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It was just like any other day in Ilias village the sun was shining bright everyone was safe and there was some sort of slime monster in the front gate, perfectly normal day.

We join our 'hero' as another normal day passes, his name is Blaze he doesn't have a last name even though he's married. He is currently headed towards his home, he stands at seven foot three has red spikey hair wears shades a purple shirt with a black X on it purple pants and a red bandanna tied around his right arm, he is also only seventeen years old. "Hey i'm home!" he called cheerfully.

"Daddy!" came three high pitched voices. Blaze laughed as he saw his three children run into the living room, His home wasn't the biggest in Ilias villige but it was very well furnished and relatively large.

"Hey girls have you been nice to your brother?" Blaze asked kneeling down so he could be eye level with his three kids. Gaudry his eldest daughter was three foot six had green eye's bright green hair and white skin, she wore a plain green shirt and a skirt that ribboned down to her knees. Rose his youngest daughter was three foot two had long spikey red hair pink eye's wore a dark red shirt and blue shorts. Raxtus his only son was also three foot two wore a purple shirt and Black pants his eye's were red and his hair had brown highlights in them.

"Yes daddy we didn't bug Raxtus like you said" Gaudry said. Being six years old she was the most responsible of the children being a year older.

"She always listens your second daughter on the other hand is just like her hotheaded father" Blaze looked up and saw his wife Rosie standing at the doorway leading to the kitchen, she was seven feet even with long red hair and brown bangs. She wore a pink shirt and wore blue jeans her eyes were also a pinkish color passed down to her daughter.

"Hey I wasn't the only one to pass down her genes" Blaze said getting up to hug his wife.

"It was mostly you though" she said kissing him.

"Daddy how was your trip?" Gaudry asked looking up at him. Blaze leaned down and lifted his daughter up making her cry with glee and giggle uncontrollably.

"It went pretty good daddy didn't run into any trouble passing through Ilias port" Blaze said kissing her on her forehead.

"No monsters came trying to attack you?" Rosie asked questioningly raising her eyebrow.

"I am legitlly hurt that you would even consider that I would do anything other than you" Blaze said leaning forward kissing her again.

"I was just checking I knew you wouldn't really do that with anyone else" Rosie said hugging Blaze. He smiled returning the hug and was about to kiss her again until he heard a banging at his door.

"Oh what now?" Blaze asked heading towards the door. "Hello?" he was met by a local farmer who looked flustered.

"Help! there's a monster at the village gates!" he shouted. Blaze sighed heavilly ,never a moments peace around here, he thought grabbing the sword he always left at the door.

"I'm coming don't worry" he said exiting his home.

"Great thank you so much!" the farmer said before running off. Blaze sighed again heading at a jog towards the village gate's, he ran through a crowd of people running into their homes or shelters. Some trained heroe's stayed with their families and friends protecting them in case the monster got through. Once he had made it to the gate he saw a small Slime girl standing at the gates.

"Hello and who would you be?" Blaze asked leaning on his knees.

"Hi my names Patty and you smell really nice who are you?" Patty asked smiling up at him.

"My names Blaze and it's nice to meet you Patty but i'm afraid you're scaring the people who live here so I have to ask you to turn back but if you want i'll take you back to your family" Blaze offered holding out his hand.

"But why? We need humans to survive for as you know monsters are only borne female" she said reaching for his hand.

"I know but people are afraid that you might kill them and I know that's not true but not everyone thinks so"

"Well it's not true unless you get us mad" Patty said her hand grabbing and enveloping Blaze's arm "Hah hah! Got you now!" she said triumphantly.

"You sure about that?" Blaze asked ripping himself from the slime girl the quickly sliced down with God's wrath his trusty eight foot long double bladed great sword.

"OW!" Patty cried stumbling backwards.

"I really don't want to kill you but I will if I have to" Blaze said sticking his sword into the ground.

"W-what? But I thought hero's killed monsters on sight" Patty said tears forming in her eye's.

"If that were true then you and I wouldn't even be having this conversation you'd already be dead" Blaze said smiling at her.

"Okay i'll go then just promise you won't kill me" she said her arm already reforming. Blaze nodded and watched as she disappeared into the woods.

"I should probably go and make sure no other monsters try to get in" he said to himself. He entered the woods and searched around for any recent monster trails or presences, he was already very deep into the forest when he decided it was okay for him to turn back. All of a sudden the ground shook and a loud boom could be heard not to far from where he was, he debated whether or not to go and check but is kind nature won over so he headed out to investigate.

When he finally managed to find the location he saw a very cute girl lying down in a crater everything around her scorched, Blaze noticed that she wasn't human on account of her light purple skin pointed ears and long red snake tail. Her hair was long and silver she wore a sort of leather skirt that hid her lower area and a black bra as well as dark purple gloves that reached up to her biceps. "Hey are you alright?" Blaze asked lightly shaking her limp form. Suddenly her eye's fluttered open and she looked straight at him.

"Hmm?" she asked woozily.

"Are you okay? You seem to have taken quite a nasty fall" Blaze said helping the girl up.

"Yeah i'm fine I just have a headache" she said grabbing her head.

"Well at least your more or less fine by the way what's your name?" he asked once she was able to stay upright by herself.

"Alice but why didn't you strike me down while I was knocked out?" Alice asked.

"Easy you were knocked out and I just couldn't leave you here" Blaze said.

"That's an interesting answer" Alice said leaning closer to inspect him.

"Well if you need some place to rest I could make an exception and let you stay with me" Blaze said backing up slightly.

"Oh? What about Iliases rule about humans not having intercourse with monsters?" Alice asked.

"I never said anything about intercourse I just offered you a place to stay" he said turning to leave "And apparently you don't need it so bye have a safe trip home" he said sprinting back towards his village.

"Blaze your still alive!" Blaze's friend Mathew said running up to him.

"Please did you think I'd die so easily?" Blaze said resting Wrath on his shoulder.

"Of course not you were just gone for a little longer than usual" Mathew said. He stood around five seven he was only thirteen years old and always tried to practice swordsman ship with Blaze, he had dark orange hair green eye's an orange shirt and green shorts.

"Well you should hurry on it's almost time to be baptized by Ilias" Blaze said scuffing up Mathews hair. He nodded and quickly ran deeper into the village towards the shrine that was dedicated to Ilias. "Just another day" Blaze said shaking his head sheathing Wrath and heading back home. Once he was right outside the door he heard something shatter inside and Rosie scream, Blaze quickly barged in slamming the door open.

"What happened!?" he shouted running into the kitchen. There he saw Rosie backed in a corner with his kids behind her facing... Alice.

"Blaze help!" she cried when she saw her husband.

"Alice what the hell do you think you're doing here?" Blaze asked stepping between her and his family.

"Oh nothing just accepting your offer but I was surprised to see that you had kids, very adorable ones too I'm sure they'd taste good" Alice said licking her lips.

"You even try to lay a finger on them I'll kill you where you stand!" Blaze said fiercely.

"I'm kidding I'm kidding don't worry I won't hurt anyone here I promise" Alice said bowing. Blaze lowered his guard trusting Alice's word.

"Okay I was just protecting my family it's the first thing I always do" Blaze said apologizing to Alice for his hostile behavior.

"It's okay I probably shouldn't have messed around like that with them" Alice said apologetically.

"Well she really didn't hurt us we were just surprised by her appearance is all" Rosie said stepping towards Alice.

"Daddy who is she?" Gaudry asked stepping towards Alice slightly.

"Umm... she's a friend I guess I mean I just met her"

"Well Alice your welcome to stay here as long as my husband allows" Rosie said extending her hand to Alice.

"Well thank you for your hospitality but I was supposed to travel to the monster lords castle so I will only be here for a day" Alice said yawning.

"Hey if you want i'll help you on your way" Blaze offered picking up Raxtus and Rose.

"Well that would be interesting and fun" Alice said. Suddenly a bright light covered Alices entire body and once it receded Alice was standing infront of them in a human form, her skin was lightly tanned and her clothes were exactly the same except that she had shoes now, she was also around six feet tall.

"Who's the pretty lady mommy?" Raxtus asked pointing to Alice who giggled.

"Flattery get's you eveywhere little boy" Alice said seductively.

"Dammit he's four!" Blaze shouted.

"I'm joking I wouldn't do anything with one so young" Alice said latching on to Blaze.

"Hey leave him alone he's my sex partner!" Rosie shouted.

"Mommy what's sex?" Gaudry asked.

"We'll talk about it later when you're mommy and daddy's age" Blaze said.

"But why?"

"When you're older!" Blaze said.

"so i'm going to be turning in where do I sleep?" Alice asked.

"Go straight down three doors and the fourth door is the room you'll be staying in" Rosie said.

"Well it seems that i'll be gone for awhile again sorry about that" Blaze said.

"Don't worry you'll be missed but eversince we married monsters haven't really been a threat so we'll be fine" Rosie said.

"Well don't worry i'll be back as soon as I can"

"Oh and one more thing I know you'll be tempted to do 'things' with her so i'm going to allow you to do it" Rosie said taking the kids to their rooms.


"Well i'll be back as fast as I can so don't worry about me okay" Blaze said walking out with Alice.

"Okay just don't get in any trouble!" Rosie said waving him off along with her children.

"So where to first?" Blaze asked.

"Well we have to pass through Ilias city first and that's about a day away" Alice said.

"Well I can get us there in thirty minutes if you want"

"Really how?" Alice asked.

"I've pushed my body to the limits and now I can do things far beyond the normal limits" Blaze said picking up Alice bridal style. "Hold on tight" Blaze said sprinting faster than anything Alice had ever seen. In no time at all Blaze had arrived in Ilias city with Alice still in his arms.

"Wow I didn't know that was possible" Alice said struggling to stand up right.

"Yeah it took me a long time to train myself to do that" Blaze said stretching out his legs. Instantly he looked up and noticed that there was no one arming the gates of Ilias city. "Where is everybody? There are always gaurds" Blaze said drawing out Wrath.

"Why are you so worried?" Alice asked.

"Because this is one of the most well protected cities here" Blaze said walking even deeper into the city.

"Pathetic humans this city is being overtaken on order of the monster lord!" a female voice shouted. Blaze looked into the center of town and saw a girl with orange hair which was half hidden by a helmet that looked more like a hat, she wore a brown tunic with metal plating around her C-cup breast she also wore a leather skirt around her waist, everything about her screamed warrior.

"So you're Granberia one of the four heavenly knights huh?" Blaze asked walking into her field of vision.

"That is correct and who might you be?"

"Well the names Blaze and I really don't like it when the strong prey on the weak so i'm going to have to ask you to stop or else things are gonna get ugly" Blaze said raising Wrath.

"Well it seems I might have more fun with you than I had with these pathetic gaurds" Granberia said pulling out a sixfoot long single edged blade that was two and a half feet thick.

"So it seems ladies first" Blaze said waiting patiently for her first attack. Granberia jumped high int the air and noticed that what he thought were green gauntlets were actually scaled and clawed hands. "So you're a dragon huh?" Blaze asked blocking her first blow with Wrath.

"Yes and it is a fact i'm very proud of" Granberia said slashing againat Blaze, but much to her surprise he caught the blade in his bare hand.

"Your swing is to wide and you don't follow through enough with a sword this size" Blaze said flinging her up into the sky with the flat end of his blade, he repeated tis twice more until he slammed her down into the ground.

"OWW!" she cried in pain. She cried out again when she was stomped on by Blaze.

"So you gonna leave or do I have to give you another reason?" he asked.

"I'd rather die than return a failure!" she snarled swipping at his face with her sword, momentarilly stunned by the force of her attck Blaze stumbled backwards letting Granberia stand up.

"The hard way it is then!" Blaze ran at he his arm already preparing for an arc, he quickly brought down Wrath but was stopped short by a crushing impact to the face that sent him flying into a wall.

"I was merely toying with you human now prepare to di..." she was quieted by a blow to the head, looking around she saw no one but then a second blow wrenched her sword from her and sent her into the heavilly fortified wall twenty feet behind her. "W-what?" she asked looking up to see Wrath at her throat.

"I warned you and for the record I was holding back as well" Blaze said slamming his fist into her head leaving her half concious. He walked over to where she had dropped her sword picked it up and dragged the point on the ground slicing through it as if it was made of butter. Granberia looked up and saw her own blade preparing to strike the final blow.

"I desrve tis for failing my master" Granberia said flinching the moment she saw Blaze bring down his arm.

"Hey! do you want your sword back or not?" Granberia opened her eye's to see Blaze holding the pointed end offering her the hilt back.


"Because I only kill when I have to and plus you have amazing talent but you haven't yet reached your full potential so whether you like it or not i'm going to train you in the art of swordsman ship" he said lifting her up to her full six foot hieght. He turned around when he heard cheering, he saw numerous people cheering and some of the gaurds he thought were dead.

"Hooray thank you for saving us!" "What are you waiting for kill her already" "Will you marry me?" and "Come by for a drink as thanks for saving our city" were all the responses he heard, it made him feel sick to his stomache.

"I will not kill her I have already proven myself to be stronger than her" Blaze said to the crowd. He ignored all the protests but just pulled Granberia towards the city ggate were he left Alice waiting.

"Granberia!? What are you doing here?" Alice asked.

"M-master?" Granberia said quickly kneeling infront of her.

"Whoa wait Alice your the monster lord?" Blaze asked.

"Yes but from the bruises on her face i'm guessing you beat her which brings me to my question how did you lose to this human?" she asked sternly.

"Hey don't get mad at her she was out matched" Blaze said stepping infront of Granberia protectively. Granberia was shocked that someone she had just tried to kill was protecting her from her masters wrath.

"There is no way she should have been defeated by a human and what makes you think you can defeat me?" Alice asked her right fist glowing bright white.

"Easy she couldn't even see me when I hit her" Blaze said his right fist bursting into flames and also crackling with electricity.

"How do you know magic?" Alice asked surprised that he was able to use elemental magic.

"I like to travel so i've picked things up here and there" he said releasing his energy flow when he heard Alices stomache growl, he laughed when he saw her blush.

"What I get hungry doesn't everybody?" she said blushing heavilly. Even Granberia snickered earning her a glare from Alice.

"Calm down let's go back into the city and i'll buy you girls something to eat sound good?" Blaze asked.

"Sure does" Alice said happily.

"I could go for something to eat" Granberia said her own stomache growling.

"Okay then it's settled" Blaze said leading them into the city again. They searched around until they found a pub that seemed to be very populer around here so they decided to go inside. "Hey what do you serve in here?" Blaze asked a burly man behind the counter, he was around Blaze's hieght with a very large axe strapped to his back.

"Everything a young man needs to grow big and strong lad and I see you're to lady friends have an appetite as well" he said pointing to Alice and Granberia.

"Yep so what is you're biggest meal?"

"Why don't you sit at that table over there and i'll fix you three up something nice" he said before disappearing. Blaze Alice and Granberia sat down at a table in the very center of the pub where they noticed multiple glances being shot their way.

"So Alice what's the real reason you're traveling around huh?"

"Well I actually wanted to travel because I wanted to taste all of the greatest foods around" she said a dreamy expression on her face.

"I never knew that was the reason" Granberia said looking at Alice with a strange expression.

"Well whatever the reason i'm only takeing you home and then i've gotta head home" Blaze said leaning backe on his chair.

"Sir here are you're drinks on the house" Blaze looked up at a waitress with blonde hair and blue eye's setting down a platter of mugs.

"Well thanks for the drinks"

"No problem especially since you saved our city" she said before disappearing.

"What kind of drink is this? It burns when I smelled it" Granberia said.

"Oh you bastard thank you!" Blaze said grabbing a mug before takeing a hug sip of it and releasing a breath a slight blush on his face. "Damn it's been to long since i've had any alchohal" Blaze said laughing.

"Alcohal? Hows it taste?" Alice asked takeing an experimentary sip before spitting it out. "It tastes horrible!"

"Now little lady we don't drink it for the taste but for the effect later on" the bartender said holding an entire roasted turkey with one hand.

"Effect?" Granberia asked.

"Yeah usually if you drink it you feel great like all the worlds problems have been washed away" Blaze said takeing another sip.

"Yah see it's already taking effect on this fellow here" he said putting down the plate. "Well dig in and by the way it's free" he said before leaving.

"Well that was nice and what are you girls waiting for dig in" Blaze said handing them plates. After they were done eating Blaze and Granberia were drunk beyond reason so Alice had to drag them to a nearby hotel were Blaze passed out instantly when he hit the bed.

"Hey Granberia?"

"Yes misstress?" she asked.

"When he wakes up why don't we have a little fun with him huh?" Alice asked smiling seductively.

A/N what will happen to Blaze when he wakes up also this story came to e in a dream don't hate also if you've heard of this game you're gona love what i'll do to it and that game is called PHANTOM CRASH!

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