Author's Note: Characters may be out of character. This fanfiction is not related to the anime/manga. This is yaoi, which means male x male. If you don't like, don't read. This is based in the future, so everything is futuristic.

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Warning: Rated M for adult content and language.

Fuji Sandwich

"For the last time, I said no, Syusuke," Ryoma growled at his lover of six months.

He glared at his older lover, crossing his arms across his chest. Six months ago, he finally got together with Fuji Syusuke, the professional tennis player, after all the misunderstanding. It took some time, but it seemed their feelings were mutual. His first time had also been with him. He thought that was enough, just the two of them rolling in the bedsheets, sticky with sweat and their essence, but Fuji wanted more. Ryoma scowled as Fuji's suggestion rolled through his mind. He shook his head. "I don't care how much you plead. You've been begging me for six months already and my answer is still no. I'm not going to have sex with you and Fuji," he said. He had taken to calling the love bot "Fuji" and his lover as "Syusuke." It was easier for him to distinguish the names that way and it will also mean the two won't answer at the same time whenever he said Fuji.

Sighing, he slumped against the dresser of the five star suite hotel room they had rented. Today was also a special day. Fuji's older sister Yumiko was getting married. The wedding was actually taking place in Hawaii which was why they were in a hotel. He just didn't think Fuji would ask him again about the threesome on a happy occasion. The worst part was that he had agreed to take the love bot with them. It didn't even cross his mind that Fuji was planning something perverted. "It's your sister's wedding. If you think I would actually do something like that on her wedding day, you must be out of your mind," he said, pushing himself off the dresser and turning to face the mirror attached to the dresser. He fixed the bow tie on his tuxedo, glancing to Fuji in the mirror. His lover was sitting on the bed, his torso leaning halfway back with the support of his elbow. His head was slightly dipped backward, staring at the ceiling. His feet were planted on the floor with his legs partially apart. Ryoma sighed, turning around again to lean on the dresser. He did have to admit that Fuji looked handsome in a tuxedo and he would probably give anything to let the man fuck him right then and there, but the wedding was in an hour and they needed to get there soon. It would take to long to clean up afterward and then put the clothes on again. Pushing himself off the dresser, he shuffled over to Fuji. Lifting a knee, he placed it on the side of Fuji's thighs and then did the same with the other so that he was straddling his lover's lap and leaning over him. Fuji lifted his head and stared at him. Ryoma tipped his head down, kissing his lover chastely. "When the wedding is over, we can skip the reception. I promise to give you something...good," he whispered against Fuji's lips, "That is if you're a good boy." He felt Fuji smile against his lips and then they were kissing again with their tongues dancing across each other. Ryoma pulled back, taking a breath. He groaned, rubbing his now erect cock against Fuji's rising bulge. "I would rather have you fucking me than going to the wedding, but it is your sister's wedding," Ryoma groaned.

"I promise to make you feel good later then," Fuji whispered, "We should probably get going. Where's Fuji love bot?"

"I believe he's in the room cleaning up," Ryoma answer, "I told him he didn't have to, but he insisted."

"He's not coming with us."

"No, unless you want your sister's friends to think weird things about us."

"Maa...let's go."

Ryoma nodded and got off Fuji reluctantly. He really wanted to stay like that longer, but they needed to leave now if they wanted to get there on time. So, he and Fuji left the room, telling the love bot they would be back later.

After the wedding was over, he and Fuji quickly congratulated his sister and returned to the room. They were barely by the door when Fuji whirled him around, pushing him against the door and attacking his mouth. Ryoma moaned in the kiss, grinding his hips against Fuji's. Fuji reached around him, fumbling with the door and trying to open it. On the third try, the door open and they nearly stumbled in. Lips still attach, they made their way to the bedroom, ignoring the love bot who sat on the lounge chair. They pulled away to strip themselves of the clothes, but their lips were on each other again as they climbed onto the bed. Sitting on their knees, their hands roamed the other's body. Taut muscle rippled with movement. Groaning, Ryoma pulled away from the kiss. He sat back on the bed, spreading his legs and beckoning Fuji to come to him. A flash o hunger flickered through his lover's eyes as he descended on him like a predator. Smirking, he wrapped his arms around Fuji's neck, pulling him into another kiss as their bodies rolled and ground against one another. Fuji glided down his body, stopping where his cock stood straight against his toned stomach. He saw Fuji's tongue slide across his upper lip as he stared at the erection. A flickering eye movement toward him sent shivers down his spine and then Fuji was sucking him, deep into his throat. Ryoma moaned loudly, fighting the urge to thrust his hips into the hot cavern. His hands gripping the sheets, back arching, Ryoma groaned out Fuji's name throatily. A slick, hot tongue slide down his shaft and then back up to swirl around the head. He panted heavily, trying to stop himself from cumming. If Fuji continued with his skillful tongue, he was bound to come early. "Syu...suke..." he moaned, "St-stop. I'm might cum."

"Then come for me," Fuji said, his words muffled with his mouth still full.

The vibrations sent little waves of pleasure through him. Ryoma turned his head to the side, biting the pillow as the first wave of tingling sensation bombarded his body. He gasped as he ejaculated into Fuji's mouth. His lover took it all in, swallowing his essence as he continued to cum. He was just beginning to relax when Fuji suddenly flipped him over and forcefully lifted the lower half of his body so his buttocks was sticking up in the air while his upper torso lay flat on the bed. Ryoma turned his head to the side and stared wide eye at Fuji.

"It's not over yet, love," Fuji whisper.

And then his ass cheeks were being massaged and pulled as a wet tongue rimmed his hole. Moaning, Ryoma buried his face into the pillow. Fuji's tongue pushed passed his entrance, but pulled back to rim him again. He repeated it over and over until Ryoma was writhing wantonly and begging for more. Huffing, Ryoma shook his head. "Mo-more!" he begged.

Fuji chuckled, "Now just imagine this and another mouth sucking you off."

The thought was in his mind before he could stop it. The visual image of two Fujis, one below him while the other rimmed him sent him over the edge. He groaned, cumming at the image playing in his head. He felt Fuji pull away with a light chuckle.

"That was fast," his lover said.

Ryoma lifted his head, turning it to lay his cheek on the pillow. It was too late to turn back now. The image of two Fujis pleasuring him was enough to convince him. In the midst of lust, he lifted his body up with shaking arms and turned around. He crawled over to Fuji, wrapping his legs around the older man into a straddle. Chest pressed against chest, his mouth sucking on Fuji's earlobe, he whispered with a pleading voice, "Make me reach the highest ecstasy...if you want, I'll let Fuji join us." Fuji was gone the second the words left his mouth. In minutes, the love bot was trailing behind Fuji, but its clothes were already gone and its cock was stiff against its stomach. Ryoma swooned at the sight of two Fujis approaching him steadily. He smirked, leaning back on the bed. He flicked his tongue across his bottom lip. Like a submissive prey, he spread his legs and wiggled his finger in a "come hither" way and awaited for his predators to eat him whole.

The love bot sat behind him, its fingers rolling and tugging his hard nipples while Fuji sat between his legs, sucking him. Ryoma rested his head against the android's shoulder, biting his lower lip to suppress a moan. Suddenly, Fuji released his cock. His whined, not wanting the hot mouth to leave him just. Fuji chuckled his whimper, promising him something better. Fuji maneuvered him to turn around. Ryoma on was his hands and knees with the love bot's erect length in his face. Without waiting to be told, he took the love bot's erection into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down the tip and then taking the large cock deeper. It brush against the back of his throat, nearly causing him to gag, but he held back. Then he felt Fuji's fingers inside him, brushing on his prostate. He moaned, closing his eyes as Fuji stretched him wide. When he was ready, Fuji pulled his fingers out, replacing it with his cock. The tip pushed pass his tight hole and then plunged forward swiftly. Ryoma released the android's length, letting out a loud moan.

"Don't stop sucking," Fuji commanded from behind him.

Gasping, Ryoma took the love bot's length back into his mouth. Every thrust Fuji made sent the love bot's cock deeper into his mouth. He moaned each time, enjoying each pleasurable thrust. A hand pumped his weeping cock and nimble fingers pinched his nipple. His senses were bombarded with pleasure. It was bliss, but he wanted more.

"Cum in his mouth," his lover said.

Ryoma's eyes widen at the command, but before he could pull away, he felt the warm fake semen of the love bot inside his mouth. It was a large load, filling his mouth to the brim and spilling out, dripping down his chin. He quickly pulled back, but the love bot wasn't done. Artificial semen splattered on his face and dripped down, soaking his neck and chest. He heard a grunt from behind him and then felt himself being pulled up. His back leaned against Fuji's as he continued to thrust into him. Fingers slipped into his mouth and he automatically closed his mouth around them, sucking and licking them.

"Fucking hot," Fuji whispered, nipping his shoulder.

The love bot was pressed against him again, rubbing its new arousal against his erect cock. Ryoma rolled his head back, letting go of the fingers and groaning Fuji's and the love bot's. Then he felt a second cock pressing against his entrance. Ryoma lifted his head, shaking his head. "Nn-no! Don't! I can't...not two!" he begged, but Fuji encouraged the love bot and it entered inside him alongside Fuji. Ryoma let out a scream, but it was immediately cut off by Fuji's kiss. The searing pain slowly disappeared with two cock thrusting in and out of him. Before long, he was moaning licentiously, moving his own hips to meet them. Tongues licked his neck, back, and chest. Fingers played with nipples and another continued to stroke him. It was too much stimulation for him. Ryoma let out a gasping moan followed by a throaty one. In one quick moment, he was spilling his seeds on the love bot's chest while the two came inside, filling him up till their seeds dripped out, sliding down his thighs. He barely felt the kiss from his lover and the love bot. Exhaustion ransacked his body and then everything went black.

The light of the rising sun woke him up. Ryoma opened his eyes groggily, wincing at the pain stinging from his buttocks. He groaned, trying to roll onto his back, but a pair of arm didn't let him. He glanced up and stared at his lover's face. Everything from last night reeled through him mind, making him blush. He buried his face into Fuji's chest in embarrassment. He couldn't believe he had just left Fuji and the love bot do him at the same time. Now that his mind was on the love bot, he lifted his head against and tried to look around, but the android was no where to be found. A knock from the doorway caught his attention. He glanced over in that direction and saw the love bot dressed and smiling.

"Good morning. Your flight will be leaving at two in the afternoon. Should I call for food to be sent up here?" it asked, acting as if nothing had happened yesterday.

Ryoma blushed, "Um...sure."

The love bot turned around and disappeared. Sighing, he plopped his head back onto the pillow. He snuggled closer to Fuji, pressing his hand on his lover's chest so he could trace small circles on it. A shift in his lover told him that he was awake. Ryoma leaned up, placing a kiss on Fuji's chin. "Good morning," he greeted.

Fuji smiled, dropping a kiss on the top of his head, "Morning. You fainted...I was worried."

"I'm good."

" was it?"

Ryoma bit inner cheek and pondered on it. It wasn't as if he disliked it. He did like it and it was amazing enough to make him lose conscious. He cleared his throat, making Fuji's gaze fall on him. He smiled at his lover and kissed him on the lips. "It was...good," he whispered, "...I'm not doing it again though. I think...I would much rather have you only."

Fuji chuckled, snuggling his nose into the crook of Ryoma's neck, "Yeah...I think I would rather have you to myself too."

"Fuji's getting breakfast."

"'s your ass?"

"Fucking sore."

Fuji laughed, the breath of air tickling Ryoma's neck. There was a brief moment of comfortable silence before the knock on the door interrupted them. It seemed breakfast had come. Fuji pulled away first, stretching his arms as he got out of bed. Ryoma watched in silence, enjoying the view of his boyfriend's naked butt.

"You stay in bed. I'll bring breakfast here," Fuji said.

"Un," Ryoma replied, rolling on his side and stretching like cat.

He watched as Fuji disappeared and relaxed against the bed. He didn't know why he had put the threesome off for so long. He had been curious anyways wasn't so bad. He smiled to himself. was incredible.

A/N: Very short, smutty, PWP chapter, but that was the Fuji sandwich, haha. XD And this concludes the first part.