Chapter 6: The Demon Warrior

After Mi had come clean about her past everything seemed to be just fine. Tigress no longer felt threatened by her and Po could finally hang out with her with making Tigress upset. To top it off she now had a boyfriend, Monkey was so sweet he would do anything to make her smile. Monkey was a very funny kind of guy and very thoughtful. Ever since the first time he kissed her it felt like she was whole again. Po and Tigress's relationship got stronger too for now Tigress knew that Po loved her and would never leave her. She kept glancing at the ring on her finger and smiled as they made plans to marry each other. Monkey kept courting Mi and the two went out whenever they could. Sometimes they would double date with Po and Tigress. Then with Viper and Crane or all of them would go out Mantis would bring whatever girl he was seeing at the time on the date. Mi felt so happy she was no longer feared but accepted. The people in the Valley of Peace were so nice but then again they haven't seen the real her yet either and she was hoping beyond hope they never would. For she was so tired or running and hiding in the shadows, for once she wanted to interact with people and have experiences. Like when she went to the festival and sang that song for Po. All of those experiences were so much fun and she wanted them to continue. But like all good things they must come to an end. For one day the village was attacked by a gang of wolves. Before that the Furious Five, Po, and Mi were in the training room. Mi was chasing Monkey through the obstacle course practicing her speed and agility. Po and Tigress were sparring and Crane was sparring with Viper while Mantis was kicking a dummy nearby. When Shifu rushed in and said", Wolves are attacking the village all of you go!"

"Yes, Master", everyone said by Mi hesitated for if she went out there her eyes could turn red and the villagers might be afraid of her.

"Mi, are you coming?" Monkey asked.

"Um I think I will stay here and guard the palace", Mi said nervously. Everyone knew of Mi's fears but they all shook their heads in agreement. Then the Five and Po rushed off to help the villagers. Mi watched from the window and sighed wishing she could help her friends and mate. But if would be a better idea if she stayed behind. Tigress launched herself at the first wolf she saw while Mantis took on another. Viper was leading some bunny children to safety while Monkey covered her. Po was fighting off two more wolves as Mi looked on with worry. Suddenly she saw a big wolf stalking toward a goat mother and her kid. Mi began to growl and she knew she could not stand by and let innocents be harmed. She may be a demon but that doesn't mean she couldn't be a good one. With lightning speed she ran toward the fight and reached the goat mother and her kid in time.

"What are you?" the wolf asked in a shaky voice.

"I'm your worst nightmare", Mi hissed. The wolf and Mi circled each other while the goat mother held her kid tightly in her arms. The wolf launched himself at Mi and Mi grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into the ground. He was knocked out and Mi thought she would check on the goat mother and her kid. "You two alright?" she asked softly. The goat mother looked startled and Mi saw in the window her eyes were red. She was waiting for the goat mother to scream or run in fear. Instead something very unexpected happened.

"We are now thanks to you Demon Warrior", the goat mother said gratefully as she picked up her kid and ran for safety.

"Okay did not see that coming", Mi stated to herself. Then she saw a wolf on top of Monkey as he was about to rip Monkey's throat out. Mi let out a growl and raced toward her mate. She knocked the wolf to the floor and punched him with her paw. She got to her feet and helped Monkey up. "You okay?" Mi asked.

"Thanks to you my sweet Mi", Monkey said happily. Mi blushed but turned her attention back to the fight. With lightning speed she knocked and punched any wolf that got in her way until all of them were tied up and hauled away to the jail cell. A crowd soon formed around the Furious Five, Po, and Mi. Mi grew worried for everyone saw her eyes turn red and was wondering what would happen now? The goat mother and her kid were not afraid but the same could not be said for everyone else. She knew Po would protect her from harm but she didn't want him to have to fight the people he swore to protect. So, she began to slowly back up toward the shadows getting ready to run for it. She didn't want to leave her brother or her new friends but in order to keep them safe she had too. She was especially going to miss Monkey they had gotten so close in just the past few days but maybe she would see him again. The crowd came closer and Mi was about to run when something made her stop dead in her tracks.

"Three cheers for the Furious Five, The Dragon Warrior, and The Demon Warrior!" someone yelled. It was the goat mother and her kid. Everyone cheered as people came up to Mi and shook her paw along with hugging her and saying thank you. She couldn't believe it they all accepted her. No one was afraid and they all were cheering for her. It was a weird feeling but one she could get used to. They all went back to the Jade Palace celebrating their victory.

"Good work Dragon Warrior and Furious Five", Mi said.

"Good work to you too Demon Warrior", Po said back as the Five smiled at her.

Tigress even walked up to her and said", Master". The others including Po did the same thing.

Mi bowed her head and said", Masters", to them all too. A tear fell from her face as she finally found the one place she belonged. Po wrapped his arm around Tigress while Monkey wrapped an arm around Mi. Later that night Po decided to take everyone out to celebrate.

"Come on guys let's go eat at my dad's dinner is on me", Po said.

"Alright!" Mantis cried happily. Mi just laughed as she followed her boyfriend and brother along with her new friends and family down the steps towards Po's dad's noodle shop. At last Mi had found a place to call home and as the Demon Warrior she and the Furious Five along with the Dragon Warrior protected it with their lives. After a year that went by Po and Tigress were married and later Monkey and Mi were married. Finally Viper and Crane were married along with Mantis who fell for a lovely cricket named Lucy. They all continued protecting their home and living together as a family.

The end

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