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A Demon, a Tiger, and a Panda

Chapter 1: Return of an Old Friend

Once Upon a Time in the Valley of Peace; lived a panda that loved Kung Fu and dreamed of becoming a Master. His wish came true and he became the mighty Dragon Warrior who saved all of China. After saving China he won the heart of Tigress, a beautiful and skilled Kung FU Master. Who was and still is the leader of a mighty Kung Fu fighting team known as the Furious Five. Yet, before the panda became the Dragon Warrior and saved China. He did something no one else in the world could do. This brave and kind panda befriended a demon. A monsterous creature with great strength and eyes that burned like hell itself and the creature lived all alone in the darkest part of the forest. Not even the most feared and dangerous bandits ever went into that part of the forest. Still they heard the demon running through the night with the fire eyes and they would run in fear. Now the panda knew nothing of the demon and went into the forest to pick berries to help his father who owned a noodle shop make excellent double berry pies. When he heard a rustling through the trees and asked" Is someone there?"

Then he saw the demon and it asked" What are you doing here? No one comes to this part of the woods unless they wish to die!"

"Please forgive me my name is Po I was just picking berries to help my dad. If they are yours I will go somewhere else", he said calmly. The demon not sensing any threat just stood there thinking what it should do with the panda. Just then Po saw a rock about to fall on the demon and in a flash pushed the demon out of the way. The demon angry thinking the panda attacked it was about to attack the panda. When it saw the rock standing just exactly where it stood not so long ago and realized the panda had saved it. The panda showed it something that no one else ever did compassion.

So, the demon helped up the panda and with a small smile and whispered "Thank you um Po right?"

"Yes that is my name", he said with a smile. And from that day on the little panda was the bravest creature of all for he would sneak off day or night and go see his friend the demon. In time their friendship grew so strong they could always find each other until one day they decided to call each other family. The demon cut the palm of it's paw and Po did the same. They brought their palms together combining their blood together. Promising each other to come whenever the other was in great peril no matter what and they continued their promise as the years passed. Po offered to take the demon back to the village so it could see Po's world. But the demon had been to a village before and was shunned so it had turned it's back on the world but it would never turn their back on Po. Po did the only thing no one else could ever do, gain the demon's trust and respect. Po understood the demon's fear of people and vowed to always visit no matter what and the demon promised that one day they would come to Po's village and he would show the demon his world. This is where our story begins.

"Po, Po wake up!" Mantis yelled as he was jumping on Po's back. Po awoke with a groan and slowly opened his eyes.

"What is wrong? We under attack or is the village on fire?" Po asked.

"Worse than that you haven't made breakfast yet and I am starving!" Mantis complained.

"Okay buddy I am up I'll be down in a minute", Po said with a smile. The answer seemed to satisfy the little bug as he jumped down and went to the kitchen. Po got to his feet and headed for the hallway. When he bumped into another one of his friends, Tigress and he began to blush.

"So, you are finally awake?" Tigress asked with a sly smile.

"Yeah Mantis jumped on me till I got up", Po said with a smile.

"Oh I guess he beat me too it. I was going to wake you up too", Tigress purred.

"Oh really and how were you going to do that?" Po asked with interest.

"Like this", Tigress answered as she crashed her lips onto his.

When they let go Po said in a dreamily voice", I like your way better". That made Tigress laugh as she led him to the kitchen. The panda and tiger saw all their friends and Master waiting for breakfast and Po was not one to disappoint. He began making 110 pancakes and soon everyone ate happily. Just as breakfast ended and Po was doing dishes as the others cleaned up. A furry bunny came to the door saying bandits were on the loose. Without hesitation Po and his friends ran to help the poor village. Giant Crocodiles were robbing people left and right. Tigress leaped at the leader and Mantis with the help of Crane fought two more. Viper slithered around and fought one while Monkey battled another. Po was punching another and trying to get some people to safety. Soon all the crocodiles were tied up except for one. One crocodile hidden in the shadows was about to sneak up on Po and stab him in the back.

"Po look out!" Tigress said but she wouldn't be able to do anything. Time moved slowly as Po turned around but before he could do anything a stranger wearing a black cloak leapt at the crocodile knocking the dagger out of his hand. The crocodile snapped angrily and charged at the stranger. With one paw the stranger held the crocodile by the throat and slammed him into the ground. The crocodile was knocked out cold and was carried away with the others to jail. The crowd dispersed as Po went over to thank the stranger for his/her help.

"Hey thanks for the help. My name is Po and I am the Dragon Warrior", he said holding out his paw to shake the paw of the stranger.

"I already know you Po", said a velvet voice. Po froze for he knew that voice anywhere. The stranger pulled down her hood to reveal a female bobcat. She came up to Po's shoulders and had a grayish brownish color with the deepest pair of blue eyes. She wore a cloth around her chest but her entire stomach was showing. Her shorts were really short and she wore no boots. On one ear was a golden earing and around her neck was a plain thread with a Ying Yang charm on it.

"Mi is that you?" Po asked happily.

"Hello Po it has been too long my brother", Mi said happily.

"I missed you so much my sister", Po said as he scooped her up in his arms. "I was hoping you would come here so I could show you around", he whispered in her ear.

"I promised you one day I would", she whispered back. The other members of the Five remained in shock as Po talked to the stranger. Tigress's felt her chest tightened when she saw Po hug this strange bobcat. He walked over to them with the female bobcat around his arm with a huge grin on his face.

"Everyone this is my best friend Mi, Mi please let me introduce to you the Furious Five", Po said happily. "This is Viper, Monkey, Crane, Mantis, and this wonderful lady is Tigress, my girlfriend", Po said as he wrapped his arm around Tigress's waist.

"Pleasure to meet you all Po has told me so much about you", Mi said trying to sound polite.

"Funny he never mentioned you", Tigress said trying her best to keep the jealousy out of her voice. The two feline's eyes met and there was sparks in the air. Unknown to Tigress was she was looking into the eyes of a demon.

"So, come on Mi let me show you around", Po said taking Mi by the hand.

"Lead the way Po lead the way", Mi said with a smile as the others followed in silence.

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