had her hands clasped together and she was beaming a bright grin at him. He didn't like the look in her sparkling eyes. "How did you get the money?" he asked cautiously.

Sakuno rolled her eyes and smacked him in the arms, "I didn't steal it! Besides, look, look! Doesn't he look...familiar?"

Frowning, he brought his gaze back to the android. His eyes swept over it's features. Long eyelashes, smooth jawline and a pointy chin. If the robot didn't have the obvious bulge in its underwear, Ryoma could have mistaken him for a her. He looked back to Sakuno and raised a brow. She gave an exasperated look and pointed at the doll again. Huffing, he looked back and kept staring until it dawned on him who the love bot looked exactly like. He jumped up, moving backward and nearly freaked. "Why the hell does he look like Fuji Syusuke?" Ryoma asked incredulously.

Sakuno burst into a fit of giggles, "Because there was a time when we were watching the US Open on television and when he appeared on the screen, you made a very small comment that you thought he was pretty."

"Doesn't mean anything."

"Ooooh, but since you're still single and gay, I thought getting you a love bot for twenty-first birthday that looked exactly like him would be the perfect gift. Do you know why it's called a love bot?"

Ryoma shook his head, but something inside him was telling him the answer she was about to give was an answer he didn't want to hear. She opened her mouth to rely, but he quickly held his hand up and stopped her. He waited for a second, took a deep breath and exhaled. He closed his eyes and counted to ten before opening them again. He stared straight in her large brown eyes and asked, "Is it something I want to hear?"

"Maybe..." she replied teasingly.


"The love bot can have sex!"

He groaned, covering his face with one of his hand. He should have known she was thinking of his virginity. It was her new obsession with him. He was beginning to miss the old her who was just a shy girl that couldn't even talk about sex. It didn't feel so long ago when he had first met her during his first year in middle school when she had directed him in the wrong direction to the tennis competition. After that, he found out she went to the same school as he did. She was very shy girl, often stumbling over her own words. It was also obvious she had a crush on him, but him being gay, he couldn't return her feelings. They never actually hung out, but after middle school, she confessed to him and he, of course, rejected her in the most bluntest way possible. She cried and he did feel a little guilty, so he ended up telling her why. He didn't know why he thought telling her he was gay would be a good reason to make up for the guilt, but it seem to work. Later on, he found out that she had applied to the same high school as him and they became the best of friends. In high school, Sakuno eventually stepped out from her shy nature. Boys went after her, but since she was close to him, everyone thought they were dating. He actually didn't mind the rumors because it also meant other girls wouldn't try to confess to him. However, that also meant Sakuno couldn't have a boyfriend, but when he had confronted her about it, she didn't seem to care. It continued on like that through high school until they eventually went to separate colleges. Because he wanted to becomes a tennis professional, he chose a college where they allowed him to focus more on his tennis while Sakuno went to a school to earn her teaching certificate. Despite the fact they went to different colleges, they were still close friends. And that was how they became the way they were today.

Sighing, Ryoma glanced down at the love bot. It lay lifelessly inside the box. Its eyes closed as if sleeping eternally in peace. It was the perfect image of Fuji Syusuke, although he wasn't sure if the package of the nether region was correct in size since the android's bulge looked huge, but its features were the exact replica of the original person. He bit his lower lip, pondering what to do with it and finally decided to keep it. After all, Sakuno went through all the trouble to get it for him, he might as well keep it. He turned to her and thanked her for her wonderful gift even though he had feeling that keeping it would only bring him trouble. She clapped her hands excitedly and smiled wickedly at him. Ryoma scooted away from her slightly. When she had that look in her eyes, he didn't want to be around her.

"Soooooo..." she said, letting her word trail for a second, "Give me all the details when you let him do you!"

He gave an exasperated sigh and shook his head. There was no way he was going to let an android fuck him or even worst, take his first time. It wasn't as if he cared for the idea of having his first time to be with someone special. It was more like he just didn't want something made up of circuits, wires, and programs inside him. It felt wrong and disturbing. Whoever wanted that was either desperate or crazy. Rolling his eyes at her when she pouted, he pointed to the doll. "How do I turn it on?" he asked. This was were he had no idea what to do. He wasn't much of a technology person. The rest, he left to Sakuno to handle. He watched as she took out her computer tablet and began swiping across the holographic screen. Numerous box screens popped up as she loaded up an application. After it loaded, she took out a long USB wire and connected it with her tablet and the android. It hooked onto the back of the robot's neck. She pressed a button on her screen and then a loading box appeared.

A female's voice spoke from the tablet, "Now initializing."

The percentage slowly climbed until it hit a hundred percent. Once it was done, a beeping tone signaled its finish. Then, Sakuno leaned over to the love bot and reached behind its ear, flicking a switch. The android's eyes fluttered, revealing a pair of azure eyes. Ryoma sucked in a breathe at the beauty of the sight. He leaned back as the android sat up slowly, its head looking around the room, tilting up and down, scanning left and right until it settled on him. Ryoma was left without words. It looked too human.

"Tell us your initialization message," Sakuno said.

It smiled and then said, "Hello, I am a second generation GX Love Bot. My serialization number is 58741120. I am at your disposable to look after your house, watch your children, walk your dog, do the cooking, do the cleaning, and satisfy your pleasurable needs. I can organize your appointments and speak over two hundred languages. There is no need to feed me as I am rechargeable. I can run seventy-two hours without need of recharging. Would like to give me a name?"

"Fuji Syusuke!" Sakuno replied without asking Ryoma for his opinion.

"My name is Fuji Syusuke."

"Say something in French."

"Bonjour, je suis un bot deuxième génération amour GX. Mon numéro de sérialisation est de cinq huit sept quatre un un deux zéro. Je suis à votre usage unique pour s'occuper de votre maison, surveillez vos enfants, promener votre chien, faire la cuisine, faire le ménage, et de satisfaire vos besoins agréables. Je peux organiser vos rendez-vous et de parler plus de deux cents langues. Il n'est pas nécessaire de me nourrir comme je suis rechargeable. Je peux courir soixante-douze heures sans avoir besoin de recharger."

"Now in German."

"Hallo, ich bin ein GX Love Bot der zweiten Generation. Meine Seriennummer ist fünf acht sieben vier eins eins zwei null. Ich stehe Ihnen zur Verfügung um mich um Ihren Haushalt zu kümmern, auf Ihre Kinder auf zu passen, mit Ihrem Hund spazieren zu gehen, zu kochen, sauber zu machen und um Ihre lustvollen Bedürfnisse zu befriedigen. Ich kann Ihre Termine organisieren und spreche über zweihundert Sprachen. Es ist nicht notwendig mich zu versorgen, da ich wieder aufladbar bin. Ich kann siebzig Stunden laufen ohne wieder aufgeladen werden zu müssen."

"In Spanish."

"Hola, soy la segunda generación Bot Amor GX. Mi número de serialización es cinco ocho siete cuatro uno uno dos cero. Estoy a su desechable para cuidar de su casa, cuidar a sus hijos, pasear al perro, hacer la comida, hacer la limpieza, y satisfacer sus necesidades de placer. Puedo organizar sus citas y hablan más de doscientos idiomas. No hay necesidad de darme de comer como yo recargable. I puede ejecutar setenta y dos horas sin necesidad de recargar."

"Isn't he amazing?" she asked with a radiant smile.

"Uh, sure," Ryoma answered.

"Okay! So, I will now leave him to you. Take good care of him," Sakuno said as she stood and picked up her tote bag with her tablet.

"Okay," said Ryoma

"I wasn't talk to you. I was talking to Fuji." Sakuno pointed at Ryoma, but had her attention on the android, "He is your new master. Take good care of him...especially in bed."

"Sakuno," Ryoma hissed.

"Of course," Fuji the love bot replied.

He sighed in defeat. He was going to truly regret his decision for keeping the love bot.

A/N: Hehehe, a new fanfic. XD I just had to write this one! Too many new ideas. Originally, this was going to be a one-shot, but then I thought it wouldn't be good as a one-shot because there won't be any development. Oh, and sorry readers that Ryoma is OOC. DX I will try to put him more in character in the next chapters.

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