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A Turn of the Tides

Chapter 1-Introductions

Dean pulled the Impala into the space in front of the door to their motel room just as the last sliver of sun was dipping below the horizon. As he cut the rumbling engine he sagged back into his seat feeling the bruises and aches this last hunt had left on his tired body.

He did not much appreciate it when poltergeists started flinging furniture about the place and this house seemed to have an over abundance of ammo for the lunatic spirit. He was able to dodge the majority of the smaller pieces that comprised the living room and dinette set until a heavy flowered loveseat pinned him up against the wall. The poltergeist then amused itself by flinging a few of the larger pieces of the china set at Dean and he took a plate or two to the head. The poltergeist had just accessed a set of silver serving knives from the neighboring dining room and was about to use him as target practice in what felt like a twisted carnival act when Sammy had finally finished the cleansing ritual in his section of the house. He could tell because everything flying around the room suddenly just dropped and had finally lain still. He shoved the loveseat away from him and sank against the wall to the floor to catch his breath. He had felt a slight trickle of blood work its way down the side of his face from where one of the plates had smashed against his head. Otherwise no major damage aside from some bruised ribs and the usual aches and pains that followed a hunt like this.

Dean climbed slowly from the car and pulled the motel key from his jacket pocket. They had the room on the end farthest from the office. Dean opened the door and threw the duffle of weapons on the chair just inside the door. Sam followed him into the room and then flopped on his stomach on his bed with his eyes closed. Dean lay on his own bed, settling onto his back and just let himself sink into the mattress for a few minutes. Then he rolled his head to his right to look over at Sam. He looked just as tired as Dean felt and had taken a couple of his own beatings from random pieces of furniture.

"Hey Sam….Sammy!"

"Yeah?" came the tired reply

"You still with me over there, buddy?"


"What do you say we get cleaned up and go to the bar? I know I could sure use a drink or two…..or six." joked Dean even though he was more than half serious.

Sam opened his eyes and with a small smile, chuckled at his brother. It seemed Dean could always use a drink.

"Yeah, I think I'm with you on that one. You can have the first shower though. I'm going to grab a quick nap before we go." said Sam stifling a yawn and settling farther down into the bed.

Dean gathered up some clean clothes and headed to the bathroom without argument and closed the door behind him. He stripped off his dirty and sweaty clothes, letting them fall to the floor as he climbed into the steaming shower. He stood under the strong spray for a good while, resting his forehead against the still-cool tiles of the shower. He let the hot water wash over him and relax his stiff and sore muscles. He was looking forward to the relaxed, numbing feeling that strong alcohol afforded him and in the back of his mind was hoping that the bar was stocked with at least a few good-looking locals for his other favorite past-time.


Dean pushed through the door into the bar expecting a somewhat decent crowd of people and maybe a few pickings for women, only to be disappointed by a nearly empty bar. Aside from the couple of regular bar-flies, the place was literally empty.

Sam could see his brother's disappointment in the droop of Dean's shoulders when they pushed into the empty bar room. He knew that his brother had been hoping to get laid tonight and it usually played a good part in getting him to relax after a hunt.

"Well, at least there's a pool table. Hey Sammy, loser does laundry?"

"Sure, I'll grab us a round first". Sam strolled off to the bar knowing that his brother could always kick his ass in pool and anyway, Dean wasn't exactly the type to do a lot of laundry.

After a few rounds of pool during which Dean slaughtered Sam in every game they switched to darts at which Sam stood a slightly better chance of besting his brother. After a few games, most of which Sam narrowly won, Dean retired to a table in the back of the room facing the door. Dean was a little paranoid that way and would never sit with his back to the door or in a position where someone could get the drop on him from behind.

Sam could tell that his brother was disappointed with the continued emptiness of the bar and was getting bored. He was about to suggest they retire and get a good night's sleep when the squeak of the door hinges interrupted him.

At the squeak of the front door, Dean's head lifted from staring at the bottom of his whiskey glass and his jaw almost dropped as a attractive brunette walked through the door. She had on a black fitted leather jacket and dark boot cut jeans from under which poked some well worn cowboy boots. Her dark hair flowed over her shoulders in waves and her body seemed to follow the same wavy curves. Dean's eyes followed her as she walked toward the bar, flashed a brilliant smile his way and then turned to the barman to order a drink. Dean was delighted to see that she ordered whiskey, straight up. She settled herself on one of the tall stools by the corner of the bar and removed her jacket to hang it on the back of the chair. Underneath she was wearing a black tank top that showed off ALL of her curves and the finer features according to Dean.

After she flashed him that smile, Dean raised his eyes to the sky saying a silent thank you to whoever was up there, grinned and winked at Sammy and then sidled over to where she was seated at the bar. He leaned nonchalantly against the grained wood of the bar and gave her the killer Winchester smile which had never failed to get a response from any female he used it on. It had exactly the desired effect as she turned to him and smiled back, a slight flush coloring her cheeks.

"Hi, I'm Dean" he introduced.

"Karen" she answered holding out her hand to give him a slightly lingering handshake.

"Well Karen, at the risk of sounding cliché, what is a beautiful woman like you doing in a rundown place like this in the middle of Nowheresville?"

"Just passing through" came her reply in which Dean detected a slight clip of a southern accent.

"And yourself?"

"Same, just passing through."

Sam watched from the nearby table as he brother engaged in a casual conversation with the alluring woman. Sam had to admit that she was a looker and very few women could resist Dean's looks, especially when he turned on the charm along with them. Sam wondered which story his brother was feeding this one about who he was and what he did for a living. Sam was debating just returning to the motel room since his brother was otherwise occupied and the barflies had packed it in for the night so there weren't even any other people he could potentially scam on a game or two of pool for some extra cash, when the squeak of the front door hinges again interrupted his thoughts.

Five large men entered the bar just then and one cut immediately off to the restroom. The other four quickly scanned the room and all four pairs of eyes landed on where Dean was chatting up the brunette at the bar. Instantly Sam's gut set off warning alarms and he slightly tensed in his chair. The front most one reached into his jacket and Sam just spotted the glint of a pistol.

"DEAN!" came Sam's cry seconds before the gun let off a sharp crack in Dean's direction.