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Ch. 3: Royal Pains & Growing Flames

The curtain flap fell to the side as the whisker marked boy and his guardian walked into the throne room. The first thing that came to Naruto's mind as he first glimpsed the dark room was- 'This is just creepy.' The room was a majority of black and gold with the only red being the curtain they just came through. There were many gold bottomed pillars, with black square studs wrought into them before they continued in onyx stone until they reached the high vaulted ceiling. The pillars were huge with just the golden bottom alone being taller than two men on top of one another as they filled up the spacious room. Towards the back of the room was a raised black marble wall that had flames streaming from the top and licking the sides of the wall. Behind the wall was a raised palanquin-looking throne with red curtains to cover the Fire Lord if he so wished. However today the curtains were drawn together giving a shady view of a man sitting in the chair due to the shadows and fire light.

Behind the throne was the face of a giant, ornate-looking golden dragon designed as if it were breathing fire right upon the spot where the leader of the Fire Nation sat. Naruto tried to get a look at the leader's face but was surprised that the man was almost completely bathed in shadows. It must have been a trick of the light caused by the wall of flames and the glow of the dragon behind him, completely silhouetting his appearance.

Before Naruto could be considered gawking, Iroh gave him a nudge forward and they made their way towards the front of the throne room. As they walked Iroh whispered subtly, "Do as I do and follow my lead. We do not want to insult him before we even begin to speak with him."

Naruto nodded in semi understanding but still didn't understand what 'follow my lead' meant; after all he was still only eight years old.

After a minute brisk walk they had reached a spot a decent distance away from the fire wall and Iroh made to bow with a fist in front of his chest and a flat hand pointed upwards symbolizing the fire of the Fire Nation. The moment he was this Naruto followed suit quickly and did the same motions. Seeing this, the Fire Lord nodded his head in greeting and said with a voice filled with indifference, "Be seated."

Naruto was put off by the arrogant attitude that the man exuded, but none the less he quietly took a seat on one of the two cushions provided for them after the stern look Iroh gave him. Once seated, Iroh started the conversation, "It is good to see you again brother, please, do you mind telling me as to why we were summoned to see you?"

The Fire Lord's body stiffened as he said in a tone of annoyance as well as arrogance, "Iroh address me as my title dictates as I have it for a reason. The Fire Lord is not allowed to show weakness in his position and allowing you to talk to me on such familiar terms would show leniency and I would lose some power and respect." Said the shaded man as he stared down his older brother.

Naruto's brow furrowed when he heard this. What kind of brother would subjugate his own family to such lengths? Sure he was a man of power but being open with members of your own blood could never be considered a weakness, at least in Naruto's opinion. He was just about to voice his opinion when Iroh spoke up and said in a flat tone, "My apologies Fire-Lord Ozai."

Ozai's posture relaxed and he smiled though nobody could see it. He was reveling in the feeling of finally stepping out of the Dragon of the West's shadow as he had now out done his brother and taken the throne. He was now the Fire Lord and he was enjoying every second of the feeling of power and authority he held over his elder sibling.

"Apology accepted General Iroh. Now the reason I have called you here is to discuss this…boy you have here." The Fire Lord spoke, saying the last part in disdain as one might when the stepped in something rather unpleasant.

That was all Naruto could take before he jumped from his seat and yelled in all the dignified anger an eight year old could posses, "Hey I'm not just a boy! I have a name and its Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki! And don't you forget it!"

The room went quiet as death as its occupants looked to the Fire Lord in anticipation and worry. Ozai took a deep breath and the flames in front of him rose a few feet before going back to their original size. The Fire Lord was, to put it simply, angry. This boy had just dared to defy him and insulted him in his throne room…and there was nothing he could do about it if he wanted to use this boy in the war. After all, it's not every day that you discover a boy with a powerful spirit trapped in their body. Iroh looked between his brother and son with evident worry on his face.

"Because this is your first time dealing with royalty I will let that insolent interruption slide," Ozai growled with anger and malice in his voice, "But should that happen again I will have you detained and flogged in front of the palace for everyone to see. Do I make myself clear?"

Naruto glared at with man with rage in his eyes and was about to yell out something else, but stopped when Iroh grabbed his arm and shook his head at him, silently telling him to be quiet. Naruto returned his gaze to Ozai and said through gritted teeth, "Yes, Fire Lord Ozai."

"Good, now back on topic. The Fire Sages informed me that, Naruto, has an interesting situation. They told me that a Nine Tailed Fire Fox spirit has been reincarnated as this boy here. Is that true?" The Fire Lord asked with genuine curiosity.

"That statement is partially true. The fox is not the boy but simply a spirit attached to his soul if what I heard the spirit say correctly. He cannot separate himself from the boy or vice versa the boy from him." Said the general.

"Hmm, that is interesting, is it also true that the Fox gave him the power to firebend?'

"Yes b-"

"Naruto stand up and firebend. I want to see it for myself." Interrupted the impatient ruler. There was a gleam in his eyes as he waited to observe the possibilities this boy could provide the Fire Nation, if his flames were fierce.

Before Naruto could get up Iroh spoke again with urgency in his tone, "Lord Ozai, Naruto cannot firebend yet. We tested it and he was not able to breathe in the essence of fire through the candles yet. At first we wondered why he couldn't after he was given the power but the in the words of the great fox spirit himself, 'Just because he has the ability to firebend does not mean he can without properly being trained to do so.'"

Ozai paused when he heard this and was disappointed. He had hoped to see what the power of firebending could be when augmented with a spirits power but that was not to be right now. But the man was still excited to have his hopes confirmed at the possibility of having a new weapon in the war, a powerful bender with the abilities of a mighty spirit.

"Fine then, from this day forth you will train him Iroh. Do whatever you need to do to awaken his latent abilities, as I will want results as soon as possible, now then." The Fire Lord paused for a moment before clapping twice and the sound echoed throughout the throne room.

As soon as he clapped a young servant girl by the looks of ten came out and bowed to the Fire Lord. She had brown hair, golden eyes, and a little baby fat on her high cheek bones. The girl wore the standard red robe Naruto had seen on the servant that had lead them to the throne room, as well as a bun in her long hair. She was average height for a girl her age and her face and features exuded a sense of calm and seriousness as she said, "You called my lord?"

"Yes I want you to take Naruto here out to the gardens while my brother and I discuss some things in private, now leave us." He said as he waved the two children off.

Naruto got up reluctantly and followed the girl out of the throne room but didn't leave without giving a concerned glance at his father, who in turn gave a reassuring smile as the boy left. Once the boy was through the curtains he followed the girl who kept making curious peeks at him from behind her long bangs. After five minutes of silent stares from the girl Naruto, not being one for subtly, asked, "Why do you keep looking at me?"

The girl eeped at the fact she was caught sneaking looks and blushed while saying, "Sorry, It's just, I've never seen you here before so I was wondering who you are and where you are from. Also how is your hair that color of yellow? I have never seen hair like that before."

"Oh, well the name is Naruto Uzumaki, I'm from the Earth Kingdom I guess, and my hair has always been yellow since as long as I can remember. What about you? What is your name…?" The boy left his statement hanging hoping she would answer and she obliged.

"I'm Noriko, daughter of Mizuki the head maid of the palace servants." She said with her tone still reserved and calm.

"Nice to meet you Noriko. So you're a servant here?"

"Yes, I am, my mother says it's a great honor to be in the palace and serve the royal family, even if the servant's quarters aren't that big. So…." Noriko started to ask in a curious voice, "What's an Earth Kingdom nobleman doing here in the Fire Nation?"

"What?" asked Naruto with a confused face.

The girl became slightly confused herself asked, "You said you were from the Earth Kingdom right? Well only nobles have last names and you said your name was Naruto Uzumaki so you're a noble right?"

"No I'm not a noble; in fact I'm an orphan."

This only served to confuse Noriko even more as she asked, "Then how on earth did an orphan boy get into the Royal Palace? And why do you have a noble name if you are an orphan?"

"I don't know, maybe my parents were nobles and I was the last one in the family, maybe that's why no one in my family found me…." He said in a somber tone that quickly quieted the girl as she realized she had hit a soft spot on the blond. Before she knew it, however, he was back to his happy self as he nearly bounced on his feet, "But that doesn't matter anymore because the old man adopted me!"


"Oh sorry, I guess you would know him as the Fire Lord's brother, Iroh." Stated the blonde to clarify as he continued to walk.

"General Iroh Nakashima adopted you?!" The brunet stopped walking because she couldn't believe her ears. It was like a fairytale straight from the scroll; poor orphan boy with troubles is found by a royal man and is adopted becoming royalty himself. It was just too much for her to believe as she shut down to process that bit of information.

"Hello? Noriko, you in there?" The blond boy asked as he waved his hand in front of her face back and forth to get her attention again. It was when Naruto was about to resort to poking the girl to get her attention that Noriko regained her senses and composure, apologizing while in the process.

After the lapse in thought on the young girl's part she blushed and increased her pace out of the palace so as to avoid further embarrassment. It only took them another minute before they appeared in what could only be described as a beautiful Zen garden. There was a large pond that had a family of Turtle-Ducks swimming peacefully in the clear green waters that rippled with the slightest disturbances. Encircling the pond were slabs of white rectangular stone laid into the ground. The area itself was filled with lush green grass and well kempt mangrove trees that stretched out giving some areas plentiful shade on even the hottest of days. There were paths made of the same white stone throughout the lush greenery leading to all assortments of flower patches and other tree groves with white stone benches under their shade. Next to the pond was a pagoda style canopy hut with red and gold stone tiles on its roof. Also near to the small pool of water was a group of drooping willow trees that hung low and swayed in the faintest of breezes. On the opposite side of the canopy was a pillar that had pagoda tiles on the top covering an incense urn to make prayers and offerings to the spirits.

The area was vacant and Naruto looked to the girl as she said, "Well this is the royal garden, you will have to wait here until General Iroh gets you after he and the Fire Lord are done with their business."

She turned to leave and Naruto asked where she was going, "I'm sorry, but I can't stay here and play. I have to go back to work again," she said with a small frown but soon brightened up as she said, "It was nice to meet you Naruto; I hope I get to see you again soon."

She walked through the ornate red doors as she went back into the palace. Naruto was left to himself in the quiet garden with only the turtle ducks quacking away in the pavilion. Naruto walked around and just quietly enjoyed the sights and smells of the garden. It was nice to have some alone time after spending a month with a loud army and then a crowded cruiser ship. Eventually Naruto found himself underneath the canopy and sitting on the white stone bench as he looked at the Koi pond. He was lost in the moment as his hand slowly made its way to his pocket. His mind caught up with his actions as his hand touched a hard object wrapped in cloth.

The blond looked around to make sure the coast was clear before he pulled out the white cloth covered item. Slowly he unwrapped it until it revealed a yellow-handled three tipped kunai with strange markings on it. Naruto looked sadly at the only thing that he had left of his parents. He always wondered what kind of people they were. He thought that they must have been warriors because what parents would give a child a knife as a thing to remember them by, but now, with the new information about last names from Noriko, Naruto could only wonder now if he was the last of a noble blood line and that the knife that he held in his hand was a family heirloom meant for him because it had his name engraved on the back. Or maybe Naruto Uzumaki was his ancestor and the orphanage just gave him that name because it was on the blade. Ever since Lady Chiyo had given it to him (she was probably hoping the boy would get himself killed playing with the sharp knife) it had become Naruto's most prized and only true possession. After cutting holes in his clothes and cutting himself a few times, Naruto kept it wrapped up in his pocket with a cloth and never showed it to anyone, just keeping it his little secret. He worried that if someone saw him with the weapon that they would take it away and he would lose the only thing he had in this world.

The eight year-old brushed the warm metal with his fingertips as his eyes became lost in the strange markings once again. He never grew tired of looking at the incredible seal array on the kunai, not that he knew what it was. Whenever he was alone and bored he would pull out the implement and gaze into the depths of permanent markings trying to decipher some meaning out of them. It seemed like a good ten minutes before Naruto heard the red door open again and voices permeated over the pavilion. Before the newcomers could see Naruto quickly wrapped up the knife and put it back into his pocket.

"-Already checked the garden earlier so what makes you think this 'yellow haired' boy would be back here when we already checked it out?" came a voice that sounded as if she were humoring someone

"Because I think he was in the meeting with that old guy and your dad before, but I swear I saw him leave with one of the servant girls. By the time I got you all I lost him again." Said an excited girl with energy in her very tone.

"Well looks like you were right Ty-Lee 'cause I think I see him under the canopy." Said a boy with a little surprise in his voice.

"Finally we can stop walking." Complained a voice with a very unamused tone.

Naruto looked up and saw four children around his age walking towards him; actually make that three children, because one of the girls was cart-wheeling to where the boy sat. The fact that she was cart-wheeling to Naruto she reached him first of the group, making Naruto look at her curiously and thinking 'That looks like fun'

"I told you he was real! I knew it!" She shouted excitedly. The girl before him had long brown hair that was put into a braid that sprouted from the top of her head. Her face was framed by bangs that she didn't put into the braid which made her brown eyes pop more. She was wearing what looked to be an extremely modified version of the Fire Nation's noble clothes as they were all pink. It would grab anyone's attention as they walked by and saw the different rosy shades. She wore short sleeve pink top that cut off a bit before her belly button and below that she wore loose fitting pink pants that cinched right above her caves and rose-colored ballet slippers on her feet. Based on her appearance it would see she was quite agile and had a bubbly personality.

"Yes Ty Lee, we get it. You weren't lying, but could you blame us when we have never seen anyone with yellow hair before?" The boy said while walking under the canopy. He wore what a fire bender in the army wore but with gold trim on the black chest piece and around the leggings. He wore black boots and under the black was red under tones through the outfit. His hair was pulled into a pony tail wrapped in red bindings and gold eyes like most of the Fire Nation.

"Look it's all well and good that he's real, but I want to know why he is in the royal palace in the first place." A girl in a similar outfit to the boy's but in red said with suspicion in her voice as she also made her way over. She walked with an aura of arrogance and power that reminder Naruto of the Fire Lord. She had her black hair in a top knot with a Fire Nation emblem pin in it while her face was encompassed by two bangs that came down from her hair and she had golden eyes like the boy. Naruto could see some resemblance the golden eyed pair had to each other, but he couldn't be certain about them being related.

Lastly another girl slowly sauntered over with an air of gloom hanging over her head like a cloud. Her pitch black hair was done up in two tight buns on either side of her head, decorated with red ribbon. She wore the usual noble clothes of the country in red and maroon except for her sleeves which seemed oversized in Naruto's opinion. Her face betrayed no emotion as her gold eyes scanned the area and merely looked at Naruto with a disinterested demeanor.

"So what's your name cutie?" Asked the girl named Ty Lee. This broke the blond out of his musings and blushing slightly he said, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, what about you guys?"

"Glad you asked!" Ty Lee back flipped into a curtsy and said, "I'm Ty Lee Itoe, This is Azula Nakashima and her brother Zuko, and then Miss Gloomy guts over there is Mai Tomahisa." She said this all with a smile on her face while Mai huffed at the title Miss Gloomy.

Naruto looked to all of them and smiled saying, "Nice to meet ya."

After an awkward pause Zuko decided to be the one to break the silence, "So what are you doing here anyways? I've never seen you before; after all I think I would remember someone with yellow hair walking around."

"I was here because the Fire Lord asked to see me and my dad."

"Then why aren't you still with him?" Interrogated Azula wondering how this boy could be that important.

"He had to discuss some things in private with him, so he sent me here till he's done."

This made Azula curious. Who was important enough to gain a private session with her father who had a son she had yet to meet. She put that thought to the side as Ty Lee started being…Ty Lee…again.

"How do you get your hair that color of yellow? Why is it so spiky? Are those whiskers on your face? How did you get those? Where do you come from? Can you do a hand stand? What do you-" While she was saying this she had all at once run her hand through Naruto's hair, brushed his whisker marks, and done a hand stand all within the span of a few seconds before Mai interrupted her.

"Jeez Ty Lee, let him at least answer one of your questions before asking another." Mai said wondering how they were friends with her bubble headed personality. Despite her irritated words her voice was deadpan, once again showing her apathy to the situation. Ty Lee hearing this pouted while Naruto just chuckled at the polar opposites.

"It's fine Mai, I get that a lot. Well my hair has always been yellow and spikey, the marks on my face are birthmarks, I'm from the Earth Kingdom, and yes I can do a hand stand." Then just to prove it Naruto did a hand stand even in his new robes that fell over nearly revealing his under garments. Before that could happen he flipped back over to his feet and smiled a wide smile.

The Fire Nation Four processed all that they just heard but before anyone could ask the blond anymore questions, Naruto ran out from the canopy as he saw the person he wanted to see walk through those doors.

"Hey old man!" Naruto yelled as he jumped on the portly elder general. Iroh caught the boy and gently set him down.

"Well hello there Naruto! Did you enjoy your time in the garden?"

"Yeah it was nice but look who I met!" The boy grabbed the man's arm and pulled him along to the canopy. Iroh looked down and saw two children that he recognized while the other two he did not know.

"Azula, Zuko, is that you? It's been a long time since I've seen my niece and nephew! Why the last time I saw you two you were just starting the academy." (Think kindergarten) He said joyfully.

"Uncle Iroh, you're back!" Zuko went up and hugged his uncle while Azula just glared at him. She had no time for failures, a thought that was instilled by her father.

"And who are these two other lovely young girls?" Iroh asked courteously.

Naruto spoke first beating Ty Lee to it, "This is Ty Lee Itoe and Mai Tomahisa, I just met them a while ago." Smiled the young blonde.

"Well it is nice to meet you both, I'm sorry to cut our meeting short but Naruto and I must go. We have traveled for too long and we need our rest. I am sure we will see you soon." With that Iroh made to leave having Naruto follow.

"Good bye everybody; it was nice to meet you all"

The odd pair left the group of kids behind but it was Ty Lee who voiced what everyone was thinking, "Is it just me, or does it seem like we are going to see a lot more of him around here?"


Naruto stood before a villa just a small walk away from the palace. Compared to the other small towers this house was a mansion in size but not height. It was the same styling as all the other buildings in the capitol except that it expanded further than any house other than the Fire Palace or the Sage's Temple.

"This is where you live?" the blonde asked incredulously.

"This is where we live Naruto." The firebending master said as he smiled at the child.

With that a smile crept up on Naruto's face and a tear threatened to fall from his eyes but he stopped it with sheer will. They both walked up to the door and Iroh quickly knocked. It was only a few short moments before a woman in her thirties came to the door dressed in the traditional red servant robes. She had a full face and grey eyes like many in the Fire Nation and her brown hair was put up into a loose top knot. She looked nice enough but had a serious face on at the moment as if she was about to dive into a battle of politics for some reason. Without really looking at who was in front of her she started to say.

"I'm sorry but General Iroh has yet to return; if you wish to…" She really got a look at who was in front of her and it was not what the woman expected. There was a blond haired boy before her with whiskers on his face and royal black robes with a hint of orange in them. After that quick glance her eyes roamed to the bigger elderly man next to the boy. It was then her eyes lit up with recognition and a big smile made its way on to her face. "Iroh, you're back!"

"Hello Masami, as your name implies, you have only become more beautiful since I left," Iroh said making the woman blush, "How have things been since I have been gone?"

"Well other than the constant nobles always visiting to see if you were home to get a word in with you, it has been fine. But hurry come inside! There is no need for you to stand on your own door step waiting to come home. You must be tired from your travels, so come, sit, and I will make some Jasmine tea." She turned around and walked off to the kitchen while Naruto and Iroh made their way to the living room. The floor was made of wood panels while the walls looked paper thin with black mangrove silhouettes on the white walls. There was a sliding door that looked as if it went to a garden while in the middle of the room was a black glass table that went up to the middle of one's shins surrounded by four red sitting cushions. The room was simple in nature but somehow held a complex beauty.

Iroh sat down and the boy followed suit kneeling upon the cushion as they waited for the tea. Naruto looked at Iroh and it seemed like a lot was on his mind so he voiced his concerns, "Hey old man what's wrong?'

The general snapped out of his stupor and gazed at the blonde with the Fire Lord's words running though his head,

"The only reason I'm allowing that boy even in this capitol is because of what he is, and that is the weapon we can use to win this war before Sozin's comet even arrives. So after his training is complete, he will be going to the front lines."

"But he is just a child! How can you send him straight to war, he will-"

"I am not having a negotiation with you Iroh. My word is final; when the boy is deemed ready he will be sent to the Earth Kingdom front or on the ships combating the Northern Water Tribe."

Naruto looked to Iroh expectantly and Iroh looked to Naruto with a sad smile, "I'm sorry but now is not the time for me to tell you. After we have some tea we will discuss what happened in the throne room in your absence, for most of it involved you anyway."

Naruto was about to ask more questions but Iroh gave a gentle look of finality and so they waited in silence for the tea to arrive. When it did they simply sipped in silence each lost in their own thoughts. It was a while before they finished their tea.

"Ah, delicious as usual Masami, I missed your tea making skills while I was gone."

"General you flatter me, if you keep this up you'll make me blush. Now what would my late husband think if he were to see this?" Masami giggle daintily into her sleeve as she smile with that of practiced grace. (Now if only she had purple hair...)

Iroh just laughed and brushed off the comment, "Well Naruto, I believe it's time that I show you to your room."

Iroh got up and Naruto followed him down a hallway that lead to three rooms, each with an ornate red door. Iroh went to the room on his left and opened the door. In the room was a wooden nightstand with a white candle on a golden candle stick. Next to that were a large bed with red covers, two big white pillows, and a wooden head board with two carved dragons encircling each other in an ancient dance. Other than the headboard the room was rather plain with white walls and red curtains and a closet.

"I know it's not very lavish or personalized, but I hope you like it." Smiled the older man. Naruto just paused as he realized that this was his room, not a group hall where everyone slept, but his own private quarters. He turned to Iroh and with a breathy voice said, "It's perfect."

"Well I'll let you get situated with your new room for a bit. We will talk in a while okay."

Naruto nodded absent mindedly as he went to the bed. He sat down and looked around just taking it in. Eventually he went to his pocket and pulled out the kunai and gazed at it. He just was over whelmed by the whole turn of events his whole life had taken in a month.

It was then he heard the heavy foot falls of Iroh coming down the hall; he quickly went to stash his knife away but stopped in the middle of doing so. What did he have to fear from Iroh knowing about his keepsake? Iroh was the most kind, just, and understanding of all the people he had ever known, so why should he be afraid to show Iroh his one possession. 'It must be because I've kept it a secret for so long…but if I can't show it to Iroh then who...? It's time I started to trust someone so why not my own father?'

Iroh came into the room and saw the boy staring at what looked to be an odd three tipped dagger which begged the question, "Naruto where did you get that blade from?"

"I've … always had it. I just kept it hidden because I didn't want anyone to take it. It's the only thing that I have that belongs to me and was my families'. I always keep it on me so I don't lose it…"

Naruto looked at the man with trepidation. It was the moment of truth as he did not know whether or not he would take it from him or let him keep it.

Iroh just looked at the boy with a sad smile and said, "It must have taken a great deal of trust to show me this and that warms my heart Naruto. It is always good to try to find ones roots and hold on to what is left of family. Even if that family has been torn apart, one should always treasure what they have left even if all that is left are memories."

Naruto leaped up and gave the big man a hug as he just held on to what was now his family. A few tears left the boy's face as he thought to himself for the first time in his life, 'I'm Home.'

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